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Finally found one.

11:51 Dec 31 2021
Times Read: 25

Someone on a vape forum I’m on has recently advertised that they’re selling a Lost Vape Coral DNA60 mod that takes an 18500 battery. I immediately jumped on it cause those mods are rare and stealthy. Unfortunately I don’t have any money till the 9th of January so the mod is on hold for me till then. Super pumped up I’ve got stealthy RTAs I’m going to use on that mod. A Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA and an ESG Skyline RTA.





10:44 Dec 30 2021
Times Read: 34

I’ve almost recovered from Covid. Wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Yea I felt really shitty, not going to downplay it.

It felts like you where going through a splitting pounding headache, runny snot filled nose and sinuses, chesty mucusy cough along with a dry throat, fever like symptoms going through hot and cold flushes, fatigue along with aches and pains and the odd spell of nauseousness.

Just pop a few paracetamol every few hours and the symptoms will calm down, also drink plenty of water as this bug will dry you out.




Order came, wrong wire.

12:13 Dec 29 2021
Times Read: 49

Not long ordered a few 200m spools of A1 Kanthal wire in 26/28AWG and 36/40AWG.
A1 Kanthal is magnetic since it’s an iron-chromium alloy. Well the wire arrived today, made a coil out of it and the resistance was very low at 0.26 Ohms for a single coil when Kanthal in the same coil configuration comes out at 0.6 Ohms on a single coil cause it’s a denser metal.

The wire I got was Ni80/Ni90 brochrome which is a Nickel/Ni200 and chromium alloy and it isn’t magnetic. I can use Ni80 cause I don’t have a nickel allergy but Ni80 gives me no flavour at all. It’s more of a cloud chasers coil material of choice cause you can put stupid amounts of power through it.

On a single 0.6 ohm kanthal coil I usually put 32.5 to 40 Watts through it. Same coil configuration on Ni80 to get a similar vape from it I’ll need to double the power output to 75 to 90 Watts and even still it’ll taste muted.

The metal I use for a combination of flavour chasing, cloud chasing and temperature control is SS304, SS316, SS316L and SS317 cause I get very crisp flavour notes and can put a decent amount of power through it. Problem is with Stainless Steel is the ohms fluctuate when electrical current is introduced into the wire to heat it up so on a mod it needs to be locked in for consistency to vape on, especially in temp control.




PCR test.

10:57 Dec 29 2021
Times Read: 54

I hope I don’t have to go through another PCR test in the near future.
When I did my Lateral Flow Test on Boxing Day I had two solid lines so a high probability of having the bug. The PCR test I had to swab my tonsils and was really uncomfortable. Nearly spewed up twice. Anyways I got a suspicion that my PCR Test will be positive also. It sucks been housebound.




What the hell is wrong with you cat?

21:20 Dec 28 2021
Times Read: 64

Bloody hell my cat Pebbles has it on her today. I’m sat in my living room and hear my cat bounding around upstairs, she then darts out my bedroom and she starts knocking stuff over in my spare bedroom which I use as man-cave. Then Pebbles runs downstairs into the living room and starts climbing up her scratching pole like Spider-Man.

I clean up the mess she’s made in my little man-cave then I head to the bedroom and find an empty packet of CatNip on the floor. I have no idea how she managed to open the drawer to get to the CatNip. I keep it hidden in my room cause she did this before in the kitchen where she got into the cupboard for some CatNip.




Music choices.

23:58 Dec 27 2021
Times Read: 74

Whether I’m at work or at home I’ve got music on in the background unless I’m watching stuff on TV or playing World of Tanks. Typically I’ll be at my desk processing orders, making coils or mixing eliquid and I’ll just play a wide arrange of music.

My Heavy Playlist:
Orbit Culture - Mute the Silent.
Orbit Culture - North Star of Nija.
Orbit Culture - Saw.
Orbit Culture - Strangler.
Orbit Culture - Mast of the World.
Orbit Culture - A Sailors Tail.
Orbit Culture - Redfog.
Orbit Culture - I, The Wolf.
Orbit Culture - Wargblod.
Orbit Culture - Way of the Masses.
Architects - Black Lungs.
Architects - Animal.
Parkway Drive - Crushed.
Parkway Drive - Wishing Wells.
Parkway Drive - The Void.
Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder.
Parkway Drive - Prey.
Wage War - Stitch.
Wage War - Manic.
Bullet for my Valentine - Hit the Floor.
Gojira - Vacuity.
Gojira - Stranded.

My Light Playlist:
Our Waking Hour - Break Me Down.
Discrepancies - Art of War.
Stria - Alive.
Linkin Park - Figure 09.
Linkin Park - Don’t Stay.
Linkin Park - By Myself.
Onlap - Awakening.
Girl On Fire - The Takedown.
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away.
Thousand Foot Crutch - War of Change.

Will probably update this later. Can’t remember everything of the top of my head.




Doing just fine.

21:52 Dec 27 2021
Times Read: 82

Last night I’d say was the worst night with covid. Felt like absolute shite. Splitting headache, runny nose, fever, chesty mucus cough, fatigue with a few aches. From a 1 to 10 at its peak I’ll say 5.5 to a 6 so rough. Now I’m at a 3.5 to a 4 so I’m on the road to recovery.





19:55 Dec 27 2021
Times Read: 90

Found something to pass the time while I self isolate. Been browsing AliExpress for cheap goodies. Been thinking of buying a bunch of RTAs but they’re all clones and a handful of mass produced RTAs from Chinese companies.

Have found an Asmodus Colossal 80W touchscreen mod for £15 so might pick one of them up.




Still alive.

11:19 Dec 27 2021
Times Read: 99

I feel like I have a hangover with the flu. It’s Sod’s law that I ended up getting Covid on Christmas. Going to struggle keeping myself busy and annoyed that I can’t head out for New Years Celebrations.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! One of my eliquids got a 4.25 stars out of 5.



16:07 Dec 27 2021

Feel better. Had it also.

19:47 Dec 27 2021

Better than I was yesterday. Still feel groggy.


Just what I need…

20:54 Dec 26 2021
Times Read: 114

Well shit I tested positive for covid. Got a slight headache, chesty mucusy cough, runny nose and feeling slightly fatigued. Still got my sense of taste and smell. Thought it was the effects of both been over indulged and hungover from yesterday.

Just so you know I am double jabbed and boosted.




Worse for wear.

11:51 Dec 26 2021
Times Read: 119

I feel rough today. Not necessarily hungover just all round groggy. Oddly enough I’ve not made a mess. Pots are clean and put away, all the remaining food has foil covering it up and placed in the kitchen, the collapsible tables are put away and all my empty bottle and cans are thrown away. Huh… silver lining to been absolutely plastered last night. Just got a little hoovering up to do and that’s it.




I am barbecued!

20:51 Dec 25 2021
Times Read: 132

Think I’ve ate enough food to feed my village and drank enough alcohol to make a pirate blush. Whew, I’m fucking barbecued! Hopefully I won’t clog up the toilet like last year… yea, don’t ask about that. It was pretty nasty and had to get a plumber out on an emergency.




Eat, drink, sleep and repeat.

16:24 Dec 25 2021
Times Read: 135

Nothing beats a Christmas dinner and bottles of booze. Been drinking since I’ve opened my eyes, had a massive fill of Christmas dinner and plenty of leftovers to carry on till bank holiday Monday. Already gone through 4 cans of Life and Death IPA, half a bottle of Courvoisier Cognac, full bottle of Cuvage Asti Champagne and a quarter of Macallan sherry. I’m either going to be really hungover or really indulged tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.




Unplug! Damn it unplug!

21:17 Dec 24 2021
Times Read: 146

Son of a bitch that hurt! The bulb in my desk lamp had blown. Tried to unscrew it and the glass itself came away from the conductive housing. I had switch off the desk lamp but not at the plug socket. I regret that.

Anyways I’m trying to get the bulbs conductive housing out of the desk lamp with a set of pliers and my elbow accidentally hits the switch on the lamp. Next thing I know is:
Flash of light.
Everything in the house switches off.

Please don’t do what I did. I’m a professional idiot when it comes to high voltage.




Die Hard Binge.

10:38 Dec 24 2021
Times Read: 153

For me every Christmas I have to stick on the Die Hard movies alone with other action films that are featured on Christmas time. I’m a weirdo I know! Even have a Christmas Sweater of the Nagatomi Plaza and “Now I have a machine gun, Ho, Ho, Ho!” that Bruce Willis (John McClain) written on the first guy he killed in the movie. Also go a tree decoration of Bruce Willis crawling through a ventilation shaft.




That smells and tastes, oh so good!

20:12 Dec 23 2021
Times Read: 163

Just got done making some new eliquid. I’ve made a Chocolate Custard flavour, it smells and tastes like those chocolate custard mousse with the little marshmallows sprinkled on top you had in school back in the 1990s early 2000s. The memories, god I was a little shit in school lol.




That’s just weird.

11:22 Dec 23 2021
Times Read: 173

Got my Christmas tree up a couple of weeks ago. It’s all decked up and has *AA BATTERY POWERED* fairy lights. There’s no timer on it or anything just keep that in mind. They’re manually operated and you have to manually cycle through the various settings by clicking the button multiple times.

I have that Ring Home Security Camera in my home. My working hours are from 9.30am to 5.30pm. So no one is home when this happens.

Here is when it gets weird. Every day at 3pm these AA Battery Operated Fairy Lights switch themselves on to the same setting each and every time. Got it on CCTV switching on and cycling to setting 4 so that’s 4 clicks to that setting.

That’s just weird.




That’s a large capacity tank.

18:58 Dec 22 2021
Times Read: 184

Not long got a Dvarw FL DL RTA that is 2.5ml capacity and got a 5ml extended tank. Put on a bubble glass on the 5ml extended tank and it now can hold 7.5ml. I won’t be filling this Dvarw FL DL RTA every 5 minutes. Although I might get the Steam Turners Bellcap tank section so I’ll be able to use top filling and eliquid flow control.




Legbeards creep me out.

15:56 Dec 22 2021
Times Read: 189

I’ve got a bit of a legbeard problem. As you know I work in a vape shop so I’m constantly around people and this one girl has attached herself to me. She’ll constantly ask me out and I’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m not interested in her and not interested in dating.

She’s a full blown legbeard, she’s white, about 34 years old, massively overweight, stinks of body odour, covered in tattoos and piercings, dyed hair, wears a fedora and trench coat, speaks like she’s someone out of an anime, has a wolf fetish and even vapes on a Sigelei SnowWolf Mfeng that has this obtrusive wolf medallion on the side.

She stalks me nearly everywhere I go if she spots me in the area. She’ll follow me to the pub after work, she’ll follow me home sometimes (made a complaint to the police but they won’t do anything), she’ll loiter at my work place for hours on end occasionally buying eliquid or coils and she’ll constantly harass my mates asking where I am if she can’t find me.

It’s been going on for months and today at work she’s upped the ante. She asked to see a device in one of the cabinets and as I bent down to unlock the cabinet door to get the device for her she grabbed my ass!

What should I do? I want to report her for sexual harassment, got the evidence on CCTV but I feel if I try to make a case of this to the police they’ll just dismiss it.




Got it out of the way.

23:30 Dec 21 2021
Times Read: 198

Got the bolt of the faulty track rod end from the passenger side steering control arm. Had to turn it into liquid to get it off and hammer out the old rubber bushings. My car will be fine, needs a bit of working in from regular use cause the track rod end and bushings are brand new.

Learning mechanics in college pays off.




This will be a tricky repair.

20:51 Dec 21 2021
Times Read: 207

Limped my car back home and got it up in the air to see what is going on over the passenger side. Checked the brakes and they’re fine, checked the wheel bearing and that’s fine. Hmm… odd. Checked the steering track rod end and that is the problem, flopping around in the bushing which it shouldn’t do. Bolt is welded on there cause of the rust so the repair isn’t as simple as undoing a few bolts now. I’ll either need to grind the bolt off or turn it into molten steel with a acetylene blow torch.




Needs a service.

11:31 Dec 21 2021
Times Read: 221

Something didn’t sound and feel right with my car this morning. It was pulling to the left and felt vibrations through the steering wheel. Got a suspicion the passenger side front wheel bearing is shot or my brakes are rubbing. I’ll take a look at it later, it’s most likely something I can fix myself but it’s going to take a few hours. Plus I need to get the parts after diagnosis.



11:42 Dec 21 2021

Go see a mechanic.

13:02 Dec 21 2021

No need just yet, got to see what the fault is first and see if I can repair it with the tools I’ve got at hand. Some garages have a nasty habit of overcharging for a cheap minor repair.

One garage tried to charge me £750 for a full exhaust overhaul last year. Don’t know why, the pipes where only two years old so still new and the catalytic converter had worn out. I fixed it myself for £225. Some places will rip you off for a half ass job.

13:41 Dec 21 2021

Oooh. Either way, just make sure the brakes are working!


Cats not happy.

12:31 Dec 20 2021
Times Read: 232

My cat certainly is a character, she’s been snuggling up to me this morning while watching TV and the doorbell rang. My cat Pebbles wasn’t happy that I had to move and growled. She’s now sat in the window looking at me in disgust as if to say “I was warm and comfy human!”




Bad set of batteries.

11:36 Dec 19 2021
Times Read: 240

I’ve got a pair of dodgy 18650 batteries I need to throw away. They’re a pair of 25Rs from Samsung and they’re not holding a full charge.

A typical 18650 battery usually takes about 4 hours to die with continuous use but my set of 25Rs are only lasting an hour and a half. I’m not even taxing these batteries, the build I use only draws 5 Amps out of the 20 Amps continuous it can do. You don’t get the (Weak Battery) warning until you’re just getting below 15% where the battery no longer has the required Amps.

Anyways I get the (Weak Battery) warning at 60% then the battery gauge will just drop from 60% to 7%, it shouldn’t do that. Plus these batteries are new(ish), they’re about 4 months old and you typically throw them away until they get 12-18 months old.

There are some better 18650s on the market. Going to order some Molicels P26As cause they have a better Amp output of 25A and 2500mAh.




Ravens Moon Mods.

10:27 Dec 19 2021
Times Read: 244

There’s one RDA I really want to get my hands on but there are so many loops to jump through to get it. The RDA in question is the 502 by Jai Haze and Ravens Moon Mods.

In order to get such a tank you’ll need to be at least $10 tier on Jai Hazes Patreon, Click on an exclusive weblink and join a queue and if you’re lucky to be given an entry to buy one you’ll spend about $250 for a brand new one.

I live in the UK so convert the dollars into pounds then add 50 quid shipping. Not cheap lmao! This is what high-end is, high quality low numbers with a price tag to boot.

However only so many 502s where made so nowadays getting them is even harder come by and the only way to pick one up is if someone is flipping one then you could expect to pay thousands for one.

I do own an extremely high-end box mod. Only paid £150 for mine cause I supplied all the parts myself and only had to pay for labour costs to get my mod made. You’ll find a picture of it in my portfolio it’s the blue stabilised wood mod called Pelagic, it’s literally 1 of a kind. If I was to flip that I’ll easily get a grand but I’m not going to sell that mod cause it’s mine and mine alone.




Chilled out evening.

16:06 Dec 18 2021
Times Read: 253

Got everything sorted out for Christmas, presents and cards are all posted of to relatives and family. My wallet has taken a pretty hard hit this year with getting gifts for my young nieces and booze for everyone else. Thankfully it’s all done.

Time to chill out and have a few beers. Got a playlist of creepypastas on YouTube while I plan on what to eat later. Might have chips, chicken fillets and baked beans.




22:52 Dec 17 2021
Times Read: 262

Looks like my Ally Black Rebel Vapes DNA250 (167W) 3D Printed Box Mod is falling apart. The fire button has fallen out cause the rail on the fire button has snapped. Good news is the track that keeps the fire button in place is still intact and is still solid. I do have some Brushed Stainless Steel buttons so I’m going to take the mod apart and fit these new buttons in and spice it up a bit.

My Rebel is old, got it back in 2016 and I’ve put nearly 2 million hits on it. The puff counter had to round robin cause it only goes up to 6 digits. I did pay £149.99 for it when it was brand new.




Royal Mail is backed up.

17:56 Dec 17 2021
Times Read: 269

Won a freebie on Aliexpress a while back it was a dripper, think it was the Dark Horse RDA by Advken.

It’s coming directly from China so I expect shipping to take a bit of time about 2 weeks to a month on average. I’ve been waiting 2 months, checked where my parcel is, it’s in my country but I don’t think I’ll get it till next year cause Royal Mail is snarled up with all the Christmas stuff at the moment and it doesn’t help they’re under staffed. Agh… guess it can’t be helped. Unlike UPS where they say they’ve “delivered” but the package hasn’t left the depot lol.




New eliquid recipe?

11:08 Dec 17 2021
Times Read: 274

Been thinking of creating a new eliquid recipe. Something simple and fruity.
30% Sweetner.
70% Strawberry.
55% Raspberry.
40% Elderflower.
32.5% Juicy.
On Dripper Labs this should bring my overall eliquid flavour strength to about 99.4%. For whatever reason that is Dripper Labs maximum eliquid strength limit even though you can crank it up to 100% it will drop back to 99.4%. Odd.

Had to add 40% Sour to give it a more natural taste and to fill out the recipe profile a bit more cause the overall strength came out to 86.5%.




That kicked like a mule

20:30 Dec 16 2021
Times Read: 284

Ugh… I just vaped 6mg nic at 80Watts and my throat feels like it’s been stung by a hornet and my chest feels like someone just zapped me with a taser, felt like I was coughing up my asshole. Fuck that hurt!

I usually have 3mg nic at that Wattage.




Dating? No thank you!

11:37 Dec 16 2021
Times Read: 303

Getting into the same conversation with friends and family is getting annoying. We’ll be talking about something and out of the blue the question gets asked “Have you found yourself a girlfriend yet?” and I always tell them no I’m not interested in dating or relationships.

They always ask why I tell them that marriage is just legal slavery and us men unless you talk with a Lawyer to setup a Prenup.

A guy will work himself to death in a dead-end job providing for a household, spouse and kids that have a 50/50 chance of been biologically his and if the marriage don’t work well the ex-wife will rake him over the coals in the Family Court for every penny earned. It’s worse in America cause you can’t make that Alimony payment you get sent to prison. Plus 90% we don’t get to see our kids if they’re even ours to begin with.

I’m going to sound sexist here and it’s not intended to be but after looking at what women are like nowadays, no thank you! Hard fucking pass!




Smokerstore Taifun GT3, GT4 and GT4-S Nano.

21:51 Dec 15 2021
Times Read: 319

For a long time now my favourite RTA has always been the Smokerstore Taifun GT3 (23mm). It’s an older RTA with the build deck been two offset screws where you’ll wrap your coil legs around the screw and clamp the screw down on the coil legs.

It was suited for 24AWG round wire builds or single core claptons, I can get a fused clapton in but it required a bit more fiddling around to get in but it works. Airflow is tight though so a Restrictive Direct Lung. Primarily I used very thin wire gauges to get the most amount of flavour.

The GT4 (25mm and 23mm nano) is also an old RTA but is much more easier to build on cause it used a grub screw clamp style system so you could put some fairly juicy builds in. It is a good flavour tank but the GT3 is better for flavour.

Both the GT4 and GT4-S Nano have the same build deck but the original GT4 is 25mm in diameter and the GT4-S Nano is 23mm in diameter.

Both tanks are really tall but hold massive amounts of eliquid, about 5ml each. Had to get the Steam Turners Slam kits for them to shrink the height of them down but I had to sacrifice the 5ml capacity for 2.5ml.

Anyways I heard a very exciting rumour, Smokerstore might be doing a new revision of the GT3 as a 2022 revision.

These tanks are not cheap. I spent a lot of money on these tanks. The GT3 was £125 + £55 for the Steam Turner Slam kit, GT4 was £115 + £105 for the Steam Turner Slam kit along with other accessories and the GT4-S Nano £130 + £110 for the Steam Turners Slam kit with other accessories.

Not cheap at all and that’s because these tanks are High-End German Made.




Got my first review.

14:21 Dec 15 2021
Times Read: 324

My eliquid Mr Cola had its first review on Dripper Labs. Got 3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars so a positive review.

The only fallback with my Mr Cola eliquid is the Vanilla and Cream is a little stronger than it needs to be and it’s slightly overpowering the primary flavours Cola and Cherry.

The reviewer said he did like the concept of my eliquid recipe and the product label and description is on point.

The originality of my eliquid though got a solid 5 Star. However the reviewer did say it wasn’t for him so I may not have a reoccurring customer.

With eliquid, flavours are subjective and the setup (mod, tank, coil and cotton) can effect the flavour.

I have 10 flavours on Early Access to buy so I’m hoping to get new customers by next year if Dripper Labs get more recognition on YouTube. I’ve only started releasing my eliquids in early November so still early days.




That escalated quickly.

20:43 Dec 14 2021
Times Read: 343

Had a customer come in to my vape shop today complaining that his mod is getting hot. He wasn’t joking this mod was as hot as a freshly poured coffee into a ceramic mug.

He was using an external battery regulated mod so the fault is automatically going to be the batteries. I took the batteries out, they’re not insulated and they where shorting out on one another.

Li-ion batteries when they short tend to get very hot very quickly and can explode. So after taking the batteries out I sat them on the counter. Less than a minute later they’ve both, BOTH go into thermal runaway and one just annihilates itself.

It was as quick as 45 seconds.
Battery 1:
*sparks spew out from positive vent*
*glows cherry red*
*thermal runaway over*
*took 15 minutes to cool*

Battery 2:
*sparks out the positive vent*
*glows cherry red*
*battery no longer exists*




Playing a prank.

10:31 Dec 14 2021
Times Read: 354

My family is pretty festive, me not so much. My mother particularly loves Christmas. She asked me to hang the mistletoe so she can kiss her partner under it for when she visits. So I obliged. I went and got a toy I specifically crafted for this year. A Toad carrying a Panzerfaust, Uberschmidt Missile Toad and Ulgar Toadette driving a Katyusha! Which one to choose?




Shinyitis strikes again. Funny little story.

23:39 Dec 13 2021
Times Read: 365

I caved, the new Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C for £80 was a very tempting deal.

Funny thing about the Lost Vape Hyperion is that it wasn’t called the Hyperion originally and the reason was because of the name they originally gave it.

I’m trying hard not to giggle… It was originally called the Scutum. Sounds awfully close to Scrotum and for those who don’t know what Scrotum means it’s a British word for the skin that holds a certain male reproductive organ… Yea, I can’t imagine the absolute panic going of in the Lost Vape factory in China to scrap and reprint all the custom printed retail boxes, user manuals and having to make new trimming on the mod to replace the name Scutum to Hyperion on the second batch, lmao!

It’s not the first time shit like this has happened with certain ecig companies. Gotta love bad marketing sometimes.




Annoyingly inconvenient.

13:35 Dec 13 2021
Times Read: 376

Ah… stripped a grub screw. Got plenty of spares, however I got to get this stripped grub screw out of my Merlin Mini RTA single coil deck. The threading is fine on the grub screw but the hex hole isn’t. My Allen Key isn’t biting so I can’t get it out. Shit… I’ll have to dig out my plan B out the toolbox.




Roaring sea.

11:12 Dec 13 2021
Times Read: 379

Something must be going of out at sea cause the waves coming in a pretty agitated. The bigger vessels like the Princess Seaways, King of the Seaways and the St Petersburg car carrier can handle these choppy seas easily. If you’re in a small trawler or yacht it’s going to be rough. This is the type of sea I want to set sail on!




37mm tank shells repurposing.

16:54 Dec 12 2021
Times Read: 392

There’s still a surprisingly large amount of WWII spent shell casings for sale in various sizes from old military surplus depots. So I might pick up a few M3 37mm spent casings that where used in the old M5 Stuart scout tanks and turn them into shot glasses, whiskey glasses or even a coffee mug. Will have to somehow weld a brass handle to it if I’m going the coffee cup route.

I’ll have to clean them out, polish up the brass and have a custom glass inlay fitted in to make them viable to hold a liquid in without tainting the drink.

I’m already using old ammunition boxes to store DVDs, CDs, Games and the larger ones hold my bottles of VG/PG, Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine that I can just slide under the bed so my room doesn’t get cluttered up.

Yea, why let stuff like that go to waste.



23:58 Dec 12 2021

I agree. Any country that's been at war with the U.S. seems to start manufacturing brass beds and fixtures afterwards. We need to start policing them and recycle. Now when one starts recycling glow in the dark material for time pieces and the like I'd have to draw the line. :)

11:06 Dec 13 2021

One project I’ve got planned is to turn an old V8 motor that isn’t working into a coffee table like of Top Gear lol. The remaining pistons will be turned into atomiser build stands.

Metal is a really good recyclable material, glass not so much. Glow in the dark materials along with oil is an absolute nightmare to deal with.

13:59 Dec 15 2021

That's cool. Metals hold their value as long as they don't rust so all the vehicles in hillbilly yards on cinderblocks should be brought in and repurposed instead of wasting away. Then if the for sale sign of a basket case sells you can just revert it or when money gets tight scrap it. I actually let packaging be one of the reasons I buy things so they can be recycled-I eat lots of canned foods. :)


The loveable weirdo.

11:07 Dec 12 2021
Times Read: 404

Got to love my cat. She’s a complete weirdo. My cat thought it was a good idea to climb into my towel closet and just meld her self into the freshly clean towels I’ve just put away. Didn’t see her in there when I finished putting the washing away. Went to get my breakfast and dish the cat her breakfast out as well but she was nowhere to be seen.

Hmmm… she’s an indoor cat so I never let her out. Anyways half an hour later I hear:
“Meow! Meow! Meow!”
Coming from upstairs. I look around she’s nowhere to be seen. Time for a game of Marko Polo!

From my bedroom I call out:
She’s not in the bedroom, cold.
I call out from the guest bedroom:
Slightly warmer.
I call out from the bathroom:
It’s hot! Not piping hot but I’m close.
I call out from the hallway:
Cherry red hot! She’s close but can’t pinpoint her location so I call out again outside the boiler closet:
Bingo! She’s in the towel closet next to the boiler closet! I open the towel closet and Pebbles gives me a very chirpy meow back and then she looks at me as if to say: “You shut me in here stupid human! I smell salmon, food!”
Then buggers off downstairs and eats her breakfast.




Quality control is nonexistent…

22:34 Dec 11 2021
Times Read: 418

Well it should be obvious to me by now that certain vape companies don’t care about quality control. Vandy Vape is a prime example of a lack of quality control hence this rant.

Not long bought a new Squonk mod, the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 95W is dead on arrival and the company did nothing to rectify the problem.

So yea, I got the mod setup with a 21700 battery and the squonk bottle full of eliquid with my tank on top ready to go and I got *Check Atomiser* over and over again. Checked the Dripper it’s not shorted out cause I checked it by attaching it to another mod and it fired right up. Attached a different tank on the squonk and *Check Atomiser* and it did this with many different Drippers.

Vandy Vape won’t do anything with the warranty after I’ve already put eliquid in the squonk bottle. That’s annoying! So I took the mod apart and found that the Positive pin was no longer attached the chipset by the Positive cable leaving it as an open circuit. I have repaired it by soldering the Positive cable back on to the Positive pin on the 510. Works fine now but that fact some shit isn’t been quality controlled really annoys not only me but plenty of other consumers out there. I’m sure plenty of you on here had a quality control issue with stuff you’ve had at some point.

For those who don’t know what a Squonk mod is it’s essentially a dual battery mod with one of its batteries removed to make way for a bottle you’ll squeeze through (in some cases there are dual battery squonk mods out there) a hole in the door panel to feed eliquid up to your Dripper (RDA) that has a hollowed out positive pin so eliquid can reach your coils to vape on.




Wicks and Wires.

14:20 Dec 11 2021
Times Read: 423

Just got done making some A1 Kanthal Flat Fused Clapton Coils with a Dual Core of 28AWG with an Outer Wrap of 38AWG, super thin wire. 3mm Inner Diameter, 7 wraps at 0.85 ohms a piece.

While making the coils I accidentally stabbed myself with the 38AWG, didn’t feel it till I saw small amount of blood on my thumb then it started to feel sore cause 38AWG is almost like a hypodermic needle. I didn’t get blood on the coils cause when I dry burned them to get them glowing from the inside out with no hot spots I didn’t get that burning bacon smell.




Nothing to do.

23:35 Dec 10 2021
Times Read: 436

This is what I like, come home from work to a warm home and sometimes order a pizza while I neck a few cans of beer on a Friday cause why the hell not. Just throw on some Orbit Culture to break the silence or stick on YouTube to catch up on some vaping related news or product reviews.

My cat Pebbles knowing her would just be chilled out on the bed till about 6.30pm then wonder into the living giving me that “Pet human it’s time to feed me now” look.




Making some sales!

17:43 Dec 10 2021
Times Read: 451

There’s an eliquid service I use called Dripper Labs where you create your own eliquid flavours. What you do to create a flavour is you select what ingredients you want and use a slider mechanism to adjust how strong or weak the flavour will be. It’s a mix and match situation but if you’re familiar with making eliquid you can easily make good flavours.

After you’ve created the flavour you buy it, locking in the recipe and after testing you can release on the Dripper Labs site for other users to buy. Obviously you’ll need to create a title and product description so people know what they’re going to buy.

Pretty awesome concept and actually works well.

So far I’ve created (On Early Access):
Mr Mocha - Chocolate Coffee Latte with cinnamon.
Mr Cola - Cherry Vanilla Cream Cola and it tastes just like those old Cola Float sweets.
Mr Bakewell - Blueberry Bakewell tart.
Mr Strawberries - Strawberry and Cream with a very mild spearmint seasoning.
Mr Peaches - Peaches and Cream with Almond.

I only released these flavours in early November and so far I’ve sold 5 bottles (1 today as of this post) and I do earn a small commission from them.

I’ve got a few more recipes on the way, need to buy them to lock in the recipe first before releasing it on Dripper Labs.




Getting the right cotton.

22:01 Dec 09 2021
Times Read: 471

Primarily when I wick my coils, juice them and vape them I use Cotton Bacon Prime which is an industry standard within the rebuildable atomiser scene closely followed by Cotton Gods and non-bleached Muji Japanese Cotton Pads.

There’s one brand of cotton that I want to get my hands on but it’s expensive to get (in terms of importing) and that’ll be Mavaton X Egyptian Cotton but it’s about £60 to import it and the cotton itself in a 25g jar is about £45. That’s about £105 for a jar of cotton lol. No dice! However I’ve heard that it the best cotton to use as wicking material.

I’ve tried Kendo Prime Japanese Cotton but that stuff just sucks. It doesn’t wick in RTAs so I end up vaping burnt cotton (dry hit) and the flavour starts to mute after maybe 5 to 6 tanks of eliquid (about 4ml average).

At the moment I’m still on Cotton Bacon Prime, Muji Japanese Cotton Pads and Cotton Gods cause I’ve had no serious issues with them except the odd dry hit or flooding.




An odd haunting.

16:13 Dec 09 2021
Times Read: 480

I’ve concluded my house is haunted a long time ago. In my house I have both my Grandmother and my Stepdad ashes under my staircase for now. I’ll get into the reason why I have their ashes shortly.

Anyways about 8 - 9 months ago I moved out of my mothers house who lived further south around Birmingham in England to where I am at now up north in the New Castle region. I’ve still got boxes to unload and furniture to buy, just need to get a computer desk with a chair and a liquor cabinet for my whiskey, cognac, sake, bourbon and brandy.

Anyways my Grandmother died at the very start of the pandemic due to age related illnesses and 6 months later my Stepdad died due to cancer and their final wishes are to have their ashes scattered in Scotland. My Stepdad wants his ashes scattered in the Glencoe hills up in the north of Scotland and my Grandmother wants her ashes scattered at Loch Lomond. So naturally due to logistics I’m closer to Scotland so when I go to Scotland for my holiday it’s more convenient that I scatter their ashes.

Now the haunting, both my Grandmother and Stepdad both despise each other and I think they still have a grudge even in death cause I have weird activity going on. My door handles rattle, maybe once or twice a week I either hear my Grandmother or Stepdads voice calling me within my house like they’re asking for a favour, shadows in my peripheral view, lights switch on or off, TV switches on or off and the atmosphere feels charged like there’s going to be a real heated argument.

I don’t feel threatened by the activity but when the atmosphere is charged like you’d expect after a heated argument it’s like you can cut the tension with a knife. I’ve experienced normal human type hauntings and demonic hauntings so it’s easy to tell when you’re actually in danger or just feel threatened.




The cat is having a mad one.

10:33 Dec 09 2021
Times Read: 492

Woke up this morning to the sound of bounding around in the hallway and meowing so I had to investigate. Nothings knocked over but I did find my cat Pebbles attempting to climb the wall I had carpeted like Spider-Man.

Had to have the walls carpeted cause I the don’t like seeing wallpaper shavings on the floor. Don’t know why Pebbles won’t use her scratching pole…




Parts ordered.

22:58 Dec 08 2021
Times Read: 503

Managed to get some new parts ordered for my Flawless Tugboat DNA75 mod that’s broken. Eliquid has seeped into the actuator and shorted everything out so I should have all the replacement parts next week.

Unfortunately Stealthvape doesn’t have any of the older DNA75 boards available until next year so I may as well upgrade the mod. I have ordered the DNA75C along with a new faceplate to accommodate the larger screen and new fire, wattage up, wattage down and select actuators.

Best part about a DNA75C compared to the older DNA75 is that I get 9 Volts from the DNA75C on a single 18650 battery instead of the original DNA75 which gave me 6.2 Volts on a single 18650 battery. The DNA75C also has an extensive menu and colour screen compared to the older DNA75 that was a bit more awkward to work with its older bit-matrix screen.

I could have used a DNA60 which can also do 9 Volts on a single 18650 battery but the board is smaller in height and requires a lot more wiring up cause I’ll have to wire it up to the 510, battery input and output, wattage up input and output, wattage down input and output, USB input and output, USB Data input and output. The DNA60 has the nickname Octopus Board for a reason.

I need to remind myself of what boards Stealthvape have in-stock from Evolv.

DNA Kick 4.2V to 3.3V (discontinued).

Small screen:
DNA20 20W 9V (discontinued).
DNA30 30W 9V (discontinued).

Both large and small screens:
DNA40 40W 9V + Ni200 temp (discontinued).
DNA60 60W 9V firmware upgradable both small and large screen (still available).

Large screen only:
DNA200 133W 6.2V with two batteries, 200W 10V with three batteries or a LiPo pack and firmware upgradable (discontinued).
DNA75 75W 6.2V firmware upgradable (still available).
DNA250 167W 6.2V with two batteries, 250W 9V with three batteries or a LiPo pack and firmware upgradable (still available).

Colour Screen and Replay Mode with temp:
DNA75C 75W 9V [100W with Boost/Preheat function] firmware upgradable and more powerful than the older DNA75 (available).
DNA250C 200W 10V on two batteries, 300W 10V on three batteries or a LiPo pack, 400W 10V on four batteries or a LiPo pack and firmware upgradable (available).
DNA100C 100W 9V [120W with Boost/Preheat function] firmware upgradable, high speed charging and data transfer due to new micro USB-C (available)

Apologies, this is more of a reminder to myself.




Written off.

10:55 Dec 08 2021
Times Read: 515

Managed to get my hands on torque screwdriver set to get the faceplate off my Flawless Tugboat DNA75.

It’s not looking good, eliquid has managed to seep through the fire button actuator and shorted out the fuse along with other components. The DNA board is dead after 34K puffs (mileage).

Been on Stealthvape and ordered a new DNA75 board along with some fresh wire and solder. Cost me about £80 but once the repair is done I’ll need to get the DNA75 on Escribe to upload the firmware update, upload my theme, upload my temperature control settings along with its TFR/TCR ratings.




Fresh meat.

20:29 Dec 07 2021
Times Read: 557

Just signed up. Seeing if the goth culture is still a thing cause there isn’t much in the way of forums nowadays.

Anyways I’ve got a project to do. My Flawless Tugboat DNA75 is on its way out. Ohms are jumping all over the place and power isn’t reaching the atomiser. I suspect either a fuse is blown or I’ve got a grounding fault. Unfortunately I don’t own the right torque screwdriver set to get the faceplate off. Damn!



04:30 Dec 08 2021


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