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15:40 May 30 2024
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Had a conversation today with my daughter about the songs we love so much and why we tend to gravitate towards them .
Since I was 4 years old my favourite song has always been Torch by Soft Cell . I always loved the lyric's . I have always found the words and its sentiment very enchanting .
See him held in a deep deep spell he knows shes glowing
I can find within my mind a way to go
I can look deep into your light and shout
Hold me hold me
It’s a song that has its dark meaning but comes out into the light . A dark romantic song and I think even at an early age it showed me their was so much beauty in the darkness and made me look in other directions for songs and films and poetry .
I suppose in many ways Im trying to capture something from another time . When I write Im trying to bring forward something from places I visit and places I know well . It brings me a lot of pleasure and Im still trying to grow . Anything I do just comes from places I like to twist into a darkened shroud . And it’s just for fun . I keep the best stuff secret until I feel ready to let it out into the open . I have no idea when that will be as there is much more for me to explore and places I have yet to go . I have no if I will make it but the trying is what makes it worth while .
I feel a lot can be learned through songs . I have found Mylene Farmer to be a great source of inspiration as her music takes me through history and shows all sides of desire and love without the need to be cheap .
My daughter keeps on telling me that I just seem to have a thing for weird French music . I just see as broadening my horizon's and not staying in one lane .
I would say most of the music I enjoy comes from Germany France and the UK .
Im open minded and will give most things and listen and see what I can come away with .



03:28 May 31 2024



Number Six

02:25 May 24 2024
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Times became difficult in the southwest of England a small town located by woods filled with oak trees that lead to an 18th century farmhouse long abandoned but kept in trust to the English heritage society . A place that the locals stayed away from due to its horrific past .
Over the past five months 5 local children had been murdered their bodies found in a ritualistic style . The town had once been a druid settlement and child sacrifice was common place . A curfew had been called across the town and parents and teachers were doing everything to keep their children safe as the killer had not been caught and the police were at a loss as to who had committed these evil crimes .
A 10 year old boy named Danny was taken to school by his mother and instructed not to leave the school grounds until she returned for him at home time . Dannys father David was the police officer in charge of investigating the murders of the five children .
Over the past five months Danny had been displaying odd behaviour and had become withdrawn from the world around him . He had begun singing old nursery rhymes relentlessly and collecting oak leafs and acorns and would often be heard having conversations with someone who could not be seen . Danny began drawing strange pictures that his parents could not make out or understand .
Danny began spending time with a child therapist at school in an attempt to understand his strange behaviour .
Dannys teacher Miss Taylor became aware of Dannys conversations with what was deemed as imaginary friends . She became more unnerved by Danny as she would hear him singing Enny menny miny moe catch a child by its toe if the child cries whos to know you are number six .
Miss Taylor invited Dannys father into school to talk about Danny and her fears as she and David were good friends . She explained that the nursery rhyme was made up of Latin Welsh and Cornish words and was viewed as Celtic and the Druids used it to choose their child victims for sacrifice . She opened Danny's desk to show the oak leaves and acorns he was still collecting .
Dannys father tried to reassure her that Danny was too young to know anything about druids or ritual sacrifices .
Danny's therapist examined Dannys drawings carefully and noticed a recurring theme a person dressed in a black shroud walking by the Oak tress and carrying what looked like a stick . There were also drawings of seven children stood by a football net looking up at the moon . The therapist knew a lot about the towns history and decided to speak with Dannys father about the drawings in the hopes it might shed light on the murders and could help catch the killer .
The therapist spoke of the Druids and their macabre practices but moved on to the 18th century and asked if he knew about a man called James Sutherland . All David knew was that he was wealthy land owner and highway man who lived in the old farm house and the belief was he was hung in the woods for his crimes . The therapist told David that James Sutherland was a Satanist and practiced every kind of evil known and was responsible for countless murders and disappearances of children . He was never caught and did not face justice for his crimes and no one knows what happened to him and no recorded evidence that he died . And rumours spoke of vampirism and the possibility that Sutherland may still walk the earth in vampiric form .
David laughed at the notion that any of this could be true . David and the therapist began to examine Dannys drawing's more carefully in the hopes of finding clues but they remained stumped by them .
Danny sat out in the playground singing his rhymes when he was greeted by the five children who had been murdered . Danny stopped singing as the children surrounded him . The children began to sing eeny menny miny moe and demanded he sing with them . Danny covered his ears and cried that he didn't want to do it . The children pointed at him and said “ number six Danny number six” Danny began shouting for the ghostly children to leave him alone until a little girl saw him and walked over to him and tried to comfort him . She could not see the ghostly children . Danny could see the children still pointing and calling out number six . Miss Taylor watched from the window and noticed how the little girl had gone from comforting Danny to becoming entranced and dreamy . She looked at the clock and noticed it was getting close to 3:30 and soon the dark would come . This made her fearful and she worried that Danny and the little girl could be the killers next victims .
Parents began to arrive to take their children home and Miss Taylor watched as Danny and the little girl walked together to meet their parents . She felt sure something evil was watching the children and was going to strike again . The therapist and David walked into the class room with Dannys drawings and asked her what she thought they could be showing . She gazed out the window and noted it looks like another full moon tonight . The therapist suddenly looked at the drawings and the realisation that the full moon was in the drawings and the seven children were not stood by a football net it was zebra crossing and Six children were being lead down the zebra crossing by Danny . David became annoyed that the therapist was suggesting that Danny was the killer the therapist told David that Danny is not the killer but he is the one taking the children to the killer and the shrouded figure is not holding a stick its a knife .
David could hardly believe his son was luring children to some monster to be killed . The killer had to be someone obsessed with the druids and legends of James Sutherland and had made Danny their assistant .
David called his wife only to hear her frantic voice telling him Danny had gone and had taken the little girl who had comforted him earlier . David called his officers and told them to get over to the woods and look for his son and the little girl as he believed Danny was taking her to the killer .
Miss Taylor went with David in his car up to the woods . Once they arrived David insisted Miss Taylor remain in the car and wait . Danny walked with the little girl through the woods singing eeny meeny miny moe and calling the number six as he picked up oak leafs and handed them to the little girl . The little girl was still in a dreamy state and covering herself in the oak leafs Danny handed her . David called out to Danny but Danny ignored his father’s calls . Soon the children stood before the shrouded figure . As the Danny pulled the little girl over to the figure he uttered the words number six . David suddenly caught sight of the children and screamed out for his officers and the little girl suddenly came out of her dreamy trance like state . David ordered the children to get away from the figure and run. The little girl ran to the safety of the police officers but Danny ran towards his father’s car .
David bravely confronted the shrouded figure and demanded to know who they are . The figure revealed his face David stepped back in horror as he saw burning red eyes and sharp fangs . David could hardly believe what he was seeing but before he had a chance to speak the shrouded figure plunged a ceremonial knife in to his heart and spoke the words “I have got my number six “ .
Danny made it to his father's car only to find Miss Taylor with her throat ripped out . Danny stepped back and turned to find the Shrouded figure stood behind him . Danny asked the figure are they all dead now ? The figure held out his hand to Danny and told him yes and he done very well and it was time for them to go . Danny held the shrouded figures hand and began to walk away . The figure told Danny he had a new rhyme for him except a name change was needed . The figure began to sing
See Saw Margery Daw Danny Shall Have A New Master Danny Shall Have A Penny A Day Because He Can't Work Any Faster . And Danny spoke the words “Im number six “ The two walked together hand in hand towards James Sutherlands old farm house leaving a trail of acorns and Oak leafs behind and vanishing into the thick mist closely followed by the five ghostly children .



03:34 May 24 2024

wow almost like storm of the century by Stephen king excellent



21:33 May 21 2024
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The pictures towns of the home counties in England bring you to a quiet town in the south of England . A beautiful row of modern and victorian cottages reside on cherry blossom close . Amongst these beautiful houses is a small and run down old cottage where Albert Arkwright resides . Albert worked in a charity shop that was located next to the local tip . Albert devoted his time to rescuing abandoned dogs and cats and mending broken toys that had been dumped at the tip .
Albert was a kind old man who would give the mended toys away to the local children and the animal's he rescued he would nurse back to health and find them forever homes .
Albert had lived alone since the passing of his wife Emily . Albert would often use ouija board to communicate with his late wife . In spite of Alberts kind heart he had to cope with unkindness from a man who lived opposite him .
Elliott Jones lived with his husband Stuart and the couples home was height of luxury . Stuart found Albert to be a sweet kind old man and bared him no ill will unlike his husband Elliott . Elliott would often complain to the council about Alberts unsightly home and had often tried to have animal control remove Alberts beloved pets removed .
Elliott would often refer to Albert as a scruffy old beggar who should be put into an old peoples home and have his eyesore of a cottage demolished so a more luxury home could be put in its place . Stuart often became frustrated at Elliotts unkind behaviour and often begged him to just let Albert be . Elliott would often watch in disgust at the children who would call at Alberts home and would leave with armfuls of toys that Albert had so lovingly restored . Elliott would complain that the toys were just rubbish that Albert had fished out of skips next to his charity shop . Stuart would often say how he thought it was nice that Albert was recycling the toys and making so many children happy but Elliott was a greedy snob and had recently found out that Alberts cottage sat on a valuable piece of land and Elliott wanted that land so he could build a new property and make himself a small fortune but how to do it ?
Elliott devised a plan to turn the neighbourhood against poor Albert . He started by calling the police anonymously and telling them Albert was running a puppy farm and stealing the dogs from the towns people . Animal control turned up and removed all the dogs and the cats including Alberts favourite pup Jamie who had been a gift from Alberts wife shortly before she died .
His next step was to worry the neighbour children's parents by convincing them that Albert was a child molester . This soon caught the attention of Alberts employer at the charity shop and Albert lost his job .
Poor Albert could not understand what he had done wrong to make everyone hate him and he was completely consumed by worry for the animals he had taken in and heartache from losing little Jamie . Albert walked down his street alone and tearful to arrive at his home and see his front lawn covered in the toys he had given the children .
Alberts eyes filled with tears and he slowly walked into his lonely cottage . Albert took out his ouija board and attempted to contact his wife for help . As he began making contact tiny tapping noises made their way into his front room . A delighted Albert called out to his wife that their little Jamie had returned to them. Albert continued with his seance and his wife spelled out that danger and imminent death were near by and Elliott would be responsible . Things gradually became worse for Albert as he began receiving poison pen letters from Elliott and other neighbour's that had been convinced by Elliott that Albert was some kind of predator . And little Jamie was once again removed from Alberts care . Albert could no longer stand being the centre of everyone’s hate and Albert took his own life .
The following day Stuart watched from his window the ambulance crew removing poor Alberts body from the cottage . Stuart felt so much heartache and anger towards Elliott for his heartless actions . Elliott was completely unmoved by Alberts suicide and delighted in the fact that he could now get the cottage knocked down and build his luxury home on the land .
Stuart grabbed his briefcase and car keys and attempted to leave for his work . Elliott reminded Stuart that it was valentines day and they should celebrate when he returned home from work . Stuart told Elliott that he now doubted that Elliott even had a heart and he was in no mood to celebrate anything . Stuart stormed out of the house and drove off to work leaving Elliott alone .
As the day passed and evening arrived Elliott was still only interested in building on the site of Alberts cottage . Elliott believed Stuart would soon forget recent events and come to see Elliott had done the right thing in getting rid of Albert . Elliott soon became aware of the noise of dogs barking and howling outside of his house . Elliott opened his curtain's to see a large pack of dogs staring at him and snarling . Elliott soon noticed dirty foot prints around his living room floor . Elliott followed the foot prints to suddenly end up in pitch darkness . In the far corner of the room he could just see a figure hunched up in the corner . Elliott noticed a flame of light coming from the figure and he watched in horror as the figure stood up and revealed its self to be the corpse of Albert .
Alberts eyes had become wide and black and his skin was grey . Albert slowly walked up to Elliott and pointing a long bony finger at him and opened up his mouth to shout the words
Albert pulled out a blade and stabbed Elliott over and over again until Elliott's blood splattered body lay draped over the coffee table . Albert leaned over Elliotts dead body and proceeded to remove Elliotts heart .
A little while later Stuart returned home with the intention of ending his relationship with Elliott only to find dirty footprints leading to the leading to the living room . Stuart followed the foot prints and turned on the living room light to a scene of horror . Elliotts body covered in blood and note pinned to his chest . Stuart with his hand over his mouth reached for the note and he quickly grabbed it and the note read
Stuart was about to reach for his phone when a figure in a dark shroud appeared in the corner of the room holding out its hand and showing Elliotts heart and the figure spoke .
“ you said he was heartless and now you can see you how right you were “the figure walked through the window to be greeted by the pack of angry dogs . The shrouded figure gave the dogs Elliott's heart to devour and slowly disappeared into thin air .
Stuart dropped to the floor in tears and was then to be comforted by the sudden appearance of Alberts beloved little dog Jamie . Stuart then heard Alberts voice echo through the room saying “ please have a heart and take care of him for me”
Stuart took the pup in his arms and nodded .



00:22 May 22 2024

once again amazing


Astral revenge

01:47 May 20 2024
Times Read: 383

In all four corners of London gangsters form many families . Each runs its own side and each has its leader .
Jack McLaren ran North London Finsbury Park . Amongst its cafes and busy shops and pleasant green spaces its underground leader was facing justice for the first time in his rotten life .
Jack was facing life behind bars for murder and for once he innocent . Jack was guilty of many crimes over his life time but not this specific crime . Jack had deepened on the loyalty of his best friend Dino and his wife Cindy as they had always stood by him and risked so much putting together false alibi's for him and visiting him whilst he awaited his trial .
Dino had put up quite a lot of his own money finding a lawyer who may be able to bribe so called witnesses to change their statements to the police . So far there had been no takers and a date for the trial was taking longer than expected . Jack could nothing but stare at four walls in anger and frustration . Jack knew he had been set up but by who ? So many underground faces across London would love to take him out of the scene and lay claim to his manor . Jacks anger was stirring up a darkness and long forgotten power .
As a child Jack used to fall into a sleep so powerful he could leave his body and walk in astral form . Jack used this power as a useful tool to gain the things he wanted and often set others up for a fall or scare those who would mock him . But as Jack grew older he lost his ability to astral travel . Jack mad up for this useful skill by becoming a hardened criminal and obtaining wealth and power amongst the London under world .
Now facing the hell of being locked up in a Victorian fortress for the rest of his life Jack's anger was forcing him into deep dark sleeps that were igniting his ability to astral travel . Every night at lights out Jack began to practice his power and gradually found his astral power and left his body to wander the prison . As he grew more confident he left the prison in astral form and wandered the streets of London .
A date had been set for Jacks trial and only Dino visited . Coming with the news that Cindy had become ill and had been advised to remain at home . Jack loved his wife very much and decided to set his mind to rest he would astral travel and make his way back home to check on his wife .
Once the prison was dark and silent Jack went into a deep sleep and released himself from the confines of his body . Leaving the prison and making his way back to the security and love of his grand Docklands flat . On entering the house he found Cindy and Dino in the bedroom celebrating Jacks impending fate . Their plan had worked and soon Jack would be sentenced to life in prison and Cindy could finally divorce Jack and claim his entire fortune and marry Dino . Jack filled with rage at his wife and best friend’s betrayal . Jack waited for Dino to leave the bedroom and make his way to the living room . Jack watched Dino in disgust and a fury that would make the flames of hell burn bright enough for all to see .
Dino stood admiring himself in the mirror so pleased with his grubby little plan to remove Jack from his Manor and amass that was once all his and taking his wife into the bargain . Jack reached for a heavy glass ashtray and stood behind Dino . For a brief moment Jack was visible in the mirror and Dino stepped back quickly in shock only to receive a violent blow to the head . Dino fell to the floor and watched in horror as an invisible force brought down the heavy piece of glass down to meet his skull . Blows hit Dinos head with such force splattering blood across the white washed walls until Dino lay motionless on the floor . Jack dropped the instrument of his vengeance beside his treacherous former friend and waited for Cindy to enter the room .
Cindy finally came to the room to find her lover bludgeoned to death and before she could reach for the phone to call for help she caught Jacks reflection in the mirror . Looking around the room to see nobody there and looking back to the mirror to see Jacks angered face . Jack grabbed a lamp from a table and ripped out the cord and wrapping it around Cindy's neck and pulling it tight and forcing her to drop to the floor . Jack wrapped the cord tighter around her neck and choking the life out of her . Cindy tried in vein to make this invisible force release her from its tight grip . This just made Jack pull tighter . Cindy dropped to the floor and Jack kicked her lifeless body and left the lamp cord around her neck . Jack began his return to the prison . He made his way back to his cell only to find his body was not there .
Jack soon felt a strange cold sensation and he heard to prison guards talking about how they had sprung a search on all inmates on Jacks landing . As Jack had left his body the prison guards believed Jack had died and sent his body to the mortuary .
Jack began to slowly disappear and in spite of pleas to be heard by the prison guards he disappeared and returned to his body . He was now trapped in an ice cold prison in a locked up mortuary with no one around to hear his cries for help. Jack was completely trapped and damned to freeze to death in the steel ice box .
A figure in a black shroud stood outside of the mortuary and smiled with delight as it listened to Jacks cries for help .



20:46 May 20 2024

I like this. I'm a macabre fellow but regardless of all that, i would read this


02:17 May 14 2024
Times Read: 600

Been thinking a lot about the stories I write . I tend to mostly write about vampires as it is my passion in life always has been since I was around 5 years old and I make no apologies for that .
I suppose with everything I have read and history and research and films I not seeing anything that comes across believable . If you believe it that will make it more frightening than if you don't believe it .
I want to make my character's believable and give the edge that will get under a persons skin and make them very afraid .
Sometimes I think I may have gone a little too far in order to create fear . If I can't create that fear Im wasting my time




Pourvu qu elles soient douces

02:42 May 13 2024
Times Read: 627

There is nothing lustful about your side ways gaze
Your mother spanked you too much
There is nothing perverse about your taste for the backhand
And your baby is not angry
Your kamasutra is about 100 years old
My god its out of fashion
The ultimate in this landscape
Its about loving both sides
Your majesty never move
Forever Im your only class
Everything has a price to pay
You make ohs and ahs behind your work
Standing up and back without losing courage
Strip away your obsessions
You insist on not giving a damn about everything
But as long as they are soft
Of a poet you only have the moon in mind
From my curves you are K.O.
Of an aesthete you only kept a stupid look
Everything is beautiful if seen from behind
No need to apologise
Never stop inspiring yourself
I make ah ohs never tire of me
For love of the weird and strange
Shouldn't youth be spent ? Whats the point of hustling
Muse or muse my desire from behind

Mylene Farmer



04:13 May 13 2024



The MadMan

03:12 May 05 2024
Times Read: 711

The start of my life when I look back was too good to be true . I was born in Liverpool and I was eldest child to a wealthy family . I had a good relationship with both of my parents . I was to have company from 6 younger siblings . My mother died in childbirth and the child died as well . This was the beginning of the end in regards to a happy childhood for me .
My father became a violent alcoholic bully and I was on the receiving end of his violence . I suffered so many beatings over the least thing from my father . As I grew into my early teenage years I began learning to fight and my families male servants taught me how to gamble and the skill of being able to hold my ale and spirits .
I was growing tall and my constant fighting had helped me build up my muscles and I something of a giant by the time I was 16 . My father spent years gambling and drinking away my family's fortunes and one night my father tried to attack me in front of my younger siblings and the servants . That night I showed my father just how much I had changed and I was no longer the same scared little boy he enjoyed beating and humiliating . I beat my farther so hard that he never went near my younger siblings again . He was to afraid of what I would do to him if I ever found out he had hurt them again .
To make money I often took part in illegal bareknuckle fights in the city . I was gaining a reputation around Liverpool and men from all over the city were signing up to see if they could take me down . Nobody came close and I remained undefeated . The money I earned didn't get me much as it was being used to take of my family and keep away my fathers creditors . It was all starting to get on my nerves and yearned for something more . I had no intentions of stopping with the fighting as this was something I enjoyed far to much to stop . I wanted out of the family and away from Liverpool . As it happens I didn't have to wait too long for my freedom .
My father lost us everything and I received word that the bailiffs were on their way to take what was left from our estate . I let all the servants go and my younger siblings were happily taken off my hands by my late mother’s family . I was finally glad to be rid of the little perishers . I made my way back to my house and set up a little surprise in the form of barrels of gunpowder for the bailiff's. I found my father preparing to hang himself from a wooden beam near where I had put the gun powder . This was manna from heaven as far as I was concerned . The old fool was finally doing the decent thing and doing away with himself . I always knew he wasn't a real man he was a filthy coward .
I walked over to him and asked him if he wanted to die . I didn't give him the chance I just kicked the stool out from under his feet and looked into his eyes as they turned from milky white to completely bloodshot . I smiled as his legs trashed about until his lifeless body just swinged from left to right and the body was still . The bailiffs showed up within minutes after my father’s self murder . I grabbed a lit lamp and waited for them to get near the barrels of gunpowder . I threw the lit lamp in their path and made my escape . I climbed on my horse and watched my once happy home burn . I rode off into the city and made my way over to the mersey and watched as a storm lit up the cold waters of the river mersey and turned my back on Liverpool forever for I was bound for London and in short I was free .
My journey to London gave me the chance to indulge in a little highway robbery to keep me in food and lodgings until I arrived in London . A life of violent crime suited me very well and I came to realise I had a love for violence . Fighting made me feel alive and I took great pleasure from being feared . My life in London gave me every vice that I enjoyed to the fullest .
I began the illegal fighting straight away and it was amusing that the powdered and wigs and ribbons men thought it would be so easy to take me on . One by one I took them down I even killed a few and discovered that taking human life could give me a sensation of absolute pleasure and wielded a certain amount of power .
I had my pick of the whores and I gained a fierce reputation with women as only the bravest and most experienced would ever get into my bed . The words no and stop never meant much to me and I loathed timid women . The kind of woman I wanted needed to be strong and unafraid of a man like me but in these times it was not a likely combination .
I continued to rob people on the streets and even broke into houses and took everything I wanted including the flesh of an unwilling woman . I gained a notorious reputation around London and I earned the nickname Madman as nobody ever wanted to come face to face with me . I could fight anyone and drink all under the table . Soon my reputation caught the attention of the justice of the peace .
I eventually caught and it took 10 men to bring me down and put me in the hands of Newgate prison . Whilst in Newgate I became acquainted with a Mr Richard Hallow . We shared a cell and he showed me no fear I liked him straight away and we became good friends . When I was brought before the judge I was sentenced to the gallows's and Richard was to be transported to the colonies . Whilst in court we both felt an uneasy presence and we noticed a very imposing looking gentleman watching us from the stalls . Once my sentence was passed I managed to get near enough to the judge and I spat in his face . Once Richard and I had no choice but to accept our fate . I wasn't going to let the hangmen's job be easy I was going to fight my way out of my hanging . I was going to make sure the world remembered the name Thomas Tralawny . As it happens that night Richard and I were set free . The imposing gentleman bought our freedom and took us away from London and set us up in his farmhouse . For the first time in a long time I was with a man who was equally as strong as me but he had something I had not come across before . He was a celebrant of the dark arts and encouraged my love of violence and crime . I was skeptical at first but Richard seemed to know about the dark arts as his life traveling the world with the pirates meant he had seen his fair share of spells and sorcery . We both learnt fast and we both enjoyed our new life of accepted sinful wickedness . Soon we were joined by another man from the gutters of Lancashire a Mr Charles Hammond . For me he wasn't much of a man . He never took any interest in women and during our satanic ceremonies his hands would often shake and the sight of a naked female offering made him screw up his face . He tried to make us believe he had a girl waiting in Dublin . Anyone with eyes in their head could see he was a molly and we knew who he desired . But to his credit he had a brutal side when it came to working the roads and he could shift fast . I could not see how our leader could make him his right hand man . It should of been me !
Soon things took a much darker turn and everything we were promised came with the promise of our souls but gave us the strength of a 100 men and longevity and the chance to suck on a crimson red flavour for nourishment . I had no barriers now and everyone was now fair game with no consequence's to face and its delicious .
For those of you that think your hard enough come seek me out as I have all the time in the world to wait for you if you dare

Thomas Tralawny 1779



17:44 May 05 2024

Once again amazing

23:20 May 05 2024



22:16 May 04 2024
Times Read: 735

My thoughts have turned to my home town this evening and the sad news of the passing of a much loved local character .
His name was George and he was a man with a disabilities . Nobody was really able to understand him when he spoke but we all acknowledged him and would regularly stop and greet him and chat with him .
He was well known for his kindness towards people and often helped out at the local bus station by carrying peoples bags and helping anyone he needed assistance . He looked after the towns gardens and was always at the armistice day parade and would always salute even though he was never able to serve in the armed force's . He never kept any of the money he was given for helping out around the town he gave it all away to local charities . Nobody ever had a bad word to say about him and the local council had a tree planted in the town centre to honour him which he regularly inspected .
I really do believe 100% that their are pure kind souls on this earth and George was one of them . I have no doubts that the whole of Grantham will be present for his funeral .
Dear George rest in peace 💐



22:18 May 04 2024

Sorry. A soul so pure becomes a star in the heavens to keep on shining

22:33 May 04 2024

Definitely 💫

00:02 May 05 2024

even though i don’t believe in god
i’ll wish “godspeed” to George’s soul, regardless

00:03 May 05 2024

I hope something good does exist where ever we all end up next 💫

00:54 May 05 2024

Hail the Traveler - His spirit lives on through your story and the memories of the town's people.


02:53 May 03 2024
Times Read: 772

Parts of the UK have voted in local elections yesterday and results are coming in and it’s worrying . The outcome will determine if we will have general election this year .
Im not a big fan of Rishi Sunak but I would much rather see him continue as PM than have Kier Starmer .
The UK has become a very dangerous and mentally unstable country . Our NHS is falling apart and people can not get access to treatment even if they are diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening condition's .
People are being treated badly for being disabled and for ageing .
Everything from gas electricity and water and food costs a fortune and most of us are running into huge amounts of debt .
Schools seem to be teaching children things that quite frankly they should not be taught in school .
London Birmingham Manchester and becoming so violent with knife crime adults are now scared of children as they have become zombie knife carrying monster's.
Our justice system is a joke and the victims are treated like the villains .
The UK is lawless and dangerous and a mess .
For me if it wasn't for my mum and daughter I would be selling my house and moving abroad with my dad .
It breaks my heart to see whats happening to the UK and it will get a lot worse before it gets better .



04:19 May 03 2024

Sending concern. Particularly cuz NYC sounds oddly like what you're describing. In fact it sounds the fucking same. My city is wounded. My people are afraid. I'm trying to help anyone I can. I'm even thinking about fleeing the country.

14:37 May 04 2024

Long live the King!

00:03 May 05 2024

godsave the king

00:04 May 05 2024

Believing in the Monarchy and the UK may not be possible soon

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