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06:23 Mar 30 2023
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I definitely feel like Texas has runs it's coarse for me.
I know it has for the kiddos (Em is always asking about a future move to a Northern state) and Mar would like to travel elsewhere, as well.

I think if we were to do that, we would move somewhere between Maine, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. I'm originally from Boston, MA so the winters wouldn't phase me, but they sure as fuck will my husband. My poor little sun bunny. heh





09:09 Mar 29 2023
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Who's got enough balls to induct this profile?




10:41 Mar 29 2023

Wait, it is a premier sire.... am I missing something? It can't be inducted. LOL.

12:23 Mar 29 2023

I have heard the legend.

19:01 Mar 29 2023

Hahaha I know 🤣

It's the fact it's still up there as a warning that tickles me pink.

15:07 Mar 30 2023

If they'd make another profile, I'd induct them. Wouldn't mind getting mark of Shame either for its exclusivity alone. ;)


This is my happy place

09:01 Mar 29 2023
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Ohhhh weeee.

Here's to starting another adventure in a different part of the Database. Updating, editing, fixing coding...




10:42 Mar 29 2023

You know what my happy place would be? Working on cleaning up the main forum. Seriously. I would love that. LOL. I am a nerd.

19:04 Mar 29 2023

I haven't jumped into that yet because there are Dominars who can do it and do a pretty good job at keeping up with it.

But once I'm completely done with the DB... :D


Fun Ducky Fact

07:10 Mar 29 2023
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In the house we own, I changed every single light bulb in it back in July of 2019 when we bought it. We had an insane power surge back in February 2021 when the snow storm hit Dallas and knocked out power for almost a two week period and I ended up changing all the bulbs then (again) since some simply blew from the surge.

I buy bulbs when they go on sale at my local hardware stores because they're cheap, last several years, and I never run out.

I also have an abundance of candles and wall candelabras because I absolutely do not want to be in the darkness with a toddler, a teenager, another adult, and four, four legged critters trying to find our ways while being blind.

There are two times a year that candles and bulbs go on sale religiously that I have noticed in my town: End of March through to Easter and the first two weeks of September.

My neighbor jokes that if he ever needs to find the light, he would just need to look towards my house.

Funnily enough he also said that works for death too, since I'm studying mortuary science. 🤣




06:31 Mar 29 2023
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I have always found it a bit comical when a person tries so desperately to do things in order to either "out shine" another or because they're trying to brown nose their way into something- group, job, position, etc.

I give people a chance. Once. That's usually it.
There are very seldom chances for a second go round, but that usually is because someone is actively attempting to better themselves and it's showing. But they will never be fully "in" with me. I will keep them at an arms reach until they prove it's no longer necessary.

Let me clarify that: no one has ever moved passed the arms reach after a second chance. Most times it's simply because, while they are actively doing better, they're still not completely being unshady and I don't fuck with that.

There are people on here who I use to talk with outside this site- on the phone, other social media sites, even met in person- all whom I will never entertain another second of my time with them once they shown who they really were.

I've made the mistake of letting people back in after shit hit the fan and realized it was way more toxic than it should have been and it was not good for either side.

So I no longer entertain it.

I've even been the broken, toxic one at times and chose to better myself. Removed myself from the bullshit and the games and re-evaluated my life. Moved on to better things. Happier things.

But I do chuckle when I see someone trying desperately to gain favor with people simply because of adolescent it is. I never understood the mentality in high school, let alone with adults. I have never understood why cliques were a thing but then again, I guess I can see the appeal for those who are weak minded and need someone to follow.

It's almost like grasping for needles in a tornado. As hard as you try, you're just going to end up cut, bleeding, hurt, and quite possibly destroyed trying to continuously reach for something that's out of your grasp and it's not even a good thing to keep reaching for.

Guess that's how cults end up being formed and people lapping up the bullshit regarding it.

I like my little corner. I like that very few bother me in many ways and enjoy just being able to be myself without giving a damn about impressing anyone.

Y'all should give it a try. I promise it's so much better than constantly following around others hoping for a chance to be "one of them". You'll find your way. You'll find people to connect with. You just have to stop being the lap dog for others.

But that's your choice. 🤷🏼‍♀️



15:21 Mar 30 2023

I wonder how many actually post comments on journals for just such a reason.

19:54 Mar 30 2023

I am sure many do.


I is tirrrrred.

04:30 Mar 27 2023
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Been a busy weekend.

Did a lot of yard work, house work, re-arranging my little office space in order to be ready for next term (taking 9 courses and two are clinicals- embalming and restoration arts) so I will have space to accommodate all the class work I am about to be slammed with.

Reached a new level of trust with my piglet. She now rolls over onto her side and lets me give her belly rubs. She likes having under her chin and her belly rubbed at the same time. It makes her fall asleep. ♥ She also likes to play tag. So me and the kids will chase her and the dogs around the yard then the animals take turns being "it" and chase us. She is also learning how to kick a soccer ball. So I will officially have three animals playing soccer in the yard. Almost even teams LOL (4 humans, 3 animals).

I should also mention that my little piglet isn't really little and weighs already about 55lbs. She's bigger than my full grown Border Collie. Still smaller than the Labrador. Piglet Henrietta and Gomez the cat still love cuddling together, though.

I need sleep but it's being elusive again. :(




You're the reason lobotomy was a "thing".

06:55 Mar 23 2023
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Sometimes I look at people and wonder how they managed to survive this long in life.
Like without being hit by a bus or car because they're so self absorbed that they can't see what is happening all around them.

Must be nice to be stupid.

And be absolutely blind to one's own fuckery...



08:49 Mar 23 2023

I was crossing a crosswalk when my mom's insurance agent hit me, lives fuckery...lol We are all blind at one point or another when it comes to our own flaws or stupidity. Believe me, I have had my own share of this site alone.

I hope you have a wonderful day

11:20 Mar 23 2023

I feel the same way sometimes…



05:54 Mar 20 2023
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05:07 Mar 20 2023
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I want to do something different with my profile page but I don't have the foggiest frakkin' notion as to what I want to do.
And my gods I tried fucking figuring out the way to fuck with Photoshop and I felt as useless as a box of rusty, corroded nails.


I can physically (with my two hands) paint, sculpt, carve, burn, or draw out what I want to create but I can never seem to get it to work with digital art. Maybe I'm just not grasping it, in my old age.

But that still ain't going to stop me tinkering with the coding again.






My soon to be teenager...

04:17 Mar 19 2023
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My son wants his own personal computer for his thirteen birthday so he can play his PC games on there.
Quite a few of his friends have started moving from the PS4/5 to PC gaming and it's something he's always wanted to dive into.

So now I have to figure out which one to get him. I'm not worried about his online safety- as he is and has always been forthcoming with everything and I have full access to everything he has so I can monitor what's going on.

Ah... So many computers, though! Hard to choose just one.




Oh, the lies you so do enjoy telling!

03:54 Mar 19 2023
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I find it a bit comical when people are like "No drama" when in reality, they're full of it.
They start petty little arguments, insult others, have multiple profiles and bully you on one, but pretend to be your friend on another. Like... Childish, immature shit that grown adults with no lives seem to really dig their heels in deep with. But they preach at the top of their lungs for the world to hear stating "no drama!".

Uh huh. Sure thing, buttercup.

Me, personally, I enjoy a little flare of drama here and there. Life can be a bit boring with the continuous recapitulations of everyday life. A flare of drama to watch unfold can be comical, in some senses.

Let me clarify: Spontaneous shit happening that involves a little dramatics can be an ice breaker on a rough day.

Take for instance, I was having a rough fucking day last Monday. Stressed to the max.
My stupid (I say that lovingly- she is actually ridiculously fucking clever) pig decided in a moment of daring that she was going to somehow climb her 75 pound ass up the toddler slide in my backyard, scream for me (causing me to run from one side of my house to the other and almost face planting because I tripped over one of my dogs) only to see her wagging her curly tail and squealing as she flew down it, then rushed to me as happy as a clam.

Shit like that?
Hell yeah.
Her scaring me half to death thinking she was hurt or stuck somewhere, only to see she was so proud of figuring out the toddler slide and wanted to share that joy with me was totally worth my blood pressure sky rocketing.

I will admit though, I have zero tolerance for people's bullshit and very easily stop talking to any one who is a bully or just a character being played behind their avatar. I don't do two-faced. If I find out someone is like that, I stop talking to them.
It's just not something I tolerate.

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of the silent treatment from me, that is why.
I will not explain my reasonings for cutting you off, either.

But prod me and I have zero qualms telling people who they are really dealing with. I won't necessarily drop names, because that's just too easy. But I will gladly throw out conundrums, examples of enigmas, and riddles to let people figure it out on their own.

Normally I keep to myself. Simply because of those reasons. I respond to people as I can, but I am really not that person I was thirteen years ago who would befriend anyone and look past their shadiness.

I don't do shady.

And for clarification- Yes, I have multiple accounts. Three, in fact. This one, EternalDucky, and LaLechuza. All three accounts either specifically state who I am on them or are tied to my main account directly. I also make it pretty clear by telling people who message me on my alts, that they are talking to me.

I never could understand how people can pretend to be a different person on each account they have, with some of you having many and being a different person on each one. Doesn't that get exhausting?

I prefer to just be me, on all.




Database Submissions reminder:

15:25 Mar 16 2023
Times Read: 291

When submissions are being sent to the Queue do not resend the same thing over and over again with alternative titles. It will be denied.

Do not resubmit an entry, especially when you've already had an inquiry and edit to it due to the category you think it should have been in. The resubmitted entry will be denied.

Please allow for a response regarding submissions prior to spamming the queue with repeat entries.

Myself and the Procurators are all volunteer members. You cannot expect an immediate response from us as soon as an entry is submitted. Be patient and your entry will get looked over and go from there.

If you have questions or need clarification on what is or isn't appropriate for the DB or need help with something regarding it, feel free to message me.





20:12 Mar 06 2023
Times Read: 350

I will forever find it messed up when a health insurance company states they won't cover needed medication because they don't think it's needed...

You got a medical degree?
You know the patient's medical history and diagnosis?

It's baffling how they can just say they're going to deny a medication that is being prescribed by a doctor who is literally telling you the patient needs it, but they don't think it's necessary.




00:00 Mar 07 2023

Anyone who does that- rat turds. Just call them rat turds.

Wait- it's insult to rat turds.



12:35 Mar 07 2023

Yep, that happens to my mom all the time with Medicare. She needs a biologic for an auto-immune disease... it is $3000/month AFTER Medicare covers what it will cover. Seriously, who can afford that? Rat turds.

14:15 Mar 09 2023

That's an outrageous violation of patient autonomy, and it's not ok. It's dehumanizing and unethical.


A gentle reminder:

04:26 Mar 06 2023
Times Read: 393

Posting images within the Stream must also follow VR nudity guidelines (as well as all picture guidelines). That means no nipples. Even drawn or animated, see through clothing, wet clothing, etc. No sexual acts. No full on nudity that would otherwise be against ToS.

This site is a 13+ site. Meaning there are minors on here.

Y'all know the ToS, as you have to agree to it every time you log in as well as at account creation.

In case you've forgotten:

Nudity policy:

What is allowed:
Side nude shots.
Female breasts shots that do not include the nipple.
Butt shots that do not include the anus or genitals.

What is not allowed:
Pictures of genitals.
Pictures of sex acts.





05:00 Mar 03 2023
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I am so incredibly thankful I have a neurology appointment tomorrow for my migraines because this fucking insane ass tornado watch and storm has created the worst kind of migraine. It's one of those slow builds that span out over my head. Sound and smell sensitivity has already kicked in. Once light sensitivity kicks in, I'm going to get nauseous because that also causes vertigo issues.

I'm waiting for my migraine meds to kick in so I can sleep. It won't remove the migraine but hopefully prevent or delay the light sensitivity from kicking in. At least until I see the neurologist tomorrow at 0815.

I'm going to respond to messages and admin stuff tomorrow, as this is just for me to vent it out before laying down. Power was off for several hours so now that I can use my fan that should also help me sleep.




14:59 Mar 03 2023

I hope you are feeling better. I am struggling too. The pressure from the weather is wreaking havoc on my head as well. Have you ever tried any of the biologics? I took Ajovy for a while (until it started causing an allergic reaction) and it really helped. Now I take Qulipta and Nurtec. That combo has worked crazy good for me. I am down to 1 headache a month. I used to have in excess of 10 per month. It was almost debilitating. I also find that the migraines are less severe than they were before the new med combo. My mom also bought me one of those hats that are made of gel that you pop in the freezer. That is really helpful. The cool really helps my head. She got it on Amazon.

23:58 Mar 06 2023

Sorry you having a bad day/ night/ time. Just hang in, get some rest.



21:48 Mar 02 2023
Times Read: 438


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