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06:25 Jun 26 2024
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Yet it us who have to pick apart the fictional and factual ideas of the stories of today; we as individuals must in our own minds find the reason of faith, fiction, myth and legends and hold them true to our own boundaries of the structure of life in society. This is our right yet so minimal and yet we hold these beliefs true to us.

Ramblings of an insane mind that ponders the beliefs in my own structure of life.

Ponderings of religion has never held any high regards in any topic and yet I usually do not play into the views of others on this subject, yet one seems to bash all beliefs in which I and others hold dear within their structure of life. No matter my life and all it has become I hold the values of my faith dear and close. We must find our own personal balance to claim this as just. But no matter what I say our beliefs in our lives is what makes us human. The right to express and to depend on our thoughts upon the pages that clutter the journals within my mind.



07:54 Jun 26 2024

finding peace in one's self is the truest goal


00:48 Jun 19 2024
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I hamper all things, and beliefs give me the ideas to see all things yet not known to our society. Whether, it is ghosts, aliens or traditional facts of science to say the least. We must assume that our thoughts as humans we learn by the events in which we encounter. Beliefs make up the strands in which we tell or relate the information on the logic in which each of our minds think. For there is no right or wrong, but a miss interpretation of what has come to be.

We all hold some sort of myth in our minds, and its interpretation is different no matter the topic at hand. We see this in a crowded room and we speak of religion or especially politics. Each may hold the same key yet see a different reflection in the waters of knowledge. So in this these different views on a subject in some cases have been deemed not to speak of.




00:24 Jun 11 2024
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Has we realized that society dictates that the more material items that they have the more they are valued or even envied amongst their peers. For we as humans have been taught that society is based on personal gain and beauty. Yet the perception I have kept is that beauty comes within us and not the false reflections upon a mirror.
And material aspects we have gained each would trade it for the life or love of someone dear. How could there be no other choice. For these materials things in life can be replaced with the same or bigger and better, yet the heart held close cannot be returned.
Topics lately relate to the idea of beliefs. Yet I sat back a questioned my own beliefs and what I may hold true to describe myself. In 1991 my brother had passed way in a tragic accident and I myself turned away from religion for I blamed that on taking my brother. Through the recent years I have once again turned toward religion to give my inner self some peace. In the essence, of being more of a spiritualist than a religion-based organization. For the acceptance of God and other paranormal events in which the human mind wishes not to acknowledge or call fact.



07:30 Jun 11 2024

I'm so sorry for your loss, and glad to hear you found a place to feel comfort. I agree that material mindset is a trap. We can't replace the lost your right but im glad you find happiness and peace cadre. The fact you think like that says a lot of who you are and interpersonal kindness. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts hope you have a good week!


00:46 Jun 06 2024
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My Thoughts seem to linger in the smoke of a candle before me, is it in my mind or is it my foolish sight. Figures in the white smoke which my eyes seem to taunt me with. Are they images of fantasies and passion or unclear vision of the circling air, but the smoke seems to be twirling in ecstasy, touching, caressing, moving and becomes a live. For it twirls amongst itself like bodies entangled in heat yet glistening with sweat as if in a moonlit night.

My thoughts of passion craving a taste so sweet, that my mind is almost addictive to the nectar, yes I crave just a taste in the depths of my mouth, my mind imagines the smell of her body as it enthralls the fantasies of my inner depths of my mind, yet I seem to shiver with anticipation of a her touch, her warmth, the feeling upon my hands of her warm, swollen and wet reaches, longing to hold, squeeze all the points of my flesh, to create small orgasms as we entice the essence of our dreams. The warmth of her mouth, upon my flesh teasing and tasting the salt upon my skin. Our warmth of our bodies as we hold each other in the night.

A than the smoke is gone, yet vanishing into the night air, a fantasy of my mind or the dream of man, looking searching for the lost love which I seek. I bow my head and close my mind. To recapture the dream in which I lost.



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