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22:23 Jan 29 2024
Times Read: 94

Or is this a concept of a mad man that is trying to put his life and the lives around him on a aspect that he may handle. But, can our minds be so powerful to sense stuff that has not yet happened. Such as powers as E.S.P or physics or fortune tellers. For if we realize the concept of my puzzle, than how can this possible come to be.

For I think that these mortals have realized a way to actually transform time and even the minds to show us what they want us to see or believe. They have also realized in their yet vast minds that we all live in a dream state and that we all think is real is made up in the strands of our dying minds. Are they truly overseers of the future or in my mind tricksters, for that is what I shall call them? They have somehow mentally elapsed the time scheme that we all are currently in and have seen the rest of the future without the soul purpose of going to their own death beds.

For they prey on the weaker of the species of humans. They have the unique ability to pick these individuals out and manipulate them into seeing or thinking, or even acting; the way they have forced their actions upon these weaker souls. Some of these tricksters do have the canny ability to possible do the act in which they have best advanced, for like a skill that one learns about their job as you and I.




23:00 Jan 24 2024
Times Read: 111

The mind is said to be our strongest link to the universe and to god himself, for it creates, senses smells, and the unforgettable touches of the feelings in our own bodies, that it encounters in every day life. For if a rose looks like a rose than by all possible means it should also smell as sweet as a rose.

So the experiences that we encounter now may only be fragments of our past encounters. So is us as mortals reliving lives pains, loves, and struggles only within the confines of our minds. For if our future is yet not written like the words on these pages than, what I have given is as a puzzle, and maybe, just maybe we are seeing the pictures of yester years for the last time in our dying souls.

For what happens when we finally reach those last few hours of our demise, Shall it all end and no one shall see the pictures that made up an enjoyable life that we call our own.




23:00 Jan 22 2024
Times Read: 140

For they say life is said to be a mystery yet, we learn tell we eventually pass from this knowledgeable world. So at the end of our being we would have the experiences of the century that we have only lived. Yet we in the school’s we study that of history; for it is said that history in our time is very repetitive and yet a new line is formed which in fact, it is being changed. For life or the future is said to be not set in stone as we know it, but countless dreams or potential endings always await us.

Yet if I put forth a puzzle for you to ponder on the meanings in these written lines, would you see the future in a new aspect which I have given to your thoughts. So what if life as we know it was already at its final destination, for what I Am saying is this life is all a dream; for our meaningless lives have already been played out. For a wise man once whispered that our entire life will flash before our eyes at the end of our demise.

For if we understand this concept; than in fact the humans around us are just fragments of our dying minds and that are slowly flowing out from our large wooden doors which we call our soul.




22:26 Jan 11 2024
Times Read: 179

Yet we are thrown into this not so big world and we put them in perspective of the necessity of life Pictures done our streets, buildings, signs, everywhere; yet we stop to think of the art we just think of the product that is being advertised, why has this hustle and bustle world gotten so fast paced that they cannot stop to admire the beauty of a single flower that pushes itself up between the concrete sidewalks of this planet. For what, to be crushed or exterminated out of existence by someone who thinks that it clutters the cracks of the cement that has covered its sleeping head.

For as I see it this world will eventually push the creative people out of existence for they cannot interpret the real reason why they were given a spot on this earth. For no numbers line their agenda or no numbers to calculate what might be for they enjoy the life that god has given to us and enjoy the beauty that everything holds with in itself. For these are the few that make us dream and believe in another life that might come to be or that we wish would happen in our endless rotation of numbers.




22:26 Jan 03 2024
Times Read: 254

Creative people are always looking to better their surroundings to the point that they are not threatened by what may not partake of them. For we write to bring those into our dreams and our minds. We draw to let them see the fantasies that echo through our minds and give us our good and bad dreams. What can a logic do to bring us into their lives. Nothing for it doesn’t fit into the numbered system of their lives. For they have foreseen everything except for that what is know. For we ask them what color is the lake, and they respond by saying blue. For if the creative side was asked they would reply that it is a clear slate that has colors of the sky, the tree’s, the mountains and have given it a wheel of colors that intense the very pupil that we see through.

Why do they see the same as us or are they so blind with the configurations that they are totally oblivious to what they cannot comprehend. For do they see the telephone poles that line our streets and disappear into the horizon and give us a line unto itself. For lines make up a better part of our life for no matter what we have created or that what god has bore, is made up of lines, shapes that our eyes see and that our mind unscrambles to define what it is. For no two persons interpretation of an object is the same for they see different.



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