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Attention anime merchindice collecting Minnestoans

23:48 Jan 31 2006
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Today, I saw a store.


Eden Prarie mall

Downstairs near khols.

called Too Cool

Go there Shop




My darkest time.

01:41 Jan 30 2006
Times Read: 1,001

I did you wrong.

When I was trying to help.

Things went away.

Feelings have not.

I ask you to forgive and forget.

What I did I can't take back.

Though I wish I could.

Somethings have no control

I will greatly learn from this mistake.

I just hope you have it in you to forgive me

3 regrets have been added to my Profile.

There they will stay as a reminder.




Near miss

21:51 Jan 20 2006
Times Read: 1,030

On the way home today.

I almost seaced to be.

I was waiting at a red light it had just turned green. Waiting for the cars in front of me to move. They all did. Speeding up to the 55 mph speed limit i notice the next light green. Little was I aware on the other side of the lights where it was red. A gold buick was flying down the road at 100mph. 5 cop cars behind him. noticeing this and not knowing what to do i was half way threw the intersection. All I could do is hope i made the right choice. Slamming on the brakes I did a 360 the gold car nicked my rear. I spun in a ditch hopeplussly studdering. one cop car pulled to me while the other 4 still chased the gold car. She got out of her car i was still in my car my foot on the break not even moving. She knocked on my window. snapping me out of my dislutional state. I rulled down the window. She asked if iwas ok. I studdered yes. I think so. She said look at it this way. It could of been worse. she told me to get out of my car. putting it into park i got out .. She said look at your car. I go to where i thought there would be damage. there wasnt anything at all. No nick not even a scratch. I am just amazed i survived.




my kids

00:45 Jan 16 2006
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Got back a while ago from visiting my kids. Kids that i havn't seen in a very long time. From june to friday and saturday morning I saw them. So very little time. They made me laugh and made me cry. When i had to leave them. I couldn't drive i was so distraught. I couldn't feel anything but sadness. I miss my kids. They got their presents and they loved them. Jesse's obsessed with the wiggles. I wander where he gets taht from .... I have obsessions lol. so i guess it's from me. If you have kids make sure you don't fight too much. Cuz you'll end up just like me hopeing to see your kids soon and it just being once a year.





03:46 Jan 13 2006
Times Read: 1,060

Anyone that reads this know

That i'm visiting my kids i will not be around.




Farewell Grandama

03:04 Jan 12 2006
Times Read: 1,068

Dearest Grandma.

You loved me for a very long time.

Almost seemed an endless time.

I remember playing in the woods

As COPS. the cartoon show.

I was Bullet-Proof

Today I heard Something i never thought

something that broke my heart.

Today i heard you have cancer

and that you are dieing

To not breathe again

You may not of accepted me as being BI

But I will always love you.




Moving 2

02:55 Jan 09 2006
Times Read: 1,095

Financial problems are one major reason why i'm moving. and to be with someone that has offered to help me out. This is no reason to panic so stop it. If you dont' want to work this out cuz i'm living with someone else that's your issue. not mine. I guess it all comes down to who is true to thier word.





01:20 Jan 09 2006
Times Read: 1,100

I found a place that will accept me something good comes to those who wait. Didn't expect this out of the blue. Feelings of warmth and happiness imbrase me. The goddess is good at what she does. Alabama Here i come. It's a long ways from minnesota. My family kids coworker friends i leave behind. Visitation is goign to happen. With all the help behind me. The love that will be that is will only be greater. This is far happier then i've ever imagined. The god also is good. I praise them both. Something good happens if you wait. People have been telling me this for a very long time. It's truely amazing and important and true.




Rose Bowl Champs

12:19 Jan 05 2006
Times Read: 1,119

Back to back baby.

2 years in a row. The Texas Longhorns have won another rose bowl. That's right the team that no one would thought would be able to do it. Has done it again. Congrats Longhorns. Your ever devoted fan Fizbop





12:01 Jan 04 2006
Times Read: 1,151

Found out by reading someone's journal.

They seem to have forgoten me.

Maybe people are right when they say time.

Maybe i'm just asuming the worse.

but i know right now my heart is sore.




terms of life

05:01 Jan 04 2006
Times Read: 1,162

I've come to a closed road currently.

As of march 1st 2006 my lease here where i live is up.

there raising my rent up almost 100 dollars. Something I will not be able to afford.

I'm checking with friends to see if i can get a room mate. So I can save up some money. I can't do this alone. I'm tring to get help.

I'm asking for it. I'm in minnesota.




New Years Post day

03:50 Jan 03 2006
Times Read: 1,176

New years eve in a house of friends.

Gathered with pain and cheer.

2 hours i drove for something i couldn't control

Now i have real friends

Friends that will help in my time of need.

friends that will not say no.

friends that care alot.

I threated to leave. I'm anti social.

They made me stay. They eased my pain.

They can only make me better.

I am glad i went. It was some sort of sign.

To you my friends I will dine. Till the end of time you will be mine.



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