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09:17 Dec 30 2023
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I so screwed up a sympathy card, on the Internet. Think I called her, instead.

Going to scratch that... And, make a card in art class next week. And, instead of flowers, get a food gift.

I think that will be nice.

Have to make a painting, for another lady, also.

I can't tell, any of the ladies about the hou issue. Don't want to bring them down. If I have to, will say there wasn't any work on the other part. Maybe, I can go through hub., and somehow get a job w my cat.

And, yes there is someone who said a blimp, and I forgot the other word. Some kind of slug, I don't know.

Oh... I think they are going to do some weeding, in January, at that facility. But, she's probably listed as disabled. I think that might protect her.

OMG, I have Friday the Thirteenth, five.... With the crazy family, in the woods .. living behind me. How great that is.




18:57 Dec 28 2023
Times Read: 165

Ok, that book I didn't remember name was... Voodoo Season Jewell Parker Rhodes. Read it on one day. . . . Wish I had more books.

Someones super nice husband, dropped off a blue green body harness, and leash. Winter gloves, socks, wool blanket, food., sweater . . . . On top of one of their love ones passing away. Awwwww. Glad she had a nice Christmas with him. Had to look like I didn't cry.

I'll have to leave pic of cat dressed in pics section. Awwwww

If it wasn't for them, and a nice lady who dropped off box of food.

And, Boo, maybe wouldn't have made it.

Oh, will have to find a job, w cat, and go to alternative, for housing. And, think we will move when it warms up, to Taco drop off, to stay for a while. Will talk to the group over there. Was someone beat up here on Christmas Morning. Bad group.




02:07 Dec 28 2023
Times Read: 177

Wow. I don't know what they gave me, in those strep throat pills. But, I finished the murder mystery. Than read the Voodoo Book, that talks about charity hospital, the Quarter.... Papa Legba, and the snake. Oh and Marie L.

Now I just finished Stephen King, the Firestarter. Two days.

Out of books

Oh, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul.
I think I read the bike one, and the short clips before.

Well Happy Holidays, to you all.




20:55 Dec 22 2023
Times Read: 205

This fatso won't leave me alone. She did nothing for a very long time. Didn't even call me back. Said I look like that stupid bitch Flo. .... I am nothing like Flo. I am not man crazy, nor am I that slim. I can admit my flaws.

So after my psych cancels. . . . Lard ass decides to start proceedings, the next day. What a bi**"*"'

No offense, it looks like she's behind issue. Even thou I can't prove it. I'll just say, it's a hell of a coincidence.


Without a shrink, or money coming in, there is no way to do this, anyway.

I need a new case manager, and new housing alternatives. Or, maybe, I . . . . With the right shrink. . . . Might be able to do this on my own.
Without going into the ghetto.

I had to get this out. . . . Was terribly upset. . . .

I deleted that other woman's app, can't take her medicine anyway. . . .
After, that flu, my stomach is too upset. I couldn't even take a stroll softener with out throwing up. So. . . . . Until the next shrink. . . .

Will do something this full moon. . . . Like I said, terribly upset.


Probably, will delete this later. Like I said. . . . Very upset.


To who it may concern. . . . I have never heard anyone called Lardo. But, I will Google it. As far as Battle of the Bulge. . . . Ok, U got me on that one. 😁.

"With obstacles and mines
the opponent holds us up,
We do laugh about it and
don’t drive upon them."


K. It's slang . . . . This was in description. . . . The lardo satiated her gluttonous cravings by ravenously ...




16:32 Dec 20 2023
Times Read: 231

Sick as a dog last night. Really threw up. Not throw up from stuck food. Bummer. Feel better this morning.

Had bad news. Have to get rid of virtual doctor. They said there not getting paid. Three months worth. So, got to start all over. Which means the healthcare check on Zocdoc, was not true. So I can't use that again. Plus, after all that work, she had me change apps. And that ap. Wasn't to good. I bet you they are using the old card. Because, I've been getting my meds that were prescribed by her. But, none of this is my fault soooooo.... To move on......

I was just playing w a game. And, tela app came up. Will try that one next. But, it's the holidays. So going to stop my meds till next doctor.

Otherwise, everything is good.




22:54 Dec 19 2023
Times Read: 257

Well, I can't remember when I received a Christmas Gift. Both my friends gave me one. 😭. Too good. Awwwwww. One was only suppose to give the cat one. I owe them so much. Especially, since the center will be down, for a week, and a half. I don't know what I'd do without them. Baby got a toy, advantage, and a gift card. Soooo sweet.

I got so many wonderful things. Such a wonderful day. Taco .... Was a wonderful breakfast. Coffee was so hot. Needed that, it's soooo cold.





12:38 Dec 19 2023
Times Read: 264

Well, like the book I'm reading... I have to take a long walk on a short pier. ..

Truthfully, I can't figure out why you never use the first stall in a bathroom. .. it has a personal meaning. Maybe, don't do what everyone is doing. Cuz, one of these quips, he used on another child, she figured out.

So far, it looks like Peter is the Villain. I think the woman killed, was killed before the statue was placed. Because, she was placed like the bird, w no legs/feet., that's on the shoulder of the statue. And, what about that wood thing.... A statue made from wood... Maybe, it expands in water. And, flipped. And, what is the secret....

And, is it a coincidence that they know Honore. Hmmmmm.




20:36 Dec 17 2023
Times Read: 279

Yesterday, did something stupid. Took those two pills together.🤢.

But, today, just one. And, stomach is coming back. I so hated the throat medicine.

Now I can finish, A Rule Against Murder. Lovely book. Interesting, even without the murder. Lovely. Wish I could find another book,. from Louise Penny.




20:40 Dec 15 2023
Times Read: 303

Artwork almost complete.

We go from Holly Jolly Christmas
To Why Am I Such a Misfit
To Jingle jingle jingle
To Always Tomorrow

Need to hang two earrings... Snowflake, and snowman...




22:25 Dec 14 2023
Times Read: 314

One more, and a half days. I don't know about tomorrow. Will be out of nausea med. Maybe, will end. Although, the doctor, and a nurse at the center, side I should finish them.

Today I threw up a lot. But, was dry esophagus. Persisted... Cuz someone bought me a Canes meal. A lil pain, for the gain. Been watching that commercial all week, while playing the birds.

Been watching The Birds, all week on YouTube. So cool.
When they blamed her in the restaurant... They forgot about the fishing boats the week before. Actually, the birds started w that. I love that movie.

I was giving out little edible trees. Will get more for the staff members that weren't there. But, has to wait till Monday. Have to walk back to the store. And, my body can't do today. But, will get everyone.




20:05 Dec 13 2023
Times Read: 337

I finally heard from psych doctor. She was on vacation.

Truthfully, when this stuff happened Sunday night, by Monday, I couldn't walk more than a block.

By Monday night, I couldn't walk. Lol.

The medicine gave me very vivid weird dreams. That I expected w my psych medicine,.. but, didn't.

Had to give up psych medicine, for a few days. Couldn't take both together. Would have had to take two nausea pills, and didn't have enough for that.

The psych doctor said I should have rescheduled... I thought of that... But, what if I couldn't get the next day, or that day. Would not have been able to walk to a center, anyway. Once I got sick, I got very sick fast. I don't even want to look at the ambulance charge. That's why I stalled calling, at first. Lol. At least they didn't bring me to University.

I don't think I was ever that sick in my life. Doesn't get easier with age. Only two more days to go w medicine. Yuck. Can't wait....

Thank God it's a new moon ....




18:10 Dec 06 2023
Times Read: 376

So sick. Almost bit the big one. How's that go ...For Whom the Bell Tolls...

Well I was so sick, after I ate a few wings of chicken. Threw it up immediately. Then it cause other complications. Couldn't hold anything in.

The center gave me something, and asked if I wanted an ambulance. Should have excepted. But, I did take pills. That night, I passed out going from bathroom on sidewalk, luckily, not on street. Would have been run over. As it was people probably thought I was sleeping there. But no. When ,I grabbed cement piller, I went down. Woke up and struggled back to my tent. Couldn't hardly move. Had to try to clean, and change. Girl on side kept saying, you need an ambulance. I said no at first. An hour later, it felt like I had no option.
Finally, ambulance came. Actually, fast.. Took me to far away hospital. At least I was taken, fast.

They told me I have strep throat, and it does this. Gave me two IVs meanwhile. And, lots of tests.

Problem came back last night even w pills. Took an extra pill on my own. But, I only have a few. Maybe, should not have taken shower. But had too.

Going to contact my psych doctor. She's also family doctor, on Webb.

May I say, the people at the center, even got my medicine, especially the nurse. Thanks to them and Tulane. And, the blankets from my friend.




00:39 Dec 01 2023
Times Read: 313

I hardly had any time to do my art project. But, close to finish. Got to think of niknacks.

Have a new coat, hat, and glasses. I look Russian.

I grabbed two more books. Crack up laughing at the monkey French kiss to mother goose looking woman. Plum spooky.

The other
Day of the Dead



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