The Dragon

Dragons in Chinese culture symbolize great power, good luck and strength. They represent power and authority, particularly control over typhoons, water, rainfall and floods. Emperors were assumed to have descended from the dragons. That is why, out of the twelve zodiac signs, the Dragon is the most popular one.

It is so popular that people even today plan their children’s birth in these years of the Dragon for good fortune. Ps. the next year of the Dragon is 2024. Children born in the year of the Dragon are thought to be good leaders and very fortunate in life.

For the Chinese, there is more to the Dragon than just breathing fire. They see it as a spiritual creature of good luck and prosperity and rain and deity that brings forth harmony.

The Origins:
Dragons are an essential aspect of Chinese culture. If you are interested in Chinese culture and read books or study Chinese with apps, you will see the Dragon in pictures, festivals and the characters that derive their meanings and sounds from the Dragon. It is essential to understand the language’s culture to understand why the Dragon is vital to the Chinese.

Dragons are a part of the Chinese Zodiac made up of 12 years with twelve creatures with corresponding personality features. They include mouse, Dragon, dog, tiger, horse, goat, ox, pig, monkey, rooster, snake and rabbit.

In the fifth year of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon, according to a myth, the Jade Emperor declared that order would be determined exactly by the order they came to attend his function. Everyone thought the mighty Dragon would arrive first, but he came after Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit. The Dragon was late because he halted to make rain for a village that was suffering from drought. The Jade Emperor was impressed and gave him the 5th position in the rankings.

What it Signifies
The Dragon is believed by the Chinese to present power and valiancy, excellence and determination, dignity and divinity. A dragon is believed to have the powers to overcome obstacles to see success. He is spirited, confident, enthusiastic, intelligent and determined.

They are a sign of royalty and wealth. Chinese Emperors in the past were believed to be the reincarnation of the mighty dragons. Liu Bang, the Han dynasty founder, thought that he was convinced when his mother dreamt of a dragon.

According to a history writing, the Dragon was an imperial symbol during the Tang Dynasty. The emperor and high officials wore robes with dragons on them. Some dragons were reserved for the emperor only.

The Beliefs
The Chinese people believe to be the descendants of the mighty Dragon. Chinese people think that Yandi, a famous tribal leader with telepathy with a mighty dragon. Yandi allied with Huangdi, a great tribal leader, together with the Dragon’s help, opened to the intro of the Chinese civilization. Yandi and Huangdi are considered ancestors of the Chinese people.

Dragons are used in many celebrations. Dragon dances are performed at the Chinese New Year. The Dragon spans up to 70 meters constructed with bamboo covered with shiny fabric held up by dancers.

Chinese people believe that dragons bring good luck. The longer the dance, the more they receive for the new year. The Dragon is also used during Chinese boat racing, where boats are decorated like a Chinese dragon. This festival attracts many people that love the custom.

The Chinese Dragon is a beautiful, wise and friendly being and not like the western Dragon, which is associated with evil and destruction. The Chinese Dragon is loved and worshipped by all. It has shrines and temples dedicated to this purpose. In return, the Chinese people believe that the dragon showers rain, good luck and prosperity. That is why even today, after thousands of years of passing down myths and traditions, the Dragon is still incorporated in their everyday life, celebrations and even businesses of the Chinese people.

(All this info can be found at :https://www.chineasy.com)

Dragons from Japanese folk-lore are a favorite re-occurring design theme at Pagong; designs such as Ikkyu’s Dragon (shown above), Water Dragon, and Rising Dragon; all brimming with protective energy, power, and of course charm!

But where did the belief in these incredible creatures originate? This got us wondering, so we thought we’d try to find out.

Scholars of mythology all seem to agree that believing in dragons probably evolved independently in both Europe and Asia, and perhaps in the Americas and Australia as well. Many have even speculated about which “real-life” animals might have inspired the very first dragon tales…

It seems ancient people may have discovered dinosaur fossils, whale bones, or combinations of large predator’s bones, and understandably misinterpreted them as the remains of dragons.

A Japanese dragon, also known as ryu or tatsu, first appears in Japanese mythology as far back as 680 A.D. In fact, Japanese dragons are believed to be the ancestors of the first Emperor of Japan holding importance and significance as a symbol for the emperor, and therefore, are highly respected and honored in Japanese society.

There is a well-known legend about a dragon king, who is said to live in a pond at Shinzen’en, the Imperial Garden of Kyoto. During times of drought in ancient times, Buddhist monks held ceremonies there, to persuade the dragon king to rise and bring rain. Perhaps this is why dragons are associated with rainfall, and have full control over a good harvest; representing wealth, and abundance.

Another belief is that dragons have the power to transform into any shape and size, making them creatures capable of magical powers, and transformation; appearing in many dramatically fantastic forms.

All in all, Japanese dragons are the benefactors and protectors of mankind; powerful and wise guardians that shield us from universal dangers, and impart their wisdom. A symbol of good fortune, they bring us happiness, offering us strength and courage at each important turning point in our lives.

(All this info can be found at : https://www.pagongkyoto.com)

Sire immortalxkiss:
What does it mean to serve House Nocturnal Retribution:
Well, for me, it's a different answer than most. I didn't choose Nocturnal Retribution, in all my years on Vampire Rave, it's actually one of two Houses I had not taken part in before becoming its Master. It was given to me by Cancer. But, with that said, I do serve this House. I serve its members, I strive to create something they want to take part in, a place where they can feel truly at home, where they can be completely and unabashedly themselves. It's no small feat. There's also the fact that I'm here for the long run, I can't leave. I'm known for being notoriously fickle when it comes to Societies, and I've been known to open and quickly close a number of my own Covens as the whim struck me. But here, here I cannot close the doors when I don't feel like being the head of something anymore. Nocturnal Retribution is a permanent fixture of Vampire Rave, and that kind of commitment is new to me. Granted, I've grown up a lot in my time on Vampire Rave and I feel like I'm capable of building this place up, otherwise I never would have taken the position. To serve Nocturnal Retribution to me means to be constantly striving to make this House better. It means that I need to step up and be the Master this House deserves. There's history here, as with all the Houses, they've been around since nearly the beginning. This House has had only one other Master before me, it's creator, Nicnivian, and I want to do her and her creation justice. It may take me years, but in the end, I want to build something I'm proud of, something my members are proud of, something those who came before me can be proud of.

What the dragon means to me:
I grew up on fantasy novels and films, so to me, the Dragon is power, strength, intelligence, grace, majesty. They tend to be a staple in a good fantasy series. Of all the creatures of fantasy, they've always piqued my interest. Their intelligence is what really gets me. They know things, have lived ages and seen things we mortals could never imagine. As someone who values intelligence, someone who is drawn to it, it seems only fitting I would admire the Dragon. And, it feels as though it's fate that makes me the Master of the House with the Dragon as the representation. Truthfully, I don't think I'd connect quite as well were I given any of the other Houses to head.

Sire vHellsGuardianv:
What does it mean to serve House Nocturnal Retribution:
Throughout my time on VR I have struggled with my issues from feeling at home in the Covens or Houses I served to even the problems I caused which I am working on correcting. This House has given me a chance at two things that I never thought would be possible. The first one is the fact upon entering this House I was given a real chance to not only earn my title as Assistant House Master but feel appreciated for my hard work. I have served in many places where I felt at times the work I did never matter to anyone but not here. I bust my tail for activity and other things and I feel like it really does matter to our House and our Leader. The second thing would be the most important to me at least this House gave me a chance to repair some very difficult damage between Nicole and myself and actually start a friendship. Yes I have not been the best person towards her but she has not only gained my trust but my respect for being upfront and honest with me.

What the dragon means to me:
The dragon is a symbol of strength and courage. I am not going to say that my life has been easy and I have faced my share of hell fire and left with the burns to prove it. I have had my strength and courage tested in some of the hardest ways and still have it tested daily in some form. The dragon holds a very special meaning to me because of my best friend whom I called my dragon. He saw me at my darkest and helped me walk through the fire when no one else would and I owe him my life even though he is no longer with us. I have served many different representations over the years but serving under the dragon means allowing my battle scars to show and not being afraid of facing the fires alone anymore. The dragon brought me home and I plan to always call this house my home.

What does mean to serve the house?
It is a honor to be a member. All the things that represent and are requirements of the house, Are things very important to me.

What does the Dragon mean to me?
The dragon represents many things to me. It's a symbol of strength and courage. It also represents my inner core as a person.
The values and family that are this house hold immense genuine traits that are hard to find these days. So when you find it, you value and respect it always.

What does it mean to you to serve within House Nocturnal Retribution:
I haven’t been here long and I was inducted right at level 20; I remember being worried about fitting in, being accepted, being judged. I have often felt like a stranger in my own skin, like something about me is just off or wrong. I have grown accustomed to being misunderstood, misinterpreted, cast off as quickly as I have been picked up. I fully understand and accept that I am not everyone's particular brand of java juice; none of us can be and if we are, then well, we are faking it. Instead of the negative I was sure I would find, I found people that are supportive, accepting, fun and spirited, with the best hearts…I found a family that I am very proud to be a part of. I will be forever grateful to vHellsGuardianv and Immortalxkiss for inducting me and giving me the perfect place to call home here on VR.

What the dragon means to me:
The dragon is a symbol of power, protection, spirituality, intuition, and intelligence. If I recall correctly it is also a symbol of good luck in many cultures. Growing up I had never personally felt an innate connection with the dragon; my older brother however was deeply connected to the dragon. He loved them and felt like the dragon was his spirit animal. He passed away when he was 16 and he was everything the dragon represents. I have always felt like he is still with me, guiding me and helping me to endure the things I must. Because of that, because of him, the dragon will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sire Conan
What does it mean to you to serve within House Nocturnal Retribution:
To me the house is a family. It is a true honor to be apart of this family. We are a group of individuals that share common interest, and should have love for each other. We try our best to help and take care of each other. Even if all we can do is be here to listen.

What the dragon means to me:
The dragon is a symbol of power and courage. It is also a symbol of spirituality and intelligence. Dragons have always held a special place with me. They can be destructive, however they are very wise and have seen the folly in human kind through the ages.

Sire vBlackenedWingsv
What does it mean to you to serve within House Nocturnal Retribution:
First, I'll start by saying I have always respected the Houses on VR. It has always been an honor to be accepted by one to me. I won't lie, to be accepted into one after my.. checkered past on this site and the harm my actions caused has been a surprise to me but a very pleasant one.
But, in general, I say to serve a VR House is an honor that is not lost on me or unnoticed. I am proud to say I serve this House.

What the dragon means to me:
The dragon to me, is a symbol of deadly reverence and wisdom beyond the years of man. Truly majestic creatures, though a force to be reckoned with when angered.

What does it mean to you to serve within House Nocturnal Retribution:
I might come from this in a different view then most. As Master Vampire VampireWitch39 I selected House Nocturnal Retribution to place one of my extra profiles. The history of this great House is well known on the site, rich in the outstanding members it held inside it’s walls. And under the realm of Master Vampire Immortalxkiss, I can say it does not falter.

What the dragon means to me:
Dragons are power to me. My imagination takes me to the battles, the knights trying to slay. But they do not attack unless they are provoked. We all have seen on a movie, or read in a book, of the knight going into the cave to kill the dragon. And the dragon fights to keep its eggs safe. Myself, I always hoped the knight got what was coming to him. Dragons are powerful, but they stand out for me as only when required will they show that strength.
And in this way- it is befitting to be our House Crest.

Sire PantherVamp
What does it mean to you to serve within House Nocturnal Retribution:
To serve in this house is a opportunity to learn new knowledge and others angle on different topics. I chosed this house because i finded it interesting and i have heard good things about it.

What the dragon means to me:
What dragons means for me? I would say it in one word "Power". But also abit mysterious and that trigger my mind.

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