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05:42 Dec 24 2023
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Merry Christmas to all my friends here. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. It is not easy this year and I am sad at times but I have to go on and be strong for my dad and my other family members. This Christmas will always be in our memories of how we do not have our mother and wife and grandmother and great grandmother with us. Our children still need the love and light and warmth and the belief in miracles and magic and not the sadness of loss. It is really hard not to be sad and not shed a tear in front of people when it just hits you when you hang a favourite ornament or cook a certain cookie or certain smells that bring you good memories. My dad is not going to be with me this year but he is going to a long time family friends farm this year and well she and her family are our family we have known them that long. I am glad he is getting out of that house and with family. He will be stopping by on his way home and I will make sure he has some butter tarts to take home with him.

Anyway this is supposed to be a happy time for all my friends on here so I would like to wish you all a very very merry happy holiday to you all. Be good and be well and eat well and of course love well too.



05:49 Dec 24 2023

All the best Holiday Wishes!

21:56 Dec 24 2023

Merry Christmas


Baking makes a new house smell like a cozy home.

04:18 Dec 10 2023
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THere is nothing like doing a bit of baking to make a new house smell like home. I made some cinnamon buns today and of course my hubby couldn't wait till I put the icing on them and ate at least two of them before the icing and then another two afterward. lol Kids came into the kitchen sniffing the air with smiles on their faces. The Christmas tree is up and the fireplace is going I couldn't ask for a better place or place to be.

I will be going shopping for Christmas presents in the next coming week and I am looking forward to it.

My dad found a bunch of stuff back at his house that we forgot to bring so we have to make plans to go back and get the rest of our stuff. Oh the joys of moving lol. No matter how you think you hey we got everything and then when you go and try to find things and think oh no we forgot this and that. Oh well we will get them all out when we can. My dad has sold his house now thank heaven and now he can finally retire and enjoy his life, even though he lost the love of his life he knows he does have to move on with it or like he said if I just sit and wallow in self pity mother will come back and kick me in the ass. I told him dad you have to forgive yourself more as it is still so fresh and things will fall into place when it is meant too.

It is so funny when you are going through the stuff like death in the family and finding a new home you do not realize when things actually settle down how tired you really are. We actually thought after all what happened before we were tired and worn out, but now that we are finally settled in our new home we are once again just exhausted even though we are sleeping better and the stress is gone we are just tired.

Things will improve slowly and we will get back to our normal selves but it is going to take time.

I was just telling a good friend of mine my dad is still having a hard time at times and he says he sees her everywhere. I told him that will never go away and asked him to embrace it and let her be with you. I also told him that the pain will never go away but the memories and good times and talking about her and all the good times will help ease it in time.





01:47 Dec 03 2023
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I understand that no one has to like what a person puts on their stream but what I do not understand that I expressing a genuine movement of First Nations and Native American peoples are fighting for and I get negative feedback!!!! This a awareness that all people not just for our First Nations or Native American In the US. All women must stand and raise their voices to stop exploitation of women of any color or ancestry. We are human beings and have to stick together and protect each other. I am not a vampire nor werewolfe or in the BSDM lifestyle, nor a zombie lover. I am love and light and a white witch, earth mother, hedge and natural healer. I accept negative feedback on stuff I do put out at times whatever but when it comes down to real issues and this is beautiful art that amazing artists are expressing the hurt and anger about injustice towards women especially to my First Nations sisters in which I am apart of does piss me off.



15:06 Dec 03 2023

There are some people that just thumbs down to do it no matter what the post is. Pay it no mind and ignore it, there opinions are not valid nor do they matter. :) Derps gonna derp and haters gonna hate. :)

00:35 Dec 04 2023

It really isn't about the content of what you or anyone else posts as CursedToDarness mentioned. There are people here, as well as other web communities, that will thumbs down anything that they see. Anonymously of course.

23:14 Dec 05 2023

Yes. Don't let it get you down. Always negative people.


Almost all set up housekeeping

01:22 Dec 03 2023
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Well we are all moved into our new home. It is feeling like home now as I am putting up pictures and setting up my candles and baking to make the house smell nice. I did buy my favorite Christmas candles from bath and body works. I didn't spend a lot of money on them as they where having a great sale. I got my tree up and livingroom is getting cozier as I find all my fuzzy blankets. I got my fireplace going a nice cup of tea and hockey on tv. Life is good.



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