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Blessed Mothers

20:33 Jun 25 2021
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Blessed Mother Moon and Blessed Mother Night

I stand with you in your loving light

In the center of our circle I open up to you.

Blessed Higher Spirit Mother of my native american heritage

I feel your love and your wisdom

Like the beat of a drum of hearts racing along the mountain

I feel you in the sun on my face

Such warmth I embrace

Blessed Celtic Mother Danu

I open up to you

I feel your love and healing

I feel you thru the wind in my hair

You fill me with peace and light

Blessed Mothers of my enlightenment

I open up to you

Your wisdom flows thru me

I am here to serve you

with each step I take my ancestors walk with me

Each part of my soul from lives before

Are pieced together and free flowing

As this body cannot contain all of my soul

Blessed Mothers I ask of you this night

To protect from those with darkness and hate

May they find healing and peace

No negitive is allowed here

Fore I am a vessel of light and love

I walk to honor my Blessed Mothers

Our circle has become full circle

My place is known

I close the door to the past

As my heart has been released

From all that no longer serves my soul

I shall walk each day

To enlighten those on my path

I feel your blessing each day

I shall share those blessings every day

Along our way






20:06 Jun 20 2021
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Seriously? This behavior is low even for you. You are showing your true colors as to the true person that you are. You would think after a decade long friendship, you could just walk away , after all the things you have chosen to do. It's bad enough at the betrayal and the things you tried to do, but to lie and hate bash, and continue to try and cause drama.

It was bad enough that you tried to cause drama on my birthday, which I addressed and simply said if you want your profiles, just ask to be traded, pay the favor and move on with your life, but know you have to take this even further. On father's day of all days, you know how hard this day is for me, and that I still have hard days since my dad's death. This is a whole new low even for you.

I am realizing I really didn't know you at all. With your recent behavior , I can't even fathom what happened to the person I though I new? I would have handled this in a more private manor, but since you chose to post this publically, and again trying to cause issues on a day that it would hurt the worst, I am gonna address this here.

For starters I had chosen to keep my house name and structure off this website. But, since you have to drag it here, Let's address this here.

To begin, in none of this did you carry yourself as a elder of the community, Alot of members have been exiled for far less than all you have done. There is quite a list of things you have done, and any one would gain you exile. Yet, I let you walk away. The proper thing would have to ask permission from myself to leave the household that you took oaths to as well as to me, you couldn't be a adult much less be a elder . In not asking permission, and with all the things you did, you stripped yourself.

I could have brought it forth within the community, and you would be a exile right now. I didn't do that, as I had hope the person I thought you to be, could begin again with another household, and grow and learn.

I have several screenshots of all the lies and bashing of several elders in public forum since this began. Which that alone is subject to being a exile.

There is no need to have sent this message, as though I didn't have you exiled, I did however banish you from ever returning to my household, and my lineage. Your actions is why, this choice was made.

None of us have any interest in speaking with you. If you decide to go to the high ranking elders of the community, and they come to me with it, I will show them your behavior, just from your personal public posts. None of them would look to kind to any of that behavior in the community. Much less the rest you have done to me alone.

As far as those that are mine, if you harrass and bash them , don't expect them to turn the cheek as I have, and ignore your bullshit. If you stay away from us, we certainly will stay away from you.

Again, there was no reason for this today, I had already said if you want your profiles, make a trade, pay the favor and move on. There is no reason for us to have contact again.

You know there was still apart of me that felt sorry for you, after this today of all days. I feel nothing for you.

You will continue down the path of destruction no doubt, but you can look back on this post, and know I did try and give one last piece of advice so that you can continue and grow within the community.. Your actions, and yours alone will determine what happens from now.




Regarding Blinded Profiles

21:39 Jun 18 2021
Times Read: 454

Hi all hope everyone is having a great day. Yes I have been made aware of the journal entry and such. It really shows what type a personality you are waiting and trying to cause drama on my birthday.

I am addressing you here. Vendetta ? Really? That would require my having feelings or giving a fuck. Which I no longer have. You chose what you chose. You made the choices you have made

You took a fixable argument and lied and bashed and made a point to make me aware. You had already planned out your agenda of what you tried to do before you ever did it. It's fine. It hurt I grieved and now it's dead.

You could have asked to leave. You never did. You chose to behave childish. You chose to delete your profiles. So I blinded you.

Let's be clear not once did you ask for your profiles to be traded. There is no problem. Send the trade pay the favor and take your profiles and move on.

I have no issue with that as I really prefer you not to be around myself or covens. Per your actions and journals. You seem to prefer staying in my covens blinded as your hoping to cause issues or drama.

Not gonna happen. See I know you and the 1.0 version of you will never stop harassing me. I seem to be permanently under your all's skin.

So all the profiles you have blinded are in one of my covens away from your being a issue for anyone else. Doesn't matter to me if you choose to stay a favor whore and level out .Or if you send a trade for your profiles.

It's very easy and simple. Don't want to be in my coven. Send a trade and pay favor requested and move on your way.

I'm out with my family celebrating my birthday and father's day. So it may be next week when I log back in.

Hope everyone has a happy and blessed weekend



02:30 Jun 19 2021

Bruh that's fucking bloody stupid and low of that person to keep harassing you on you're birthday what the fuck man.


Birthday wishes πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸΎπŸ₯‚

17:14 Jun 17 2021
Times Read: 509

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It means alot that you all thought about me for my birthday.



17:53 Jun 17 2021


Regarding Latest drama

19:39 Jun 15 2021
Times Read: 578

Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Seems some here have me so deeply under their skin, they will never forget me lol.. Since school days I have never liked seeing anyone bullied. It's a childish honor less action to pick on someone smaller or weaker. It's also a whole new low to try to do so hiding behind a computer screen.

For those scratching their heads regarding yesterday. I choose to support a member here that was being bullied by the drama ho's constant M.O. With the downrathing and negative honor shit. Seriously, you have nothing better to do than be childish , hell haven't you got a actual life to live yet?

This member I will have her back, You take her honor, no problem, I will fix it, You downrate, no problem, I will raise her rating back up.. This member is finally standing up for herself, and you all can't stand it, She has a right to her thoughts and her feelings. She has the right to express herself, and enjoy the site just like everyone else.

To the comment my mood changes towards people.. It's very simple. If your nice to me, I will be nice to you, If your a envious cunt, well then I just ignore you..

I am at a point in my life that I have alot to do. I want to help those I can help. But, I am not gonna spend my time regarding someone whom plots against me, and sticks daggers in my back, sorry, not sorry, My time is needed somewhere else.

Also regarding the journal with the 2.0 version of the original drama ho... That profile wasn't me. I do have several profiles, If you would like a list of them, you may message me, and I will give you the list. It's too long to post anywhere.

To the member I have chosen to help.. " Keep your head up" " Don't be pulled down by their hate throwing" " Keep moving forward and do what makes you happy"

If someone can't be happy for your growth or changes, then they shouldn't be on your journey of enlightenment with you.



20:37 Jun 15 2021

Thanks Nikki you rock I will always stand by you no matter how there talking about you no matter the keyboard warriors have no life live it to the fullest is to short to worry about 53 blocks lol well then you have 90 blocks show them whos boss I would, block them all dave cat and wiccanmoon whatever her name is, Cat has been trying to get many profiles as she can to catch up to you but I doubt is ever gonna happen sad she is trying to be you but she can not, lol.

20:40 Jun 15 2021

I will always have this girls back shes been bullied too as well as me and Reapersoulmate over assumations


Summer Vibes

20:32 Jun 06 2021
Times Read: 633

Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well. I have been in the place of healing energies. Feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face. The sound of a flowing creek, and the peaceful feel of my ancestors. I am now back to a peaceful and happy balance.

Over the years some have had my cell number, some have not. To those that had my cell number, I wanted to let you know if you have sent any messages or anything in the last 10 months, I haven't had that cell number . I had to let it go for awhile, due to personal issues of being stalked. If you would like to get back in touch, you may message me here.

Many Blessings



21:26 Jun 06 2021

20:38 Jun 15 2021

Enjoy your summer you know were I am if you need a friend



21:24 Jun 03 2021
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01:25 Jun 04 2021

20:38 Jun 15 2021


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