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Civilized people.

02:30 Sep 21 2023
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I despise civilized humanity, like you. All your kind. You know who you are, no need for me to call it out. I have listened to you speak for so long down through the years, from your pulpits and lecture halls, your judge's benches and politician's podiums. And yhrough it all I have never known one single human to be as pure or as righteous as you paint yourselves to be.

You speak of wolves and other beasts as nothing but bloodthirsty killers and ravening monsters, and yet what wild animal could ever equal mankind in cruelty, in violence, or in betrayal? There can be no true comparison. As destroyers you are without rival, as killers without peer.

Look at what you have done to this world. Look at it! Everywhere you go you cause every green and growing thing to sicken and die! You trample the very Earth with machines of dirty steel and harsh plastics, and contend with one another for possession of that ruined ground in war.

War! Another foul creation of man, brought down without thought or cause upon all the other living things of this world!

I could continue the list of "civilized" man's transgressions, but so long it is my mind would tire and give out before I could complete the task.

And you call us monsters?

Humans, the so-called "civilized" ones, are the only true evil in the world. The only ones inherently capable of real atrocity. Selfish and brutal. However gentle the words you spew there are always darker motives underneath the slimy slickness of that voice.

I do not trust you. In truth, you do not even trust each other. Morals, ethics, laws... All creations of mankind, of civilization.

We animals do not need laws to guide us, for we are not corrupt. You humans do, for you are.




Who are you?

23:25 Sep 18 2023
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You are not you.

What you are is the civilized version of you, the domesticated, tamed and conditioned you. You are what society has made you. And you are so well trained that you don't even know it. You actually think this is how you are supposed to be.

Its not natural, what you are, it is artificial. Nature did not make you this way, nor intend such a result. Society has paved over the naturally chaotic environment of your psyche and built a cold, orderly structure upon it.

An office building, perhaps, or maybe a shopping center.

What civilization does to the wild places of this world, so too it does with the minds and spirits of the inhabitants. It organizes them. Puts them in order, gets them tame and working together, taking from them their wild individual natures and locking them down, conforming them to fit in as just another cog in the vast machine of society. Many people have been mono-tasked to the point of lobotomy by the process, so utterly enslaved to their one assigned purpose that they have forgotten all else of life.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

The real you died when you were a toddler. Murdered. And your parents assisted in that killing, perhaps even solely perpetrated it. Not knowingly, of course, because they were no longer themselves either, killed long ago by the same machine they now served. They kill as they themselves were killed, and thus civilization marches on.

The real you, that screaming, selfish, devious and destructive little fuck that was you when you were three years old, that was the real you. The natural state of your true existence. Not this shambling wreck of a civilized wage-slave you have become, no not that, but a real animal. Wild, savage, amoral.

Like any other beast of the field. Like every other monster.

It is too bad the real you is gone. The real you could have seen the world as it truly is, not being fooled by the thin veneer of civilization that has been painted over everything.

If only that true self could be reclaimed, somehow reAwakened to return to the forefront of your consciousness, what a wondrous thing that would be. To banish the tame and timid thing you have become and let the beast run wild again...

It still lives, you know. Still stalks the deep recesses of your mind, forever linked to the collective unconscious of humanity. Always there, amongst Other things, older things...

You actually can still find that true self of yours, if you are shown where and how to look. But you have to be careful down there, down in the truly unfathomable depths of the human soul.

Because there are more things there than just humanity. And not all of them want to be found.

Not good to Awaken something else, something Other, something that could take up residence within you. It is very hard to defeat an enemy that is living inside your own head...

A mistake made by the unAware, the unguided, trying to ldefeat such a monster. Truth is, not only is it not an enemy but it also cannot be defeated.

Truth is, that monster may be an integral part of you, of who and what you really are. May even be more of you than you yourself are. If you can learn to coax rather than conflict with it, to work alongside of it rather than against it, you just may find that there was never anything there to defeat at all. No enemy, no monster.

Only you.

And then you find that you were the monster all along, and now you are no longer slumbering.

You are Awakened.



00:43 Sep 19 2023

That is deep. I came back to it again because it really got me thinking. I like posts that challenge my perception of things.

Keep up with the good work 👍


So few.

23:23 Sep 17 2023
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So few we are.

Those who possess the Blood and harbor the Spirit, they are in relatively great numbers, but those who are aware of what that actually means?

So few. And so scattered. Disorganized little groups, isolated packs, and tiny far-flung circles. No real structure or organization.

No 'order' to this Order, as it were.

All by design, of course. A matter of great importance, for our very survival rests with our obscurity. Such design makes us all but impossible to find. The sheer volume of contradictory and incompatible myths and legends keeps the truth clouded to the point of irrelevance, and that is key. So many stories, so many claims and ideas...like weeds clogging the garden of the Real.

But the Real ones are out there. Out in the world. You may see us, or even interact with us. When you go to see a show, or shopping at the grocery store, or when you pay your tab at a bar. Hell, you may have even swiped over one of us on Tinder.

We are there. But none other than we are aware of that. Such can be disconcerting when you learn that while you cannot see us we can most certainly see you.

You may feel something. If you are of the Blood, the heat of it may rise when we are near. If you harbor the Spirit, it may try and tell you that something is amiss.

But if you have not been brought into the Fold, then you will not understand. Odd feelings, strange urges, weird looks from across crowded rooms...

They could be coincidence. Happenstance. Maybe. But maybe they are something more. Maybe you will come to know the truth, become Aware...and stop seeing us as "they," but rather as "we."

And we become less few by one.




Reclaimed youth...

01:20 Sep 11 2023
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Paul Gauguin once wrote, "Life is merely a fraction of a second. An infinitely small amount of time to fulfill our desires, our dreams, our passions."

A very true thing. Something most of us do not realize until it is too late to do anything with that realization. We squander what time we have when we are young, unaware of its value until we begin to run out of it.

I myself have tried to buy back that youth, with varying degrees of success. They say such a thing cannot be done, but they are wrong. "They" often are, sometimes on purpose.

Youth is not a matter of physical appearance, though that is part of it. Appearance is really its most shallow and inconsequential aspect. The real power and presence of youth resides in ones deeds. The passage of time doesn't kill it. Youth doesn't die within you until the heart and the brain and the glands die. You stay young by being young at heart and mind and deed. Those who say different are wrong or lying.

In embracing being older, in slowing down or retiring, people are killing themselves slowly. It is the beginning of the end, the gradual decline from which they cannot escape. The only way to escape that journey is to not set foot upon the path in the first place. In going forward that way they not only give up the joy of living but are actively seeking the grave.

Don't be "They." Don't ever be one of "Them."

You only have a little time. Why waste a single precious moment of it doing anything other than what you enjoy? There really is no good reason. So, don't listen to them. Don't grow up. Don't act your age. Live young, die young, and never stop being what you want to be.

That is the secret, or at least the beginning of it.





00:43 Sep 06 2023
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What if you tried to drown your babies?

What if, in a fit of rage over some disobedience or other, you reached forth your hand and sought to take back the very breath of life you had given those children. Tried to snuff it out like a candle that had grown too sooty, too flickering and black to be pleasing anymore.

What kind of monster might that act make of you?

And what if, despite your worst intentions and best efforts, what if they survived?

Oh Father, oh Lord, just what kind of monsters would that make of them?
Not everything died in those waters.




Do people really believe anymore?

03:41 Sep 02 2023
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Something I find myself wondering about lately is whether people really believe in anything anymore. Everything seems so ephemeral and shifting. No one really sticks to it with any strength anymore.

Many beliefs scattered all over the place, no anchors to hold them down, and new ones rising up every day...

Partly this is something that was done to people, for a purpose. No one really knows that, and I doubt many would even care to anymore. Beyond misdirection it is. Far, far beyond.

Isn't it interesting how the best way to make someone doubt their belief in a thing is to give them an even stronger belief in some other thing? They will grasp at it and hold it tighter and tighter the more positive feedback they are given until they become true believers...in a falsehood.




20:25 Sep 04 2023

This may be the case for many people, but it is not the case for all. Conviction, honor, morals - these still exist.


Something new.

02:10 Sep 01 2023
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I am not sure why I am here.

I am not a writer, nor one who enjoys sharing of myself. And yet, for some reason I have been chosen by others to write something important, something that could change everything. Who these others are is not important, at least not for this. Suffice it to say that the work is important and leave it at that.

I do not know why I have been chosen for this work, as I am not sure I even believe in the purpose behind it. Seems to me a bad idea to place in charge one who does not even have the desire in heart and mind for the project.

And yet, I will write it. I, Jonathan Asher, will do so. But not here, and not too soon either. Here I think I will document the process, record it as it unfolds. Such writing may be safe here, safe where no one will see it. Where they will not see my doubts or my objections, and most especially not my disloyalty to the process itself.

You, dear reader, if you even exist, have no idea what I am talking about, and that is probably for the best.

Let us hope it remains that way.



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