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Attention friends

04:31 Mar 31 2006
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The following person should be blocked from yahoo im


She or he is making false accusations about me.

And abusing anyone i know.

Please be aware.




The Work Mascot.

22:54 Mar 29 2006
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Oh beloved beta fish

We loved you well

We kept you feed

And warmed nicely

You lived for years

But you have moved on

Billy the fish we will miss

For in his death we remember.

How he sat there

Sometimes swam

How he went for food.

Attacking it.

In your death brings

A hermit crab

or a new beta fish.

Only time will tell

So long Billy The beta fish.

You will be remembered.




Today's my daughters b-day

02:09 Mar 29 2006
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Called and had to leave a message.

I'm so bummed.





00:40 Mar 28 2006
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My daughter. Born March 28th 2005. Celebrates her 1st birthday. What have I misssed. For those that read my journal I'll share this with you. Current update birthday update tomorrow.


Jesse 2 years and runing around brakeing eggs. Telling my Daughter i live in the phone. Opening heavy fridge doors. Not sleeping when he knows he should. Pushing her down when she trys to walk. Making a smile just like me when I'm being mischivous. Down to the T he's just like me. Same smile same vains that patrode from his neck. He looks so like me. I cry when i see his picture cuz i can't be there. Saying I live in minneapolis but with a speach imparment. From you I gave Olivia her nick name. Livi.

Olivia. Yah, 1 year tomorrow my little angel. Your sweet queit but a buddle of joy. You keep trying to walk though your brother pushs you down. You think I live in a phone. And as like jesse you procedd to try to eat the phone. I hope it taste good. No seriously don't do that you could get hurt. Your smile is gourdous you eveny of any other girl. What so I'm baised It is my daughter.




Forget me not.

00:17 Mar 27 2006
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You are more worthy then you think you are. The times we are together mean the most. THe times we are appart only make my love stronger. I've made mistakes. Quick to anger. Quick to dish out as much pain as I was feeling. I forget not these mistakes. Somethings you just have to live with. The People I have wronged the injustice I have done. Nothing can take these away but time. Time is no longer something I let rull my life. In the end there may not be enough. There is always here and now. Fate isn't determined as of yet. It's something you work to. Every thing you do or not do alters it. Forever changing. I may have many sides to me. That have many faces. Finding what is and what isn't true. Of all the things I say. To anyone anywhere. As I've said I've made my mistakes. I can only learn from them. The biggest I made recently. I have the rest of my life to resovle it. In the end I feel it will not be enough. I love you with all I am. No matter who is there what face you get. I will love you and never give up. I don't believe in giving up. It's something I'm not capable of. So many times people say I give up on them. In reality cuz of who I am behind the words no matter if they hurt or not. I never give up no matter what is said. Reality check I'm still scared of letting people close to me. I push them away. Not intintualy. It's something I need to fix in a hurry. I truely am happy deep inside. To let it come out is more difficult then it seems. I love you so much. No worries on me giving up. No worries on me surrendering. As Dido said "I will go down with this ship. I will not put up my arms and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door. I can't and won't surrender." This is something I strongly believe. I am me this is who I am. I love you so much. Forgive this long winded rant. No matter what don't feel you are worthless.

Out of the blue he came.

As if from the dark mist.

From the deeps of my broken heart.

I knew from the start.

This was the person for me.

Forever I will be happy.

Cuz of you I see the light.

You helped my wings take flight.

Out of the blue.

You wisked me away.

My Heart urns like a fire.

The Fire is you and your desire.




Things just got worse for me.

00:27 Mar 26 2006
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I love when I blow things up.


Today. I lost the best friend i ever had. Cuz Again I let someone get to me. Saying how worthless i was. I started to believe it. I made her feel like crap. NOTHING i can do to change that.

I just keep ruining things. I don't desever to be anyones friends. I thought today was going so good. I was finaly happy. Then I get a msg about how worthless i am and so what do i go do. I make someone i really care about upset and agry at me.

I'm so stupid.

I should just die.

I'll take the punishment. I did the crime. Just don't take yourself from me please. Not when we come so far. Now I feel like crap for doing such a stupid thing. Cuz i let my anger control me. I'm sorry again. Please don't take it away.




Orignaly posted August 29 2005.

22:39 Mar 23 2006
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Things I would do ... Bondage, blood, pain, feet, Spankings, Humiluation (to other persons),, Medical Play, Role-playing, Corsetry, Gender play, exhibitionism, Nipple play, crossdressing, Needle play, flogging, spanking, schoogirls, religioous play,

piercing, cutting, cunt spankings, leding you on a leash, Humulation, underwater axphix.

I will not do the following, involve children, animals, heavy mutilation, family relations and anything that belongs in a toilet it is negotiable or at least something I will think about before I make up my mind

Never done but intrested in, Wax i'm intrested in, Fire also an intrest, Asphyxiation, Sensory Deprivation, Electrical Play





02:11 Mar 23 2006
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Welcome Fizbop

Your Status:


Pages Viewed:


Time Spent:

34.73 days

Note worthy finally leveld

now i need to keep going

sire here i come look out




As of now.

14:52 Mar 19 2006
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I've rated every person on the rave. Have you rated me. ?



21:25 Dec 17 2009

lol you know ive rated u :P


8 days later status

03:33 Mar 19 2006
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Welcome Fizbop

Your Status:


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Time Spent:

34.05 days

You have completed

96% of this level.





03:31 Mar 19 2006
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Profiles rated: 571 *

most ever i've everrated in a 24 hour period

with only 100 profiles left to rate.




Work update again

18:20 Mar 17 2006
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Will be working till 445 est time of arrival home 6 to 630 traffic is really bad at 5.




Time schedule for the week of 3/14-3/17 READ!

16:52 Mar 14 2006
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Due to a snow Causing major issues with work. IE power outage.

I'm forced to take a no pay day or make it up.

I have choosen to make it up. I will now be at work til 430 pm.

Due to traffic at this hour I will be online as soon as I can.




current status

20:11 Mar 10 2006
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Welcome Fizbop

Your Status:


Pages Viewed:


Time Spent:

33.14 days

You have completed

96% of this level.

I seem to have been stuck at 96 for now a month. Can't lvl up. Fustrated. I want to make sire so bad. Not to leave my house but it's my goal




Log entry weekend update

02:03 Mar 06 2006
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Personal Log stardate 05060.3 The weekend went sort of as planed. As usualy my hot temper got the best of me. Always seems to. I'm feeling a since of loss. I don't know where from. Only time will answer this. I havn't updated in a while. However, I'm going to review the most important thing. I raised a total of 2000 for kids that have to fight cancer. Go me... I know how to answer them phones. Hahahaha. um anyways. yah.




Name changes

13:36 Mar 05 2006
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No offence to anyone however. I need to rant about it. I'm still your friend.

I don't know about anyone else. I'm sick of seeing name changes. I've seen one member change thier name on here almost four times. When does it become a point to say you know. You picked this name after such and such amount of times. Reseting their ratings to get better ratings then they had. My opinion if you're going to pick a name you shouldn't be able to change it. With the exception of a one time change with a Premium Membership. Not three or four. It's rediculas to be rateing the same person over and over. Because they either didn't like the name or they didn't like thier rateing. When does it stop? According to the faq you arn't supposed to be able to change your name at all. I can understand if you buy a Premum Membership. To allow a change. But three or four. If you can't deceide on a name don't change it. Until you can actuly stick to it. This is in no offence to anyone. However, it's really annoying



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