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I'm leaving on... On an airplane!

06:35 Oct 08 2023
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Boston, I shall be inside of you.




00:34 Oct 11 2023



03:11 Oct 07 2023
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Rebooked for a flight this Sunday.

Feeling loads better, thankfully. I was worried I was going to be unable to assist my Mom and that would have pretty much postponed her surgery.

Very glad it didn't need to be postponed as she needs this surgery.



04:09 Oct 07 2023

Glad you’re feeling better Ducky.

16:10 Oct 07 2023


06:35 Oct 08 2023


Thanks, y'all!


04:32 Oct 04 2023
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Let me preface this with I am doing okay now and as much as a scare it was, I am going to be fine.

So on Sunday, I went to the Emergency Room because something felt like it was potentially lodged in my esophagus. I was vomiting profusely and getting wicked dizzy. They did a shit ton of blood work and CT scans to see if there was anything they could see.

There wasn't.

They warned me of possible heart attack symptoms due to my anemia and told me to return if I have worsening symptoms or new symptoms. I had a headache, but expected it due to the lighting there. They sent me home after numbing my throat.

Monday I woke up with a migraine. Was a bit uncoordinated and lightheaded. Something felt off. My throat was sore-but seeing as I was vomiting the day before and something cut my throat, I pushed the weirdness to the side. Around quarter to two I started having a tight, heaviness in my chest. Nausea started hitting me and I felt faint. I called my husband who was almost home and informed him that I needed him to drive me to the emergency room.

Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely refuse to go to the hospital, even in worse case scenarios. I've broken bones and reset them at home just to avoid being in a hospital. Me and hospitals have a history of confrontation and I hate them.

He said he knew the moment he saw me that something was really wrong. I guess I was pale and he said I was walking as if I was unable to fully stand up. So I went to the ER. Got there, it was packed. Told them I was returning from the day before with new and worsening symptoms. I was in the waiting room for almost four hours without being seen. Half way in I started having chest pains, I was vomiting, I was falling and tripping as I was running to the bathroom. Hell, at one point I fucking fell into a row of chairs because I could not walk straight. I told them that. They did two EKGs and told me to wait my turn. It got to the point I felt like I was going to pass out and I just wanted to go home to my bed.

I called my husband and told him I wanted to go home and go to sleep. I told MooniePie that I was doing that and she pleaded with me to be seen. My husband got there and as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot he told me he was taking me to another hospital. This is now five and a half hours into the initial time frame of me going to the first Emergency Room. The next hospital was about 35/40 minutes away. I don't remember the drive. I think I may have passed out, or blacked out but when I did come to I was wicked confused, unstable in movements, and my chest was really fucking hurting. I walked into the entrance and walked face first into the glass wall there. Security walked over and attempted to help me when a nurse walked over and looked at me and they grabbed a wheelchair and brought me to the back.

Now, at this time I was really starting to get confused and unsure of everything that was happening around me. I remember some of the talk the doctor and nurses had with me. I remember my veins collapsing and blowing out and I have 13 pin marks on my arms and hands from where they were trying to draw blood. I remember the nurse saying my oxygen was very low, in the 70's (later I read on my discharge paperwork it was 72). They immediately started an IV with steroids to open my airway up and administered oxygen. My oxygen level rose to normal levels. They started an IV to hydrate me as I was on day two of profusely vomiting. I was so dehydrated my veins did not want to be drawn from. But they finally drew from my hand.

Once my oxygen leveled out, my head started to feel so much better. They did x-rays and found that I had a bronchial infection and when reviewing my labs from the day before at the first ER visit (same hospital, different locations) they noticed that my blood work showed I had an infection. Then they looked and noticed no one checked my oxygen levels, at all, Sunday. Doc and nurses think from the infection, the reason my head started hurting and I was feeling off was because my oxygen was low and they never fucking checked it.

So basically, if I had just went home to go to sleep like I wanted to and not been driven to the second hospital, there is a really good chance I probably wouldn't have woken up because I was not getting enough oxygen into my body. I very well could have died because rather than looking at the big picture and IDK maybe reading the fucking labs and checking my oxygen levels, they would have caught the issues a whole 30 hours prior to when they did.

I am okay now. My doctor has prescribed an oral steroid to help with keeping my airway open, I have an oxygen monitor being over nighted to me so I can check my levels myself, and I know what hospital to go to if I get worse. I obviously cannot fly until I am cleared by my doctor, because of obvious reasons, and we are working out the situation with my mom. I still feel kind of weird- hazy in the head, but that is apparently expected. Chest isn't sore or tight at the moment but fatigue is definitely a constant. I am taking it easy, trying not to over work myself and I am being careful. I am not driving, as I don't want to be behind a wheel in case something did happen again, and my neighbor checks on me throughout the day while my husband works. Moonie also keeps tabs on me as well, so I'm not dying any time soon. ;)

You fuckers are stuck with me still.




09:25 Oct 04 2023

Holy fucking hell! I'm super glad that you are doing better! And that people are keeping their eyes on you. I understand the hatred of hospitals too well, which is probably cemented with this horrid experience. Thrilled things aren't worse. No more being stubborn about your well being!

16:03 Oct 04 2023


What's weird is I didn't actually feel sick when this started. Just really off. Normally I would just hit up my doc and she would get me squared away. This hit me out of left field.


04:52 Oct 03 2023
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Spent most of the afternoon and evening in the emergency room.
Started having trouble breathing, chest pain and tightness, dizziness, vomiting and nausea... Was on oxygen for a bit, steroid to help clear the airway, IV of fluids.

I have a bad bronchial infection.

I can't fly out tomorrow. So the flight has been cancelled.
Will rebook when I'm not sick/contagious. Can't pass that along to her as she's already immunocompromised.

I'll explain everything more tomorrow. I'm so fucking tired.



22:24 Oct 03 2023

What???!!!! You better take care of yourself. The lung crap isn't fun, and hits hard and fast.

* leaves chicken soup*


13:44 Oct 02 2023
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Yesterday was fun.


Felt like I had swallowed something that got stuck in my esophagus when I was eating. There was a sharp, inconsistent pain that was occurring. Did all the recommended tips to try and unlodge whatever it was before the ER trip. Got to the ER, told them what was happening, they took my vitals and put me in a room.

Doctor comes in and immediately starts checking me out, asking a bunch of questions, orders a CT scan, then orders a hemoglobin level, EKG, and blood work when I let him know im anemic.

Apparently, for women, signs of a heart attack are the sensation of something being stuck in your throat, vomiting/nausea, hot flashes/sweating, chest pain/tightness. I was experiencing all but the chest pain/tightness. So they automatically had to rule out a heart attack as soon as my hemoglobin came back wicked low (again).

Then CT scans showed that whatever was in there may have unlodge when I was vomiting (there was a lot of vomit and some blood) and that you could see there was come minor cutting inside my throat. So they ordered this lidocaine GI cocktail thing that omg... For those with texture issues lemme tell you- it felt like what I would imagine one of those blue, instant ice packs would feel like if it burst open. Took me a minute to get the ability to swallow that shit. But once I did there was immediate relief.

Doc thinks it may have been a small bone that was missed. Apparently that's really not all that uncommon and he was still worried about my heart due to how low my levels are. So I have to keep an eye on myself. If I start having these symptoms again I have to go to the ER. Whether it's in Boston or in Texas. Cause we fly out tomorrow afternoon.

I do have a whopper of a headache today, but that's totally to be expected since I was in a room with bright, fluorescent lights and that triggers my PMLE every single time. I feel better today, aside from my head.

But yeah.

How's y'all doing? Heh.



14:40 Oct 02 2023

Sounds like you went through it yesterday. *hugs*
I’m okay but my depression is starting to kick off again (always worse in the winter) so made an appointment and plus due for a physical anyway. I hope you can get everything back to where it needs to be. Have to take care of Ducky so Ducky can help others.

22:58 Oct 02 2023

Damn. If it wasn't for bad lucky, no luck at all, right?

Safe flying. :)

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