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02:19 Jan 31 2011
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My computer froze.I restart it. Suddenly all my usb ports are functioning again. I have no clue what I did, but my mouse works to. :)



02:20 Jan 31 2011

no its not werid. Its a type of gitiches. lol it happens to me all the time. :) when all else fails, re start the pc :D


Yesterdays weigh in

17:37 Jan 29 2011
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I didn't lose anything, but at least I'm not gaining. I've kept strictly to my diet plus the exercise. Maybe next week will be better.





23:02 Jan 28 2011
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My mom accuses me of something. I'm ok with that. But then she gossips to all my aunts/uncles or anyone who calls. She twists the details to make her look like a saint.

She was like every week we leave the iron on the nightstand and eventually were going to burn the house down.

The TRUTH: We leave the iron on the nightstand to cool down. Never once has she found it on, or still plugged up. There is nothing extremely flamable on the nightstand that shouldn't be near a iron. Burn down the house? Really though?

Mood: frustrated.

The she accuses me of not washing my hands after digging in the trashcan.

The TRUTH: I take the recyclables out of the trash can. I recycle them. I wash my hands. When have I NOT washed my hands. If you pay attention to what I was doing the entire time instead of watching TV, you would totally know this!!





22:44 Jan 27 2011
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"Thundersnow"- when there is lighting during a snow storm. That is what the weather man calls it. For the first time ever, I have witnessed "thundersnow" this yesterday.

We accumulated 8 inches of snow.

My sister is mad at me for not wanting to stop working on my homework to do her homework for her.

She has been sitting around the house all day. There are two vacant computers. Why not type you own assignment, instead of procrastinating on a puzzle???



22:56 Jan 27 2011

I've only seen it once when I was real little but it was during an ice storm. I never saw snow until recently. Anyway, when I saw the lighting during the ice storm, it was all rainbow colors. Can you imagine rainbow lightening? It was the coolest thing I've EVER seen. :D


Calorie Deficits..

03:26 Jan 26 2011
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My mom says that although I count the calories of how much I eat I won't lose any weight because I eat too much cheese. If I dropped cheese out of my diet out of my diet altogether it would not take long for me to quit the diet for the cheese.

I still eat around 1300 calories, and I burn - on average around 2000. Is a daily 700 calorie deficit safe?

I've heard from my sister that even if I go to the gym, I still can only have 1300 calories. On those days I am ravenous..

Should I eat the amount I burn on that day to maintain the 700 deficit. Should I? My sister says no; my dad says yes.

I know that if I eat to little I'll have to worry about the "starvation mode."

I'm taking my dads advice and hopefully he's right. (I won't even consider dropping the cheese. My sister always fails her "diets".)





01:29 Jan 25 2011
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I saw Sean...and I wasn't angry. This is huge. I guess I'm over it, because I didn't get the urge to kick him as he said hello to me. I don't trust him and I won't ever forget what he has done. But seeing him doesn't bother me anymore.

My mom is in a horrible mood this week. Usually, I only get yelled at about once a week. This week it happened like 4 times.

Admittedly, 3 of the 4 probably could have been prevented by me.




my mom..

02:27 Jan 23 2011
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keeps calling me to get the remote, get her a cup of ice, get her a soda, find her hairscarf, get her cigarettes( I HATE when she makes me go get them. I'd trash them if I had the nerve), etc.

I'm lazy????






01:31 Jan 23 2011
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I spent three hours studying to get ahead in a class. Now is procrastination time.

I can entertain you with random questions if you message me.

I lol'd at the weather channel. The low is 18? Why does our thermometers- we have 2- read 10? Is it going to get warmer? That'd be nice.

I seriously want to change my major. My political science class and psychology class is cool. A lot more interesting than Chemistry. I thought I had a perfectionist problem, but the labs proved me wrong. 20 points off a 50 point lab for an 8% error?

I have read Nightlight- the Twilight parody. Even if you're fan, you will be rolling on the floor laughing. I loved it.

I only lost one pound this week. 17 more to lose...




Working out.

05:25 Jan 20 2011
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It wasn't the monster pain I thought it would be. It's more like when my sisters annoy me. It's only a temporary thing that passes over before we decide arguing is pointless. Then things are better again.

Working out is like that- an annoyance.





21:20 Jan 19 2011
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Orientation for my online in 2 hours. I am nervous; my stomach is turning..

It's not nervousness out of fear; I guess I'm too hyped up.





03:14 Jan 18 2011
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I lost 2lbs. since last week. 2lbs. down. 18 more to go.

I walked for a mile on the treadmill today for about 25 minutes. Oddly enough, I was more hyper after I got off than I was before. I feel...good.

However, mentally I'm just as lost now as before.

I need to start figuring things out, but how?





19:00 Jan 13 2011
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Forgive my recent bad attitude towards...everything. I guess things are looking up.

I have a job interview today. I'm nervous.




I'm not happy.

00:41 Jan 13 2011
Times Read: 688

I bought a computer mouse.

It works. Then it doesn't.

I get another one that works with every computer but my own.

The mouse is "certified" to work with Vista. It worked on Xp and Windows 7. I don't like what that implies- that there is something wrong with my computer operating system.

I've been troubleshooting for about an hour now.

I don't know what to do but nothing is working.

Everyone has a different answer but nothing is working.

Now suddenly my computer doesn't recognize my mp3 player. I listen to music 24/7. Take that literally.

I officially dislike my computer.

I don't know whether to overhaul my operating system for windows 7 or buy a new computer. I don't have the money for either.




It's snowing. Finally.

17:58 Jan 11 2011
Times Read: 690

A blizzard in Alabama? I blame global warming. lol. That never happens. They need to remove the snow and push some of it up here. lol. My sister wants me to help her make the entire twilight cast out of snow...but it has to snow first. And then stick.

If it snows down there, their cities are at a stand-still. If it snows up here, we have to go to school in the crap. No excuses for tardys, etc.

The best part of winter is the snow. I'm am not going outside with a 15 degree wind chill for nothing. We need snow.





06:34 Jan 11 2011
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It's 1 a.m. I'm NEVER up this late, but I was thinking about the hopelessness of my situation.

What's next? What am I going to do? Did I secretly not want this? Is that why I'm not good enough to succeed? It's try and fail, then repeat. The truth is I'm not perfect. I can't fix this. Though I continue to pretend I can, it wears away at me. I'm tired of measuring up to other people's standards. I don't even measure up to my standards. I wonder what it would be like if people could be shut off and fixed. What I was shut of and fixed?

For a while, I just knew that I was not the crazy one. Now again, I'm not so sure any more.




04:40 Jan 10 2011
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The label reads: "Now made with real cheese." I don't even want to know what it was made with before...




18:33 Jan 09 2011
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When suddenly it seems I have a ton of things to say to you-for me, or them, or someone not you, A pencil is held over a blank page shaking and no words are permitted to leave it. No words are impersonal enough to be seen. Maybe I should just suck it up. Here are some ideas:


I guess I'm not that brave.





04:30 Jan 08 2011
Times Read: 704

I'm angry that I spent $15 on a mouse for my computer that stopped functioning within a week after I bought it.

I broken down some cardboard boxes that need to go into the recycle bin to let out some anger. It helped, but I still feel so pent up.



05:06 Jan 08 2011

What type of a mouse was it? A cordless mouse?



02:34 Jan 07 2011
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thanks! :)

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You've been bitten by ...!




20:22 Jan 05 2011
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Smart design?! Why is our esophagus connected to our diaphragm? Oh, I'm sure there is some logical explanation.(Note: Sarcasm is present.)




No clue

01:29 Jan 05 2011
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I have no clue why I decided to tell my parents about this essay I'm writing for a scholarship. Absolutely no clue.

My mom goes on a tangent about how the Credit Union helped her and how she attempted to apply for a loan but had to do it online. My dad starts talking about facebook...

The question is: How can your credit union best reach out to members ages 18 to 25?

While neither of them directly answered the question, they did give me an idea.

It wasn't totally pointless.




Just finished..

04:18 Jan 04 2011
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watching the Craigslist killer on lifetime. The movie was good but I still don't understand why he did it. I guess I know why, but I don't understand...if that makes any sense.




Diet Slip Up and Other

01:15 Jan 02 2011
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Restarted 3 days ago. It should be easier now...I hope.

We bought a Wii yesterday and hooked it up today!!

Omigosh! I love it! I love it! We have the sports resort game. I usually suck at video games but today my scores kicked my lil sis's butt. lol. Maybe she could play it better if she wasn't sitting the whole time. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose a bit?

Still totally siced about my computer mouse. (Is that nerd-ish?)

I'm procrastinating like crazy. I'm need to be writing these scholarship essays in hopes of winning money for transfer.

I'll keep trying.

Plan A: Full ride scholarship(not exactly in my favor given I don't have a 4.0)

Plan B: Get a job and slowly pay for school. Slowly... *sigh*

I see no other way. My parents don't have the money. According the government they make too much to get me any financial assistance. (That confuses me too.)

Plan B isn't a bad idea EXCEPT the fact that for every job I've applied to since September there aren't any openings.

Then there are student loans, but I refuse graduate in debt.



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