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Our coven is inspired by art in its many forms. Many of our members are artists. Here we will share their passion with you. Please enjoy, and if you so desire, pick a song to listen to while you peruse through the artwork.


Traditional Art

Smokin' Screws




Cool story but it needs more tentacles



10 minute doodle



Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.



Untitled School girl

Untitled School girl


To contemplate the termination of being like a lit candle flame about to be blown. Nineteen wanting to skip to twentyone. Only

carbonated water to fill the hole. I never want to take the plunge. However flavorful it may seem.


Cat In The Hood

My baby is,

My mother is,

My aunt is,

My cat

I am


I'm a bed,

I'm a carrier,

I'm a hood

Black clothes

Riddled with white

Blue jacket

Dotted with gray

She loves me

She shares

Her hair

So, I share

My sandwich

Bread and all

We are a pair

Of heros

I, her sister

and she's

My cat

In the hood

And we left

It like that.



The silence.

Laying down on the soft bed. The sunlight shining with the curtan moved.

I lay on my side. I can feel the heart beat. Pulsating the blood into the neck.

The wake of the dead. After the death. This relaxing silence. Peaceful. Full of energy.

Feeding on hate. The vampire in us all. Hated by my sadism.

From what is lost I can see, the tears, the fit, most important, the lies. Showing off what your 'ego' probably couldn't do.

The little girl plays with a doll. I'm no doll. A toy can't be played with.

No role playing. Honest truth.

I closed the dead mans eyes. Never to let him see.


Digital Art


Pills and Butterflies






Dear Diary


Makeup Art


Dark Fairy



I Built You A Mirror

Lingering disillusionment.

What once came of love and passion

has now crumbled into ash...

A fist uncurls.

The once flaming particles are released

a disappating grimace of distrust in the air.

Maybe I inhaled too deeply,

because the ashes are artwork on my face

an expression clearly read.

A love that's, clearly, dead.

Lingering devotion keeps me here,

malnutrition continuously apparent,

feasting on your emotional scraps.

Shards of broken love, jagged and bloody

ripped from your heart, thrown at my feet.

I built you a mirror.

Maybe you looked too closely,

because the past is abstract on your face.

Your expression can't be read.



I'm monochromatic- drained of you.

or by you. you could never be enough.

Between my gritty, lying teeth

the getting by was tough.

Because I am always biting,

and leaving my remark,

along the skin of your back,

we're alone in the dark.

Your eyes stared so brightly,

Straight into mine,

Wrenching my gut.

Piercing my spine.

Your eyes now stare blankly.

I'm void of fault.

I never left you breathless.

I never got you caught.

I'm monochromatic and drained of you.

I'll never forget what you put me through.


Skies Have Teeth (song)

Like windows fog on those summer nights

Tracing pictures in the raindrops left behind

The storm's not over, the skies have teeth

If you're this selfish, now's your chance to leave.

Like my skin crawls on those empty nights

Tracing memories in the space you left behind

The storm's not over, the skies have teeth

These tears have never come so easily.

Should I weather the storm?

Can I say goodbye?

Would you be so callous, if you'd seen me cry?

Should I weather the storm?

Would you watch me die?

Would I be so callous if I said goodbye?

Like how I hate myself for sticking it out,

Just tracing over every piece of doubt

The storm's not over, the skies have teeth

If you're this selfish, maybe I should leave.

yeah, maybe I should leave.

Should I weather the storm?

Can I say goodbye?

Would you be so callous if you'd seen me cry?

Should I weather the storm?

Would you watch me die?

Would I be so callous if I said goodbye?

I swear to you that I will never leave you

I cried for you, would I lie to you?

I'm falling to pieces, guess I thought it would be fair...

but to whom it may concern:

you were only scared.

Like windows fog on those summer nights...


Photobucket I think Rose likes this one. Lol.

Photobucket Made this when I was like... 11 or 12 I think. :P

Photobucket Made this in school. o:

Photobucket Made this at a hospital for a girl. o:




Traditional Art

Photo Manipulation



Memories of Nowhere

Lying eyes cast upon thee,

filled with despite,

a gun in the shaking hand,

are we making one last stand

or is this an illusion of the grand

just waiting to turn to sand?

As I stand in this unknown place

looking around with a simple glance,

the angels perched high above,

with wings as white as a dove.

whispers exchange among the high guards,

for me they had no regards.

As the tainted eyes look away,

the watchers were no longer at bay.

The great wings begin to flap,

causing me to be entrap.

The exit has been shut,

dropping to my knees like I have been cut.

Angels in the sky,

these eyes will lie,

this hope will break

as my heart quake,

the founding immortals at heavens gates,

my body and mind separates.

Death crawling the walls

and angels standing in the halls,

lights vibrate then shatter,

and then nothing truly matters.

The glass lingers in the air

with a haunting look of a cold blank stare.

The immortals beg for death

with every breath,

their curse was a fool's dream,

but isn't what it seems.

A rush of greed and hate,

there is nothing for them that await.

their hearts decay

with only hell to pay,

to this day they are in torment

and nothing to prevent this event.

Author's note: DADT Policy


The Resting Rock

Light is cast into the shadows,

and flames on a candle go out.

The smoke still in stale air

and tears fresh on our face.

Fresh flowers on the grave,

with words etched into the stone,

words that strike the heart.

Haunting tune in the air

yet no sound is made,

Etched into stone we are made,

like rocks we crumble.

Unable to pick ourselves up

with a hand reaching out,

and pulls us together,

On the grave the words are carved.

Here sleeps John Emil Arndt.

Resting in our hearts forever.

Let the tears dry,

as we keep moving forward.

Flowers will bloom and wither

just like summer and winter.

Let no one cry for me.

Let no one die for me.

Keep moving forward,

and my love will rest in your hearts.

Keep your words calm and loving

so you will never take them back.

Do not let your tears fall for me,

I will never die,

in your heart I will stay

until the end of days.

Author's note: To my Grandpa who would have turned 80 on Oct 3, 2010


The Immortal Lies

Tears of red

paint the sky

wrapped up in tainted thoughts,

then the last breath shows,

life hung in mid air,

as the wind grew stale,

eyes look away

as the weather changed.

Immortal we claim,

immortal we ctried,

as tears of red stain or face,

for as humans we die.

The gods above gave immortal life to thee

and revoked it soon after.

Immortal we rise,

as mortals we fall,

tears of red on our face.

The earth shaked,

the clouds broke,

a single drop of blood

and glance from the gods above.

As immortal we lived,

as mortals we sined,

our fall into hell lasts forever.

mortal souls suffer in torment,

with death's hand reach out and wake the soul,

ripping it from the shell

dragging it down into the pits of hell,

as tears of red stain my face.

Immortal I scream,

immoral I demand,

immoral I get,

as the flames of hell rise up.

The only sign of immoral pain,

the only sight of the immortals,

are these tears of red staining the floor

as the water rises to wash us away.

Author's note: DADT policy


A Second Thought

This sentence is a lie,

so will you tell me,

what is the truth?

If there was any at all.

In these words I write,

lies swallow truth.

Does this sentence speak the truth?

Do we even really know?

To my eyes it looks like words,

staining this paper,



or is my mind slipping?

Are they more,

or are they just words?

letting you chose their meaning?

Is this statement a lie,

or is it only truth?

What was the lie?

Where is the truth?

when did the lies start,

when will they end?

where does the truth start

how far do they reach?

For when you stuck in an endless pit of lies,

you never know when

the truths turn into lies

and the lies turn into truth.

Author's note: This poem has been rewritten, original is shown here, in the author's notes - DADT policy


Tears of Red

Eyes will lie,

as a flame becomes tainted

hopes are corrupt by thoughts,

as flames rise up and swallow me...

leaving only a shell.

Words are spoken and yet no one listens,

letting everyting die in vain.

Drops of red fall from these eyes,

as the world fades away.

losing control of this body...

Losing the feeling,

just faiding into dust before the rain starts.

Thowing our lives away for nothing at all,

bullets ripping through my body,

feeling the impact of every last one echo through my body,

letting the blood flow out,

as I stare at end of the gun.

This fight was in vain,

looking away crying tears of red

reaching out to someone that was never there

knowing that it was over before it began.

A smile will slowly come aorund,

for death has finally come,

with my body in ruins,

death has finally won.

No longer restrained to this life,

as death being the key to freedom,

I can excape.

Am I really free?

Is anyone really free?

Or is freedom lie that our eyes see?

Looking at this thought,

My eyes turn away,

letting my body fade

for no one will ever see this shadow on a wall

turning into dust before the rain,

as the tears of red fall from my eyes.

Wondering if it was worth it...

Author's note: Don't ask, don't tell




Palm Fronds

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave


Real Vampires love Vampire Rave


Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

Mushrooms and Moss

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

Note - All meant for bigger viewing.


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