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17:19 Sep 29 2014
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So I told them both that the one major difference between them and me is that I have money coming in monthly for the rest of my life that supports my lifestyle of Leisure Living.

Then their mom told me it was time for her to put them down for a nap. ^_^




15:01 Sep 29 2014
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Well the weather has begun to change and get cooler. I slept with my window open last night. But then the sound of cars starting and driving away woke me up at 5 am. I was like why are people up so.....oh yeah, they have to work or go to school.

Good Morning Humans!!!




08:12 Sep 26 2014
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These are my thoughts and the feelings and emotions I experience at each stage of a relationship with the opposite sex. This is how I judge how I truly feel about that other person. I will then follow this up with a few notes.

** Like (Lust) **

- I find her enjoyable to be around.

- I find her favorable.

- I get pleasure from her in certain ways.

- I find we are in agreement on certain topics.

- I feel comfortable in her company.

- I feel some level of physical attraction toward her.

- I don't mind spending time with her.

- I may find myself with an increase in sexual thoughts andfantasies toward her.

- I just want to have sex with her out of pure lust without any commitment.

- I find I make more eye to body contact with her.

- I think of all the good she canoffer me.

- It’s not really too big of a deal ifI don't see her today, this week, this year or longer.

- I may go long periods of time not even thinking of her.

- I take note of what she has to bring to the table if she became more than just a friend.

- After having sex with her, I may or may not have sex with her again. If not, it doesn't bother me.

- She is in the 'Friend Zone' until further notice.

** Love (Comfort) **

- Love is not only an Emotion, but also a "Choice!".

- I feel things have been going so well between us that it contributed to our mutually bringing each other out of our 'Friend Zone'.

- She has become my 'Best Friend'.

- I feel she has chosen me out of all her other potential suitors.

- I accept her as she is.

- I've given her a level of trust more so than anyone else.

- I feel strong affection towards her as we have developed personal ties.

- I actively seek to learn more about her.

- I still want her and still feel a closeness to her after having sex with her.

- I feel affection for her based on admiration,benevolence (an act of kindness), or common interests.

- I feel enthusiasm for and devotion to her.

- I feel unselfish loyal and benevolent concernfor her welfare.

- I develop a sentimental and tender state that resulted from spending a lot of time with her and I began to long for a union with her.

- I find myself making more eye to eye contact with her.

- I find myself thinking of all the good I couldoffer her. What I can bring to the table.

- I began thinking of marriage, but withreservations as it pertains to accepting me, my past, my present and flaws and all.

- I find myself thinking of her more often.

- I find it highly annoying not seeing her for more than a week.

- I notice how she begins to include me into her activities and always checks to see what I have plans for.

- I find we enjoy each others company even when we have no plans at all to do anything.

- Although I miss her when she is not around, I don't feel too needy whenseparated from her, but I care about her and I don't want anything bad to happen toher.

- I cherish her, I go out of my way to be kind to her, I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with her, and I respect her.

- I find that we are compatible meaning we are able to exist together without conflict.

- From time to time I find my self flirting with her, invading her personal space, holding her hands, hugging her, kissing her, caressing her, and initiating sex.

** In Love (Passion & Possession) **

- I have developed a "Passion" for her and I hope she feels it and can see it in my actions toward her.

- Daily I find my self flirting with her, invading her personal space, holding her hands, hugging her often, kissing her often, caressing her, and initiating sex as often as I can.

- I feel a high level of "Possession". She is mine! She knows it, accepts it and advertises it and MOST importantly, she feels the same about me. There is a feeling that we "Belong" to each other.

- I find myself wanting to marry her without reservations.

- I feel emotionally secure with her. All walls are down.

- I feel she places me as the #1 Priority in her life.

- I develop the feeling I absolutely cannot bear to be without her on a daily basis while also giving her space to spend time with her girlfriends or just have some alone time.

- I feel she means everythingto me.

- I find I love her even on her worse days.

- No one from my past, present or future will become a priority over her. She is Priority #1.

- My total focus is ensuring she has an environment full of Serenity, Happiness, Love, Sex & Magick.

- I look at what "we" can achieve together.

- I continue to re-evaluate myself and how I am doing in the relationship as far as "showing" her how much I love and care for her.

- “In” Love.. means I'm IN it for the longrun, I'm not just sitting there I'm interacting to keep the relationship alive, I'm trying, my mind is IN it, my soul is IN it, and my body is IN it. That is why it’scalled “In love” I chose to take the dive!

- I'm smitten, infatuated, enamored, hooked, taken, head over heels with her.

- I am willing to share all I have with her.

- I'm willing to die for her so that she may live if that's what it takes.

- I try to spoil her.

- She has become the reason for every beat of my heart.

Note #1: The difference between "Love" and being "In Love" for me is the heightened "emotional" and "physical" feelings of "Passion" and "Possession".

Note #2: Have I married without being "In Love" with that person or knowing that person wasn't "In Love" with me? Yes!

Note #3: Have I had sex while only "Liking" that person? Yes!

Note #4: Do I let a person know where they fit in to my life and how I feel about them? Yes!

Note #5: Would I ever deceive a person as to how I feel about them just for my benefit? No!

Note #5: How many times have I ever been "In Love"? One (1) Time



15:12 Sep 29 2014

Found a typo...

 photo 1_zps684bbf0e.jpg


08:09 Sep 26 2014
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Why is there a need to utilize Cannabis, Alcohol, Caffeine and Tobacco?

Because people want to change their current Physical, Emotional or Spiritual state and they feel they need a form of chemical assistance to do so.

The problem is utilizing these products, just like any other chemical products, can all have negative effects if abused. Over indulgence in anything can produce negative results at some point. As the old saying goes....Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

When once asked by a Commanding Officer why I thought people consume these products, I stated because there is a "feeling" produced by using these products that people are not getting out of normal day to day living.

Sure, some people find Exercising, Meditating or having Sex is a way of producing that "feel good" feeling that most of us pursue in our lives, but yet not everyone chooses to participate in those activities.

I don't have an issue with whatever a person "legally" chooses to do to pursue a happier state that does not harm others or do self-harm in the process. Hey, it's their life.

However, I do get to choose whether to be around individuals who utilize those products as some of them can be harmful to one's health even as second hand.




08:45 Sep 23 2014
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My Tattoos consist of the following:

17 Bats

5 Crowns

5 Pentacles

3 Eyes of Ra

3 Dragons

3 Skulls

3 Moons

3 Swords

3 Spears

2 Warrior Angels

2 Phoenixes

2 Lions

2 King Sagittarius Centaurs

2 Queens

2 Hearts

2 Planets

2 Roses

2 Books

1 Diamond

1 Dragon

1 Devil Dog

1 Black Panther

1 Raven

1 Snake

1 Owl

1 Ninja

1 Warlock

1 Witch

1 Male Tribal Warrior

1 Female Tribal Warrior

1 Vampire Ankh Dagger

1 Ankh

1 Yin Yang Symbol

1 BDSM Symbol

1 Structure with Dome

1 Battle Ax

* Multiple Stars

* Multiple Tribal Lines




02:15 Sep 19 2014
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As the night approaches

I can Feel it just beneath my skin

I can See it dancing in the corners of my eyes

I Hear it scratching at the walls of my soul

I can Taste it and it tastes of Dragon's Blood

I can Smell It and it smells of Sex & Lust

It wants out!




20:20 Sep 18 2014
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I may not have all their albums, but I love Enigma...

 photo Capture2_zps730aaeec.jpg



22:23 Sep 18 2014

I LOVE them!!!

00:10 Sep 19 2014

You should check out Schiller. Kind of similar but different.


09:11 Sep 11 2014
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People Wonder What Causes Me To Become So Cold-Hearted...Well Wonder No More.

 photo Perv_zpse8bb0b89.jpg



12:47 Sep 11 2014

I love this .....

14:58 Sep 11 2014

I loves ya Mogy.

01:32 Sep 12 2014

So hard to trust people these days.

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