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Just because you rate me high

18:49 Apr 25 2007
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Do not expect the same curtisy. If your profile is crap I'm not going to give you a 10 you don't deserve. Don't go and send me a lozy message only to block me from replying.

If you have a bad profile I'm going to rate it low it's the facts.

I only expect you to actully grade my profile on how it is if you don't like it that's fine. I'm not asking or beggin you to rate me the same. Just a fair rating based on content and pictures.

But do not go and tell me you expect me to rate you high just cuz you gave me that rating that's not how it works. Actully do some work and make a better profile like my message states I will rerate it.




Message Gem

18:46 Apr 25 2007
Times Read: 953

Hmmm he blocked me how nice here's what I would of stated.

To: basilcollins

Your Message: why would i rate you beyond a one when your profile contains one sentence. This indicates to me you just didn't want to go to the trouble of making an outstanding profile.


Original Message:

FROM: basilcollins

you give me a 1 then ask to be friends?? are you on drugs,if im rated below a 5 i put them in block.... i rated you high . you couldnt of done the same curticie




Prelude to an Anniversary

03:58 Apr 24 2007
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A long journey leads to an anvirserary. August 13th 2005 I began a journey on Vampire Rave. Starting off as everyone else as a Whelp. With very few friends, even people that feared me. At this moment of time no houses or covens exsisted the rave was in chaos. No order no structure. At the time it's exactly what I wanted what I really liked. Just rating things online and talking to the very few friends that I had.

Dec 09 2005

Four months eventully passed the Houses were introduced on this date I had the pleasure of serving in Jason's house and spent some time in there. Won one of Jason's marks not too long after. A few months after I petitioned to leave the house after some differnces that I thought at the time were not me. Sadly it was not a such brilliant choice.

I then spent some time in The House of Madadh-Alluidh I met Ade in this house we became fast friends. I found him a very unique individual. The house at the time was ran by Crazywolf. Again being stupid I didn't like how things were going with a master vampire was running things.

I enterviened and the house was given to deity. I really didn't like the changes she made to the house. Again another bad desision on my part. I ended up being blinded for a bit. Only to beg to go to Nicvician's house.

I spent some major time in Nic's house. Learning what I could and earning very little favor. I ain't a huge fan of the games we have but still I got what I could. I got fustrated with another member of things that I found were unfair. Thus leading me to one conclusion. If I wanted things run the way I wanted to I would have to have my own place.

05/05/06 I created The coven of Stone Guardians. This from the person that stated the houses wouldn't last and that it wasn't the brightest idea now had a coven of his own. Starting at number 14 in coven rankings. Orginizing my home into now one of the most respected covens on the site.

My members make me proud to have this coven. Its been a very long road.

Stone Guardians will celebrate it's One Year anniversary on may 5, 2007

Happy Anniversary to my coven in a short amount of time.




Responce to 'Wandering Sire': A VR Experiment Ends

05:22 Apr 14 2007
Times Read: 1,025

My repsonce to the post done by my friend Ade.

To those that saw Ade, as a threat or double agent I feel sad to you. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've known this man since I first came to vampire rave. He's the most honest man I know. There is no reason he would do anything to harm anyone. Whilst in my coven he was nothing but a pleasant addition. Earning massive amounts of favor not toped by anyone.

My friend you know your always wwelcome to the coven of stone guardians with out fear of rejection or doubt.

He does his best with the circumstances presented. I think it's sad you couldn't benifit from all he has seen and learned.

Below is posted and Owned by Darkrider, Ade, Deadman13

'Wandering Sire': A VR Experiment Ends

18:33:30 - Apr 12 2007

Times Read: 18

Over the past few months, immediately upon reaching Sire status on VR, I precipitated and engaged in a 'Wandering' of this site, as a Free Sire, into different VR teams, mainly the Covens, conducting this movement in the nature of an experiment.

I did this principally to spend time with various friend list pals, in different teams, also enjoying meeting new people, in this manner, sampling the various cultures within societies on this site. Using a Sire for such an experience is not a bad thing, as much can be learned, through doing it, so it does have a value.

Sadly, though, in a small number of teams I was 'read wrong', being seen as one who was not necessarily loyal, my '2-month periods of tenure' belying in some cases my true intentions, which was unfortunate, as this could be farthest from the truth; I gave my all in every team, wanting to be there, wanting to work for the good of any given team, whilst spending time with them.

I do not blame the very small number of VR teams for questioning my motives, not in the least, but can say here I was genuinely motivated in a spirit of enthusiasm and wanting to 'share time' with friends, by taking on the traveling role. Most teams were wonderful, and saw what I was doing for what it really was, and enjoined accordingly, as I enjoined with them.

This 'Wandering Sire' has not been wasted, though, as it did open windows into a few VR worlds, and enabled me to make contact with many more people, but I now would pass onto anyone who may wish to do the same, to at least spend 4 months, a time, and to be aware that in some quarters, one can almost appear as some form of 'Trojan horse', 'unreliable quantity' or even a 'double agent', of some sort, but again the ones who may view you as such cannot be blamed, as such suspicions are understandable. The only way to 'prove' that you are not any of these things is to be sincere and 'deliver', and that is all you can conceivably do.

Now? I have decided to annul the 'Wandering Sire' stance, and ally myself with my chosen place, the House of Caomhnoir-An-Eolas, deciding that 'belonging' is preferable. Besides which, the traveling from team to team did become quite exhausting, the energy put into each, especially upon entry, so it really is a matter of choice for any Sire, how it is used and what is sought from the position.

All experiments are useful, as by experimenting one discovers, so therefore it is valid.



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