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GOPQ The Party of Cowards

12:06 Jul 31 2022
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Two Republicans on Women

09:57 Jul 29 2022
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Yep, here you go...... J.D. Vance the Republican nominee for Senate in Ohio says violence is no reason to divorce and the couple should stay together for the sake of the children..... right....... So the kids can grow up in a household filled with violence and go on to repeat it.... or perhaps one parent goes berserk one day and wipes out the family.... this is GOPQ family values

Birk in Minnesota apparently does not like the fact that women drive or have careers.... kinda like the Taliban

I have told you before that they will try to strip women of their right to vote.... they will try




Does Gaetz Have A Secret ?

09:47 Jul 27 2022
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21:37 Jul 29 2022

Why has he not been convicted yet? I remember one of his buds was cooperating with the feds about his young girl fetish, then poof.

01:20 Jul 30 2022

The one has cooperated... he has pled guilty to multiple felonies...... the girl in question is problematical.... as she started doing porn as soon as she turned 18 and I'm not sure how cooperative she has been.... but apparently the Feds are still investigating

04:34 Aug 02 2022

Thanks for the update. I just have not seen any. And, this shit should be done and settled by now. But the pot is overflowing.


Pence's Former Chief of Staff Nails Gaetz

13:46 Jul 26 2022
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lol..... oh, my




Heading Your Way

10:36 Jul 26 2022
Times Read: 234

Listen to the rhetoric..... trying to work them up

Greene calling for a white christian nation
Gaetz, and his woman hating comments
Desantis invocation of god and a call to battle... much like Mango on Jan 6, 2021.... he is just like Mango only smarter....

and all the others

better wake the fuck up... this is not going away..... vote early..... skip the intimidation that is coming

And near the end you see the guy asking when can they start killing dems.... I have mentioned him before.... but there is his face... I certainly hope the feds have I.D. him... yeah he should be under permanent surveillance




Desantis and Trump Supporters

12:04 Jul 24 2022
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There you go...... that is what is heading your way




Hawley Is A BITCH

14:25 Jul 23 2022
Times Read: 264

Former Capitol Hill Officer Fanone sums up Hawley. Remember Hawley, this skinny little turd who gave the clinched fist to the Insurrectionists to show he agreed with them.... Why a few minutes later was the bitch, Hawley running... note the reaction of the crowd in the hearing room.

Yeah, to those of you in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri and elsewhere never forget there is plenty of room in Federal Prison if you want to take up arms against this Country......




Schumer and McConnell Call The secretary of Defense on Jan 6

11:04 Jul 23 2022
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So here is the joint phone call from McConnell and Schumer on Jan 6 2021... you can hear the anger in McConnell's voice about the Insurrection..... and remember Mango did not place a similar call to the Acting Secretary of Defense... in fact Mango loved what was happening.....

Did you know that for 187 minutes there was no record of Mango's activities..... no photos of him were taken.... because he was sitting there watching the events unfold on FOX.......... gleeful... hoping Pence would be hung... hoping elected Senators and Congressmen would be harmed......

Mango truly is a piece of shit...... as are the insurrectionists.... as is anyone who supports Mango after all that has been revealed

Sorry, dumbasses you are not patriots...... you are traitors




Bannon The Bitch Is Guilty on Both Counts

10:32 Jul 23 2022
Times Read: 273

Ok.... this guy hadn't worked in the White House since 2017.... he ignored a subpoena... didn't appear at all ..... thumbed his nose..... indicted...... convicted of contempt.... two counts... minimum mandatory of 30 days on each count up to a year. Sentencing set for late October

Give him a year on each count and run it consecutive.. ... place his white racist ass in general population..... prison of choice Atlanta :) though that isn't likely




Another Convicted By a Jury

09:53 Jul 22 2022
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A Tennessee man and self-described "loudmouth," who filmed himself screaming "WE IN THIS B----" as he stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, had a difficult time explaining his actions this week to a jury.

Matthew Bledsoe, of Memphis, was convicted Thursday on a felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding as well as four misdemeanors, including entering or remaining in a restricted building and disorderly and disruptive conduct. Bledsoe, the seventh Jan. 6 defendant to face a jury trial, took the stand as a witness on Wednesday.

In closing statements Thursday, his lawyer, Jerry Ray Smith, argued that jurors should find him guilty of one misdemeanor offense, parading or picketing inside the Capitol, but not guilty on the other counts.

The trial unfolded as media attention at the federal courthouse in D.C. zeroed in on the contempt of Congress trial of Steve Bannon, a Trump ally and former White House strategist who refused to comply with a subpoena for documents and testimony from the House select committee investigating Jan. 6.

Bledsoe argued that he was unaware that Congress was certifying Joe Biden's 2020 election win when he stormed the Capitol. Despite having received updates from his wife and brother about congressional proceedings inside the Capitol on the day of the riot, he told jurors that he had no idea what lawmakers were doing. Former President Donald Trump’s speech at the Ellipse, which preceded the riot, also mentioned the electoral college certification process.

As he entered the Capitol through a door with broken glass panels, Bledsoe filmed himself saying, "Where are those pieces of s--- at." Alarms were blaring in the background of the video.

"Who were the pieces of s---?" Assistant U.S. Attorney Jamie Carter asked Bledsoe Wednesday. Bledsoe said he was "being a loudmouth," insisting he was not referring to lawmakers but rather the people whom he believed at the time had stolen an election.

Carter then showed an image that Bledsoe had reposted on social media that depicted members of Congress hunkered down inside the House amid the riot, with a caption suggesting that politicians should be scared.

Bledsoe said that it was "just something I reposted," and that he didn't have all the information at the time.

When prosecutors confronted him with a text he sent to his wife, saying it was "good" that someone planted bombs near the Capitol, Bledsoe said he really didn't mean "good." He also claimed he didn't really mean it when he wrote that he "stormed the Capitol."

Bledsoe also claimed he couldn't hear Capitol alarms blaring on Jan. 6, or in the video he had filmed, which was replayed for the jury.

Carter told the jury Thursday that Bledsoe seemed to have a selective memory about what happened on the day of the riot.

"Seems he didn't see the things that could hurt him in his case today," Carter said, encouraging jurors to take Bledsoe at his own words. "He meant what he said, he said what he meant."

"You do not 'storm' somewhere you have a right to be. I don't 'storm' my friend's house when I go over for dinner," Carter said. "He said he stormed the Capitol, and he meant it."

Bledsoe’s attorney, who had conceded that his client showed "extremely poor judgement" and was "not completely blameless" for his actions, argued the government failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bledsoe went in with the intent to obstruct an official proceeding.

When Bledsoe saw tear gas inside the rotunda, the “scales fell from his eyes” and he realized for the first time that he was not welcome at the Capitol, Smith said.

The FBI has arrested about 850 defendants in connection with the Jan. 6 attack. More than 300 defendants have pleaded guilty and over 200 have already been sentenced.

The first six insurrection defendants to face a jury trial — Guy Reffitt, Thomas Robertson, Dustin Thompson, Thomas Webster, Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, and Anthony Robert Williams — were convicted on every count they faced. Other defendants have been convicted by judges during bench trials, and just one defendant has been fully acquitted.


My take: The last paragraph says it all.... only one acquitted and that was on misdemeanors.

And after watching the prime time Jan 6 hearing last night and listening to the Secret Service transmissions I'm more convinced than ever that the Insurrectionists should have been fired on........ they were all traitors... I don't give a fuck about that fact less belief that the election was not fair.... I do not care that they thought they were following Mango's directions.... they are ALL traitors... fuck them..fuck their apologizes....




Another Traitor Turned In By Friends

09:42 Jul 22 2022
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By Chris capper Liebenthal — July 21, 2022
Oklahoman Dova Winegeart participated in the January 6, 2011 sedition riot at the Capitol. And like so many others who have been arrested and charged for their roles, she got turned in by her own friends because she didn't know enough not to pose for pictures and not to brag about it. She used a pole with a metal tip to take swings at the window of a door marked "House of Representatives, posed for pictures and shared them with her friends.

A newly unsealed criminal complaint alleges that Oklahoma woman Dova Winegeart took part in the January 6th Capitol riots -- and that the evidence needed to charge her with crimes was provided by her own friends.

Specifically, the complaint says that two of her friends acted as tipsters to the FBI by passing along incriminating photos that Winegeart had shared with them that showed her at the Capitol on January 6th.

Winegeart was even kind enough and foolish enough to provide investigators with a confession:

A third witness subsequently shared text messages with officials sent by Winegeart in the wake of the attack, including one in which she said that "had to stay in hotel after storm of capital (sic)" because "it got crazy" and "I did sh*t.”

She is facing charges of trespassing, disruption of official proceedings and using physical violence against a person or property in a restricted building.





Mango's Former Advisor Goes To Trial

00:34 Jul 19 2022
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But I Thought The Earth Was Only 5000 years Old!

10:50 Jul 13 2022
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Walker Is Dangerously Stupid

11:06 Jul 12 2022
Times Read: 337

Problem-plagued U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has presented an astounding argument for not enacting laws against air pollution: America’s “good air” will simply “decide” to go to China, he told supporters in Georgia.

A viral video clip of the speech by the Republican — who has been endorsed by Donald Trump — during a campaign stop in Hall County, Georgia, on Saturday, is making the rounds on Twitter and has triggering a tsunami of criticism. (Even Fox News conceded Walker’s mangled perspective “drew criticism.”)

“Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air, so when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move,” Walker explained. “So it moves over to our good air space. Then now we got to clean that back up,” he added.


So there you go.... as I have said before Walker is stupid.... and you do understand he wasn't joking when he said the above... the man is fucking stupid and he shouldn't be allowed near the Senate... reports are he is neck and neck with U.S. Senator Rafael Warnock.... you got 10 extra dollars send it to Warnock or your Dem of choice



11:29 Jul 12 2022

For real! Walker is crazy and full of hot air!


Pete Nails FOX News Guy

11:14 Jul 11 2022
Times Read: 350

Pete is very articulate.... and explains it so very well..... remember the protestors were outside and PEACEFUL. Close to 70% of the American public believe that a woman has a right to make her own decisions

My take: Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Barrett, Roberts, Alito, Roberts shouldn't have peace. Everyone should remember their actions..... They don't like the criticism.... then RESIGN




Ohio Lawmaker Wants Schools to Teach From The Nazi Viewpoint

22:42 Jul 09 2022
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Republicans really don't like to be called Nazis, but maybe if they'd stop dong Nazi sh*t, that wouldn't happen. State Rep. Sarah Fowler Arthur (R-Nazi) has devised a 'both sides' plan. All of this seems to stem from Republicans' obsession with Critical Race Theory. I'm speculating here, but their world does seem to revolve around CRT.

So, they've been banning books and forbidding educators from teaching about actual history. Speaking of actual history, Nazi-dominated student groups in 1933 carried out public burnings of books that they claimed were "un-German." Sound familiar?

Via The Jerusalem Post:

A Jewish lawmaker in Ohio is deriding legislation to restrict race education in the state's schools as the "draconian Holocaust censorship bill" after one of the bill's Republican sponsors suggested that it is appropriate to teach about the Holocaust from the perspective of the Nazis.

Fowler Arthur co-sponsored the controversial legislation and explained to a local news station why she believes that "divisive concepts" should be taught from multiple points of view.

"Maybe you're going to listen to the perspective of someone from Poland when they were undergoing similar displacement, or when they were being incorporated into the war and to some of these camps," she said.

"Or maybe you're listening to it from the perspective of a Jewish person that has gone through the tragedies that took place," she said, describing how a hypothetical lesson that complies with the law could unfold. "And maybe you'll listen to it from the perspective of a German soldier."

Unsurprisingly, Fowler Arthur mischaracterized how many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and why they were murdered.

"What we do not want is for someone to come in and say, 'Well, obviously the German government was right in saying that the Aryan race is superior to all other races, and therefore that they were acting rightly when they murdered hundreds of thousands of people for having a different color of skin,'" she said out loud.

Let's remember that there aren't two sides to the Holocaust. There is right and wrong, so I don't want to hear the Nazis' side of it since we already know it from reading history books. We shouldn't even really have to discuss this. I don't care about the Nazis' feelings. Germany doesn't want to hear about it, either. They've been through it and learned from the mistakes made in their country's past. And that is why learning about history is important.

Hey, let's both sides Ted Bundy's murders. How did the violent serial killer feel? Don't his feelings count, too? Good grief, Republicans are a**holes


My take: It's only a matter of time until Desantis in Florida and GOPQ elsewhere (actually it was floated in Texas) will want to teach the Nazi side. After all, they have banned books like the Nazi's , and the GOPQ is big on forced pregnancy.... and because the minimum wage is so low... shit it strikes me as forced labor to just buy food.

Oh, and for the record my belief is that ANYONE who supports the Nazis or WHITE NATIONALISM or WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM is simply a piece of shit..... fuck kinda like anyone who parades that fucking Confederate Flag around




Dr. On Scene Describes What He Saw

12:26 Jul 06 2022
Times Read: 392

unspeakable injuries, terrible, eviscerations.....

Fuck the GOPQ, Fuck Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas, Barrett, Roberts, Alito....

There is no excuse... no reason for weapons of war to be on the streets of this country




2nd Amendment

11:54 Jul 06 2022
Times Read: 393

2nd A

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What is the 2nd Amendment meaning?
In the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court held that the "Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home."

My take: The Constitution was written by white males, the majority of which were slave owners, who viewed women as second or third class citizens AND who wanted to make sure that every WHITE MALE had a MUSKET...

They did not envision the weapons of war on the streets of this Country. They did not forsee slaughters like Parkland, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Uvalde, Buffalo.... where in the cases of the elementary schools their little bodies were torn apart , in some cases identified by clothes or shoes...... you know those members of Congress and the Senate who bow to the NRA and wish to uplift white nationalism are absolutely against sane gun policy in this country.

Shotguns and pistols are better for home defense than an AR-15. You do not even have to be a great shot to wield a shotgun. Anyone coming through your front door would be unlikely to continue to gain entry after a blast from a .12 gauge.

These events are taking place weekly if not daily in this country... and it is only going to get worse.

We have more mass killings in this country than any other advanced nation on the planet. Recently Denmark had killings at a mall. This was their first mass shooting in about 7 years.... contrast that with what occurs here.




White Nationalist Says Handmaids Tale Is Coming

11:18 Jul 03 2022
Times Read: 425

Behold: James Vincent in the video answered that question for us.

By Conover Kennard — June 30, 2022
When the conservative-leaning Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling that guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion, most of us wondered how far they would take it. Like, for example, are they going after LGBTQ+ rights next? Well, Justice Clarence Thomas answered that question pretty quickly. Yes, nothing is off the table. And what about a woman's right to vote?

"Christian nationalism is on the rise, and people are thirsty for it," he said. "We are the Christian Taliban, and we will not stop until The Handmaid's Tale is a reality, and even worse than that to be honest."

The little feller went on to say that they are trying to roll back rights for women for 100 years. "It's only going to get worse for you," he added.

Conservative men like to make women suffer. It's what they do. It's as if they feel like less of a man if women have their rights. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I think a lot of them must have mommy issues. James should just go overseas and join the Taliban. Meanwhile, women, and friends of women, need to ensure that Republicans don't take the House or the Senate.

Vincent gins up racial fear by bringing up black-on-white crime, and he thinks it ought to be a crime to be gay. And ladies, I could be wrong, but I think he's single. Now's your chance!


Ok... when I copy these articles I do not copy the videos embedded. Nor does there seem a way to copy them unless I find them elsewhere.. So read the article and watch the 40 second video and see this turd burger.

But again, I told you what they wanted.... I actually had some white guy tell me they wish to roll it back to the 50s and 60s...... check your timeline and see what that means..... no voting rights act, blacks were redlined, segregation, women in the home and knocked up, gays in the closet, no birth control...... better wake the fuck up




10 Y/O Denied An Abortion In Ohio

11:01 Jul 03 2022
Times Read: 430

A 10-year-old girl just over six weeks pregnant had to travel to Indiana to obtain an abortion after he was denied the procedure in her home state of Ohio, the Indianapolis Star Tribune reported Saturday.

The appalling situation for the child rape victim will likely be repeated countless times now that the U.S. Supreme Court last month eradicated the half-century-old right to an abortion by reversing Roe v. Wade. States are now allowed to ban the procedure.

The girl was referred for an abortion on Monday, three days after the Roe decision, to Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Caitlin Bernard, she told the Indy Star. Bernard had been contacted by a colleague, a child abuse doctor in Ohio, who had determined that the girl was six weeks and three days pregnant, according to the newspaper.

The girl was soon en route to Bernard’s care. There were no other details about her situation.

Future sexual assault victims like the 10-year-old will likely soon no longer have the option to travel to Indiana for an abortion.

Indiana lawmakers are expected to further restrict or ban abortions. The Indiana General Assembly will convene in a special session July 25 when it will discuss changes to the law.

Until then, doctors are reporting a major increase in the number of out-of-state patients desperately seeking to terminate a pregnancy now that abortions are banned in their states.

It’s hard to imagine that in just a few short weeks we will have no ability to provide that care,” Bernard said.

Bernard could not immediately be reached for comment by HuffPost.

Ohio prohibits an abortion when so-called fetal cardiac activity begins, around six weeks. Several groups filed a lawsuit seeking to block the state law from taking effect on Wednesday. But an emergency stay of the abortion ban was rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court Friday, which means the ban can be upheld while the case is being reviewed, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Another 10-year-old who was raped and pregnant was also battling for an abortion recently — in Brazil. A judge tried to persuade her to carry her fetus to term. Couldn’t she stand to be pregnant “a little while longer?” Brazilian Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer asked her, The Washington Post reported.

When that didn’t work, Zimmer ordered that she be removed from her family and kept in a shelter to protect the fetus. The girl finally obtained an abortion late last month.


There you go......... and it's only the beginning..... I know it didn't really happen




Desantis Says Strict Separation of Church And State Is Incorrect

23:59 Jul 02 2022
Times Read: 446

A new civics training program for public school teachers in Florida says it is a “misconception” that “the founders desired strict separation of church and state,” the Washington Post reports.

Driving the news: That and other content in a state-sponsored training course has raised eyebrows among some who have participated and felt it was omitting unflattering information about the country's founders, pushing inaccuracies and centering religious ideas, per the Post.

The Constitution explicitly bars the government from “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Scholars interpret the passage to require a separation of church and state, per the Post.
In another example, the training states that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were against slavery, while omitting the fact that each owned enslaved people.
State of Play: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has decried what he has branded "indoctrination” in public education.

DeSantis has instituted new civics curriculum since taking office, and this summer is offering optional “civics bootcamps” on how teachers can implement it. Teachers who participate get paid.
What he's saying: “We’re unabashedly promoting civics and history that is accurate and that is not trying to push an ideological agenda,” DeSantis said at an event earlier this week, per the Post.

Students in Florida are “learning the real history, you’re learning the real facts,” he added.
The other side: Anna Fusco, who leads the Broward Teachers Union, said some teachers who attended the training sessions said they felt they were being directed to teach “only one side of history,” the Post reported.

“It was basically, it’s this way or no way, like there’s only one side to American history,” Fusco said, per the Post. “Then they kind of slipped in a Christian values piece, ignoring the fact that this country is made up of so many different cultures and religions.”


mmmm and here I thought I knew more history than the average person but Desantis has set me straight... NOT




Sources Confirm Hutchinson

14:10 Jul 02 2022
Times Read: 455

We shall see.... but I'm guessing the Jan 6 Committee already knows and has the receipts...... So go ahead and lie under oath.. don't forget that Secret Service Agents are law enforcement, according to Ken Starr who investigated Bill Clinton. An agent who lies should be prosecuted, fired, loss of pension etc




Another Traitor Convicted After Trial

02:08 Jul 02 2022
Times Read: 462

Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press
Fri, July 1, 2022 at 5:07 PM

A federal jury has convicted a Southgate man of storming the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection — a crime that involved him pushing past cops, posing by statues inside the building, smoking weed in the Rotunda and then bragging about it on Facebook.

"Was the proudest day of my life lol," Anthony Robert Williams wrote in a social media post obtained by the FBI. "Felt like the founding fathers were smiling down on us in that room, and I guarantee my dad and gramps, both vets, would be proud."

Williams is facing up to 20 years in federal prison when he is sentenced in September.

According to court records, Williams was among the first inside the U.S. Capitol during the attack, which occurred as Congress was trying to certify the presidential election results that declared Joe Biden the winner.

Williams was in the Capitol for about an hour and later discussed his success entering the building in a video, saying “desperate times call for desperate measures,” court records state. In another video taken outside the Capitol, records show, Williams discussed how he and others “'stormed” the Capitol and "pushed back the cops," stating: "We took this f------ building."

According to the Department of Justice, in the weeks leading to the attack, Williams posted on social media that he intended to travel to Washington to “storm the swamp.” He used hashtags such as #TRUMPWON, #MAGASteppin, #HOLDTHELINE and #NORETREAT NO SURRENDER,” court records show, and recorded videos of himself inside the Capitol.

Read the entire story here... https://news.yahoo.com/southgate-man-called-capitol-riot-164513196.html

Well another convicted after a trial . NEXT TRAITOR




Texas Paul on Klan Mom

16:13 Jul 01 2022
Times Read: 472

So Greene believes life begins at conception... so when they retake the House and Senate they will move to make abortion illegal an all the States..... yep they care more about a fetus than a 10 y/o in elementary school




3 Supremes Lied

10:55 Jul 01 2022
Times Read: 480

Michael Cohen is the former personal attorney for Mango.... Cohen went to prison for lying to Congress....

This is the exact same thing as Kavanaugh, Barrett, Gorsuch did.... you can look at the videos when they were asked about Roe. They also said it was established precedent...... Now their out maybe is that they avoided answering the question directly by saying it was established precedent but they sure misled poor confused Susan Collins from Maine



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