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Sete Diabolica (Coven)

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Blood red eye's, my face is flush
Into it's ear I whisper "Hush"
I break the skin real careful first
And slowly sate my Unholy Thirst
My hunger stirs, I force my will
I must drink slow and never kill
Conciliate; But I'm immersed
And give in to my Unholy Thirst
My grip it tightens, Bones they break
Someone screams " For heavens sake!"
You've finally seen me at my worst
So run and hide from the Unholy Thirst

We Seduce The Dark With Pain and Rapture!!

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

We Are The Sete Diabolica , the Unholy Thirst , . We a coven of knowledge and family .. We welcome those who wish to learn ,who have an open mind and respect for all that is unknown and unseen . I will not put up with Bashing of fellow members or other covens . Its not we are about .
We keep to ourselves . Waiting in the shadows .

This Is a Drama Free Zone ! And wish to keep it relaxed and fun for all . This is not just my coven but our coven.

Sete Diabolica is for those over 18 . So no one under 18 will be accepted . Unless I approve it .
I do no accept just anyone into this family , But if you feel you have something to offer , if you are loyal , and seeking a family then please come speak to me ..

I am KarminaTheDarkAngel Coven Mistress of Sete Diabolica I am always here watching and waiting. I stay here within these Coven walls Like a Shadow Lurking in the Moons light.

Just as a friendly reminder ... I will not put up with anyone Bashing any of my family members .. You have a problem with them, you get me! This not a Threat, it's just a fact . Do you really Want to gamble with me? Or try and call my bluff go ahead. Just Try me once and find out. ;)

If you feel like this is the home for you , please contact myself or my My ACM's. I do Insist my members be active :) its good for you its good for the family :) If you do not plan on being active .. please do not bother applying . I am very picky about who joins this family so I will probably speak with you myself . :)

Coven Mistress

Coven est. Aug 6 2010

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

The thirst for blood
The need for death
A knife
Held at your chest
Ready to strike...

The blood sprays
The thirst quenched
Only to be
Needed again

Crouched in the shadow
You pounce once again
There is no blood
No one is left

Thirst never to be quenched
Need never to be had

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I live here,
In this place of my despairs.
My sanctuary,
No one dares to come here,
For they fear my hate.

I hate anything that tries to bring me down.
I trust no one,
I’ll try to trust,
But then I’ll want to hide here.
Immersed in my sanctuary,
Where I am the Mistress.

Only those most trusted may visit.
Anyone else that tries will be rejected.
The darkness will accept no force.
I will be tolerant with talk,
But it’ll never listen.
It will never yield.

Blood on her hands he drains with a smile
A pitiless attack with no remorse
a burning thirst that will be fed
Not seeing a cowering lump, but a worthless bag of blood.
The pale face of evil pounces.
Emerald green eyes flashing dangerously.
Long, straight midnight black hair whips across his face.
The deadly wind screaming in his ears.
The intriguing immortal makes the fatal blow
Her sharp teeth sink fast, piercing his soft skin.
She feels the stream flow thick and fast
Cooling her burning hatred of those she opposed
they serve no purpose but to feed her.
The soft red release of the blood brings,
a pleasure of hesitation, to revel in the beauty.
She continues to draw as they scream with anguish and writhe with agony.
As She finishes the meal of a thousand sins, and yet she does not repent, is without remorse
but journeys onto the darkness as the Suns new rays annihilate the Moons supreme beauty.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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