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The Arcane Argus: Special Homecoming Issue, Celebrating All Coven Family, Old, New and Those Coming Home!

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Published: Now and Then.

Editors and Staff: Dakotah, Erinyes, Seidr, VioletXHemlock, Maria, Erinyes, VerestaUlfur, VonEaland

Celebrating New Coven and Returning Members to the Arcane Family. Welcome MoonGoddess89 , ShadesofDarkness , phycoassassin , AutumnHaze , xxultravioletxx, BigBadWolf, TheSYSTEM and GIGA

Editorials: Editors Speak Out!


Hello Coven!!

By Erinyes

Welcome to the homecoming edition of the Arcane Argus. I am very happy to welcome our newest members and celebrate the return of many longtime family members. I told Dakotah months back that even when he was away his spirit remained a part of Arcane. You are all our coven family no matter how far you roam. Thankfully a good number of you have come home to us In 2016. This is a joyous beginning to our new year.

Good Intentions

Editorial by: VonEaland

As we are now a few weeks in to the New Year and this is the all new Edition of The Arcane Argus, I thought I would take a look at what almost everyone on earth does at New Year…

New Year’s Resolutions…

After the buzz of Yule Tide or Christmas for the Christians ;-)

We anticipate the coming of the New Year, what will it Bring? Will it be better than the last one?

And of course the infamous Resolution, Eating healthier, less drink, Get fit, save money and who knows what else people think they will do.

Well at the stroke of New Year everyone is happy and lovely, dancing singing drinking general merriment, then the New Year’s Day comes and it’s all ok I’m doing this. With Regimental gusto we jump out of bed saying “right; that’s it, no more junk food”.

A day goes by, then another and another and another and because you cut junk food out completely the urges to nip for takeaway and a bottle of whatever tipple you like starts to creep in. You then start to justify the old “One Won’t Hurt”.

One leads to 2, 2 leads to 3 and before ya know it your good intentions were blown out the water like a pirate ship off the coast of Somalia.

And you find yourself gutted that you didn’t stick to your goal for the year that would have seen you healthier and fitting in to them clothes you keep just in case you lose that few extra pounds.

Well this gets me thinking about VR, we all know VR is full of people who will say anything to get you on their side, Promises of love and affection. Long distance romances that go nowhere coz that person is happily married and is just using you for a cheap thrill.

How many people, Men and Women on VR have strung others along with promises of forever? Too many in –My- opinion.

Yes we are in a small social network of likeminded members all caught up in the romance of vampires and all other things Gothic and Dark and people will get close and even form attachments.

When this is done genuinely then it’s wonderful to find ya soul mate and I wish you all the luck in the world when it’s right.

But what I’m talking about is those who are all too keen to dupe us. Fakers who will do and say anything to get what THEY want no matter the cost.

Promises of meeting up often fall foul to excuses, photos often never turn up coz the person isn’t who they say they are. These people are intentionally misleading others for very selfish reasons and it is the others on the receiving end that suffer the negativities that come from the yarn spun often for very long periods.

However, there are not always unscrupulous people giving out promises that can’t be fulfilled. Often some do form genuine friendships and make plans to meet even when across oceans. Those Genuine friendships and relationships are the ones that stand the test of time and no matter how much time that passes without speaking, that message that appears in the inbox you just know it’s going to make ya heart flip cartwheels.

I’ve made some very good friends on VR and I consider them family and love them all genuinely. They are the reason VR is still on my bookmarks.

I have also fallen foul to false hopes and promises, this has led me to evaluate the way I use VR. And I know some of my friends have fallen for the same kinds of deceptions.

What I am asking now is amongst the many so called friends we have on VR how many of them are actually who they say they are and is what they say genuine?

Promises are promises and some will be kept even after much time has passed and we will meet those special friends and they will be cemented in our lives forever.

So, on your journey through VR land take a look at who is saying what and who is promising the world coz in the depths of the loneliness we all feel sometimes there is always someone who will manipulate your feelings for their own gain.

Maybe the good intentions of the New Year should be looked at in the same way? We make ourselves these promises of better things and more than not we fail.

So are we better off not making these resolutions if we know we won’t stick to them?

In the same respect we should also tread carefully through VR as often we will fall for good intentions and fall flat on our faces when they are dragged away by the cold hard truth..

So, in short be true to yourself and be sure you are making the right choices in life. Keep your guard up until you are sure of the outcome.

Ask yourself right now, ‘Am I falling for false hope?’ If the answer is Maybe or yes Then Ask Yourself Why?

LOCAL NEWS (Inside our Coven)

Happenings Within Arcane

By: Dakotah

Coven Chat

This past weekend the coven had an open chat for the family. The main topic was what we all could do to make Arcane even greater then it is already. The publish date of the paper was announced. Coven chats are intimate in that it brings the family closer together. Dates for the chat are chosen after a coven announcement for the chat is sent out and set up in an attempt for a time that the majority of members can attend. These chats are important for its open to all family members to come speak openly. Where this one had a low turnout hopefully future chats will have a larger attendance.

Welcome to Our Soldiers:

Some of our members have and are serving in the Armed Forces: Warriors. One of our newest members Guardedsoldier is Military currently stationed in NY. Thank you for your service.

Positive Energies and Prayers:

To all in the coven positive energy and prayers go out to you and your families

Native Healing Prayer Mother, sing me a song that will ease my pain, mend broken bones, bring wholeness again. Catch my babies when they are born, sing my death song, teach me how to mourn. Show me the Medicine. of the healing herbs, the value of spirit, the way I can serve. Mother, heal my heart so that I can see the gifts of yours that can live through me.

World News: Happenings Outside Arcane

People in the News:

Vampire Rave has many Staff from the Hand of the Prince down to Acolyte. I had the pleasure and honor to interview none other than Moonie. Moonie is an Administrator here on Vampire Rave. I enjoyed Moonie’s sense of honor in her response to some of the question and also her experienced advice to Arcane and the Community outside. Enjoy!

What brought you to Vampire Rave? How did you locate the site?

Let's see... I located VR through stalking! Well, 'stalking' is too strong a word. So what had happen was, I moved home after a hot mess of a relationship. After getting engaged and moving to a new city, things just fell apart. So three months after moving into a place with a year lease, we just ended. The 8 months or so left of the lease was nightmare-ish. There were stories of cheating and other things. So I needed to know and I was doing some secret agent google shizzle to see what I could find for that whole closure crap thing. So I stumbled onto VR because of that right there. After looking around and spending time on here I decided I liked it and stayed.

What was your first week here like?

Mostly, what I can remember in that first week here is ALL the damn rating. Holy Jeebus. The profiles, the portfolios, the database. It was like NEVER ENDING. I remember reading the forums back then and thinking to myself 'Wow, these people have some really interesting things to say'. The first week was mostly about just learning the website and getting to know the small amount of people that were here.

What changes have you seen over the years you have been on the site?

Site wise, since being here since the beginning, I've saw the starting of Premium Memberships, The Society System, The Honor and all the other things Cancer's brought. But, the biggest change I've seen in the site over the times- the different types of people who join VR.

What do you love about VR?

I love the uniqueness of VR. I've never come across a website that has features like it. There is always something to do whether your someone that prefers to be more in the background and quiet, or someone that want to be right out front for everyone to see. There is something for everyone. Your experience is your experience. You make the choices on how you want your experience to be.

What do you dislike about VR?

I think the one thing that I dislike the most about VR is how I see some treat the ideas of others in the forum. The art of debate is lost. Disagreeing with someone has come down to doing nothing more than belittling another's beliefs and making a mockery of something they either do not understand or do not believe in. We are not all going to agree on ideas that people present, but being mean to someone because of their beliefs is uncalled for. For a good debate you have to be open minded to the ideas of others. You may not agree, but closing your mind fully just leads to nothing more than a boring bland argument. This goes for those who are believers or skeptics.

Standing strong in your own convictions can be admiring, but doing it in a way that belittles others, isn't.

What advice would you give to new members?

You choose your experience. No one can choose it for you. Make sure you use VR how YOU want to use it. If you want to use it as a place to interact with different people, go for it. If you want to use it as an outlet to be a troll, then that's your right. Just follow TOS and you'll be fine.

What has been your best experience here?

Along with all the people who have become a part of my life, I'm going to say the times when the webcams were really popular. It was so much fun to stumble into a cam that had so many people together just having a really great time. It didn't matter who you were or what group you gravitated to, when you were in a webcam that was fun, it was just FUN. You got to see a different side of the staff and a different side of the members. I miss those times.

What has been your worse?

I've had a couple of worst times here. Worst because of totally different reasons. The first worst, because of the way they hit me, was the passing of three people who were really just amazing to me- Punkie, KamarillaKaine/Talyn and sahahria. The death of three amazing people who were so young and vibrant just hits me in that spot that still makes me ask why to this day.

The second would have to be when I befriend a person who lied about everything. Who they were, their life, their hardships just about everything. They had led many different people on and lied more and more. I was naive and thought the person I was friends with was truthful. Then everything came to a head. I had found out they were lying about me as well. For a time people had thought I played a role in things because that's what she led them to believe. It took a friend, Punkie, to stand up for me to make people realize I was wronged just like others were.

It really sucked. While it did put some damage on certain friendships I had, it also helped me to grow and not be so naive about people. It was one of those times where it was a blessing and a curse.

How did you become staff?

Back in the day, I started off as a Dominar. If I remember correctly, someone who was on staff had recommended me for the position of Dominar. I was a Dominar for a few years until I got removed because of things I did out of anger and just being fed up with a person's actions. A bit of time later, after learning from my mistake and showing that I was more level headed, I became reinstated. I also became a Sentoran and Procurator on other profiles to help out and learn more about the different position of VR. Then, thanks to Cancer and ImagesinWords, I was promoted to the position of Regent.

What do you like the most about being staff?

Besides helping Cancer and staffin' with some pretty rockin' people, I'd have to save my favorite thing about being on staff would be the rare moments where someone genuinely appreciates the help you've given them. Being Administration is not easy. You learn the cold hard truth of some people. You can face hatefulness for enforcing TOS and just simply because you hold a title and some can't get away from the 'damn the man' mentality. But then there are the moments when someone asks for help and they say thank you and genuinely mean it. Or the random message of 'Hey, it can't be easy around here, but thanks for what you do'. Those are the moments that make me enjoy the time I volunteer for on here.

Explain what you do and what powers you have?

I have the powers of a Master Vampire, but I do not run a house. Instead I overseer of all Coven's. I am able to visit all the Societies and make sure that they are within the rules and regulations of TOS and the Coven guidelines- kinda like the swat team of VR. When the po-po can't enter, I bust down some doors an' flash grenade yo' behind. Like BOOM and then I'm just there… searching all up in your nooks and crannies, findin' your kilos and stash. I do wish X-ray vision came with the position though. That would be ah-mazing. I could be like a human x-ray machine. And then when I needed some spare cash, I could make bets about what color underwear people had on. Heck Yeah!

Share with us your thoughts on the founder of VR, Cancer.

When I first started VR, I was in wonderment when I saw the things he talked about and the site. Back then there were a few times I was like 'EFF THIS MOFO!', but that was before I cracked his lil' Princely skull and see the ooze that makes Cancer, Cancer. Cancer has a great mind for business and running one. He also has a great sense of humor and worldly intelligence. That sounds like I just called him an intelligent ho. Well, if the shoes fit. -shrugs- He's just one of those people that I'd like to just dive into his brain and see all the different things his oozy bits hold. He's fun, he's fair and it helps that he has those two dreads in the back of his head that I want to tug on and yell 'GIDDY UP!'.

Many come here looking for hook-ups, what advice would you offer them.

Oh dear sweet jeebus.. NO. JUST NO. Girls keep your legs crossed, and guys keep your dinkus away. Let's be honest here, have you SEEN the amount of BATSHIT CRAZY here? I mean, really? You'd probably be safer cruisin' Craigslist. And that's only after you've done a full back ground check, got a psych eval and made sure they weren't one of the people who happens to e-hump EVERYONE here. Just sign up for tinder. Or one of those monthly skin mags. Have some you time.. light some candles, put on some Barry White get yo'self a box of wine and TWO things from the dollar menu. That's right; nothing is too good for you on your special night! What's that old saying? Wine, dine and 69? Well… there you go! And if you achieve the last part, take pictures. No really, I'm curious to see. It will give me something to look at while playing circus music on repeat.

What warnings would you offer to new people?

I think my biggest warning would be to remember that anyone can be who they want online. Just because you talk with someone doesn't mean that you really know that person. Photos do not mean that is with whom you're speaking. Just like phone calls do not mean automatic truth. There have been too many people who've faked who they are for one reason or another. This includes also includes faking deaths. It is a very high chance that a person hasn't died, but just wants the attention. That happens quite a bit. Sickening, but it happens.

Do not ignore warning signs. Also, be mindful of those you give you trust to and surround yourself with. If you want to have a fun time, then you need to surround yourself with those types of people. If you want to have nothing but dramatic antics, then the people who are always involved in some drama or another, are the ones to gravitate to.

What is No-No's here on the site.

In my opinion I think the top No No's here on the site are IP trackers, page refreshers and giving out your passwords. Giving out your password being the biggest one. So many people do this without a second thought. Then when something happens to the profile they claim it to have been hacked or stolen.

Do not be afraid to message someone on staff if you have questions about what is okay and what isn't. Also, make sure you check the VR Manual and the Terms of Service. Ignorance isn't an excuse when the rules are right there.

VR seems to be losing a lot of the old people. Do you have any thoughts how we can revive it and make it more fun again?

A lot of covens are dead. Overall the journals aren't as much fun.

As with many things, I feel people just evolve, lose interest or go onto other stuff that fits their fancy. Another reason is because people just get sick of dealing with the same people who act like douches. We all know who they are, they are the same ones that either constantly leave and come back or are always in some form of drama. I think those are reasons as to why some of the older members have set their proverbial sails onto different waters.

I really wish I knew a way to revive the things that just don't seem that much fun anymore. But I really am at a loss. When new features get implemented it seems as though people would rather complain about them then enjoy them. The past few times when there has been something introduced to revive VR, it turned into nothing more than a bickering fest with people fighting and carrying on.

Perhaps everyone needs to do what they find fun in order to bring VR into place they enjoy more. Maybe it has nothing to do with VR as a whole, but how the person views their time here. Or maybe I just have no clue with what the hell I'm talking about and I need to go sit in the time out corner and have a juice box and think about what I just don't know. Lol

What advise can you give to Covens to make the experience for members to feel like they belong?

Stop taking being a Coven Master so dang seriously. I don't know how many messages I see of 'start posting or else' or even 'you must do this, this and this'. Just. Stop. If you want people to belong, then bring the enjoyment out in the Society. Talk about different topics, have fun things to do and get people involved in things. Some people take being a CM so seriously. Like it is a real power or something. It really isn't. You don't need to be in a society in order to enjoy Vampire Rave. A CM acting like a tool isn't going to do anything but make people get testy about the Coven they've been inducted into.

I guess it can be narrowed down to 1. Offer good topics. 2. Make things fun. 3. Don't be a tool.

This being a Vampire related site, do you believe in Vampires?

I do not believe in Vampires as an immortal being. I enjoy the folklore of them. I find it interesting to see how Hollywood and books have evolved them over the years. I do not believe anyone is born a vampire. I think those that claim to be, are people who've made a choice to live a lifestyle that they feel suites them. And if that lifestyle choice is safe and consensual then, you do you.

What do you believe in, share your spiritual side?

I tend to lean more towards the beliefs of an eclectic spiritualist. I choose to believe in what I feel is comfortable for me- which happens to be a blending of different religions. I believe in a God as a higher power. I believe in love, faith, good, evil and life. I do not believe wholly in the bible or organized religion. I don't feel that God would put a condition on his love like how some religions believe. To me that just doesn't make any sense. If you're a crappy person, yeah, God might be thinking “Well, look at that tool.” But that higher power isn't going to stop loving that person because of their crappyness. We have a free will for a reason; to learn to grow and to evolve.

Who is Moonie, share about yourself.

Honestly, I wish I knew who I was. I know people have different perceptions of who I am. Some think I am nice, other's think I am a horrid person. Some find me to be charming, others find me to be high and mighty acting. Really, I can be all those things that people see me as, but how I see myself can vary from day to day.

I am going to lay myself out for this question. Not because I want pity or pep talks, but because I feel that it is the right thing to do at this time. Perhaps 'baring it all' will do what it will, even if I am not sure of what that is yet.

Someday's I feel as though who I am is nothing more than a fat cripple who wastes life away. Whether I waste it out of fear or pain, I still waste it. I can feel as though I have become nothing more than a burden. That the medical problems that have brought me to this stage in my life have been bestowed upon me because I've made bad decisions in this life, or a past life, and this is what happens. In order to be punished for those bad things life felt it would correct it by causing me to have medical issues that cause me to struggle with weight all through my life and making me unable to have children. Then it decided I should watch the life drain from the eyes of the woman who gave life to me. And to make sure I was really paying attention, throw in the possibility of losing a father as well. And just when I thought I had atoned for sins of a past, life decided that those things weren't enough. And because of whatever reason, life decided to rip a finally starting normal life from me and turn me into a cripple. On bad days that's who I feel I am. Nothing more, and a whole lot less. Just a person holding onto nothing and not gaining anything. A person who's worst enemy is herself.

And then the good days.

Who I am on the good days is a strong woman who has faced a lot in her life in a sort amount of time. A woman who is kind, compassionate, aware of her faults and finds wonder in the smallest things. A woman who stands up for herself and gets angry at the injustice in the world. A friend. A daughter. A person who is willing to be the strength when others feel as though there is no strength left. A woman that fights a difficult life everyday because that's the only thing to do- fight and not give up. A woman who is just herself and really doesn't know who she is, but tries to figure out a bit more as time goes on.

That's who I think I am, but I feel as though I will never really fully know who I am.

What do you do for fun?

I love to read. That is the biggest thing I do for fun. I also like to play random computer games, The Sims 4 and my 3DS.

What was the last book you read?

Well, this last week or two I've read House of Comarre series by Kristen Painter, Deadly Circumstance by Terri Reid, The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones , A Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder by Victoria Laurie and moving into the book Ashley Bell: A Novel by Dean Koontz. I admit I have an addiction to books. And I'm looking for a way to cure it. Just kidding. I'm really looking for the next series to start.

What music moves you the most?

While my top genres of music to list to has been heavy metal and rock, I have to say the ones that really, really move are the ones where you can just feel the essence of the music down to your core. It can be a very powerful and emotion filled song or a song that feels sexy and sensual like Bohren & der Club of Gore

- Destroying Angels. To me that song gives me the feelings of a Noir jazz room, filled with the hints of smoke and excellent whiskey, while couple lean together whispering their secrets of longing and desires.

When a song takes me someplace else or just strikes the cord In my being, that is when it moves me the most.

What is your favorite quote?

If God doesn't give us more than we can handle, then apparently, God must think I'm a real bad-ass.

Give some words of wisdom to the community.

You choose who you let into your life from here. You choose what experience you have. You choose who you surround yourself with. Whether you participate in the enjoyment of VR or the drama of VR. All these choices are yours to make. And all these choices will effect how people see you and the types of people who gravitate towards you and away from you.

In the grand scheme of things, VR is nothing more than a place to pass the time. It only effects your life if you let it.

Read My Journal Please!

Journals Around Arcane

By Dakotah

Journals can be fun to read. Many write about what is going on in their lives, good and bad. Some VR’ers share their art work, poems, favorite songs and yes, some tell us who the hate. This section will spotlight some.

He Saw His Shadow!

Some history on this event is it has Native roots. The word Groundhog came from the Narragansett word for woodchuckockqutchaunand the Cree word for fisher, a member of the weasel family,otcheck. Groundhog Day, at its most basic, is an astronomical holiday. February 2 falls midway between the December solstice and March equinox.

If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, it’s an omen for six more weeks of bad weather. But if the day is cloudy and he doesn’t see his shadow, it’s time for spring. The earliest observance of Groundhog Day happened in Punxsutawney in 1886 and reported in The Punxsutawney Spiritnewspaper.

Then in 1887, that same year the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club was formed. The club named Phil its furry prognosticator back in 1887, and then declared his immortality. Every summer the group feeds Phil a “magic elixir of life,” which members say extends Phil’s life by seven years.

Punxsutawney is in the hills of the Appalachian Plateau and takes its name from past inhabitants. The name itself comes from the Native American wordponkifor sand fly. Indians called the place Ponsutenink, “the town of theponkis.”

In a recent entry done in Sachet's Journal she posted the following, I hope the prediction is right. I love spring!

Thanks to all that coaxed, Phil, the groundhog. Yes. He so no shadow. Spring will be early. Well, we have to back him .... Tie a string to the sun and pull it down.


Horoscopes for February

By: VerestaUlfur

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth" Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta (563-483 B.C.) The word Horoscope comes from the Greek word Horoscopos, which means hour watcher. Today the word horoscope is used to describe the forecast made based on the chart that has been erected. With the use of Astrology, a horoscope can be erected for a person, a business, a city, or a nation. In fact, a horoscope can be erected for just about anything.


In February, Aries will find themselves in a rather difficult situation. The stars recommend that Aries recall what passion is. Of course, we are talking about the carnal passion that some (not most innovative) religions consider as a vice, but from the point of view of biology, it is a key evolutionary factor. So do not even try to suppress your emotions; do what you feel appropriate, and be free in your choice. Obviously don't forget, even for a moment, about those who have feelings for you, ether fraternal, paternal, friendly or other. Even passion can be harmonious, as strange as it may sound. That's where your main task will lie at a given time period, trying to spot the line where sincere feelings and passionate impulses merge into a single entity, with neither side dominating the other.


Taurus in February will face a number of tricky situations, each of which, if dealt with "alone", would not represent the slightest danger, but if addressed as a whole, all these problems and dilemmas are quite capable of destroying someone's life, turning your dreams and hopes to ashes. But do not worry, this is a critical option only if you lounge on the couch for thirty days, consuming pizza and aimlessly "flicking through" TV channels.

In terms of feelings, February will be quite favorable for you in regards to "love life." Your significant other will be entirely devoted to you, and any problem you will have will quickly be solved together. The list of your friends will grow larger, and with quite unexpected personas, but that should not surprise you. Accept help gratefully, but be prepared to help in return. Don't fixate on what will happen tomorrow; This month will be a great time to "restore harmony"; get tuned to some gentle sensual ways and provide your family with a peaceful, warm and tranquil existence. Everything will turn out well by itself; just remember to follow your instinctive urge.


Gemini will get lucky twice in February of 2016. Beware though, Geminis will find themselves in a quite complicated and ambiguous situation. It should be noted that it's best for Geminis to avoid any large-scale events in February and not to plan anything really important or fundamental at this time. It certainly won't be a piece of cake, but if you do everything on time and are responsive to the slightest changes in the environment, it is quite possible to survive this month not only without a loss, but with a definite victory.

The love life lives of Gemini's in February of 2016 will be a little less bright, but quite picturesque compared to your work. The term "picturesque" in this case refers to the large number of events that will be of no fundamental importance for you personally, but the quantity will more than compensate for the "quality". Various situations will be rotated in a kaleidoscopic manner, but no need to focus on them. Your best option is to devote all your free time to your family. This time will be really important, both for you and for those dear to you. Besides, the New Moon will shower your "love life" with a couple of unexpected bonuses. Perhaps single Geminis will finally find their soul mate, and those who are lucky to have one will discover something new in their relationship.


February will be an unstable time, but with a definitely positive coloration (most of the time). Starting from the first days of the month you'll be able to clearly see all your current problems. And this will work to your advantage. The bad news is that you'll unconsciously begin to accurately identify the problems of others, without considering whether people want to be reminded of them. Try to take it easy and stay calm, even if you are overwhelmed with emotions. Your primary weapon is your will and your powerful and analytical thinking, which are given to every Cancer at birth (even if you personally do not recognize it).


In February, Leo will experience a lot of amazing and bright situations, although not all of them will have a uniquely positive ending. There’s no time to relax, especially in view of the fact that from the very first days of the month you will be at the peak of your own abilities. Although this is true, this doesn't make you invincible, invulnerable, and further down the list. It is fundamental now not to squander the opportunities given to you in vain, so you need to maintain the desired level of concentration throughout the whole month.

Your "love life" will bloom with the whole spectrum of the most unexpected and bright colors. You will be capable of realizing all your desires, even the most intimate ones. However, you must remember that you are not alone. Make allowances for those who are dear to you and do not forget to think about how they will react if they find out about your actions. Basically, we are all selfish, but we want to be treated with dignity. You are up to speed now, but make no mistake: all secrets, sooner or later, become known, it is a fact. Balance your own desires and aspirations of those who are near you.


February might seem too bright and overly rich in a variety of events for the zodiac sign Virgo. In reality everything will appear extremely positively, but don't immerse too deep into work, leaving your sensual and emotional sphere "vulnerable" to adverse influences; do not forget to cover your "back", the general characteristic of which may sometimes be decisive in many respects, including the sphere of finance.

In terms of "love life", everything will go rather calmly, without bumps. Petty domestic quarrels are expected but it is crucial not to lose momentum and deal with them immediately, at the time of occurrence. Otherwise, it may accumulate negative energy, and then you'll have to face the problems that you have created yourself, and this is much more complicated. Try to put as much effort and concentration into solving pressing problems before they escalate.


In February members of Libra will not go through a rather challenging time, but their lives may well develop in a quite ambiguous and uncertain way. Because of how the planets align this month, Libras will attain a quite harmonious and progressively confident standing at work and will face a slightly unstable situation in their "personal life". It is unlikely that you will receive a massive shock, but without the proper level of care you may well "earn" a couple of and vibrant quarrels that are likely to cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it makes more sense to prevent the occurrence of the problem rather than deal with its consequences.

Your "love life" in February will be a little more complex. Libras will be faced with a total lack of understanding on the part of their "sweetheart." In some cases it may be true about your close relatives as well, but this will concern Libras who are single. One way or another, you'll have to prove to your family members the validity of your point of view throughout the whole month. And it will be very foolish of you if in the end your assumptions prove to be wrong, so be very careful and triple check the facts before stating your opinion. It is unlikely that it will come to an open confrontation, but some discordance disputes will definitely take place, perhaps even implicitly and unconsciously. But this will only make things worse because it's much harder to point out people's wrongdoings if they are not even aware of them. But that's exactly what you'll have to accomplish in the upcoming month, so get ready beforehand.


Scorpios will face a fairly curious and ambiguous situation during the month of February. It is important to understand that this month you will have to constantly look back not only on your own actions, but also on those of others. You need to stay focused and alert, your instincts and reactions will play a key role in your life, so don't neglect them, and don’t choose your feelings over them. Your relationship with your folks will be of great importance, especially some niceties that will accompany these relations. Be especially careful when doing things that your family definitely won't approve of. It is necessary to do the right thing, but without damaging your family hearth.

Your "love life" this month will have some obstacles, but they will be caused by external factors, not your personal decisions. Now you need to be as considerate, sensitive and caring as ever, especially when your opinion contradicts the one held by the majority in your family. Avoid creating any reason for a conflict. Don't make a fuss, be open and polite. If your work requires rigidity and determination, at home you still need to be fairly diplomatic, calm and analytical. It is in your interest to refrain from offering your opinions; the best bet now is to only react to the supplied ones. Such tactics will work to your advantage and you will quickly get rid of negativity in your home.


In February, the odds will be surely stacked in your favor, but because of the two fairly powerful antagonists, there is a chance that some of your projects will be completed only, let's say, 95-98%, instead of a "one hundred percent". Anyway, Sagittarius will feel confident. Everything will keep turning out quite well, but perhaps not always to the full. But the most important thing now is for you to use your current capabilities in a way you haven't planned before. The fact is that this month won't bring a bright finale of anything. Your current stage is the foundation from which you can boost any strategically important point in the future. It is fundamental now to strengthen your forces, focus on specific tasks and assemble all the available resources. By the 25th you will have a clear idea what your main focus should be. By the end of the month, you will be ready with an excellent foundation which will only need to be strengthened.

In terms of "love life", things will look fairly similar. Sagittarius are unlikely to fulfill their cherished dreams, and if you have planned a wedding or another large-scale event of this kind for this month, it will be sensible of you to move it to a later date. It will be easier and more beneficial for everyone, not just you. Take things under your control and be very persistent if necessary. In terms of personal relationships, follow this one piece of advice: do not rush. It will happen all in good time, as the artificial acceleration of events often leads to the most extraordinary consequences, and, unfortunately, quite often they seem to be against you.


February is an extremely positive month, which suggests that the coming month will be quite calm and harmonious, perhaps somewhat dry, but certainly not negative. Job wise, don't count on a sharp salary rise, promotion up the career ladder, or immediate implementation of your project. Progress will undoubtedly occur, but outward circumstances will keep holding it back, depriving it of the desired development. Everything will depend on external factors, and they will develop in such a way that throughout this winter month you will "have to rest". No working overtime, no stress, everything will be rather mundane and humdrum.

The "love life" of Capricorns for the month of February as well as work life, will bring little exceptionality and dynamics. Your relationship with your partner will flow quite naturally and ordinarily. Now is a good time to get started working on things that will come in handy for you next month. Such a tranquil and balanced environment will currently enable you to thoroughly think everything over, taking into account many possible options. Be tolerant of your loved ones, but still, in any case, remember who you really are and how much family means to you.


February will definitely be a remarkable time, full of a wide variety of, most likely unforgettable, events. In general, everything will proceed fairly peacefully for Aquarians. Well, if things are not quiet, then they’ll at least be logical. Nothing will be "a novelty" for you; all events will be either planned or predictable. Be gentle with your significant other, and devote all your free time to your home. Don't forget where your main focus and efforts should be. If necessary, explain the situation to your dear ones, thereby justifying your behavior. They'll understand, no doubt.

Financially, members of this zodiac sign will concentrate the maximum amount of their resources and capabilities on these areas. Take it easy the first ten days of the month you will have to drastically revise your plans in light of new information. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, it is better to choose a different course now, because later such an opportunity will not present itself. Pull yourself together and stay focused on your main task; by no means get distracted by third-party moments


February will feel like a concentrated, high-quality surge of vitality. On the first days of the month you might not even know what to do with such a gain. Fate will really empower you with a lot of bonuses, and at the current stage, all areas of your life will be under "special" influence. You will be equally successful in solving urgent tasks, either in the field of work or in terms of your sensory-emotional sphere. At this stage it will be much more important to properly allocate your capabilities rather than seek to obtain new ones. You will come across a lot of options, each of which will require certain expenses combined with resources. You will definitely be able to solve any puzzle you face, even if it requires exceptional efforts from you. It is unlikely to come to that, but be ready for anything; don't lose your vigilance and avoid "dizziness from success".

In terms of personal relationships, things will flow in a similar but not identical manner. It will be necessary to fully concentrate on the concerns of your partner and you will need to show zeal and put in a lot of effort. Don't distance yourself from those dear to you. Make sure your relationships are in strong harmony, so you can overcome any obstacles together, basing your actions on sincerity and impartiality. If necessary, set everything straight using a tried and true method. As a result, you will feel much better and will be able to reach a compromise.


By: maria964

Crystals have been around for many centuries and they are known for their beauty and their healing energies. Although their healing energies haven't been proved by scientists many people believe that their energies affect us.

For those of you who are fond of them here some good tips you can use to cleanse them, charge them and work with them.

Crystal Cleansing

There are many ways to clean your crystals/gemstones. You can put them under running water, into a bowl filled with water, into a bowl filled with sea water, into a bowl filled with water mixed with sea salt or cooking salt. The time you will leave them in each case is up to you. You can leave them for some minutes or even some days. There are also some crystals/gemstones they can clean others. For example you can put a small crystal/gemstone on clear quartz. Some other people prefer to clean them through visualization. You can visualize that your crystal/gemstone is surrounded by a light which cleans it and gives it new energy. In addition, there are also some sprays you can make or buy that they clean them.

Crystal Charging

The most easy and common way to charge them is by leaving them for some hours under the sunlight or moon light. Some also believe they can charge them through their body energy. They believe they can be charge by putting them in the palms.


~Meditation with Crystals~

When you meditate you can have a gemstone/crystal in your palm of your hand or placed on a part of your body you want to heal. When you meditate if you prefer to have your eyes opened you can put the crystal/gemstone in front of you and concentrate on it.(You can start your meditation by concentrating on the properties of the crystal/gemstone)

~You can lie down to your bed or wherever you feel comfortable and place them on the part of the body you want to heal

~There are some elixirs/distillates of gemstones/crystals you can put on your body or drink them. You can buy or even make them by yourself.

~You can wear a crystal/gemstone (or you can simply have it with you or just in your house/work/car/wherever you want)

February's crystal

A nice crystal to work this month is amethyst. Amethyst is the crystal of love, calmness, balance, patience and peace.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.

Amethyst is used as beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues, which can lead to prosperity and abundance, though it is not the best known prosperity stone.

In the psychic and spiritual realms, amethyst is an excellent all-purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. It does this by making a clear connection between the earth plane and other planes and worlds. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It is used to open one's channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work.

Amethyst is not only a psychic protection stone, but is also used to protect one from thieves, and to protect travelers.

Emotionally, amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief, bringing one gently past. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that ca promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also is said to bring emotional stability and inner strength. This stability and strength not only helps one hold firm in one's life, but it can enhance flexibility and cooperation. To be flexible at need is a sure sign of strength.

Amethyst is very well known -- as from the ancients -- as a sobriety stone. It has been used for millennia to prevent drunkenness, and is used to assist in getting rid of addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc, and destructive compulsive behaviors of all kinds.

[About amethyst:http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/amethyst/]


Dear Argusia

The problem I am having is I have a friend who I have been friends with since HS and just got in contact with him after 20 years, my kids love playing with his kids, however his current GF is very controlling and says that a married woman shouldn't be going over to a man’s house without her husband....I keep telling my friend that by her being controlling all it will lead to is pain in the end and I don't want to see him hurt. What should I do?


Married woman

Dear Married woman,

Here's what you should do, educate the girlfriend on what the scanty of marriage is all about. The vows that are taken and upheld. Bring with you a number to a good social worker too, and offer it to her, explaining her behavior is outside of the norm, and she needs professional help.

After you have done this talk to you male friend, explain the situation that his girlfriend has no self-esteem and thinks any female is after her man. That you still want to be able to hang out with him and bring the kids over for play dates. Let your male friend make the decision, and remind him, he doesn't need a psychopath for a girlfriend.

Yours truly,



Dear Argusia,

Sometimes my friends ignore me and I bend over backwards to be good to them. I tell them I care and I'm always there for them. I feel like "chopped liver".


Chopped Liver

Dear Chopped Liver,

Sometimes friends can get lost in what they are doing and also blinded by the bullshit of people, and forget all about you. But that doesn't mean they don't care about you, it just means their head is too far up where the sun doesn't shine to realize they are being taken for a ride.

Stay true to these friends, and don't let your guard down. They will eventually see the skittles rainbow and come back to you and apologize for making the mistake of ignoring you or making you feel unneeded/unnecessary. You will be reunited as a be happy family.



Funny Pages

By Dakotah

Native Humor

Walking Eagle

When George W. Bush made his one appearance before Indian tribal leaders, they gave him his Indian name—Geh-ton-A-Mish.

He asked one of his aides to find out what the name means in English. The aide came back and said, “It means Walking Eagle.”

Bush said, “Why would they call me Walking Eagle?”

The aide told him, “They said you were so full of s--- you can’t fly.”


The Creeks and the Cherokees had a war in the late 1800s. No one was winning, so the Cherokees decided they would use dynamite.

They bought some dynamite and started throwing it at the Creeks. But the Creeks won because they lit the fuses and threw it back at the Cherokees.

Mixed Marriages

If a Chickasaw man marries a woman who is half Potawatomi and half Hualapai, what do you call their kids?

Chicken Pot Pie


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