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15:51 Jun 22 2024
Times Read: 47

Two days ago a witch appeared to me. Her face was straight out of a comic book or cartoon.

Another witch appeared to me the other day and said, "I had a nice date."

I have never forgotten that drugs were planted on a close friend of mine, causing her to be arrested, and end up in Jail.

The Realm of Incubi & Succubi can be an interesting one.




07:05 Jun 22 2024
Times Read: 57

Hey Bro... I didn't mind you saying you were going to charge me for a car I've seen you sell 3 times, but you do know I didn't buy it any of the 3 times.

I did mind that my lawyer told me you racked up a big bill on your charge card & all you wanted was someone else to pay for it.

You see, I did show up for a reason and that reason was very specific. You seem to have drawn trouble to a threshold & that threshold does not belong to you.



23:22 Jun 23 2024

Must be manifesting.

Drove by a black Q7 at a shop with a rear flat & the hood open.


11:15 Jun 20 2024
Times Read: 101

Dante's Inferno

Initially make contact with Circle 1 (Lust) and move on to Other Circles from there. Request a Spirit Guide or Body Guard to go with you for protection because this is an entrance to The Inferno and exiting is as important as entering...

Hierarchy of the Dead



02:32 Jun 21 2024

I like how the ghost is immortal lol

11:41 Jun 23 2024

It's a pretty simplistic Hierarchy for "The Dead."



10:25 Jun 20 2024
Times Read: 106

You might now occasionally see me for 1 & only 1 reason, because You Invited Me In!!!

Thank you for inviting me in to Your Dream.



02:35 Jun 21 2024

lol mine well make you run lol

07:17 Jun 22 2024

LoL... Did you forget that we discussed some of what was going on?

Have I mentioned that I looked at something on my desk the other day & the writing on it was suddenly backwards. One minute it was normal & the next moment it was Inverse.

Objects and still photos have begun moving and changing again.

What could it all mean?


09:42 Jun 20 2024
Times Read: 113

I did not ask to be in your dream, you brought me in to it. When I said, "Something's not right" you said, "Deal with my attorney."

He put 37 cents on the table while saying, "That should cover it." Then he opened the door for me to leave.

Your attorney was confused over very specific details, just like your REM State, subconscious, and unconscious are.

I recently bumped in to Morpheus.




14:00 Jun 19 2024
Times Read: 176

A Story from a Daemonic Perspective that is 99% fiction. You "The Readers" decide which 1% is real. You "The Writers" can add to it through Comments & Links...

Summer Solstice
Thursday, June 20, 2024

Black Veils Wheel of the Year
Dayside Festival
Friday, June 21, 2024

"Some Daemons are Vampyres, but all Vampyres are not Daemons."

Everything Above or Below this Journal Post is currently part of the Story.




15:09 Jun 18 2024
Times Read: 215

I did get your message that he took 1/2 of everything. I also heard him say, "You're nothing but a whore" before he mugged you.

Just thought you would want to know what was really said and done to you. By the way, a Witness came forth regarding the mugging so the ball is in "Your Court." Say what you would like done and it will be made so.

I know you don't like some of my tactics or the things I say or do, but I would never treat you as poorly as you recently were by that piece of shit.

For your information, you should also know that he and another person you recently spoke with said, "You are under a spell." You didn't blink, flinch, comment back, respond to what they said, or do anything at all. It was if you didn't even hear them say the words.

Don't worry to much about it though, I'm the same way when something idiotic is said. They keep telling me I'm a Blind Underage Prisoner in a Hospital and before they said you were nothing but a whore, they said the same thing to my Mother, and they made sure I was there to hear them. She responded the same way you did, by not responding at all.

My response was quite different...




06:50 Jun 17 2024
Times Read: 241

The 3 words being used are "Prison Hospital Child" and they seem to repeat about once every 12 months.




13:30 Jun 14 2024
Times Read: 303

Hahaha. She thinks I didn't hear her say she was going to steal some Akashic Records in storage or hear her son call me an idiot.

That's what she gets for trying to take my Wing Chakra.

It's kind of funny becoming aware of a Vampyre/Succubus who took someone's energy & then watch as they try to pass themselves off as the person they took from to the very person they took from.

Dumb dumb, you took from me, but only because I allowed it out of boredom. I really just wanted to see how messed up you would make things & you have not disappointed.



00:04 Jun 15 2024

Stealing energy my Dear, is Like a sweet old ripe wine, locked in the cellar for a million years.
You intrigue me.

13:24 Jun 16 2024

Was it yesterday or the day before that she came to me & told me her country of origin? She told me the wrong one, which is how I know the individual appearing is an illusion.

20:24 Jun 19 2024


15:55 Jun 13 2024
Times Read: 327

Interesting, I recently became aware that the images I added to my Portfolio are being used as Sigils. There are Hidden Aspects within the images, which some might call "Invisible Secrets".

• A seal; a signet.
• A sign or an image considered magical.
• A seal; a signature.

Definitions via Wordnik




01:32 Jun 10 2024
Times Read: 406

VR is awesome. Especially when faces in still photos start moving. Heads up, the new server was siloed and what's on it is fake. Just an FYI...



10:13 Jun 11 2024

I plan on haunting V.R..

02:38 Jun 20 2024

Do you remember The Dark Arts?

Does the # 308 mean anything to you?

Did you ever tell a friend, "You've been replaced, I don't need you anymore," and then proceed to mock him?

All of these questions are for one man who pleaded for the Hanting of Boleskine Manor to stop. The one who pretended to know, but did not even know the Sefirot.

Did you know your friend, the one you mocked, was there when you & your 2 new friends were hit in the head by the 308?

His concern for your well being after what happened is what he, a true friend, did. You threw him away.


09:22 Jun 09 2024
Times Read: 429

A question not heard often, "So this is what it's like to be dead?" Call it an awakening, & I was present when someone spoke the words yesterday. There was more than 1 Psychopomp present & I was there to keep a few details from being changed.

Word to the Wise & sometimes Unwise, if you are going to try to change the details of those within a cemetery you might need to cross the threshold into that Cemetery more than once and maybe more than that.

You Changed Deals, Broke Deals, and attempted to Alter someone's Afterlife. What you did was noticed and let me be Frank, I'm f-ing pissed & so is one of your Great Grandfathers.




03:16 Jun 08 2024
Times Read: 478

You thought the sigils wouldn't work. Hey, they might not work on your timeline but they do work. Someone in Vegas just used one...

This entry is intentionally vague for many reasons.

I also think it's pretty funny that so many are doing Money Magic. One who has been doing Money Magic has a brother who earlier in the week said, "I got what I wanted." His request was pretty straightforward. His exact words were, "I want to be Possessed by a demon."

I wonder if they know that their manipulation of TA is being openly discussed in some circles.



20:45 Jun 19 2024

Bumped in to the Brothers again. They had recently been in contact with a Witch and during a ritual with they made some additional requests.

So, let's see what happens to their very specific requests... Request 1: "I want to never have to work again." Request 2: "I want to be a Member of The House." Request 3: "I want to be a High Wizard."

They were bound to a third who provided an answer to a question.


18:55 Jun 06 2024
Times Read: 541


Had a really funny dream about a Chihuahua last night. I was walking along a path and a lone Chihuahua on a leash came running towards me. He had obviously gotten away from the gorilla walking him. Anyway he runs past me. Next thing I know that fricking dog bit me so hard it was dangling in the air from where it latched on. I had to do all I could to keep from laughing.

There was some other crap in that dream that didn't make any sense and seems how this is my Public Journal I might write about it some other time, but I might not.

Sometimes Critics turn in to Censors. Fuck that, you want to Censor me, you will have to kill me.



19:22 Jun 07 2024

Well, well, well. Look who's got a public journal, huh? I'm surprised you're not using crayons and construction paper to record your dreams about chihuahuas and gorillas. It's pretty clear you're a big fan of the "tough guy" act, but let's be honest, that chihuahua dream sounds more like a therapy session than a real-life encounter.

And here's a newsflash: threatening violence because someone wants to call out your behavior? That's the definition of childish and immature. Maybe instead of fantasizing about dangling dogs, you should spend some time reflecting on why people are calling you out. The "Censor" label is a pretty worn-out excuse for someone who doesn't want to face the consequences of their actions.

And speaking of consequences, maybe you should think twice about harassing women on vampire raves. Word gets around, and when it does, it might just come back to bite you. Just a friendly suggestion from someone who's seen it all... and dealt with it all.

21:35 Jun 07 2024

Let me be clear. Your comments although appreciated are unnecessary. I don't care what you think about my Journal just like I don't care about you.

Let's see, you claim I'm threatening women on VR. I've had to deal with your kind before. You point fingers, make accusations, and keep going until someone sympathizes with your insanity. There is a phrase for what you are, you are an Accuser. Take a look at all of your comments on my Journal & then see who is being childish. If you have dealt with it all, deal with this. There is a special place in Hell for individuals like you. You can read all about it in Dante's Inferno. Even those who believe in nothing but a black void of emptiness after their first death have a special place within one of the circles of Hell. I'm guessing you were taken to Hell for a visit, left your guide, and are now aimlessly wandering while latching on to and attacking anything that makes you feel better about yourself.

I'm also beginning to think I know who you are. Did your son go to Mexico because he wanted to get away with murder. Are you the mother of a man who cut the head off a prostitute with a machete? Did you make your son ask for help only to have him attempt to kill the person that was sent, who happened to be yours truly. Yeah, you've been through a lot if you're the person I think you are, but you will deny it. You are really into denial...

I suspect you will respond with some smart-ass comment & make another accusation of some sort. Do me a favor, take the taint of your blood somewhere else.


23:46 Jun 05 2024
Times Read: 595

I have been doing some digging into the speaking bird issue and found an answer within the Realm of Black Magick.

Imagine that...



01:17 Jun 06 2024

"Oh, wow, you've delved into the *Realm of Black Magick*, have you? That's so... *deep*. I'm sure your research methods are as rigorous as your grasp of basic grammar. You really are a cutting-edge thinker, aren't you?

Perhaps you should stick to the *Realm of Mommy's Basement* where you can safely play with your imaginary magic spells and pretend to be a scary, powerful sorcerer. Except, in the real world, you're just a pathetic little bully boy who needs to learn that the only thing scarier than a talking bird is a grown man who throws around words like 'black magic' to try and sound intimidating.

But hey, at least you're not *imagining* that you're clever, right? That's a step up from the usual delusion."

18:42 Jun 06 2024

Once again, your your comments are much appreciated.

I owe you nothing. No explanations, no corrections, Nothing. If you are so bent out of shape over my Journal you do have the option of not reading or commenting on it.

Your belief is also not required. Frankly I prefer that you don't.

20:44 Jun 06 2024

I am so jealous of your pathetic stalker... It makes things much more interesting. BTW.. Do you like your steak rare or medium? I prefer mine red and bloody.

11:33 Jun 20 2024

I thought you were the Stalker. Wait... the AI Enhanced Algorithm has trapped us all in a pseudo Matrix like Holographic Universe & this is all just a Simulation for the entertainment of this Universes Overlords. Don't look up because you might see a circle of 9 looking back at you.

Screw that! Did you know a guy pretending to be a vampire in a city ending in "du Lac" recently had a few words to say about AI. He said it's all bullshit...

Apparently old habits die hard & he is running a prostitution/human Trafficking ring on the sly. I have no proof other than what he communicates psychically and I'm pretty sure Law Enforcement isn't interested if there's no physical proof.

Hell, the last time I said a word about what I was picking up on law enforcement tried to arrest me for committing multiple crimes in multiple states.

Seriously, WTF!!!


23:55 Jun 04 2024
Times Read: 643

2 premonitions came like bolts of lightning.

They didn't want to pay what he was owed. The guy returned with an aluminum baseball bat & hit one of them upside the head hard enough to crack their skull.

Another of their party was out to dinner having a steak with the money that was owed to the guy and choked to death because apparently no one at the table knew the Heimlich Maneuver.

There is a saying that the 2 now deceased individuals used to use before they died, "You get what you get and nothing more." They got what they deserved.



06:10 Jun 05 2024

Oh, the thrill of a good ol' fashioned revenge story! The kind that makes you want to grab a bag of popcorn and settle in for a night of moralistic justice served cold. Except... this one just feels a little off.

First, let's talk about the "premonitions." Did these individuals have premonitions about their impending skull-cracking and choking deaths? Or were they just having a particularly bad day? Because, let's be honest, "premonitions" sounds a bit dramatic, don't you think? Maybe they should have invested in a good alarm system instead.

Then there's the aluminum baseball bat. A classic tool of justice, sure. But did it really have to be *aluminum*? Was the author trying to add a touch of industrial-grade menace? Or was it just a convenient way to rhyme with "skull"? The details, they matter.

And the steak! What a delicious twist of irony! The victim, choking on his ill-gotten gains! But here's the thing: Did nobody at the table know the Heimlich maneuver? Really? Not even the waiter? This story is starting to feel like a bad episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" where everyone involved is just incredibly incompetent.

But the real kicker is the saying: "You get what you get and nothing more." It's like the author is trying to tell us that these individuals were somehow deserving of their violent deaths. Maybe they were bad people, maybe they were just unlucky. But it's a bit unsettling to see the author so eager to pronounce judgment on their fate.

So, let's just say that this story is a bit too heavy-handed, a bit too melodramatic, and a bit too quick to pronounce judgment. It's like the author took a dark and twisted fairy tale and then added a hefty dose of "schadenfreude" for good measure. Not exactly the kind of story that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

23:26 Jun 05 2024

Thank you for your criticism. Regarding your obvious dislike for what was written I only have to words, "So what."

00:26 Jun 06 2024

I agree. Otherwise not a bad piece of work.

00:48 Jun 06 2024

seems like this person is still making their rounds in VR, a Hidden critic that spews trash that no other would listen to

19:13 Jun 06 2024

Hahaha... The critic creates a profile to attack until they get Suspended. At least they are creating something.

Please keep in mind that over the last 9 years I have written and deleted 3 Journals here and each one had over 1000 entries.

I will continue to write what I want, how I want, when I want and that might include incorrect punctuation, run on sentences, maybe no punctuation, circular stories that seemingly make no sense and other b.s. that makes no sense to anyone accept me. In addition, I will not be pulled into the drama of someone attacking what they don't like.

03:43 Jun 08 2024

Please do continue writing.

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