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Need a new imaginary sign

18:58 Jun 09 2017
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Okay I am going to have to change my timings on walking Atka. Apparently I have been noticed by a fellow tattoo person and his tats are so generic that it’s a communicational tool.(I cannot express the lack of empathy I have for people like that. ) He came right up to me and asked what my " Jewish tat " was. ONE I got proverbs saying in Hebrew with a lioness for OMI for she was a Leo and Jewish. She meant a lot to me and well I am not normal when it comes to tattoo art. That is what I said to the guy and he asked about my other ankle a "rose and ladybug?" I said no a dogwood and ladybug for Grandma JO and Grandma Rose. Both liked dogwoods. Ladybug is more for Grandma Jo for she told me a story about love through bugs. Dude was like that's deep. I am like thank you. Trying to get away but Atka didn’t move she kept sniffing him. BLAH. I miss Leo in times of like these. He scared the begezus out of anyone that came near me. He had a way of scaring the crap out of men. It was quite lovely. But I digress.
TWO I have Hebrew, Aramaic, Buddhist, Japanese, Nordic, Hindi, and Egyptian writings on me. All created by me and designed by me for all my tats have meanings to them. The tattoos should be meaningful to the person. this guy had a heart with date and his ex girlfriends name on it. BIG eh no. You never do that unless you break up quicker then usual. He had also a very generic wolf on his other shoulder. I smiled and said nice. He had others but he wanted to take his pants down to show me and I said no thank you looked at my phone and put my other head phone in. I said it was nice talking to you but I must go. Bye…. He asked for my phone number. I said just visiting not here forever. He said oh. I grabbed Atka and got to walking with my cane and her in tow. Fricken invisible sign that says DON’T talk to me apparently changed to talk to me GRrrrrrrrrr
Atka was no help she got too cute for words doing the pet me look that is why I grabbed her and went with her. Traitor to say the least.




21:03 Jun 08 2017
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You ever cut your long nails to make them shorter and then realize it still feels like they are long? That is how I am feeling today in general..
Today has been very eventful. Starting a new book on poetry that was my dad's view. He passed away however he had written a whole bunch of it.
I got to talk to this younger gentleman. He thought I was so much younger. I had to laugh. My thoughts were the opposite for him. Since he is 33 years old its a bit much age difference but we have a lot in common. We both like our space, we both like same music and such but he is a he. I am a she. LOL Not sure what to make of it but I just think he would be good as a friend. (he is like the male version of me) Kinda of weird kind of cool that kind of day.




June 2

22:24 Jun 02 2017
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I blame today on my doctors. I had never been asked if I believed in ghosts. I smiled and said depends on the death or if it is just an imprint of an energy. They looked at me like what the heck did I say. Found it to be odd since they started the conversation. They must have been mundane. So I just left it alone.
I get home to my roommate (the one that plays with dolls that are creepy) have friends over which also played with dolls and well they were her age. 70ish. Both married. I just looked at them all playing with their dolls and outfits. Looked like they were having a tea party.. hmm interesting I think. I mean I know I am crazy but lately around me, I'm thinking they are more touched than me. I briefly said hello and they wanted to talk to my animals and I ... I looked at them trying not to laugh at the dolls and be normal in the sense that my bipolarness was kicking big time. Yes I am bipolar. Do I have moments? YYYYYyes I do. But talking to dolls is a special kind of hell.
Then my other roommates had a cow for apparently the neighbors tried to help out with the pool and it wasn't to my friend's view and she got hostile. Then the husband got hostile. I was like yeah going to my room and staying out of all this mess.
I blame it on my doctors for they started my day with hauntings and such. Not truly knowing what they were talking about. To then getting home late to a houseful of very upset roomies. They wonder why I sage so much? That is why... :)



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