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3rd Edition

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Highlighting this Month’s Edition is Coven and Alliances.

Also This Month We Cover the Topic of:


Editors and Staff: Dakotah, Erinyes, Seidr, VioletXHemlock, Maria, Erinyes, VerestaUlfur, Von, MooniePie, LadyZombie

-Arcane Argus Editors Speak Out


By Erinyes

Hello Arcane!! Welcome to the third edition of the Arcane Argus Newspaper.

It looks like each edition gets better and better. We have new contributors and new active members thanks to the Argus. I do believe the Argus is one of the best things that have happened to Arcane Consort. Thank you Dakotah for your wonderful idea and thank all of you for being a part of our wonderful coven.

We'd like to honor our Alliance member in this edition. Tenebris Corvus (Coven) with sweetraven as the CM, Alchemy (Coven) with SororMystica as the CM and The Dark Storm (Coven) with ARTEMIAEVE as CM. Thank you all for being a part of our family and we appreciate your loyalty to The Magickal Elixir Alliance.

From The Desk of Von:

By: VonEaland

He Said She Said

Hey did you hear about her?

No, what about her?

Well, she is a total whore.

Who is?

She is!

And how do you know?

They told me!

Did they now?

Yes and she did this with that guy and then she did it with 4 more guys right after.

Well, you take yourself back to them and tell them they are full of shit…


Because I actually know her, and she didn’t do that with all the guys, she didn’t do it with any guy..

What do you mean?

That guy couldn’t get it up, and to save face he spread that rumor to make himself look good instead of being a flaccid douche bag...

Ah I see!!

Yes you do… so before you start spreading rumours further you need to get the true facts before you hurt someone..

Yes you are right.......


We All do it to some degree but others do it just to be pure bitches or total douche bags.

What is Gossip? It’s a chat between groups of people. Hey how was your holiday or hey did you hear she had a baby boy. Hey I am so not in the good books at home. Between friends or colleagues Gossip is harmless.

But when a group of people get together and they all have a common link to one person and they get to talking shit about that person then the Gossip becomes negative and destructive. Each person in that group will then go off and talk to others who don’t necessarily know the victim but will then go off and spread that same rumor, and so on and so on..

Gossip doesn’t just stay in the mouths of the hateful; it gets spread across social networking media such as Facebook, this is when gossip turns into trolling.

As mentioned in other articles we all frequent VR. VR is a breeding ground for gangs and Cliques.

All these groups stick together and group hate 1 or more other members, this is sometimes justified but sometimes it is totally uncalled for. Now the members of Arcane will all remember the sudden influx of members from the Blood Countess Coven. The CM of that coven was a target for many on VR. As it turned out those people were right about the rumors they were spreading and the hate campaigns they launched. However, those of the coven defended the CM out of loyalty.

It turned out this was misplaced loyalty as events unfolded and the truth came out and the CM was found to be someone who she wasn’t.

So the Gossip of those attackers turned out to be positive rather than the slanderous chit chat it was believed to be. This is the other side of the gossip coin, if people had listened to the rumors maybe a whole coven would not have been duped.?

But who was to know? The gossip and rumors going around could have been total bull shit and all loyalties justified.

Gossip can be the making or the downfall of someone. It can start wars it can heal old wounds, it can breed hate and it can spread joy.

So it turns out gossip can be useful!

What I would like you to do is to think about all the conversations you have had in the past. Whether it is on VR or in real life and think did you damage someone’s reputation by engaging in gossip?

Did you spread joy? Did you pass on vital information?

But what I want you to do most of all is think before you get into a conversation with someone and think is this person genuine or is this person out to get someone?

Are You the one spreading rumors?

If so take a look at what you are doing and take a step back and think Do I really need to spread this gossip?

If the answer is yes and it will save someone or something then do it… but if it is just downright bitching just to get others involved then take a look at ya self and think do I need this drama in my life?

Chances are you really don’t need to engage in that conversation because it makes no difference on your real life if that dumb ass in that coven is actually a man pretending to be a goat…

Report that fool to the admins and let them deal with it… Do You need to gather a following to out someone? Nah not really…

So in short… we all gossip in some level but we all know that someone who is a total gob shit and will purposefully go out their way to hurt others..

They are the people we should shut out of our lives and let them drown in their own drama.

We all like a bit of juicy gossip and we all like to be shocked a little but do we really need to spread that further?

What do You think?

Make some comments on this article and see if you end up being that total douche bag or mega bitch.

If you realized it’s you then You need to give your head a wobble and step away from the rumor mill..

Is it you who said he said She said??

Self-reflection works!!!

Covens And Alliances

By: Sweetraven

Covens are what run Vampire Rave. Without a Coven you are left only playing in the Forums. You can either be inducted into a Coven or traded into one, when you are level 20 or somewhere under level 99.99. Once you hit level 100, you have the option to open your own Coven or float between Covens or remain Coven-less. I decided when I hit level 100 I would open my own Coven.

It was an issue of pride. I had something to prove to myself and to set myself above the wicked ways of one person whose evilness was following my ever move. The excitement comes when your Crest is approved and you are now open for business. You have a blank coven to create and shape and mold as you desire. Bringing on other friends to join your Coven is great, and making it active, even if it is small is wonderful.

Joining an alliance is another action you do to help your Coven have diversity and higher standing. Generally speaking a new Covens standing isn't that great, but when you are in an Alliance your standing is combined with all the Covens who are members of that Alliance and you get a higher rating. You also get to play on more fun threads and participate in polls. You get to meet new friends.

Having you own Coven is awesome and being in an Alliance is amazing.

---LOCAL NEWS (Inside our Coven)

Happenings Within Arcane---

And Who Just Made Sire?!

Congrats go out to XbluesandX and Frayed for making Sire. Making Sire is not an easy accomplishment. Good job you two.

Covens and Alliances

By Dakotah

Vampire Rave was created by Cancer to catalog every occurrence of the vampire throughout history. It has become a social site for those whom are fascinated by Vampires to come together. Covens are a part of Vampire Rave.

This edition we are focusing on covens and Alliances. When a person reaches level 20 they are inducted. I always get a chuckle out of people who try to fight the system. The bottom line is you WILL end up in a coven.

Being a part of a coven can be fun. You make new friends. You get to know people on a deeper level as they share in all threads. In Arcane we encourage all members to step up, give ideas how we can always improve on the experience of being in a coven. In a past interview I did with Moonie she gave ideas and suggestions to Coven Master on how to make there covens’ a fun experience for their members.

CM's have there obligations as do us members. We plan coven chats for all members to come together and give your thoughts on how are can improve your experience in Arcane. Though the past chats not many have shown up. We are always asking for ideas and your suggestions for the coven. If you do not speak up and tell us what you would like to have in the coven, we are not mind readers.

Soon all members who are not active (who log into VR but are not active in the coven) will get a message from me where I will ask you some questions. How do you like Arcane? Why have you not been active? What would make you want to get more involved in the coven? Do you have any topics for threads you would like to see? I will compile this data and send it to Erin when I am done. I want to hear the good and the bad. Our goal is to make Arcane a coven you want to become active in.

Alliances have their benefits for example when two covens form an alliance their favor and members are combined in the computation of Society Standing. When two covens form an alliance each can then take part in the forums of the other. Our alliance is called Magickal Elixir and our focus is Different Forms Of True Vampirism To The Many Magickal Beliefs And Practices.

-World News: Happenings Outside Arcane

People in the News:

Pow Wow With Dakotah

By Dakotah

We have a proverb in my culture. To gossip is like playing checkers with an evil spirit: you win occasionally but are more often trapped at your own game.

Gos·sip, ɡäsəp, a Noun, is defined as casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. A gossiper is a person who has privileged information about people and proceeds to reveal that information to those who have no business knowing it. Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves as some kind of bearers of knowledge. Yes, I am guilty of that sometimes.

So it all sounds bad. However, guess what! There are positive sides of gossip too. Gossiping has long been frowned upon, especially back in the 16th- and 17th-century British. Back then, gossips, or “scolds” were sometimes forced to wear a menacing iron cage on their heads, called the “branks” or “scold’s bridle.” These mask had iron spikes that went into the mouth and prevented the person from speaking. Ouch! Would you believe that gossip is what makes human society possible as we know it? It is too. Research says so, so it must be true, right?

Research on the positive effects of gossip has proliferated. Rather than just a means to humiliate people and make them cry in the bathroom, gossip is now being considered by scientists as a way to learn about cultural norms, bond with others, promote cooperation, and even, as one recent study found, allow individuals to gauge their own success and social standing.

A piece of gossip is an opportunity to find out how someone did something right or something wrong, and learn from the example. Learning how to live with others is something that continues throughout life—once you’ve learned not to eat paste, you can graduate to more nuanced lessons of human behavior.

By hearing about the misadventures of others, we may not have to endure costs to ourselves, by making the same mistake. And because negative stories tend to stick better in the mind than positive stories, it makes sense that gossip about people who violated norms would be more instructive than gossip about people who are really great at norms.

Nobody likes to live in fear of what people might be saying behind their backs, hence gossip’s understandably bad reputation. And yet people spend most of their conversational capital talking about other people, not just because it’s fun, but because it’s useful. “We happily say something like ‘I don’t want to gossip, but …’”

Dovetailing gossip's function as a warning is that gossip serves also as moral instruction and motivation to the hearer. Gossip informally regulates behavior. Hearing gossip about "Bob's know-it-all attitude" makes me carefully refrain from sarcasm and adopt a humbler, more teachable attitude. Gossip informs us about how to act properly in a given social context.

With that said I have the pleasure to interview CitizenX. I would almost call what he does, spotlighting behaviors of some people in the community, calling them out to look at their own actions and to warn others that this person you might want to stay clear of, a Community Service. He is bluntly honest. He holds nothing back nor does he care what anyone thinks. Recently someone commented in his journal that he was the freest person here. I have to agree with that. He is not afraid to say what he thinks about any of us here and he does. I respect the man a great deal. I hope you all enjoy the interview:

How did you find this site, what brought you here originally?

I was surfing the Black Hat forums when I ran across a huge amount of spam posts with xRobin3X's site referral link. I came to the site at first to see who the fuck was spamming that shit and ended up finding a whole group of thin skinned retards.

What do you like about VR?

The thin skinned retards, better known as Members. lulz

This place is a great source of entertainment for me.

What do you hate about VR?

I'd have to say it would be the lack of shit being done against the real repeat offenders, both from the staff and from the users. I know this is a business for the owner but there has to be a line to protect the decent members and promote new growth. This place is dying and a lot of the users know it. It's being reflected in how often they log in, what they are doing while here and how long they are active on the site.

Did you start off here with the intentions of doing what you do?

Nah. I came to see who the fuck was spamming up my normal forums but then saw the chance for some great lulz.

Why do you do this?

For the lulz, it's the only good reason to do anything.

I know you like to stay anonymous, not giving much of your Real Life but "who is X behind the screen"?

The magical question huh.

X is a person just like everyone else, just more fucking awesome. lulz

I'm a full time Researcher, part time Programmer and part time internet troll.

Away from the screen I'm spending time kicking it with friends and traveling mostly.

I actually invest very little time on VR and the mystery about me only helps with amusing me.

When did you first come up with the idea to begin your journal entries by focusing on some rather colorful people here, how did it all begin?

First journal is still up, I just saw the chance to troll one of your more known retards ... Cat. Shit worked and people started to take the bait so it became habit.

What do you look for in a profile to spotlight it?

A lot of the time I just have to scan who's on and who's been posting to find someone acting like a cock sucker to someone else or was acting like a mental hospital reject. Then I bait them to see if they bite and show something to use against them.

Do you try to check your facts out about a profile you are going to spotlight or do you just go off gossip-rumors?

Most of the time the shits pretty obvious so not much is needed, but I always check into things.

Which facts do you try to always check out?

If ever a doubt, check it out. lulz

Give some tips on how to check out facts.

Know your subject, pay attention to the shit they do and say. People generally aren't as smart as they think they are and will reveal things about themselves you can use to gather more details. Google is your both your friend and enemy.

Do you see yourself as a type of VR Vigilante?

NAH. I'm not one of your admin, it's not my job. lulz

I'm just one of those asshole trolls, if someone learns from the shit I show of themselves and changes all the fucking better for them.

If you were a Super Hero (Marvel Comics) doing this, who would you be? Explain why

I'd say Deadpool. I think the reason why is self explanatory.

"Merc with a Mouth"

Do you feel you are doing the Community a service?

All for the lulz but if ya all learn from it ... good for you. lulz

What annoys you the most about some of the people in the community?

How fucking gullible some of you are. I mean how the fuck do you keep falling for and forgiving the bullshit of others on here. As a community a lot of you bitch about the place but never want to do shit about it and a lot of you fucking retards are out there doing the same shit you bitch about others doing.

What person who you have spotlighted, have you wanted to see get -suspended till infinity- who still has a profile?

A lot of the ones I really lay into have been LULZ ... time and time again.

List the top three types of profiles that will always make your journal.

Hypocrites and Retards mostly

Everyone accuses you of being someone else. You have stated many times you have only the 1, list a few of the funniest names of who people have accused you of being?

I'd have to say the funniest ones have been Mooniepie and imagesinwords. I mean really? If I had admin powers a lot more shit would be said and done.

Have you ever regretted an attack on someone afterwards?

Nope If you were given Regent Powers for 24 hours what are some of the actions you would take?

I'd expose a lot more of the bullshit everyone thinks they are getting away with around here.

On your journal entry here: https://www.vampirerave.com/journal/journal_section.php?section=personal&journal=CitizenX&page=September 2015, for example, you post what some may read as an insult to their culture. Some people have accused you of being a racist. Why do you post humor like this?

You can't be a true racist if you hate everyone equally and honestly a lot of the shit I post is about being bait. As for the journal if someone is offended by it then my job was done correctly. Words are only as powerful as people let them be.

Have you ever gotten a warning from staff here about any of your content on your profile?

I've been warned a few times about kismets mostly, only had one so far they demanded me to change.

Some of the people you have spotlighted, later seem to become your #1 fan. Does this surprise you?

Some people take the time to read behind the text and learn from it, they better themselves and learn from mistakes.

What types of profiles earn a 1 rating and a block from you?

Hypocrites and Retards again lulz but just about everyone gets the 1 unless they prove worth more. Too many of you are obsessed over numbers.

Have you ever rated a profile a 10 and how did they earn this high ranting from you?

Yeah I've given a couple of them to people who aren't thin skinned retards.

Walk us though the process you use in ousting someone. Recently you received some information on a person. What does CitizenX do next?

Not a lot really. I check into some of the info to see if it's real or worth a journal then just go at it.

New Features, Laughs and Monkey Butts.

BY MooniePie

Over the years, Cancer has popped spiffy features onto VR. I think the ones that have caused the most controversy were 'What are they doing', 'Honor' and the 'Society System'. When the feature first rolled out it was constant complaining about the violation of rights, the abuse of honor and being forcefully inducted. But now when you look around there isn't a word to be heard on these features. They have just faded into the background like things tend to do.

Since quite a few of the older members have ventured off into different ways, new people are thrown right into the Society system. There isn't a before for them. So as soon as they sign up, they know about the system. There they begin the decent into being stalked like prey. I've found the feeling akin to the movie Silence of the Lambs. That part when Buffalo Bill stalks the girl and has her help him to put the chair into the van. Then BAM you're suddenly down in a creepy basement pit with some dude tucking his bits and wearing lipstick and people's skin. Yup, just like the Society System.

I never understood the fight about 'What are they doing'. It became this huge fight about rights and privacy. Since VR is a Cancer-tater-ship that point is null and void, but it was still a fight! People were throwing around words and getting more bent then they already were. And I'm sure the term 'if you're not for us, you're against us' was thrown around a few times. It wasn't like anyone was looking through your home trying to catch you watching some creepy internet lovemaking on freakfetishest and eating Cheetos out of your hair. Unless you're doing shitty things, then there wasn't really a point in getting pissy.

And then the honor. I'm sure many remember the arguments about the honor. It wasn't fair, blah blah, people shouldn't be able to do that, blah blah. Etc. Etc. There were a few valid points that people mad; trolls will use it to post mean thing and the other was people will abuse it. The funny thing, those who complained the loudest about it are the ones who do exactly what they were complaining about it.

People will complain about trivial things and people will use features the way they want to use them.

-slow clap for people who complain and then use it the exact way they were bitchin' about-

One of my favorite features that Cancer introduced was Webcams. Even though it isn't used much now, in the beginning it was damn fun. There have been a few times I've been traumatized when opening the cam page. The times when someone decides it's okay to share their trouser snake, or flip a nip out was few, but it happened. After seeing a few of those things, I have to say that some people are brave. They know the cam is public and yet.. BAM say hello to my little friend. And out comes the lil meat mallot just there it is not being impressive. Really, why?! WHY!?!

I digress...

Back on track, there were a few moments that happened in cams I will never forget.

Cancer and I got into a photoshop war in my webcam one evening. Moments of hilarity ensued when people were swapped with monkeys and Cancer was accused of monkey love. (Example) My webcam picture was being changed between pictures of mind curdling things like a donkey that was very happy in his donkey parts to Cancer slippin' the good 'ol banana to a fine and frisky female monkey.

And then the other time. I stole Cancer's avatar. He's very protective of that avatar. So being the smart ass that I am, I had to 'stick it to the man'. Just like with the webcams we kept changing my avatar. He'd change it, I'd change it back. This went on for a bit. Then he whipped out the big. That effer wrote a code specific to my profile so I couldn't change my avatar after I changed it. And then.. do you know what else that effer did? He took his ass to dinner and left the code on my profile for a damn day. He left me a profile that had an avatar that rotated between some scary dude with big teeth, a donkey chubby and a few other things. I have never laughed so hard and had so much fun.

Features on VR are just that- features. You use them the way you want to use them. If you want to have fun with them, you will. All of this is just another example of you making your own experiences.

Have fun and enjoy it. And when hilarity ensues, roll with it. It could just be one of the best times you've had on here.


Food Section

Lady Zombie's Corpse Kitchen

By: Lady Zombie

This week we are featuring articles on Alliance and drama on VR so I of course thought that I would get in on the fun as well. The only thing is, I only know food. So here is a little foodie history and knowledge to titillate your brain pans.

Alliance's Forged Through Bread

Now food in general is used as a symbol of unity or and alliance so pretty much everything from that sushi roll you may be eating right now down to the Snickers bar you keep in your desk can be or has been used as a symbol of unification. That is because these days, that is all marketing has but in the days of old when Druids were the major religion in Ireland and Britain a simple bread was used as symbol of unification of the people but also of nature itself.

The Bread I mention is known to the world as Bram Brack but is also known as Speckled Bread. If anyone out there loves cinnamon raisin swirl toast, then this is where it all began. This simple bread was used to show how the seasons and fruits of the harvest all join together in harmony at the ending of the harvest season. This bread was served mainly during the Halloween months but in today's world, you can have it whenever and where ever you please. Today it is served as a bread, tea bread, tea cakes/scones, and as a cake (not to be confused with fruit cake). Bram Brack showed the early Irish and Welsh people that if you learn how to dry the fruit, collect the honey, raise and mill the grain, the fruits of your labors will not only satisfy the appetite but it will also sustain a people in body and soul. What you give to Mother Earth, it returns to you in kind.

Bram Brack was also used in Victorian times as a fortune telling bread. The Catholic form of this bread is now called King cake which is usually served at Easter. It seems like these days people only remember the fortune telling side of this bread. I highly recommend that people do their own research into this wonderful bread and make some of it to boot. I have made this bread countless times so I know it is yummy in the tummy. On a side note, I never add the little trinkets into the break, I don't want anyone breaking any teeth.

This is my favorite recipe for Bram Brack taken from the website www.irishcultureandcustoms.com.

Barm Brack.

This recipe comes from Aideen, the generous soul who provides the translations and pronunciations for our Irish language pages. Traditionally baked for Hallowe'en, some of the 'lucky' ingredients used and their 'significance' vary from house to house and region to region, so I've given the ones we always used. Two never change - the ring and the coin! Some houses use a pea and a bean for wealth and poverty, a thimble for spinsterhood etc. I have read of a religious medal, to forecast a life in Holy Orders, but I can honestly say I can never remember it being used!

Barm Brack - Arán Breac (Speckled Bread)

 photo arcane_zpsgktbp1ti.jpg


1 lb flour

6 oz sugar

1 lb mixed dried fruit

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

1 tsp all spice/mixed spice

Pot of hot Irish tea

The 'lucky' ingredients

- a 'gold' ring, to foretell marriage within a year

- a small coin, to forecast wealth

- a small piece of cloth to forecast poverty

- a little piece matchstick to forecast the husband will beat his wife

- a thimble to forecast spinsterhood

- a button to forecast bachelorhood


Wrap each 'lucky' item carefully in greaseproof and/or tissue paper.

The trick to making a Barm Brack is the soaking of fruit overnight in the

tea. While this makes the dried fruit softer and more appealing in general,

one must be careful when mixing the dough not to over-knead or the

rehydrated fruit will break too much. Add the sugar and egg to the fruit mix the next day. Sift in the remaining dry ingredients. Mix gently. Stir in the wrapped 'lucky' items and try to distribute them evenly. Use a 7" round

baking tin at 350°F for 80 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

The Brack can be made up to a week in advance and stored in an air-tight

container. It is traditional that only he/she who has baked the cake should

cut and serve the slices, as only he/she may know where are the 'lucky'

items and will distribute them equitably!!

Okay now here is the fun part. Drama drama drama. I can't help it, I personally like to watch drama queens freak out. It is rather fun but then again, I am a aging old corpse so I am not longer hip to the Monster High School kids lingo anymore. But what I do know is the historical drama of beer versus mead in good ole Renaissance Era.

When everyone looks back to the Renaissance, people think of wine. But they are wrong. Wine was only consumed by royalty an on Sundays at mass. The general public drank mead and ale. The early ale that I speak of can be compared to a Chimay in today's society. The good old friars and local monasteries made the mead since they had the time to look after beehives and the good old pub landlord would grow the wheat and brew his own ale. The friars sold the mead to the pubs so that was no major dispute. The dispute has always been which form of alcohol was better. Personally I cook with them both and yes, this argument is still going on to this day in certain parts of the country. Personally I think the Irish did it best with whiskey but no one person is ever right. It all comes down to personal taste.

The Simplest Beer Battered Shrimp You can Ever Make

1 pound shelled and deveined shrimp

1 Bottle Akillians Irish Red Ale

2 cups AP flour

Add beer to the 2 cups of flour to make a batter. Dip the shrimp in the batter one by one and shake off excess. Slide the shrimp one by one into hot oil and fry until golden brown like a chicken mcnugget. Drain shrimp on a paper towel for 1 minute then place in a large bowl with fresh garlic and salt to taste.

Veresta's Monthly Horoscope: For the Year of The Monkey

By: Veresta

This month is March...so here it goes:

The first month of spring of 2016 will bring to lives of many zodiac signs hopes for a really bright future, and if you were exposed to some depression while embracing the winter, in March, your energy, physical and sensory-emotional spheres must align. The time to build momentum is from the middle of spring until the beginning of June. Actually, it is a natural trend.

In the case of air signs for March of 2016 everything will take a somewhat different turn. The earth signs will be exempt from problems. Probably for many members, March will be the time of epiphany and reevaluation of actions, a stage of pivotal change of priorities.

As usual, there will be those that will regard universal harmony as a living hell. Nevertheless, all the problems will be more than solvable, especially because in March of 2016 our backs will be covered by powerful defenders. So even if you feel that the odds are not in your favor, it's necessary to stick to a set direction and, figuratively, don’t get down in the dumps.

Read My Journal Please!

Journals Around Vampire Rave!

A new coven! Magdalena announced her new coven in her journal recently. The Arcane Argus wishes her best of luck. Though she is a great lady and I am sure her coven will be a huge success. She wrote: First Day as Coven Mistress

09:21:01 - Mar 24 2016

Times Read: 58

My coven, Dark Paradise is now open, and thank you to everyone who has helped me these past few weeks and/or shown an interest in joining.

I will start accepting members this evening as RL has a busy day in store for me. I currently have an ACM who has been given the liberty of creating any threads and/or coven pages he wants; so it will be interesting to see what I find when I come home this evening. ;)

Other than that, my coven will be in alliance with Family of the Bound; so do not waste your time or mine by trying to gain access into my coven if you have been blacklisted within the alliance.

I hope to have everything up and running soon!

Keeping to our other theme Drama, xXBlackenedxWingsXx's recent journal entry dated 21:31:50 - Mar 23 2016 has words of wisdom. This is a community and like in ever community there are consequences to bad behavior. He wrote about someone stealing CSS code. To those who think about stealing here or causing drama heed this advise:

"Another at a member I'll just not name here.

Every action you make here is gonna have consequences. Your CSS code was stolen from multiple sources, and you probably still do it.

This is why you're rated low.

This is why you have honor "stolen".

And this is why it isn't gonna stop.

I'll go ahead and be blunt. Like I said once in here already, actions have consequences. Don't like that? No one cares, or will care. No one likes someone who complains about how fair the consequences for their actions really are."


Arcane Argus is looking for Staff Writers and Reporters. Can you write? We are looking for Reporters and Staff Writers to do VR Related columns. You do not have to be a member of Arcane to apply for a position on the paper : Contact Dakotah.

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