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I'm a fucking Shaman

04:49 Feb 26 2023
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I keep seeing the visions in the Void never knowing what they mean. Who was that woman I saw looking into the reflection? They were combing their strawberry blonde hair. But then it went away. Last night felt like a alternate dimension, Everything was upside down. I didn't really sleep cause I drank a green tea. before my shift and then I left a little early. I talked to my boss and asked for a pen. And sat a form on his desk when he asked to see a document. I had on my phone. LOL
I emailed him so he could Investigate the evidence I found during my Investigation and super sleuth work.
So I think I won my grievance without even filing it. The pen is always mightier than a sword in a articulate persons hand.
I have plans tomorrow to finish my family errand and work Needed to be done as usual. I've found I have no control over this. I can digress all I want but it's inevitable. Why? Because the Universe always puts me where I'm needed with other people I care about. I don't really associate with my family just the ones I care about. I don't have many friends but I have enough people I care to stay in contact with. You just need two or three people that you can count on. Most times I don't rely on others. I've learned to do things myself even with a physical disability. At the end of the day the only one that's going to help you is yourself. This is coming to from someone that has lived on the streets and knows the dark underbelly this city has to offer. I've found myself in some interesting places and pickles but have always gotten out of it with my wits. I always know what to say. I'm not a dishonest person and I've never screwed anyone over unless they had it coming to them. I don't take sides in conflict and have usually been the moderator, or diplomat. Like when some tried to stab my best friend and He gave them a bloody nose. "So what do I do?" I offer medical advice and a towel only to be shot at with a Luger. I've never carried a gun but have knives and swords all around me in home. That I know how to use if necessary but the greatest weapons are the ones I never have to use, and nobody expects medieval combat.




I was right again

07:14 Feb 15 2023
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I knew it all along. The top creators on YouTube manipulate the algorithms. And pay for mass views so they can influence the algorithms and make money https://darksidepanel.com/services
YouTube is controlled by algorithms and AI that tries to show you videos you that you would most likely want to watch. Based on your browsing interesting, enough when the T-Mobile network crashed last night there was a live stream about it on YouTube Because someone saw the opportunity to get views. I often enjoy smaller channels like ask a mortician or random videos of people hunting baboons in Africa with a blowgun. YouTube has almost become infinite. Like reddit and the many subreddits. It's a amazing how much porn and gore is on Reddit, but it makes me seriously wonder wtf is wrong with people.



19:21 Feb 19 2023

Ask a Mortician is great. I see her a lot on Tic Tok. Another site that tracks your views.


The Frankenstein vape pen

05:53 Feb 12 2023
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I upgraded my vape pen with a Dual quartz coil atomizer. From a quad coil I noticed they had the Yocan atomizer chambers at the local smoke shop. It seems it heats it much faster with the thing being brand new and clean. The first thing I noticed is the BHO Budder Concentrate was completely atomized and almost non existent, after a Vaped a Small pea sized Dab. I might pick up another one But I found a few extra Quad coil atomizers And changed up my night time Vape pen so It draws smoother. After not smoking cannabis flowers for two weeks I notice I have the most vivid dreams.
Last night it was the Zombie apocalypse. We all had to fortify a building and make shivs and use knives to kill them all. I surprised myself at one point in the dream by my Invisible clicking Zombie killing reaction time. They seemed like they were invisible but seemed to click when they moved. so I was echo locating them with my Bat senses.
And stabbing at them with shivs made of scissors and knives wrapped with duct tape.
I had a long day today Helping Family and hanging out with friends. It was mentally exhausting working all day for the cause. when I got home I had some coffee and drove to Walmart. I found two playing cards in the parking lot one was the Seven of Hearts and a Joker card. Pretty interesting since they were placed there for me by the universe.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.



23:56 Feb 12 2023

Interesting Cards and dreams...


Thank you all

05:05 Feb 05 2023
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I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that took the time to wish me a Happy birthday. I'm horrible at replying to messages sometimes so I figured this would be easier. I just took a vacation day for the occasion and got three grams of cannabis wax I tried to smoke it all but I still had over a gram left. I started smoking concentrates. And it seems like it's a cleaner effect. And Less carcinogens. The downside it the medicating device requires cleaning. I may just invest in a new one to go with the two I have already with the quad coil atomizer.



06:41 Feb 05 2023

14:49 Feb 05 2023

I'm happy You had a nice Birthday. Mine was relaxing as well.

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