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Happy New Year

22:04 Dec 31 2016
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OK. The gay entertainer, is legally dead.. ... Nemo! Even though u r dead, yourself, someone recommend 10 points for you. Lol... I don't know if anyone is available to give the entertainer his death certificate. But, he already ran in the room. So... entertainer....You are Dead.... RIP....

Enjoy the room....




Happy New Year

08:09 Dec 31 2016
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Wow. 10 Cops to every block, and extra street lights. Hmmmmm

Guess it is time for a ceasefire.

But, there was a request.

Nemo, in the hold room, asked if the gay entertainer is dead, because he did it long ago. Truthfully, excellent kill. With the freeze box. If I agree.... keep in mind.... can be revived.





10:32 Dec 30 2016
Times Read: 1,024

OK. Once I mentioned the Edwardo drowning Nemo. I think Nemo was astrally doing this skit:

. The dog gave a yelp and the next thing I know.... it was on it's back with its legs straight up.

Nemo laughed so hard. But, even though he is what he is.

I'm afraid, Edwardo won the battle!!!! He seemed to keep your head below water, where all you could see, is white hair, for quite a long time. Lol

But, your retaliation is with a dog. So, I regret to say... Your Dead!!! Yup, the first casualty of war. RIP

One flag up!

"You have to break eggs to make an Omelet. Every cook knows that" Clue

Someone created a Holding room till game is over. Sorry Memo, Enjoy guys. Later. was first. But, then we had to put in the forfeited..




09:43 Dec 29 2016
Times Read: 1,034

Edwardo astrally drowned Nemo. Lol. Gee grandma..... What big hands you have. Plus there was something about taking everyone's laptop. Mon Dieu...

Someone said he forfeit.... awwww. Guess I'm not a cute enough bat to play with.....




18:51 Dec 27 2016
Times Read: 1,042

To recap for the year.... the Windex guy felt faint. So Edwardo, of course joked as the Chinese kid in Indiana Jones, saying.. he's out! And throwing his arms in that way. Lol

Meanwhile, the fainting thing brought many responses... onesaid gay, another gave him a whip , another touched his forehead... lol

... some claim they never feel faint. One tried to hook up to him.

Actually, the Windex guy, does like that gay performer. Sorry, been there .... done it!....

Ever see that movie War games... with the kid and the computer.... could be fun!!!!




08:37 Dec 26 2016
Times Read: 1,050

Think I saw a new boat. Lol. In the distance.

Santa hat came off. Whew.... now New Years.




10:02 Dec 25 2016
Times Read: 1,056

Someone choose the word Spiller for his name. Lol. Thought it meant someone who dripped fluid all the time. Hmmmmm dwf. Is diffrent. Hmmmmmm




Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hanakah

17:30 Dec 24 2016
Times Read: 1,066

Well, the quite before the store is ending. New Years in Louisiana... ouch... lol. Then Mardi Gras!!!!! OMG

Was looking for some Hippie outfits.... In light of Hippies at Stonehenge. ... they dress better.

Pets got a play dog house ... stockings, a heater... three tunnel toy... cat carpet, and a flat pillow. Lol

Got a nice gift tip from a customer. He said Merry Christmas, after buying some silvers. So I split it w my helper... awesome.!

Santa is done for the year!

And All I want For Christmas is you!!! Mariah Carey VH1 You tube




15:33 Dec 23 2016
Times Read: 1,074

Astrally. That who went in the hull was called garbage. Hmmmm. How did that go. Stop bringing your garbage in. Hmmm Well, grandma. What sharp teeth, you have! Lol

He felt faint.... How does that song go.... love on the rocks... ain't no....

Love on the rocks Ain't no surprise Pour me a drink And I'll tell you some lies Got nothin' to lose So you just sing the blues all the time

Gave you my heart Gave you my soul You left me alone here With nothing to hold Yesterday's gone Now all I want is a smile

First, they say they want you How they really need you Suddenly you find you're out there Walking in a storm When they know they have you Then they really have you Nothing you can do or say You've got to leave, just get away We all know the song

You need what you need You can say what you want Not much you can do When the feeling is gone May be blue skies above But it's cold when you love's on the rocks

First, they say they want you How they really need you Suddenly you find you're out there Walking in a storm When they know they have you Then they really have you Nothing you can do or say You've got to leave, just get away We all know the song

Love on the rocks Ain't no surprise Pour me a drink And I'll tell you some lies Yesterday's gone And now all I want is a smile




21:05 Dec 21 2016
Times Read: 1,085

Whole thing about sailing is:



1. the ability or tendency to float in water or air or some other fluid. 2. an optimistic and cheerful disposition. 3. a high level of activity in an economy or stock market.

Lol. Intruder alert.




21:25 Dec 20 2016
Times Read: 1,092

Saw myself astrally, on the boat with the other. Someone wanted me to to jump off. Lol. I go down w it. But, it came up a little. Not to be afraid. And, anyway, my replacement is trained. Sweet. Love her. My undercover Nemesis. Lol

Now I can be a little crazy. Fun!!!!

Star set Back to Earth




22:09 Dec 18 2016
Times Read: 1,097

Possible unraveling of world order. Damn .... Mon dieu ...How do people know that the bad guy wouldn't turn good. Destruction of the electoral process, is much worse. If it keeps going, the other side will have to fight. The end of the establishment. Intergalactic war!!!!




09:39 Dec 16 2016
Times Read: 1,113

Well, finally coming back from Waffle House. I had the waitress laughing about the Christmas party throw out. Every time my buddy was talking about it. I would correct him. Like oh no.... it. Was the owner farther, son, sister and so on. Did,that face that he was giving everyone. Lol!!!

When we went outside and he went to kisses good buy. It felt like there was a wall between us.

Earlier the guy that he had flirted with, in my shop, had three extremely large hookahs fall on his head. Mon dieu.

Play that funky music white boy! AWB




07:46 Dec 14 2016
Times Read: 1,122

Well the dress fit. But, the heels were hard to walk in.

Got drunk on first, second kept it going, third was weak. Fourth was weak. Than boom, I was sober. Lol. The food must have kicked in. Lol

So went and got a rose on my life line.

When I got back.....escort was totaled

Asked if he wanted to take a picture. He got in a fight w the people throwing a party. So I had to to see him off the streetcar..

Well.... so much for that. Thought the gay guy was his lover anyway. But, the gay guy was sweet.

Going to try to do something. Lol. What I do for shelf time.




09:46 Dec 12 2016
Times Read: 1,138

Boo was so cute. Here is a cat that couldn't walk at first, on any fabric. Cuz his claws were always out. He use to get stuck. So I would help him get un-stuck. He must have been outside cat before I found him.

The ghost said one day, that the cat loved me. Because he kept nuzzling me. I thought.... he just wants me to ge5 up to refresh his food.

But, lately.... I noticed him playing. Sweet. That's new.

Today, somehow he got on the shower curtain. Started pulling it down. That was odd.




21:13 Dec 11 2016
Times Read: 1,142

Back to my song....

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: one cocktail dance dress, two tickets to a party, one vapor tech pen and a partridge in a pear tree!




21:11 Dec 10 2016
Times Read: 1,154

Wow.... Louisiana is the only state where you can have hypothermia and by morn backto spring. $#@%%&. Need to thaw.!!!! Face is so swollen.... a choooo!!!!!




16:29 Dec 08 2016
Times Read: 1,164

Santa Baby now that I have two tickets to a time. Thats fine. I need a cocktail dress for the best santa baby. Comin down the chimney tonight. Been good girl, Santa Baby!!!




08:42 Dec 08 2016
Times Read: 1,175

Lol. It is a little early but, ....

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a vapor tech pen and a partridge in a pear tree. Lol....

With fireball.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 2 tickets to A Xmass Party, a Fine Vapotech pen, And a partridge in a pear tree....

All u can drink.




08:23 Dec 06 2016
Times Read: 1,187

Soon as I get a free check;).... I was thinking of getting a purple Hookah. yup first the water, lol, dry herb packed foil w hole , then two charcoals. With a nice purple hose. Hmmmm. But, the Bongo is more fun. Like the one that is a foot, where you use water and ice for the throat sooth.... lol

Definitely a vapor pen

OK Santa.... you have my request!!!!!




22:31 Dec 04 2016
Times Read: 1,196

For those who didn't understand the wheelchair scene, from Edwardo.... In the Ninth Gate movie. A old long term veteran of Satanism, findsout what the book holds. The man who is paying for everything, decides to off her to get the key. The wheelchair scene is her chair hitting the wall and turning on automatic to show her strangled. As the chair busts threw the door into a flaming library.

Sonic talks over my head. Will have to brush up in Quantum physics, till we are tied. Lol. Otherwise, I'll just have to smile and nod.

Nemo turned bad for the community, so I had to hang up perm.




22:23 Dec 02 2016
Times Read: 1,207

While I'm waiting to head to work, at the vape shop. I thought of recaping....

Had a polite invite. But, I must decline for commitment sake. How does that go, my word is my bond.

Meanwhile, someone reminded me of Edwardo's .... woman in the chair, Ninth Gate Scene. Lol. Edwardo. Very unworthy. Lol. Don't even think of it Edwardo.

As for sub sonic...... let's just call the cover name Sonic. Hmmmmmmm Attack Creatures! Lol. Beware and try to be nice.

Linking Park, Stand Up.



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