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Fuck You Russia

22:43 Feb 28 2022
Times Read: 295

Yes, this says it !





20:24 Feb 28 2022
Times Read: 307

Fuck Putin. He is a murderer. And those in this country who would support him...the GOPQ.... are truly pieces of shit

Maybe he should remember how Mussolini went...Shot by his own people..and then hung from a lamp post.



21:37 Feb 28 2022

Putin is crazy as Hitler was, don't think anyone would ever Condon the killing of innocent people in this Country.

The propaganda is dividing our Nation hun, we are Americans and should be proud to be.

What is it going to take to act like it another 9/11

I think both sides are corrupt and insane

The News Media is all their puppets, for the 1%

22:42 Feb 28 2022

As tp your first sentence.... elected GOP are advocating violence against the left... not to mention the pieces of shit on the right who speak of a civil war... I don't know what bullshit you are listening to but I suggest you take the blinders off.

23:27 Feb 28 2022


Ahh, hun your no fun anymore,

Political bullshit is not for everyone, I am not an any of that shit.

I am an American born and bred to respect others' views so that is what free speech is dear.

I am not someone who follows blindly life sheep nor do I have blinders on.

I believe in thinking for yourself, using your fucking brain, and respecting the people who fought and dead for our Country

02:56 Mar 06 2022

Anyone who fought for this country and then participated in the Jan 6, 2021 Insurrection/White Uprising hopefully will end up in Federal Prison..... and anyone who believes that Jan 6 is somehow justified was apparently asleep in civics class as well as American history.


Romney Blasts GOPers Who Spoke AT White Nationalism Conference

23:02 Feb 27 2022
Times Read: 327

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, Republican TODAY blasted Congresswoman Marjorie "Space Laser" Greene and Congressman Paul Gosar for appearing at and speaking at a White Nationalist conference. He said that anyone who would do that is missing a few I.Q. points.

Romney went on to call Vladimir Putin a murderer and evil and said that comments from his party and the media that supported Putin borders on treasonous.




C Pac Day 2

10:58 Feb 27 2022
Times Read: 339

There you go.....

lol... they really don't have much do they

let me know when a single person goes before a Federal Judge...raises their right hand and presents evidence of election fraud in 2020.... oh, that's right the ones charged so far have been Republicans who voted more than once for Mango.... check out earlier entries in this journal for those.....




Prejudices And Trump Supporters

23:02 Feb 26 2022
Times Read: 353

Yes, I know he didn't cite to the studies..... but it's something we all know.

Funny story, within the last week I managed to convince a Trump supporter that displaying the Confederate Flag in Public is a racist act. Especially when used by neo-Nazis, white supremacists , KKK etc..... He actually told me I convinced him of that....

Ok... go back to taking vacuous selfies.....




Russian Stooges in America

16:05 Feb 26 2022
Times Read: 367

This says it all...... I have said this repeatedly........




Trumpofsky In His Own Words

11:02 Feb 25 2022
Times Read: 384

Again, Mango is a traitor, a would be dictator who has decided ,along with his enablers, that democracy does not work and they desire to seize permanent power.




U.S. Supreme Court DENIES Mango Attempt to Prevent Docs From being Turned Over

10:56 Feb 24 2022
Times Read: 399

Note : 8-1 decision.. Only Clarence Thomas dissented. Seems Thomas thinks we need an authoritarian in this country. Did you know his wife, Virginia Thomas, is a member of several right wing organizations and had an informal role in advising Traitor Mango.

There has been a number pf writings pointing out these connections....

Anyway the Supremes adopted the opinion of the Appellate Court in FULL.




Eminen's Response to Rudy

10:04 Feb 23 2022
Times Read: 421

There and you have it....


Said far more eloquently than I ever could :)




Mango Praises Putin As a Genius

02:58 Feb 23 2022
Times Read: 424

Mango is a traitor.... pure and simple.... He is not a patriot...... Hopefully, he will be wearing orange soon.

Someone on here please tell me the last time that a former U.S. President described any foreign leader of an invading army as genius. Go ahead...

Enough is enough... all the GOPQ members who give kudos to Putin should be removed from office . They are traitors and should be treated as such.



00:32 Feb 24 2022

I am still amazed how it is that our country has become so Complacent to domestic terrorists, and how are they still given power in our government. I fear the future if this continues.


Another Federal Judge Slaps Mango and Company

14:05 Feb 19 2022
Times Read: 449

"plausible evidence of a conspiracy"

Oh, boy the civil suit can proceed against Mango and the pussy Proud Bois and Oath Keepers... lol..... in the end there will be paper judgments against the bois and oath keepers.... lol..... they will be receiving more education on how the civil court system works in addition to the criminal side... lol

Yo, wives run and get a divorce (some will) while you can... children better change your names .... lol




"Copius Evidence of Possible Financial Fraud"

14:25 Feb 18 2022
Times Read: 465

lol.... So February has been a bad month for Mango..... I doubt that the months ahead will be better. A N.Y. State Judge has reviewed thousands of pages of documents submitted by the A.G. of New York State and has determined that there exists "copius evidence of possible financial fraud"....

The family is a family of grifters..... they are thieves..... Mango raised them that way.... in the same way he was raised.

Now this is a civil case and not a criminal prosecution..... however, I point to the title of this entry..taken word for word from the order..... don't you think these documents are in the hands of the D.A. of Manhattan as well... which is conducting a criminal investigation.... not to mention the docs are in the hands of other agencies who can bring criminal charges..... so I'm left with these words from Mango himself.....

lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.... in my mind a fitting end for the most corrupt, inept, and stupid President in the history of this Country.




Putin's Allies

02:23 Feb 18 2022
Times Read: 482

Putin Allies are these crazy right wing media hosts and Republican senators and congressmen..... FUCKING think about this... Putin wants to restore the Russian Empire.... The Republicans are embracing authoritarian behavior in this country...they embrace book banning, they embrace voter suppression... they embrace white nationalism, they embrace banning gays, transgenders, non-binaries.... they want to execute people w/o trials or proof

perhaps they want the United States, Russia, China to control the world... and the hell with our Allies that we have had since WWII.

Crazy Ass, Jessee Watters of FOX tried to make a case for the United States to invade and control Canada.



03:22 Feb 18 2022

I completely agree with you, the world is going to shit. Well we are already there but it's just getting worse by the day.
It's so disgusting to see how all of our freedom that so many Men and women put their life on the line to fight for this country. Only to have it destroyed from within with all of these domestic terrorists. Its sad really, especially when not many seem to care anymore.


Oh, Oh

11:04 Feb 17 2022
Times Read: 499

lol..... as i said earlier in the week.... lol....

You folks do understand that when you state your assets are such and such or the value of a piece of property is such and such .... and then it turns out you intentionally lied... well , it could be a problem



16:12 Feb 17 2022

Lol I guess he thought the truth would just go away. Lmao


Hawley Hawking Insurrectionist Mugs

10:40 Feb 16 2022
Times Read: 513

The clip says it all..... made in America... lol made in China..... Note the St Louis Post Dispatch the largest newspaper in Missouri has recently said that Hawley is unfit for office.... previously in the days following Jan 6 Insurrection/White Uprising the same paper called on Hawley to resign.

As for Hawley promoting manhood... lol... and saying men should take the lead I wonder if Hawley's wife, also an attorney , has resigned from her 6 figure job at a large law firm? Might be tough to get by on Hawley's 174,500, with kids, house in Missouri, residence in D.C. .... etc

But to all you mugwumps in Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, and elsewhere get you Insurrectionist/White Uprising mug today !!!




Mango's Accounting Firm Runs For Cover

01:54 Feb 15 2022
Times Read: 528

LOL..... told you so.... this is the Trump Organization accounting firm running for cover... well it seems the Big 4 Accounting Firms will not represent the Trumps... now Mazier which is not a Big 4 will not..... oh boy maybe Turbo Tax will

Deustche Bank has kicked them to the curb to boot.....





Lindsay Has A Short Memory

22:56 Feb 12 2022
Times Read: 543

He goes from being concerned about Hilliary Clintons laptops being removed to what you just watched... His denial that he doesn't know anything about the law on the subject once again shows you what hypocrites the Republicans are...




Former Head of the RNC Bitch Slaps Them

12:00 Feb 11 2022
Times Read: 558

Michael Steele, Republican, or former Republican, former Lt Governor of Maryland, Former head of the Republican National Committee, bitch slaps the Republicans with the truth on Jan 6, 2021. He makes it clear they can't cover it up and it will not go away.

As a side note he is in favor of a 15/hour minimum wage and equal pay for women. You see not all Conservatives are batshit crazy.




McConnell Calls Jan. 6, 2021 A Violent Insurrection

01:34 Feb 09 2022
Times Read: 577

Yes Sir, Mitch McConnell called Jan 6, 2021 a violent insurrection whose purpose was to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after the certification.

YES............ for you inbreds that still are confused there it is.

More to come




This Is The GOPQs "Legitimate Political Discourse"

22:24 Feb 07 2022
Times Read: 587

Oh yeah, this was legitimate political discourse from individuals who don't even know the 3 branches of government established under The U.S. Constitution .

The good news is a lot of them will be in general population in Federal Prison. :)




Mango The Shredder

18:16 Feb 07 2022
Times Read: 595

You know, business people tear docs up, students tear docs up, a lot of people tear docs up. But Mango , was the President, albeit, the worst one we have ever had, and apparently it had been explained to him time and again he couldn't tear docs up. A little something called The Presidential Records Act.

I mean, WTF, the guy is a dullard.




Pence v Mango

10:19 Feb 07 2022
Times Read: 606

oh, and at the end did you catch the chant of the Insurrectionists of Jan 6 2021 "hang Mike Pence" , as they engaged in what the RNC calls legitimate political discourse?

I hope these traitors are beginning to realize that they will be convicted and sentenced to Federal Prison and placed in general population long before Nov 2024.......




Legitimate Political Discourse ??????

10:14 Feb 06 2022
Times Read: 620

So the focus is on Ryan Nichols.... in additional video released by the DOJ this week AFTER the Republican Congressional Conference called Jan 6, 2021 Legitimate Political Discourse, the above Ryan Nichols can be clearly seen and heard threatening to drag Congressmen and women through the Streets and Cut their heads off. He can also be heard telling other protestors to grab weapons.

This fat piece of shit was indicted on the following: Civil Disorder

Obstruction of an Official Proceeding

Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers Using a Dangerous Weapon

Theft of Government Property

Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon

Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon

Unlawful Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on Capitol Grounds or Buildings

Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building

Act of Physical Violence in the Capitol Grounds or Buildings

Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building

Here is the link to the article, which contains the recent video https://www.huffpost.com/entry/capitol-riot-jan-6-video-cut-their-head-off_n_61febf3be4b0f8a1b8451dd5

He wants a trial... give him a trial... then when he is convicted give him the max.





13:15 Feb 05 2022
Times Read: 634

1. So U.S. Senator Josh Hawley , Republican from Missouri, has been called "grossly unfit" for office by the St Louis Post Dispatch after Hawley said Biden was completely to blame for the crisis in the Ukraine. Seems Joshy forgot all about Mango cutting off aide to the Ukraine and overlooking the 650 million dollars in aide that the Biden admin has sent. The paper goes further and states that Hawley is ignorant and uninformed possibly because of the Republicans failure to read anything uncomfortable.


2. And still in Missouri, Republican Governor, Mike Parson, has stated earlier in the week that he would only nominate a State Health Director, who shared his Christian values. https://news.yahoo.com/missouri-governors-christian-values-statement-192906311.html

3. Yesterday the GOP Caucus censored Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for calling out Mango and sitting on the Jan. 6, 2021 Insurrection/White Uprising Committee. The Censure also stated that the January 6, 2021 was "legitimate political discourse" . This legitimate discourse left 5 dead, 30 million in damages ,over 700 arrested, 140 officers injured and SHIT SMEARED on the inside walls of The Capitol.


4. In 2020, across the Country the books that were the most challenged were ones dealing with black history and diversity.


5. Dustin Thompson a Jan 6, 2021 defendant wishes to subpoena Mango Mussolini to testify in his upcoming criminal trial.https://news.yahoo.com/jan-6-defendant-asks-subpoena-011636136.html

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Because Mango can't speak 4 sentences w/o 3 being a lie.

6. Some parents in Alabama are complaining that Black History Month is Critical Race Theory. To his credit Alabama School Superintendent , Eric Mackey, is pushing back and saying the parents DON'T UNDERSTAND. https://news.yahoo.com/alabama-parents-complaining-black-history-201811008.html

As I have said some of these parents are so fucking stupid .

7. Arizona Republican State house Leader, Rusty Bowers, has put the kabosh on the legislature being able to over ride the will of the voters. Seems it got to much even for him. Credit should be given to him.. and all those who wanted it to pass should be turned out of office


This is some of what is going on in your country.




Pence Says Trump Is WRONG

02:01 Feb 05 2022
Times Read: 651

So today Former V.P. Mike Pence has stated clearly for the cameras and the American people that he, Mike Pence , DID NOT have the right to overturn the election. That no one person has that right.

Finally took him over a year but he said it. Will it make a difference to Mango's inbred, followers? Probably not because they do not understand how the process works anyway. Remember on Jan 6,2021 the Insurrectionists constructed a gallows to hang Mike Pence.... THEY STILL think he had the right to overturn the election.

The U.S. Constitution does not give such a right.





14:33 Feb 03 2022
Times Read: 670

Texas is the result of the GOPQ crazy, misogynistic, racist policies that have shaped that state for years. They say their power grid is not dependent on being connected to the national power grid...... well , why did so many die last year? Why did U.S. senator Ted "Cancun" Cruz flee the state to Mexico?

Again, the GOPQ will bring this , banned books, white power speech, Nazi's in the streets, and more to you...




Out Come The Racists

00:25 Feb 03 2022
Times Read: 686

And the several Republican Senators mentioned here are truly pieces of shit... How can anyone belong to that Party? Oh, a number on here do.

And in a side note the Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis is looking to prohibit any teaching that would make whites uncomfortable.... Oh, did you hear about the Nazi's in broad daylight in Florida waving a flag with a swastika on it AND shouting anti Semitic slurs and the governor doesn't condemn it....

better wake the fuck up........




Mango Mussolini Wanted Voting Machines Seized

09:58 Feb 02 2022
Times Read: 700

This gets better and better, seems Mango approached the following; the DOJ, the Defense Department, The Dept of Homeland Security, and various State Governments , to see if they would seize all voting machines!!!!

The man is a nutcase. But you fuckers should follow him. Go for it!!

By all means, I hope you dullwits and inbreds drive to Atlanta, Manhattan, or DC loaded for bear and take to the streets as the investigations continue.....that way you can be removed from society for a few years.




Well Mango Confesses Again And Threatens Future Violence

11:42 Feb 01 2022
Times Read: 714

Mango has confessed yet again and is threatening violence against government agencies with the promise of pardons if he is re-elected. What a guy!

It must burn his racist ass to know he is being investigated by three prosecutorial agencies headed by people of color; A.G. of New York State, D.A. of Manhattan and the D.A. of Atlanta.... The one in Atlanta has a Special Grand Jury, authorized by judges, to conduct an inquiry into the election interference of 2020-2021

I have said time and again Mango does not like our form of government.... his statements over the weekend once again show that.



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