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Conway's Opinion

13:58 Jun 30 2022
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For those of you who do not know, George Conway, is a Republican or was... He is described as a conservative attorney...... He has no use for Mango Mussolini who he views as an authoritarian who does not believe in our form of government.

And for you mugwumps, who don't believe in our form of government.... well go read a book on it




Right Wing Washington Examiner Says Mango Unfit

10:59 Jun 30 2022
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New testimony from the most recent Jan. 6 committee hearing shows that former President Donald Trump is a “disgrace” who is “unfit to be anywhere near power ever again,” according to right-wing news website the Washington Examiner.

Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Mark Meadows while he was Trump’s White House chief of staff, gave jaw-dropping testimony Tuesday that indicated Trump knew his supporters were armed and potentially violent but encouraged them to help him overthrow the 2020 election anyway. She also testified that a Secret Service agent told her that Trump tried to grab the wheel of his armored limousine to turn back to the Capitol when the Secret Service informed him they’d be unable to take him there on Jan. 6.

The Examiner noted that Hutchinson, at 25, had already worked at the highest levels of Republican politics, and was “a conservative Trumpist true believer and a tremendously credible one at that.”

“What Hutchinson relayed was disturbing. She gave believable accounts of White House awareness that the planned Jan. 6 rally could turn violent. She repeated testimony that Trump not only knew that then-Vice President Mike Pence’s life had been credibly threatened that day but also that he was somewhere between uncaring and actually approving of Pence’s danger,” the site said, before going on to relay other shocking elements of Hutchinson’s testimony, including his episode in the presidential motorcade and his “fits of rage” throwing food at walls.

“Hutchinson’s testimony confirmed a damning portrayal of Trump as unstable, unmoored, and absolutely heedless of his sworn duty to effectuate a peaceful transition of presidential power,” the site concluded.

“Trump is a disgrace. Republicans have far better options to lead the party in 2024. No one should think otherwise, much less support him, ever again.”


My take: Well, it fucking took them long enough. In recent days hosts on FOX have stepped back from Mango too.




W.H. Aide Nails Mango

23:30 Jun 29 2022
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White House Aide Testifies

00:14 Jun 29 2022
Times Read: 389

Ok... she had years working in government... intern for Cruz at 18 and during 2020 a special assistant to Mango and for Meadows. Pics of her with the big shots..... she buried Mango today..... oh, the GOPQ will pass it off but make no mistake she described exactly how deranged he was as well as his desire for the armed insurrectionists to go to the capitol. and yeah he knew they were armed because they would not pass through the metal detectors the Secret Service had set up because they didn't want to surrender their weapons.

I watched her entire under oath testimony today...

and she confirms Meadows and Guiliani asked for pardons.......




Stern in His Own Words

15:27 Jun 28 2022
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A reminder, Mango lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016 yet became President. The last time a GOP candidate won the popular vote was Bush the younger in 2004, prior to that it was his daddy in 1988......




Stern Says He May Run For President

14:33 Jun 28 2022
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Radio icon Howard Stern said that last week’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade makes it more likely that he’ll run for president in 2024.

Stern, a longtime supporter of abortion rights, said he would set out to accomplish just two things.

“The problem with most presidents is they have too big of an agenda,” he said on his SiriusXM radio show on Monday, according to The Hill. “The only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again.”

He called out Donald Trump’s three Supreme Court justices for lying about accepting legal precedent during their confirmation hearings.

“It’s very hard to have a Supreme Court that’s openly lied,” he said, adding that it “undermines everything.”

He said the three were put onto the court by Trump, who lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by nearly 3 million votes.

A guy who lost the vote won the election,” he said. “How long can we keep electing people who lost the election?”

As a result, Stern vowed to end the Electoral College.

“I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: one vote, one person,” he said. “No more Electoral College. I’m getting rid of it.”

But he also vowed more immediate action to fix the Supreme Court.

“The other thing is, if I do run for president, and I’m not fucking around, I’m really thinking about it, because the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” Stern said.

Stern also said last year that he was considering running for president ― but only if Donald Trump was the Republican nominee.

“I’ll beat his ass,” he vowed.

Stern briefly toyed with running for governor in New York in the 1990s as a Libertarian but dropped out over financial disclosure rules.


Well, Howard is much richer now than he was in 1990..... and there is still financial disclosure. And the problem is the electoral college is enshrined in the Constitution as well as the little problem with the Supremes, and the number can be changed but it would take an act of congress........ not to mention he would probably have to run as an independent.......




FOX Host Kilmeade Says Mango Was Unhinged

10:57 Jun 28 2022
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By David — June 27, 2022
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade took a shot at former President Donald Trump for his "unhinged" lies about the 2020 presidential election.

While speaking about the Jan. 6 hearings, Kilmeade recalled his interactions with Trump following the last presidential election.

"The president was unhinged during that period," the Fox News host said. "I interviewed him at West Point and he was kind enough to give me a few minutes. I've never seen him so angry. That was in between the election and Jan. 6."

"As soon as we were done, he just stormed off," he continued. "And you know how long -- I've known him for 15 years or 20 years prior to him going to the White House. I've never seen him so angry."

Kilmeade added: "So he's convinced he was robbed. There's no doubt about it. But I have not seen any evidence and these are all incremental examples."


Two points here ... another Fox Host calling out Mango for being unhinged AND Kilmeade admitting that he has not seen ANY evidence of fraud




Liberal Redneck on the GOPQ Court

01:15 Jun 28 2022
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Connect the Dots

15:50 Jun 27 2022
Times Read: 439

mmmmm.... and I bet the Fed Grand Jury investigating Jan 6 knows this too.... oh well, maybe it's a nothing burger




Texas Paul on The Decision

12:25 Jun 26 2022
Times Read: 463

Did you hear what he said reference the comments to his wife..... keep your legs closed...... Now LISTEN UP and LISTEN UP GOOD... this had better make you take action.... I would suggest that all find out when early voting starts in your respective states and vote early..... why, because the day of the election there will be more intimidation than ever at the polls..... do not be surprised if women are challenged at the polls more than ever before.... because this is not going away....




They Hate White Educated Women Too

22:25 Jun 25 2022
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By John Amato — June 25, 2022
MAGA hardhat Charlie Kirk added to his list of the people he hates when he tweeted out his anger over women actually protesting against the illegitimate Supreme court ruling on Friday to overturn 49 years of Roe v Wade on religious grounds.

Notice who is marching in the streets: single, unmarried, mostly white, college educated “women”

Frankly it’s foolish to call conservatives racist—who we actually can’t stand are angry, liberal, white women.

Kirk, the anti-vax nobody until he offered his spine and soul to Trump claims that only "single, unmarried, mostly white, college educated “women” are marching in the streets against the outrageous ruling by Roberts' court.

Did Charlie have trouble dating white educated gals in the past?

Then Kirk somehow ties racism into his misogyny.

"Frankly it’s foolish to call conservatives racist—who we actually can’t stand are angry, liberal, white women," Kirk snarled.

Charlie, claiming you can't be racist because you hate smart white women is absurd.

The one thing he can do, and does do constantly, is hate multiple demographics equally.

Kirk now rolls up in his a ball of hate, educated white women (maybe single), the LGBTQAI community, and minorities together.

Hate has no limits.


As I told you within the last several weeks they do not want women going to college. They want women to be incubators.

Better wake the fuck up.....





14:55 Jun 25 2022
Times Read: 491

The young lady is absolutely correct...... I hope this goes nationwide.........




Roe v. Wade Overturned

15:32 Jun 24 2022
Times Read: 526

Roe v Wade overturned!!

Next up birth control, same sex marriage, as well as same sex sex cohabitation.

In Texas dresses are banned after 5th Grade.

The American Taliban has arrived.

Better wake the fuck up



15:34 Jun 24 2022

Oppression is as high is it ever has been in America


GOPQ Request Pardons

11:05 Jun 24 2022
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And there you go... the GOPQ requesting pardons for their crimes. Including Gaetz and Greene two members of the KKK caucus.....

I fucking told you so..... did the mugwumps who read this journal w/o signing on really think the Jan 6 Committee did not already have sworn testimony when they released Perry's name a couple of weeks ago. Remember Perry's response that it was all a lie. Where there you go

Remember you can view all of the sworn statements and videos at the Committee's web site.....

Gaetz..... please, please there have been so many women and daddy is only worth so many tens of millions so he can't pay them all off




Feds Raid Home Of Clarke

10:48 Jun 24 2022
Times Read: 535

Ok.. this guy was promoting the big lie so Mango would name him acting A.G. A number of senior DOJ officials threatened to resign en masse. Clarke even wrote a up a memo to be sent to a number of battleground states that stated the DOJ had evidence of fraud, which it did not. You see the guy take the 5th?? Mango once said that only the guilty take the 5th..... well, guess what???

A pre-dawn raid and this numb nuts is put out in the street in his P.J.s... as it fucking should be!

I remember a few years back when the Feds did a pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort another Mango crony..... end result he was convicted in Fed Court,went to prison, and Mango pardoned him.

What Clarke needs to remember is that Mango isn't in office and may not return to office..... mmmmm I haven't heard Desantis mention anything about pardoning any of these traitors should he run and be elected to the presidency

squeeze that low hanging fruit..... Ms Clarke get to a divorce lawyer before criminal defense attorneys take all your money




Kinzinger's Closing Today

02:05 Jun 24 2022
Times Read: 543

This sums it up......




GOPQ Fake Electors Served With Subpoenas By Feds

10:47 Jun 23 2022
Times Read: 557

lol... as I said squeeze the low hanging fruit..... I can see it now. Wife "honey, someone is at the door for you" Fake Elector... "who"
wife "the feds and they have a stack of papers in their hand"............... wife... "I told you not to do it"




FOX HOST Says It's Bad

12:08 Jun 22 2022
Times Read: 574

So even FOX is beginning to get the message that the Big Lie is a nothing burger......

Indict Guiliani, Eastman, Loudermilk, and the rest of the low hanging fruit... then squeeze them... hard




GA Secretary of State Testifies

09:57 Jun 22 2022
Times Read: 578

mmmm Mango doesn't seem to like numbers.... or the fact that uploading takes place at different times AFTER the polls close..... and Raffensberger tells it like it was Mango lost... HE DID NOT WIN

for you morons who believe in the lie that Mango won ..get therapy




AZ Speaker Testifies

09:48 Jun 22 2022
Times Read: 579

So this man detailed the pressure from Mango, yet, still would vote for him.... what a disconnect..... Mango is fucking unfit to be in government at any level




1st Plea For Threatening Election Official

23:13 Jun 20 2022
Times Read: 591

A Nebraska man has pleaded guilty to making death threats against Colorado’s top elections official in a what officials say is the first such plea obtained by a federal task force devoted to protecting elections workers across the U.S. who have been subject to increasing threats since the 2020 presidential election.

Travis Ford, 42, pleaded guilty in Denver federal court to sending threats to Secretary of State Jena Griswold on social media. Griswold is a national advocate for elections security who has received thousands of threats over her insistence that the 2020 election was secure and that former President Donald Trump's claims that it was stolen from him are false.

Thursday's plea was announced by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Colorado and was first reported by The Denver Gazette. Ford, a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, faces up to two years in prison when he is sentenced Oct. 6.

It's the first guilty plea obtained by the U.S. Justice Department's Election Threats Task Force, which was launched last year to investigate threats of violence against elections workers, the office said. FBI agents in Colorado and Nebraska investigated the case.

“Threats of violence against election officials are dangerous for people’s safety and dangerous for our democracy, and we will use every resource at our disposal to disrupt and investigate those threats and hold perpetrators accountable,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.

According to the announcement, Ford sent Griswold a series of threatening messages over Instagram in August. “Do you feel safe? You shouldn't,” one read. Another read: “Your security detail is far too thin and incompetent to protect you.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security this month renewed a threat advisory warning of possible violence, particularly for elections officials, workers and other targets by individuals or small groups motivated by conspiracy theories and “false and misleading narratives.”

Griswold, a Democrat, told Colorado lawmakers earlier this year that she and other elections officials have received thousands of threats that have prompted many local clerks to quit or take security training so they feel safe in their public service work.

The Legislature passed bills to enhance security for Griswold and other statewide office-holders and to add protections for all elections workers. Gov. Jared Polis has signed them into law.





Meanwhile in Florida

11:30 Jun 20 2022
Times Read: 607

The young men are black..... the area is Sanford, Florida.... The same place Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman.

Oh well, just another day in Ron Desantis' white Florida.....




Past few days in Texassss

11:14 Jun 20 2022
Times Read: 610

So where to begin..... the verbal attack on Cancun Ted I agree with......... John Cornyn was booed because of the negotiations on weak gun reform.... if I had my way all weapons of war and high capacity magazines would be banned for sale in this country..... and lastly the attack on Dan Crenshaw.... Crenshaw is an ex-Navy SEAL..... lost his eye in combat...... and the attacks on him for being a globalist I do not agree with or the mention of his support for red flag laws dealing with guns....

But the point is these Republicans will eat one another because their crazies are CRAZY

One other thing, over the weekend in Texas, The State GOP adopted the verbiage that "homosexuality is an abnormal choice"

mmmm.... well, I wonder if the confirmed bachelor of South Carolina, Lindsay Graham, will have anything to say




Nowhere to Run??

14:54 Jun 18 2022
Times Read: 622

Hopefully, the DOJ will grab the low hanging fruit.... then squeeze




Loudermilk Gave a Tour To Insurrectionist

11:38 Jun 18 2022
Times Read: 630

Well, Loudermilk denied, The Capitol Police cleared him and then additional video footage was released by the Jan 6 Committee, clearly showing the tour, what he took pics of and then the next day at the Insurrection. Clearly stating threats against Pelosi, Schmur, AOC. Oh, and the Committee has interviewed that piece of crap.... maybe his address will surface....

You see the Jan 6 Committee has a lot of evidence in their possession.... such as evidence of GOPQ Congress men and Women requesting pardons...... my guess is it will be revealed at these live hearings...... you know emails, text message etc.

And for those of you who actually believe the GOPQ claims that the emails and texts have been altered.... then the GOPQ Congressmen and Women should testify under oath that they didn't say such and such and such and such was altered.....of course, when it is shown (actually it already has) that the messages or video hasn't been tampered with well.... that would be perjury... A Felony

The noose is tightening....... kind of hard to be a member of Congress when you are incarcerated in the Joint

And on a personal note.... I see a few local rednecks...driving their trucks flying U.S. flags and Mango Flags..... I guess they are nervous about what is being said..... but you see they want Mango back because only Mango can turn this Country into a White Christian Nation.... and that is what they want..... YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT HOW THEY WOULD ATTEMPT THAT




Confederate Flag Guy Convicted

16:20 Jun 17 2022
Times Read: 641

So father and son are now convicted felons.... Federal Felons... they were also convicted on several misdemeanors after a bench trial.

Did you know that every defendant who has gone to trial , either jury or bench trial, HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY.... lol

oh, there are over 300 more trials to come... they are currently set well into next year....... including the ones involving The Proud Bois and The Oath Keepers.... lol.... I can't wait

Did you hear during the 3rd day of televised Jan6 Hearings that the F.B.I. had a confidential informant in the Proud Bois who communicated that the Proud Bois intended to kill V.P. Pence ....... that was in a Federal Court filing by the way

better wake the fuck up




A Clear And Present Danger

11:12 Jun 17 2022
Times Read: 643

So a retired U.S. court of Appeals Judge, considered a conservative stalwart, states that Mango and his ilk are a continuing clear and present danger to this country..... the problem is the mugwumps... the deplorables (yeah, I used that word) have absolutely NO CLUE as to who the Judge is..... nor do they have even a basic understanding of the framework of government.... they think the earth is flat, or maybe only 5000 years old, or that JFK and JFK Jr are alive, or that Jewish Space Lasers started the California wildfires, or that a child sex ring is run out of a New Jersey Pizza business, or that Mango is leading the fight against worldwide sex trafficking, and by the way WHERE IS THE CONCRETE EVIDENCE FOR ANY OF THAT??




No Historical or Legal Precedent For Alternative Electors

10:44 Jun 17 2022
Times Read: 644

And the DOJ should prosecute All of those fake electors ......




Texas Paul on Walker's L.E.O Claims

13:17 Jun 16 2022
Times Read: 651

Well, Walker is caught in more lies..

Donate to Raphael Warnock... Act Blue

According to polls they are tied... but it is early... but truly how stupid are the people who would vote for walker?




Mango Attorney Told To Get a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

12:19 Jun 15 2022
Times Read: 664

You go Liz....... today's hearing has been postponed.... it was on the DOJ's actions leading up to Jan 6,2021 and the actions of one Jeffrey Clark who reportedly told Mango he could prove fraud.... I wonder why it was postponed? mmmmmmm

When a Federal Judge says that Eastman and Mango actions probably constituted a violation of Federal criminal Law..... that is pretty strong language




States Not Helping Mothers and Kids

14:19 Jun 14 2022
Times Read: 671

If states insist on restricting reproductive rights, the least they could do is provide assistance for those parents and their new children.

But they aren’t really doing that.

HuffPost examine 23 states that are set to restrict or ban abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade this summer, as it seems poised to do. We looked at whether they offer benefits such as paid family leave, universal pre-K, tax credits aimed at helping families and medical assistance.

The 23 states generally did not score well. Three states ― Mississippi, South Dakota and Wyoming ― didn’t offer any of the seven benefits we examined. Louisiana, Oklahoma and West Virginia scored the best, with four benefits. In comparison, for example, California and New York ― both states with abortion protections on the books ― provide every single one of the benefits.

“In the absence of federal action, overturning Roe will be especially devastating in the states poised to ban abortion,” said Osub Ahmed, associate director of women’s health and rights at the Center for American Progress. “Most of these states have failed to develop policies or invest in programs that support mothers and their families, setting up women forced to continue a pregnancy for failure.”

In addition to the metrics examined by HuffPost, Ahmed noted that fewer 10 of these states require a minimum wage beyond the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

Paid Family Leave: Zero of the 23 states set to restrict abortion offer paid family leave. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t offer this benefit. While there is a federal law that provides up to 12 weeks off of work to have a baby, it is unpaid time. It also applies only to companies with 50 or more employees, and to employees who have been employed there for a full year.

Medicaid Expansion: The Medicaid program pays for about 4 in 10 births in the United States, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The Affordable Care Act dramatically expanded who qualifies for Medicaid coverage, bringing health insurance to more people. But 12 states did not accept the expansion ― including 10 that are set to restrict abortion rights.

Full Or Mostly Universal Pre-K: Five states in our group offer full or mostly universal pre-K ― a benefit available in just 11 states and the District of Columbia, according to the National Institute for Early Education Research. Those states serve at least 70% of their 4-year-old population or have committed to the goal of universal pre-K.

State Earned Income Tax Credit: The federal earned income tax credit provides low- and middle-income taxpayers a refundable credit based on income, marital status, number of children and other measurements. More than half of states also offer a state EITC, including nine of the 23 states set to restrict abortion. (Utah and Missouri are included in this list, although they won’t go into effect until 2023, according to the Urban Institute.)

State Child Tax Credit: The popular federal child tax credit provides tax relief to families based on their number of children. Only Oklahoma and Idaho offer a state child tax credit, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, although unlike the federal one, it is nonrefundable.

Pregnant Workers Protections: Nine states on this list have laws requiring some employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, such as transferring them to a different position that is less hazardous.

12-Month Medicaid Postpartum Extension: Federal law requires Medicaid coverage for pregnancy-related expenses up to 60 days postpartum. The Affordable Care Act also gave states the option to extend that coverage for up to 12 months. Ten states that plan to restrict abortion rights have, or are planning to, implement this extension.

Of course, the benefits here are just a small slice of what’s needed to help families ― and support is needed long after the children are babies and toddlers.

But right now, for many GOP politicians, the focus isn’t even on helping parents and babies.


ok... there is a chart in the article which i did not copy... As I've said before, yeah forced to have the kid... then you are fucked.. again




Not Even Close

10:59 Jun 14 2022
Times Read: 678

Ginsburg was the lead attorney in Bush v. Gore...... He is a conservative, a Republican.....

and says the election wasn't even close.... Mango lost




No Fraud And The Grift Continues

10:48 Jun 14 2022
Times Read: 679

Close competent advisors to Mango say no fraud..... yet, Mango continues to raise millions off of the lie ..... see the grift continues..

well day 3 of the public hearings are tomorrow.........




Former Trump Official: Trump Intended To Incite Insurrection

00:10 Jun 14 2022
Times Read: 688




Claims of Fraud Were Bullshit

23:47 Jun 13 2022
Times Read: 692

To bad this clip bleeps Barr when he uses that word. But did you catch him saying that if Mango truly believed the fraud claims he was detached from reality.




Watching 2nd Jan 6 Televised Hearing

17:12 Jun 13 2022
Times Read: 704

What have we learned?

1. On election night Rudy Guiliani was drunk and telling Mango to just declare he won.

2. Mango advisors told him not to declare victory because he hadn't won yet.

3. Bill Barr likes to use the word bullshit when speaking about Mango's belief in the fraud theories.

4. Bill Barr openly laughed at the movie Two Thousand Mules

5. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations found nothing credible in the movie Two Thousand Mules

6. A number of attorneys to the Mango campaign advised Mango there was no evidence of fraud

7. Bill Barr testified that if Mango really believes in all the fraud theories then he has lost contact with reality.

8. The Red Mirage is as follows ;on election day results often show Republicans ahead because of in person voting... however as the absentee votes are counted, and THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE COUNTED, the Republican lead diminishes and can be overcome.





AOC Slams Boebert

10:28 Jun 13 2022
Times Read: 710




Texas Paul On GOPQ Terrorists

11:44 Jun 12 2022
Times Read: 721

So there you go the traitor, Joe Biggs, who is sitting in the D.C. jail charged with seditious conspiracy seen with Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas. And the Proud Bois having 7 members of their group entrenched in the GOPQ steering committee in Miami-Dade....

its all hunky dory right? Well, I know that the F.B.I. is aware of the presence of the Bois in GOPQ activities in Miami Dade..... I'm sure there are a lot of local cops who are too...... Miami -Dade has a large number of law enforcement who are minorities... I hope they understand that the Bois do not like them even when they are smiling at them....




White Nationalists Busted

11:13 Jun 12 2022
Times Read: 729

So here you go..... white nationalists preparing to riot in order to disrupt a Pride Parade, or it's aftermath, in Idaho....... busted because one citizen saw something suspicious and made a phone call.... Well these dumb fucks will now have their names made public... hopefully it will make it's way back to their home areas and their employers..... and to the gyms where they work out... or where they shop etc.

At least none of them should be able to work in law enforcement or get a security clearance going forward... hopefully their wives will divorce them

yeah.... i want these dumb fucks to feel this for years to come

Yesterday ,I read where Pennsylvania has removed a roadside marker denoting a gay man.... the sign had only been up about a year...

you better wake the fuck up




A.O.C. Asks KKK Caucus If they Sought Pardons

14:28 Jun 11 2022
Times Read: 743

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tweeted at several of her Republican colleagues Friday, asking if they were among the members of Congress who allegedly sought pardons from former President Donald Trump’s administration after the January 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

“You and the KKK Caucus have been really quiet about it today,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), “and given how much y’all have to say I’m not sure why no one’s responding to this simple question.”

Ocasio-Cortez addressed similar tweets to Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who, along with Boebert, perpetuated conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump before hundreds of his supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year.

Boebert responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet Friday evening but did not answer her question about the pardon request.

“Ok Sandy, $5 a gallon gas, 3+ million illegals crossing our southern border, no baby formula, inflation higher than it’s been in both of our lifetimes, and this is what you want to talk about?” Boebert wrote.

As of Friday evening, Greene and Gaetz had not responded to Ocasio-Cortez.

On Thursday, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), vice chair of the House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection, alleged during a hearing on the riot that multiple House Republicans sought out pardons for “activities taken in connection with President Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

Cheney said the committee would provide proof that certain Republicans had done so. The only Republican she named on Thursday was Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), who denied the allegation.

“The notion that I ever sought a Presidential pardon for myself or other Members of Congress is an absolute, shameless, and soulless lie,” Perry tweeted Friday.





Mango Was Derelict

11:08 Jun 11 2022
Times Read: 752

Yep, derelict in his duty.... But of course this pales in comparison to the attempted coup




Jan 6, 2021- A Typical Tourist Day

10:34 Jun 10 2022
Times Read: 766

Here is the typical tourist day...... by people full of love..never has so much love been seen... forget about the one yelling white power at the beginning... and forget about the breaking of windows and doors... and forget about attacking The Capitol Hill Officers...... and forget about the confederate flags being a symbol of the white power movement..... full of love...full of love..... at least according to Mango Mussolini and GOPQ Congressmen and women




Watching The 1st Jan 6 Hearing

02:07 Jun 10 2022
Times Read: 779

Ok... I'm sitting here watching the first prime time hearing.... I'm watching the video from that day and I will say this again as I did on Jan 6, 2021 and shortly thereafter... the cops should have pulled their weapons and fired.....

The individuals who breached The Capitol at the urging of Mango Mussolini are traitors and all should be treated as such.

I was also struck by the statement of Liz Cheney who pointed out that the Committee has evidence of a number of sitting GOPQ Congressmen who requested pardons, after Jan 6, 2021 for themselves, from Mango before he left office. Otherwise, they were fucking involved.....

They should be prosecuted... the DOJ maybe investigating but they need to indict these sitting Congressmen who aided this Insurrection.




GOPQ Candidate for Governor Arrested

00:34 Jun 10 2022
Times Read: 783

Well according to his spokeswoman he has admitted to all the facts.... The Feds have video of his actions..... just another traitor arrested.

Oh,, and there wouldn't have been a good time.... you see his opponents from what I gather are rather weak in the polls.... imagine his winning the GOPQ primary and then being arrested...... they really would squeal then.

bottom line he was there... he admitted it........ maybe he will go to trial ..please.... because everyone who has gone to trial HAS BEEN CONVICTED




Former DOJ Prosecutor Says Charge Mango

10:58 Jun 09 2022
Times Read: 796

lock him up, lock him up




Ohio Man Pleads Guilty To Jan 6 Crime

23:12 Jun 08 2022
Times Read: 808

Stephen Michael Ayres, 39, admitted Wednesday to engaging in disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds on Jan. 6. He acknowledged that he had traveled from Ohio to Washington, D.C. in order to attend Donald Trump‘s so-called “Stop the Steal” rally, during which the former president told thousands of supporters to march to the Capitol to “demand” that Congress not certify Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral win.

Ayres did exactly that.

According to prosecutors, Ayres entered the Capitol through the Senate Wing doors at around 2:51 p.m., after a makeshift barricade set up by Capitol police had been breached by other rioters. He remained inside the building for around 10 minutes.

The next day, Ayres was featured in a video posted to YouTube in which he and two other people were talking about Jan. 6.

The video was labeled: “It was all Antifa breaking into the Capitol 1-6-2021.”

“It’s not over, trust me,” a man—not Ayres—on the video said. “The purpose of today was to expose [then-Vice President Mike Pence] as a traitor.”

“The American people are not going to let this slide, especially after today,” a woman on the video said.

“Yup,” Ayres responded, adding that “fake news” media would not accurately report on what happened at the Capitol, but that they had “seen it all” and gathered “footage all over the place on the Capitol.”

Top law enforcement officials have said that they “have not seen evidence” that members of Antifa—a decentralized collection of activists who hold what they describe as “antifascist” views—or “fake” supporters of the former president participated in the Jan. 6 riot.

Ayres had signaled his intentions prior to Jan. 6 in various Facebook posts.

“History is being made right in front of your eyes!” he wrote on Jan. 2, 2021. “When your grandchildren ask ‘Where were you when………..happened?’ What’s your answer going to be?”

Attached to that post was an image of a poster stating: “January 6th Washington, DC, the president is calling on us to come back to Washington on January 6th for a big protest – ‘Be there, will be wild.'”

In a post on Jan. 3, Ayres accused the news media, social media, Democrats, “FISA courts,” Chief Justice John Roberts, Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of “treason.”

“All are now put on notice by ‘We The People!'” he wrote.

Ayres was charged in February 2021 alongside Matthew Perna, who stormed the Capitol and stayed inside for about 20 minutes on Jan. 6, taking video on his cell phone and chanting with the crowd.

Perna pleaded guilty in December to obstruction of Congress, a felony technically punishable by up to 20 years in prison, and three related misdemeanor charges. He died by suicide in late February, weeks before he was set to be sentenced.

U.S. District Judge John Bates told Ayres that he knows that the situation is “extra difficult because of what happened to your co-defendant.”

“I express my condolences to you,” the judge, a George W. Bush appointee, added.

“Thank you, your honor,” Ayres said.

The disorderly conduct misdemeanor to which Ayres pleaded guilty carries a potential one-year jail sentence, but the plea agreement estimates a recommended range of 0-6 months based on Ayres lack of criminal history and the fact that he isn’t accused of engaging in physical violence.

Bates set Ayres’ sentencing for Sept. 13.


Note: So this piece of crap storms the Capitol and then tries to blame Antifa...... Fuck him , fuck his co-defendant....... and he only faces 0-6 months.......

Well..... NEXT




A Political Apartheid System Here!!

09:43 Jun 08 2022
Times Read: 821

By David — June 7, 2022
Former Attorney General Eric Holder warned on Monday that the United States is "slipping into" a "political apartheid system" because conservatives have greater influence than their numbers would suggest.

During an interview with Washington Post Live, Holder said he was concerned that gerrymandering allows politicians to pick their voters instead of voters making the choice.

"We are in danger of slipping into what I would call a political apartheid system, where a minority of the people in this country will have disproportionate amounts of power," Holder said, "and be able to put in place things that are not supported by the majority."

The former attorney general pointed to the expected loss of abortion rights as one example.

"The minority [of voters] will be represented by the majority that was put on the Supreme Court by two presidents who did not win the majority of the vote because of our Electoral College," Holder explained. "[Conservative justices] will have the ability to foist on the nation a policy with regards to reproductive rights that is not supported by the people of this country."

"A whole range of things where the American people are essentially together," he added. "And yet, we don't see our laws, our regulations, our policies reflected of what in a lot of places is consensus on the part of the American people."

The infamous apartheid policy of South Africa was used to give the country's white minority power over its non-white minority. The policy was denounced by countries around the world and was eventually overturned in the 1990s.

Note: Mango lost the popular vote twice. Polls suggest that 90 % of Americans want gun reform. Polls suggest that 66% of Americans are in in favor of a woman's right to choose..... Yet , a minority does not want either.






02:40 Jun 08 2022
Times Read: 829

A looming Supreme Court decision on abortion, an increase of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border and the midterm elections are potential triggers for extremist violence over the next six months, the Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday.

The U.S. was in a “heightened threat environment” already, and these factors may worsen the situation, DHS said in the latest National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin.

“In the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic as several high-profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets,” DHS said.

It’s the latest attempt by Homeland Security to draw attention to the threat posed by domestic violent extremism, a shift from alerts about international terrorism that were a hallmark of the agency following its creation after the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Indeed, the threats from overseas rate only passing mentions in this bulletin. It notes that al-Qaida supporters celebrated the January standoff at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. And it mentions that the Islamic State group called on supporters to carry out attacks in the United States to avenge the killings of the group’s leader and spokesman.

DHS also warns that China, Russia, Iran and other nations seek to foment divisions within the U.S. to weaken the country and its standing in the world. In part, they do this by amplifying conspiracy theories and false reports that proliferate in American society.

Domestic violent extremists, however, present the most pressing and potentially violent threat, the agency said, citing, for example, the racist attack in which a white gunman killed 10 Black people at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket in May.

The bulletin, which is scheduled to expire Nov. 30, said calls for violence by domestic extremists directed at democratic institutions, candidates and election workers will likely increase through the fall. It said that people in online forums have praised the mass shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and encouraged copycat attacks.

“The alert highlights the fact that society is becoming more violent every single day,” said Brian Harrell, a former assistant secretary at DHS. “Would-be criminals and domestic terrorists will always use the path of least resistance, and often times soft targets and crowded places are picked for this violence.”

A senior DHS official, speaking to reporters ahead of the release of the bulletin, said it describes the situation as “dynamic” because authorities are seeing a wider variety of people motivated by a broader range of grievances and incidents than in the past.

The upcoming decision from the Supreme Court, which could overturn Roe v. Wade, could lead to violence from either extremist supporters or opponents of abortion rights depending on the outcome, said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss some factors that went into the preparation of the bulletin.

Racial extremists may be motivated by immigration enforcement or whether the government continues to rely on Title 42, the public health order that has been used since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to prevent people from seeking asylum at the southwest border, DHS said.

The agency and the FBI are working with state and local law enforcement to raise awareness of the threat, and DHS has increased grant funding to local governments and religious organizations to improve security, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas said in a statement released with the bulletin.


Note: Did you catch the part about the domestic terrorists applauding the Uvalde Slaughter and they encourage like acts.....

These people are animals...... Just a suggestion... keep your eyes open.....




Texas Paul On Dr Oz

02:14 Jun 08 2022
Times Read: 830

In case you missed it, Oz is the GOPQ nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, a state that he is not registered to vote in......

Donate to John Fetterman the Democratic nominee.... this seat is in play




Abbott Governor of Texass

14:17 Jun 07 2022
Times Read: 839

And he says "it could have been worse" on the Uvalde mass slaughter of children as the local cops stood there and allowed it to happen




Stern Says Mango Needs Therapy

14:10 Jun 07 2022
Times Read: 840

Ok... for those who do not know Stern has known Mango for years. He has interviewed Mango on his show countless times.... As indicated Mango used to call him off the air....... Stern speaks of recognizing the signs... These are the same signs that Mary Trump, Mango's niece wrote about in her book. Mary has a P.H.D. in clinical psychology , so she knows the signs too. She has said her Uncle is not a stable person.




Proud Bois Charged With Seditious Conspiracy

23:23 Jun 06 2022
Times Read: 853

So Tarrio and some of the others have now been charged with the most serious of charges arising from Jan 6 2021.

read this from CNN

The Justice Department on Monday charged the head of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, and four other leaders with seditious conspiracy in the January 6 US Capitol attack, escalating the criminal case against the far-right extremist group.

These are the most aggressive charges brought by the Justice Department against the Proud Boys, and are the first allegations by prosecutors that the group tried to oppose by force the presidential transfer of power.
Tarrio and his co-defendants previously pleaded not guilty to an earlier slate of charges.
The new indictment adds fresh details about what Proud Boys leaders said on January 6, 2021. Prosecutors accuse the five defendants of working together to intimidate members of Congress and law enforcement and prompt them to flee, thereby preventing them from performing their official duties.
Prosecutors revealed Tarrio's text messages from January 6, where he appears to compare the attack on the US Capitol to "The Winter Palace" -- the home of the Russian emperor, which was stormed during the Russian Revolution in 1917. In the texts, Tarrio appears to comment on Congress being evacuated from the chambers, unable to certify the Electoral College vote.
An unnamed person texts Tarrio, "Dude. Did we just influence history?" prompting Tarrio to respond, "Let's first see how this plays out," before the Senate resumed certifying the presidential vote. The unnamed person writes back, "They HAVE to certify today! Or it's invalid."

The four men charged alongside Tarrio in the indictment are Ethan Nordean, the "sergeant at arms" of the Proud Boys and president of his local chapter; Joseph Biggs, a self-described organizer of Proud Boys events; Zachary Rehl, who runs the Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys; and Dominic Pezzola, a New York Proud Boy who goes by "Spaz."
All five were previously indicted on less serious conspiracy charges The defendants are set to be in court later this week.
Lawyers for Nordean, Rehl, Pezzola and Biggs have maintained in court that their clients had no plan when they walked to the Capitol on January 6, while Tarrio's lawyers have stressed that their client left Washington on January 5 after being arrested for burning a church's Black Lives Matter banner in December 2020.
These developments come after Charles Donohoe, a Proud Boy from North Carolina, pleaded guilty in April and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. He was not named in Monday's indictment.
The Justice Department has brought one other seditious conspiracy case, the gravest charge to emerge from the Capitol attack, against the leaders of the Oath Keepers, who are accused of extensively planning and preparing for violence on January 6. Prosecutors have already secured three guilty pleas to seditious conspiracy in that case.


Note that Charles Donohoe pled in April and has been cooperating..... I wonder if he has the inside scoop ...... And please note that three of the Oath Keepers, another treasonous group, have already pled guilty to seditious conspiracy and are probably cooperating..

Lock Them up for 20 years in general population.




If Men Got Pregnant

11:14 Jun 06 2022
Times Read: 864




Pastor Calls For Death For Gays

12:23 Jun 05 2022
Times Read: 885

So this comes from Texas.... big surprise isn't it?...... it's all over the South and these small churches led by barely literate men.

Jesus threw the money changers from the temple.... healed the sick...... fed the poor...... said turn the other cheek..... Jesus was/is a socialist.

Leviticus is in the old testament isn't it?

See they wish to go back in time to when the laws against homosexuality were enforced... oh, and so you get it no more anal for men and women either.....

always back in time.... back...back...back.... I need fucking theme music for that




Old Man Refuses To Say He's Not For Slavery

11:32 Jun 05 2022
Times Read: 890

And here you go................. they wish to turn back the clock as I have said before... not all... but many of them on various issues do.... and all those issues up it comes down to; White Men/Christians Are Good.... Everyone else is not

And one further comment this old geezer refers to his heritage.... allow me to point out that the South fought to preserve slavery. It was after the South surrendered that the myth of The Lost Cause came into being where they said they fought to protect states rights......

And since my ancestors on both sides were in this country prior to 1700 I consider the flag racist.... threatening...... and that any public display should be banned. ..... especially at parades...rallies..... including political rallies...conventions..... inside the THE CAPITOL as we saw on Jan 6. 2021......




GOPQ Ohio Bans Transgender Students AND Requires Genital Exams

01:16 Jun 05 2022
Times Read: 902

Ohio House Republicans passed a bill late Tuesday that bans all transgender students from playing high school and college sports, and requires genital exams in any disputes.

Representatives voted on House Bill 151 on the first day of Pride Month. The measure next goes to the Senate after lawmakers return from summer recess. If the bill becomes law, it would take precedence over all current policies by high school and college sports associations.

The existing association policies, which aim to protect medical privacy and stress inclusion, take into account testosterone levels or the length of time an athlete has been transitioning, Cleveland.com reported. The new bill calls for an outright ban on transgender athletes.

Under the measure, if a player’s sex is disputed, he or she will have to present a physician’s statement about “internal and external reproductive anatomy” and testosterone levels. Students would also have to show an analysis of genetic makeup.

During a hearing on the bill, Rep. Beth Liston, a Columbus-area Democrat and physician, called the amendment “state-sanctioned bullying.”

“This is truly bizarre medically and nonsensical, but looking at it practically, this bill means that if anyone decides to question a child’s true gender, that child must undergo a sensitive exam,” Liston said.

“I struggle to understand why we keep discussing bills focusing on children’s genitals,” Liston added.

According to Equality Ohio and the Ohio High School Athletic Association, there is only one transgender athlete in the entire state who is participating in high school sports, per ABC affiliate News 5 TV.

“Being able to play on the girl’s team is absolutely amazing, it’s a total dream,” said Ember, a softball player and high school junior. “I feel at home and I can be myself. I don’t have to put on the mask or pretend to be someone else to enjoy the sport that I love.”

The Meidas Touch political action committee tweeted a copy of the bill Thursday, and critics were incensed:


The GOPQ is fucking obsessed with this.....

Better Wake The Fuck UP




Former W.H. Aide Indicted

14:11 Jun 04 2022
Times Read: 910

And this is what set Screwy Louie off .....

So Navarro was cuffed and placed in leg irons.... taken to the D.C. Jail...... booked..... placed in a cell...... then taken to court...... this happens everyday in the criminal justice system........ but Navarro wishes to be treated differently..... just as Screwy Louie thinks GOPQ should be allowed to lie to the F.B.I, Congress and presumably anytime whether under Oath or not.

And I would agree with the former Federal Prosecutors Navarro seems irrational and a loose cannon. On Thursday night he appeared on Ari Melber's program and essentially threatened President Biden, Pelosi, Schmur, Schiff, Raskin et al.

Hopefully this will be a quick set.... this is a fucking 2 day trial at most( good grief, Navarro has confessed 3 times on air)..... maybe October??

On to the Next One




Gohmert Thinks Republicans Should Be Able To Lie

10:35 Jun 04 2022
Times Read: 919

Screwie Louie thinks its ok for GOPQ to lie to Congress and lie to the F.B.I. ....... I've mentioned Louie before but Texas Paul says it best. After all Louie is his Congressman.....

But as Paul says... listen to what Gohmert says because he means it..... Listen To what Mango says because he means it...... like having a civil war........




Pence's Aide Warned Secret Service on Jan 5, 2021

10:12 Jun 04 2022
Times Read: 921

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s top aide warned the Secret Service the day before last year’s riot at the U.S. Capitol that Pence could be in danger after an expected betrayal by then-President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported Friday.

Chief of staff Marc Short told Pence’s lead Secret Service agent, Tim Giebels, that Trump was “going to turn publicly against the vice president, and there could be a security risk to Mr. Pence because of it,” reported Times journalist Maggie Haberman.

Short couldn’t predict what form the risk could take, but he did know that Pence’s refusal to interfere in the certification of the Electoral College count, which was part of a desperate plan to keep Trump in power, had triggered a “bitter breach” between the men. At the same time, Trump was “stoking the fury of his supporters” who were streaming into Washington, Haberman wrote.

Haberman said she uncovered the information as part of research for her book “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,” which is scheduled to be published in October.

As Trump and his supporters desperately sought ways to overturn the election, Trump initially believed he could count on the usually “compliant” Pence.

Short’s warning to the Secret Service when Pence did not cooperate with Trump’s scheme, noted Haberman, proved to be prophetic. Thousands of Trump supporters breached the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, after Trump told them at a nearby rally to march on the building and “fight like hell” as both houses of Congress were meeting to certify the 2020 electoral votes. Many were shouting “Hang Mike Pence” as they marauded through the Capitol, and some had erected a makeshift gallows on the grounds.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told his Republican colleagues that Trump had expressed support for the rioters’ sentiment, saying something like, “Maybe Pence should be hanged,” according to a witness account provided to the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot, the Times reported.

During the violence, Giebels asked Pence twice to “evacuate the Capitol,” according to the book “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year,” by Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig. But Pence refused. “I’m not leaving the Capitol,” he told Giebels, worried that speeding away from the building would “vindicate the insurrection,” according to the book.

He was escorted to a subterranean location, where Pence’s armored limousine awaited, and he was told to get in the car.

“I’m not getting in the car, Tim,” Pence replied, according to Rucker and Leonnig. “If I get in that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting in the car.”

At 4 that afternoon, Pence called Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, the book reported. “Get troops here; get them here now,” Pence ordered, according to the authors. “We’ve got to get the Congress to do its business.”


This is astounding... A V.P.'s Chief of Staff warning the Secret service that the sitting President is a danger to the Vice President.




Texas Paul On Gohmert

09:24 Jun 03 2022
Times Read: 935




Almost time For the Decision To Be Released

14:54 Jun 02 2022
Times Read: 946

So Alito time travels back to 1732.... see I told you they wanted to go back in time.... blacks were slaves... women were second class citizens essentially property of the men........ it's a coming

If the fucking events of the last several weeks coupled with this fucking decision doesn't wake you up I'm not sure anything will




Liberty Alliance Targeting Schools

14:34 Jun 02 2022
Times Read: 949

A far-right Missouri organization has launched a disturbing map alerting followers to “hot spots” of so-called “woke” activity in the state.

As of Monday, the 12 map locations all concerned educational institutions, and linked to articles, videos and tweets trashing things like critical race theory and diversity training. The information named at least 12 specific schools or school districts — particularly chilling in light of America’s mounting toll of school mass shootings.

The Liberty Alliance is “committed to fighting back against the woke agenda permeating all across Missouri,” reads a statement on the conservative group’s website next to a state map peppered with spots.

“The first step in fighting back is uncovering their crazy ideas — from Critical Race Theory to grooming toddlers with sexually explicit books,” the statement added. “That is why we have officially launched the Woke Heat Map — an interactive tool designed to expose the insane actions of the radical Left. This map will alert Missourians of craziness happening in their own communities.”

Critical race theory, an academic framework that looks at how polices and laws perpetuate systemic racism, has become a right-wing boogeyman. Educators say the term has been weaponized by the right to limit diversity initiatives and teachings about race and U.S. history.

Other than featuring articles, the map isn’t actually “interactive” in any way, as claimed. Instead, followers are encouraged to interact with the organization by filling out forms on the web page reporting “woke hot spots” for the map.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski discovered a video interview with Liberty Alliance executive director Spencer Bone crowing about the new initiative keeping track of any “crazy action taken by a crazy leftist.” While describing the hot spots on the map, Bone begins to refer to places where “gender extremism” was pushed, but corrected himself to say “woke extremism.”


Ok.. this guy Spencer Bone reminds me of a young Adolph Hitler.
mmmm... spencerbone@gmail.com... well they made it public

do you think the map will encourage the crazies to attack schools?




Texas Man Rants at Black Spa Owner

11:13 Jun 02 2022
Times Read: 956

By Conover Kennard — June 1, 2022
The Black community in Buffalo, New York, is still reeling after a shooter senselessly took ten innocent lives in a racially motivated attack just two weeks ago. According to The Daily Beast, a Black spa owner in Texas was the victim of a racist rant in her place of business on Sunday. A white guy who refused to leave the unnamed woman's business said her "race and class destroyed" his life.

"You ruined my life, my entire legacy of being a Christian," the man told her in a video that's since gone viral on TikTok.

The business owner told the outlet that she was unnerved because of the recent massacre in Buffalo. She added that she was angry that police officers never arrived at her salon after she called to report the incident.

By Conover Kennard — June 1, 2022
The Black community in Buffalo, New York, is still reeling after a shooter senselessly took ten innocent lives in a racially motivated attack just two weeks ago. According to The Daily Beast, a Black spa owner in Texas was the victim of a racist rant in her place of business on Sunday. A white guy who refused to leave the unnamed woman's business said her "race and class destroyed" his life.

"You ruined my life, my entire legacy of being a Christian," the man told her in a video that's since gone viral on TikTok.

The business owner told the outlet that she was unnerved because of the recent massacre in Buffalo. She added that she was angry that police officers never arrived at her salon after she called to report the incident.

The outlet reports that several videos were uploaded to the social media site by the owner of the salon. In the first video of the incident, the man wearing a "USA" cap sits in the spa's lobby while refusing to leave.

"Please leave my establishment now," she tells him.

The man tells her to call the police.

"You're judging people and things like that," the owner said, "Is that funny to you?"

Chuckles still refused to budge. "Yeah, it is. It's pretty humorous," he says.

"Your race and class destroyed my family and my life," he said. "You're playing energy chess with a person that has nothing to do with your class."

Then the man somehow brought up rappers.

"Maybe you could've asked me if I wanted to be a rapper or gangster in California," he said.

The racist reportedly called the salon a few days before he launched his rant in her place of business. She said he had been acting strangely, checking the windows outside her spa, so she issued him a refund.

"I do [his] refund, and after that -- that's when he still wasn't wanting to leave," she said. "He was also making himself [out] as a police officer."

She said that she called the police, but they didn't respond.

"Because I'm a person of color, the system isn't for me," she said. "It's for others."

The demon's name is Levi David Briggs and he has a rap sheet and he's a locksmith. That's disturbing


Ok.... I'm not on Tik tok.... This is Crooks and Liars.... and I had certain technical (me) problems with sharing the video..... but I'm sure you can find it... and if it pops up on Youtube I will post it.

This whole thing is disturbing.... and it is going to get worse...... However, the cops not responding makes me wonder??

In case you are unaware, the GOPQ is recruiting across the country in an effort to disrupt the coming elections..... they are planning to give local police classes on election fraud ?...... they are recruiting poll watchers to challenge a voter's right to vote... and don't forget who the fuck are they to challenge anyone..... it's all intimidation.... just like the above

better wake the fuck up...... or, you will wake up the day after election day in 2024 and have a dictator waiting to assume office in January 2025......




4 Dead In Mass Shooting in Tulsa

02:47 Jun 02 2022
Times Read: 963

At least four people were killed Wednesday in a shooting on a hospital campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police said in a news conference Wednesday evening.

The gunman is also dead, police said. Authorities believe the shooter's gunshot wound was self-inflicted, Tulsa Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish said in the news conference.
Dispatchers received a call about an active shooter at the Natalie Medical Building, a physicians' office building on the St. Francis Hospital campus, at roughly 4:52 p.m. local time, Dalgleish said.
Officers responded to the scene at roughly 4:56 p.m. and made contact with victims and the suspect roughly five minutes later, Dalgleish said. The officers who arrived could hear shots inside the building, which directed them to the second floor, according to the deputy chief.

"The scene is fairly limited to one section of that floor, on the second floor," Dalgleish said. At least part of the scene was in an orthopedic office on that floor, according to Dalgleish.
No officers were injured, he added.
Investigators are interviewing witnesses that were in the building, Dalgleish said. One witness was found locked in a closet, he said.
Police said they are "getting close" to identifying the suspect, who Dalgleish said had one rifle and one handgun with him. "It appears both weapons, at one point or another, were fired," the deputy chief said.
Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum expressed "profound gratitude" for the first responders who "did not hesitate today to respond to this act of violence."
"The men and women of the Tulsa Police Department did not hesitate," the mayor said.

Earlier Wednesday, Richard Meulenberg, with police, said authorities were continuing to evacuate "multiple floors" of the building, which included "hundreds of rooms and hundreds of people."
"We're treating this as a catastrophic scene right now," Meulenberg said.
There has been a reunification site set up for family members and friends at Memorial High School west of LaFortune Park, police added.
"There is nothing more this community could do for us than to pray for the families and the loved ones and the victims of this senseless act," Cliff Robertson, the Saint Francis Health System CEO, said in the news conference.
President Joe Biden has been briefed on the shooting, a White House official said. The White House is closely monitoring the situation and has reached out to state and local officials to offer support.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also assisting on scene, the ATF Dallas Field Division said on Twitter.
"What happened today in Tulsa is a senseless act of violence and hatred," Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt wrote on Twitter. "I am grateful for the quick and brave actions of the Tulsa Police Department and other first responders who did their best to contain a terrible situation."

Debra Proctor was in another building on the hospital campus for a doctor's appointment when she heard police sirens ringing out.
When she stepped outside, first responders were lined up everywhere, she told CNN. Proctor, who has been a registered nurse for more than four decades, said it was a "shocking" scene.
"Police were everywhere in the parking lot, up and down the surrounding blocks," Proctor said. "They were still arriving when I was leaving."
Kalen Davis, a lifelong Tulsa resident, was waiting in traffic around 5 p.m. local time when she saw multiple police cars responding to the scene.
In a video she shared with CNN, authorities can be seen running toward a building with their guns drawn. Two officers are seen taking long guns out of their trunks as more emergency vehicles race to the scene.
"I just knew that it was a shooting situation because I saw police running with rifles," Davis, 45, told CNN. "That's when I got emotional."


oh, a rifle and handgun... and only 4 as of now....I guess that makes it ok?? no, it doesn't.....

I know what to do..... "our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families"... see all better, right??

You better wake the fuck up....




Sussman Acquitted

09:43 Jun 01 2022
Times Read: 974

For those of you who do not remember, Durham was appointed Special Prosecutor to investigate the investigators. Well Durham is one serious looking walrus. His investigation has spanned more than 3 years. In fact his investigation is longer than the Mueller investigation . To date Durham has secured ONE indictment. That one, was on Sussman, who allegedly tipped off the F.B.I. about the Trump/Russia connection AND Durham said Sussman lied to the F.B.I. Yesterday a FEDERAL JURY ACQUITTED Sussman.

Mango immediately went off the rails and said the entire Judicial System is Corrupt, etc, etc.....

Never forget Mango wants to execute people he decides to ...remember he kept yammering for Bill Barr his former A.G. to arrest Biden right before the election......

Mango does not believe in our form of government .....

So as far as the verdict is concerned I view it as an entire rejection of Mango's and FOX theory that the Russia investigation was a fabrication.

It's time for Durham to pack it in....... over 3 years only one indictment... and I assume that was the one his prosecutors thought they could win...... maybe




Tuckerofsky Admits Lying To His Audience

09:26 Jun 01 2022
Times Read: 976

Yuxkerofsky being interviewed by another fascist does seem to admit that he lies to his audience of mugwumps because frankly the truth would be to difficult for them to understand



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