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13:08 Jul 31 2015
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So I returned from a week of travel 3 days ago only to find that I was once again a victim of fraud. I think someone used one of those RFID scans that picks up debit and credit card data whenever they are near you so they don't actually have to physically steal your card or the data was obtained in some other way. So once again I had to report the fraud, have my bank shut off my card, issue me another one which takes 7-10 business days, and credit my account for the lost funds.

Other than that, my travel was GREAT!!! ^_^




01:38 Jul 09 2015
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So let's say humans from Earth inhabited Mars (1st Generation).

Then a couple conceived a child and it was born on Mars (2nd Generation). Then another couple did the same thing.

Then years later, those two kids conceived by Earthlings and born on Mars got married and conceived their own child (3rd Generation).

However, the 1st Generation died off and the 2nd Generation failed to learn much about Earth or being an Earthling and didn't bother to pass any history of Earth to their kids.

Who would be considered the true Martians?

Who could claim the title of Earthling-Martian?

Who can say they are not from Earth, they are not Earthlings, and they don't have any connection to Earth?

Now place this in context with the debate over the term African-American or anything and American.

Does it really matter what one chooses to call themselves or not call themselves? Who is it hurting?



05:41 Jul 09 2015

No kidding.

Also, genetic-scientist-junk asserts that all of humanity originated from Africa...

So, I mean- Technically everyone is African-insert country here

In short, I would like to be referred to as African American. Never mind I was paler than the whipped cream on your latte.

07:05 Jul 12 2015

Cute! LOL!


00:59 Jul 09 2015
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It's ok to think of it as investing in someone when one spends money on another, but then what has to be remembered is that when one invest in something or someone, most investors look for a return on their investment.

When it comes to spending one's own money on another, some look for their money to be returned and sometimes with interest, some look for sexual or other personal favors, but there are those rare people who look for just a blessing to happen in that other person's life so that one day they too can invest in someone.

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23:10 Jul 08 2015
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So when I was a Christian I use to study the scriptures on family. When it comes to Priority, Christian Scriptures teaches that the Priority in a family should be as follows:

- God

- Husband & Wife

- Children

Don't take my word for it, here is one of many websites on the topic.


The website goes on to say in conclusion, the scriptural order of priorities is God, spouse, children, parents, extended family, brothers and sisters in Christ, and then the rest of the world. While sometimes decisions must be made to focus on one person over another, the goal is to not be neglecting any of our relationships. The biblical balance is allowing God to empower us to meet all of our relationship priorities, inside and outside our families.

However, what I always found interesting is the actual practice of this among both Christians and Non-Christians. Usually people either want to place themselves first or a parent places their child or children first over their spouse. The result is usually a break down in the relationship of the couple or a child who is not use to being priority number 3 becoming bitter. Keeping in mind I'm not talking about Dad buying mom shoes while their child goes barefoot to school. That's just stupid, but that's the sort of image many people play in their head when there is talk about placing an adult before a child. I feel what is meant is when it comes to Parenting that Parents back each other up and are on each other's side where as a child can't play the two against each other in order to get their own way.

I do agree with one person who said that if a single parent has a minor child, they should seriously think about not marrying again until that child reaches the age of adulthood. Why? Because a person entering into a relationship at some point wants to feel they are Priority #1 to the other person if they are Non-Christians and sometimes even that doesn't matter. LOL! Also there may be feelings of resentment from the child thinking that Mom or Dad loves this stranger more than them. Or an

Ex feeling their Ex may be placing their child's needs after the needs of a new GF/BF or Husband/Wife which is a valid concern when one doesn't know the day to day events happenings in someone's else relationship. Example: Little Molly is sad that Mom didn't take her to the beach because Mom chose to spend the weekend with her new Husband at an adult Resort so now Biological Dad is upset. However, what bio-Dad doesn't know is that Mom and new Hubby has spent every weekend having fun with Little Molly minus the weekends when Little Molly was with bio-Dad and during that time one or both of them had to work and it was only this weekend that they both had off so they offered bio-Dad to spend an off scheduled weekend with his daughter without giving him a reason so all bio-Dad knows is that Little Molly is sad and that bio-Mom is having fun with her new Hubby on a weekend that

should be with Little Molly. Drama!

So to clear up any misunderstanding, nobody should come before the "NEEDS" of a child and every desire of a child is not necessarily a "NEED".

I personally don't believe that anyone comes before your child unless you are married to them. Again, I'm not talking about providing Basic Needs For Survival (Food, Clothing, Shelter, etc) to an adult BEFORE a child. More like little Johnny wants McDonald's for dinner, but Dad doesn't feel that's wise and suggests a healthier meal. The priority SHOULD BE on Dad's desire for a healthier meal over little Johnny's desire for McDonald's.

If a potential spouse or an actual spouse sees that they are continuously set as a priority behind a child or a friend, they won't be a potential spouse or actual spouse for much longer OR they will began setting themselves as their own Priority #1 and all others including wifey and child will be an after thought.

So if a person is not ready to set and treat another person they claim to be in-love with as Priority #1 (Non-Christians) or Priority #2 (Christians), then that person may want to stay single.

Because most people will say....

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22:06 Jul 08 2015
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So I just finished watching the last half of "Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story" which is a 2004 VH1 movie now airing on BET.

In the end the statement was heard:

"I believe we all live in a world of fear because, deep inside, we all want something better or something more loving and we're so afraid of not getting it. I know this because I have felt fear all my life. But today, I am the man in the mirror. I look at myself and I make the change. I make a choice and I choose that I will no longer give into fear. I will fight these charges. I will not settle. I will not give money to my accusers. I will take a stand and I will not be afraid. Because I realize that I am not alone. I realize that you are with me and you have shown me, again and again, that in the end, love is more powerful than fear. So today - I choose love. And I choose to believe in myself the way that you believe in me. So I say 'thank you'."

What I agree with is that humans do live in FEAR.

I loved Will Smith's Quote in the movie "After Earth" that went as follows:

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”

The reason we FEAR is because at one time something bad happened to someone or something and in life there is always the possibility that it can happen again to that same person or same thing or someone different or some thing different.

I'm not saying FEAR is ALL negative. There is a place for it. Fear allows us to be cautious and establish procedures to reduce the possibility of something negative happening again. However, FEAR should not be a crippling emotion. FEAR is something to be conquered while also respecting the danger of a thing or situation.

We must also lean the difference between FEAR and just plain STUPIDITY. Like jumping out of a plane without a parachute hoping that you are the 1% that will survive the impact because it's not the fall that kills you, but that sudden stop.




19:38 Jul 08 2015
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Me: My cordless phone had to be reset, but I think I hung up on someone. Was that you?

Her: No, Unless i ass dialed you.

Me: Nah, your ass wouldn't dial a guy my age because that would be a 'booty call'.




19:55 Jul 08 2015

By Jove! I think that's done it!



16:02 Jul 04 2015
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18:19 Jul 03 2015
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So this morning I woke up................

What? That should be enough to make your day.



19:46 Jul 03 2015

Same thing happen to me! And the world rejoiced as we both woke up!

20:23 Jul 03 2015

Dakotah I know many Female VR Members are happy you woke up today...One in particular, but I'm not mentioning her name. She'll probably put a hit out on me or something. LOL!

21:08 Jul 03 2015

... Is it me? It's me isn't it?...


21:09 Jul 03 2015


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