What's Expected of You

Please, read this page in its entirety. Yes, we all dislike rules and restrictions, but rules keep order. Without order there's chaos, and this House will not be chaotic. Our rules are few and easy enough to follow. If you have an issue with anything stated on this page, please bring up the matter with immortalxkiss. Otherwise, know what's expected of you. Ignorance on your part will not be looked kindly upon.

i. The House and/or Alliance Crest - While we can't force you to place the House and Alliance Crests upon your profile, we would hope that you would do so, regardless. We want our members to be proud to be here, and placing our House Crest upon your profile shows that.

ii. Favor Requirements - Simply, we have none. All we ask is that you try to be as active as you can. We understand people have lives outside and away from the internet, and your reality is what should come first, so we do not demand that you bring in x amount of Favor each week.

iii. Forum Posts - Like Favor Requirements, we do not demand that you post in the House's Forum. If you're not feeling it, that's fine. But, it makes for a better House experience if you do post in there on occasion.

iv. Additions - We do not demand that you add your fellow House mates to your friend's list. If you want to add everyone, all the power to you, but it's not required of you.

v. Rating - We do not require you to rate your fellow House mates 10s all around. In fact, we urge you to use all the numbers at your disposal. Yeah, it helps our standings if you do rate everyone a ten, but we've never been ones to care about the standings. Rate what you feel your fellow House mates deserve.

vi. Drama - Okay, to say this House has a no drama policy is to be completely delusional. There will be people you don't get along with, things you may not agree with. However, all we ask of you is that you keep it out of the public eye. When you're part of this House you represent immortalxkiss. She has a fairly good reputation around here, and we'd like to keep things that way. We don't demand that you get along with everyone. But, please, when in the public eye, be cordial with those you dislike. Or, don't associate with them at all. It saves everyone a lot of unneeded stress.

vii. Age Restrictions - This House has no age restrictions, meaning it's not an "adults only" club. I personally believe that restricting any potential member because they are deemed "too young" is pointless on the internet. We don't know for sure how old you are, and honestly, we could not care less. If you are capable of handling yourself in a mature manner then you're more then welcome in Nocturnal Retribution. After all, take a look around VR and tell me that half the adults here don't behave worse than children. I dare you. So, all are welcome, we are a non-discriminating House. We will have you regardless of age, race, color and creed. We just don't care.

So, there's a lot of stuff that we don't require of you, what is it that we do require? Good question.

i. You will follow the Vampire Rave Terms of Service (TOS). There are no if's, and's or but's to this rule. A failure to follow the rules Cancer himself laid out means that you're up for more than just getting a long stay in Purgatory or Hell. If you refuse to follow the TOS, immortalxkiss will take the necessary actions.

ii. You will not ask to be given the Master's Mark or any position. We don't care if you're a Sire who's unbelievably skilled with coding, or you know exactly how the Trade System works. We'll give you a position only if we feel you've earned it- the same goes for the Master's Mark. Ask for it and you'll be sure never to get it.

That's it. See, we don't require much from our members. Just have fun and play nice with each other. Do that and we'll all be better off.

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