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The Ghost Of Sandy Valley

04:59 Jul 18 2023
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He sat on the porch as the noon sky scorched the sands, as dust devils waltzed like two lovers as they cut across his ranch. waves of heat shimmered from the road nothing moved not so much as an ant moved on this August afternoon. Drinking his iced coffee, a habit he picked up from a visit to Boston when he spotted something moving out of the corner of his eye..a native dressed in old western clothes all in black like a Parson from the 1800s just appeared, and stood in front of the old schoolhouse/church on the other side of the road he leaned in the doorway of the long-forgotten building and just looked right through Jeb's soul. When Jeb tried to get a better look the Man Vanished. Sadie gave a low growl and Pancho his painted horse was giving a little fuss. Jeb just moved here about six months ago from Coaco Beach Florida. He was told about the Ghost of Sandy Valley, but never took any stock into what was said.....until now. Sandy Valley Nevada was the Site of a Massacre in August of 1888 only one child survived that gruesome day a young Noochew boy whose name meant " Holds Lightning In Fist" was the lone survivor.
Legend has it he was led to safety by an Eagle and a Coyote the boy cursed the land of his people's murder " May My People Take Vengence On All Who Stay Here My The Cries Of My Mother Haunt Thier Nights. May The Cyote Steal Their Animals. May Ch'į́įdii Torment Their souls". It is said on Moonless nights when the Coyote packs call to each other with Yips and howls the Ghost of the tribe and white invaders walk. Jeb was told that the Adams place had a Man they called Bob, walk through the back door and into the master bedroom wall. Late at night when it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop you can hear O'l Bob walk across the floor and no one else is in the house just Tom and Barb.
Tom Smiles a lot and always has a joke..but when they speak of Bob..he loses that smile.. "Makes the hairs stand up if you know what I mean, " He says. Now Down the Road at the only Saloon called the Idle Spurs a washed up Rockstar named Willie and his wife Tina tend bar have reported that the back door will open on its own at 3 am ( bars never close in Nevada) and the door to the kitchen will swing like someone passed through them. at that point, Willy per instructions will pour a beer for the "Stranger" and set it at the end of the bar and go about cleaning. Willie said as soon as his back turned to do something the beer is gone and no one is in the bar but him or Tina.
Jeb thought it was just stories to mess with him, that is until today. That Parson made him think twice.
Later that evening after sunset Jeb was feeding the dog and horse when the parson walked up the drive.
Jeb met him halfway Sadie was barking showing her teeth like she wanted to tear this man apart, Pancho rearing up
the Parson looked into Jeb's eyes and he knew the parson was no ordinary man the parson's eyes were black as pitch
when the man reached out to touch jeb he shrank away the parson faded into nothing. Jeb put Pancho up and secured the barn just in case( Pancho liked to wander if he got loose and went visiting ) he and Sadie went inside for the night.
Jeb took down his grandad's Winchester checked it made sure it was loaded.
locked the door and went to sleep. In his Dream, the parson walked up a dirt path and spoke to him in a language Jeb had no understanding of. the parson's eyes bore through him and reached for his heart as soon as the Parson was about to touch him..Jeb sat up with a start. Sadie was startled and washed Jeb's face to reassure him
He knew he had to do some Digging to find out about this Parson.....and what he really is.



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