Nocturnal Poets

Nocturnal Poets

Welcome and enjoy. Poetry flows through everything in our lives. If you wish to have a poem of your own posted here, please message NightBlossom. All works will remain here as long as this site remains active.


The Mistress

The Vampire Rave collides in her flesh.

She knows -

Darkness walks behind her past.

Oh mistress of Nocturnal Retribution,

Rate our enemies for us,

Comment on our demonic sins.

We are the hand of this house

And the skin of of this site.

The darkness is falling on us.

The carousel of life stopped.

She is the mistress of purity

And now the members are clensed

In tired blood.

Oh mistress of Nocturnal Retribution,

Let us bite the necks of human pray,

Let us feed from their pure souls.

We are the members of this fine house

And our spirits will always be Yours.



When darkness falls from the skies,

I walk on blood,

Blood, that smells like the Sea.

Away from me lays light,

That becomes cold destiny of the nymphs

And every time, I close my eyes,

Your colorblind mind shivers in ache.

When I dance on the bloody stones of the Sea,

Rain drowns into my veins.

I wished to become absolution,

But only what came was nocturnal retribution

Inside the ancient eye of yours.


In a Garden of Nocturnal Retribution

Walking in a garden

of nocturnal retribution

garden of shrilling ravens

and I see your bleeding name

scratched into black windows

steping on hatered fears

in a garden of black candles

and you are here, shivering

between game of light and shade

keep away your weak soul

in a garden of nocturnal retribution

come into my morbid dreams

and crush my empty, empty heart


Beauty of the heart

Sadness blooms on her face

And there is only grief in her mind.

She closes gates inside her heart,

Longing for those words,

What he may finally seek.

Why is she wasting this flame,

Hoping he will be haunted by her?

Can't the man really read

What are telling stars in her eyes?

In her world the nocturnal retribution is falling

And in the ice the trees are now dying.

And hope that grace stays untouched

She craves for the sign of heaven-

A star falling

Or one truth behind his fate.

She will miss the roundelay

'cause her bravery have left her behind

There is only a retribution

That his ignorance will never know

What can do the beauty of the heart.



Deeper for Darker,

As dearer for nearer,

Lover and sinner,

Give me my sin again dearest angel,

To dream of nails drawn slow,

This pale flesh a blush,

The brilliance of the vitae,

Fire truck red as it leaves the wound,

Self inflicted perdition,

Heading for the promised land,

And than she took my hand,

And it was hers that would guide the blade,

Never would I waver from such a,

Beautiful tragedy,

Romance laced with strtchnien,

A promise , a pact, our devotion,

Timeless words of adoration,

To breath together,

To bleed as one,

Willingly will I be led,

To the edge of oblivion,

And into the belly of whale,

For where she leeds,

I will surely follow.



Camarilla (sung to the tune of Amarillo)

Is this the place for Camarilla?

I’ve been bleeding on my Pilla’

Dreaming dreams of Camarilla

And the Vamp who waits for me.

Tralala la la la laaa

Tralala la la la laaa

Tralala la la la laaa

Pointed teeth that wait for me

There’s a Church bell ringing

For lost souls that I’m bringing

For a sweet Vampira

The little vamp who’s waiting for me there

There’s an open artery

That bleeds through the night

Sweet crimson river

It’s such a lovely sight.

Is this the place for Camarilla?

I’ve been bleeding on my Pilla’

Dreaming dreams of Camarilla

And the Vamp who waits for me.

There’s a full moon rising

That’s kind of hypnotising

In her eyes it’s shining

On my blood she’ll be dining

There’s a dark crypt open

Where I’ll rest my head

And I’ll rise each evening

When the moon is red

Is this the place for Camarilla?

I’ve been bleeding on my Pilla’

Dreaming dreams of Camarilla

And sharp teeth that wait for me


Sharp Pleasures.

Sharp pleasures

My mistress gives to me

Sweet love kisses

Made of shiny steel

Sharp shiny slivers of sex

Painting pictures on my skin

Tiny gifts of pain

To make my blood sing

Making me cry for more

Crimson tears of love


Heaven and Hell

Do I live in Heaven?

Or have I entered Hell.

Is there truly a battle?

Or is it all a hoax?

Will I go to Heaven?

Or will I end up in Hell?

The fires burn in Hell eternally.

The Angels sing in Heaven.

The Devil jabs at you with his cruel words.

God takes you into his loving arms.

The fires lick at your feet in Hell.

You’re flying on the clouds in Heaven.

In Heaven you enter through the pearly white gates.

In Hell you fall through an eternal abyss.

In the battle between Heaven and Hell, where will you end up.

Heaven, where the Angels sing their angelic tune.

Or Hell where the fires lick at your feet burning them to a crisp.




Hear the March of a dozen dead Soldiers

Crushed on the path by avalanching boulders,

And though they are dead their Souls still sing

of how while dying they became colder

Ringmaster's Haikus

look into the mind,

and the memories through time,

are they all you see?

look into the soul

and the troubled things of old,

are they all you feel?

in the eternal,

we find the infernal blade

through our beating heart.

Grey Bird

Though the grey bird flies

on the most dreary of days,

the Hawk sees its prey.

This Haiku has no name.

Lonely is the wolf

Outcast of his brethrens pack,

He walks moonlit paths.

Nameless Poem

Under Construction

'I am fine, I am fine.

I followed a line.' 'A line?'

'It was divine!' 'Divine?

That at the end of the line?'

'Yes, at the end there was a sign.' 'A sign?'

'That sign, oh let it be mine!'

'Are you sure you are fine?' 'I am fine.'

'Do you not her death deny?' 'Deny?'

'Yes, deny.' 'No. Why would I like?'

'It is in your eyes.' 'My eyes?'

'That she was kind.' 'Yes, she was kind.'

'Now she is dead.' 'I know she has died!'

'In those eys I find, I find,

what you have denied.' 'Denied?'

'You deny that you took her life.' 'Her life,

I saw her at the end of the line.' 'The line?!'

'She is no longer mine.' 'Oh my!'

'Now she lives among the sky.' 'The sky?'

'Though I have tried . . .' 'What have you tried?'

'To again make her mine, oh mine.'

'Then I leave you to cry, to cry.



The acid rain f




s on the white shore

Water droplets scatter in the clear sky.

Gasping for air, my heart pounds 'HEAVY' in my breast


The rains fall steadily --strong N

The storm calms and --------I

all is washed away. (A lark S

in the distance)

All too soon the clouds rumble;

The acid rain F




S on the white shore


The Rodz we travel are few yet many to pave.

Your callused feet bleed from walking.

Your lungs collapse from breath removed – sucked through a straw that

Life has gnashed to nothing.

Feast of the flesh – we quaff with libidinal hunger – we starve as we yearn

We walk to reach the tomb.

The Tomb – Passive algolagnia –

Reverse your path – Wounds heal – Emotions heal to bleed as the razor slices again.

The Rodz we travel are glass…



NO EXIT (not by Sartre)

The Rain. The Rain.

Burning screaming pain.

Look up in the skys for a glimmer of blue;

the history books say it is true.

They were blue.

Gray, not blue. Birds fall

from the sky.

Not many left, not to my

Eye. These gray, silk clouds

came and strangled them.

Small men in Big Cars

came to tell us it's all

right. But, OH MY GOD...

it's noon twilight.

I read the books and it's

all true; the sky was once blue.

Like the bird, my time has come: Press my


against the gun...



As the rain began to fall and washed through the fog the sky opened to me with all her glory and majesty and embraced me.

Her starlit children welcomed me.

I was home.

I bow to Her and look upon Her in reverance. My queen, my guidance, let your light shine upon me from above as it did upon my ancient sisters

Reach into my heart

beyond my soul

across the depths of my conscious being

My ancestory rises from within like the tides

In this moment I am one with all: past, present, future, man, woman, child, earth, water, sky, light, dark

The water washes me like a celestial baptism.

Her cloak opens again to return me to my place. I blink to see her face through the rain and it is I~ Queen of the night


Lose Yourself

Constant rage rips me apart

Burning fury

flying through my system.



Fact or fiction—

“Love conquers


No escaping these thoughts


replaying themselves

Hopes for

a newer


Hatred renewed


Not happening


dead, fall over

Emotional waves

Constant battles for eternity


falling, no clean light

No new



Blinding hope, silent


Torturing the brain and organs

Falling pages, crumpled and thrown


No return, no exit

Until it all












Broken hearts



Notes unanswered

How to cope with


Walls falling

Glass shatters


pieces tumble


Cold, heartless floors


holes of darkness

Swallowing me


swim in a pool of forgotten memories


drown me,

Pulling me.



I no longer exist

Trapped in the icy fire,

Flames licking



Burning me but not my troubles.

Blackened pieces,

Smother the ground




Self-indulgence the


No one


No one cares


My dreams


Swept into


A voice




passage ways

Containing a savior

I must

find it.

Picking up the pieces

I run



My savior



Unleashed, ready to conquer


stained floors

Shaking arms




Then I see him.

Unearthed from

the shadows

Perfection glows from him


proceeds to make me—


Am I too



The eyes of the soul set behind the face of a

zombie. Appearing dead, she is more alive than

imaginable. Tears fall like raindrops behind the

clouded retina of infinite colors. Ice cold feelings trickle up her arm, filling her chest, and moving through her as her thoughts spill scattered

through her pen to the paper. She appears without emotion, a quiet riot set in the shadows of evil preps. The towering castles of jocks. The loveable sewer rats that are her people. The goths, the scrubs, skaters, druggies, the hybrid born population over taking the school.

She is the artist lost in dark despair of a world

that puts her down. Her views seem as

strange as a yellow sky unseen by the

inside-the-box thinkers.

She stands, appearing maniacle in the middle of a

crowded room. They all stop. They point and laugh.

She is evil, stupid, a loser, a


She smiles.

Einstein's Womb

he fell from the pink sky

to take a dive

she didnt want him

but she didnt want

to never know his name

before he ever came

before he had a face

it'll be ok

he's not the first one

to be lost

to the sewer's sea

it's not your fault

it wasnt fate

sometimes things are gone

before they get erased

he fell from the pink sky

to fall away from them

the only thing

they didnt want

but couldnt live without

a legacy, lost at sea

he was the first one

they had know

it'll be ok

it's not the first one

to be lost

to the sewer's sea

it's not your fault

it wasnt fate

sometimes things are gone

before they get erased

he fell from the pink sky

before they ever

got to see

his eyes

looking up at them

from his sleep

they never wanted

to raise him up

but he was theirs

and now he's gone

it'll be ok

he's not the first one

to be lost

to the sewer's sea

it's not your fault

it wasnt fate

sometimes things are gone

before they get erased

The Safety Net

Set yourself up

Fall back down

No one cares

No one cares

Wash away the stains

Hide the scars

Keep your smile

Avoid the stars

Set yourself up

Fall back down

No one cares

No one cares

Don't let them see that you still care

Don't let them see that your heart is cold

Don't let them see that you can't trust

Don't let them see

Don't let them see

I will always love you in trust and honesty.


Always just another number

Thrown around

Put me on the bathroom stall

I'll be your good time

Always just another number

Tied down

Pick me up when you're feeling down

I'll be your fall back crutch

Don't think I can't see who you are

Don't think I can't see what you want

Don't think I can't see who you are

Call me for some fun

Always just another number

Conditions key

Pin me to the bedroom floor

I'll be your bondage queen

Always just another number

Blurry eyes

Spread me wide, kiss me deep

I'll be your acid trip

One by one

you'll break me down

When numbers are all that matter

When numbers are all that matter

Call me your whore

you'll break me down

When numbers are all that matter

When numbers are all that matter

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