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19:36 Feb 28 2022
Times Read: 426

I think I was watching a German line on the UN Assembly. Towards the end of that part, I saw routers appear on the screen. It switched to supposedly, the meeting room for Ukraine/Russia. But it was empty. I think the bimbo, was a news media person. She switched on ... Off ... on... When I saw the makeup being put on her, I switched off. It also switched to war, hospital. . . .

Later I saw something astrally, that I am not sure of, to say the least. Whew. Think it was a guy saluting. LOL.

Now, of course I've been working astral, myself. . . . Like I did for Gabby. So. . . . Whatever.

Meanwhile, I changed channels a few times, and got back to UN, it was ending for that part.

All of Russias points w UN Assembly..., well I doubt. They talk strongly. Like when they said they were being so nice to the captured. Living life like they were. I doubt that. Putin controls the media in his own country, so. . . .

Meanwhile, Cambridge University brought out vital information. The Russian speakers were excellent. I can't believe, that if Putin fails, that he has a retirement planned. LOL, figures. I like how they explain his way of thinking, and how he keeps control.
Cambridge acted like XMen, LOL. I'm for them😎.

Have to look up vacuum bomb. Missile sheilds. And, wouldn't mind reading Crime and Punishment.

UN Security Counsel live on Twitter at 3:11.

Boris Johnson tweeted. We have further isolated Russia from the international financial system this morning. Working with our partners, and the G7, we are determined to impose the most severe economic measures possible against President Putin for his abhorrent campaign against Ukraine. Putin must fail.

ANSWERING THE CALL: Elon Musk sent the satellites to boost internet service for Ukrainians after a country official asked the SpaceX founder for help. https://t.co/z1ekruYRSn https://t.co/BUXa5ApEaC




06:43 Feb 28 2022
Times Read: 386

It's quite, so far in Ukraine, this morning. All, around the world people are on alert. Social media is keeping everyone informed. Just a lil worried about what Putin's backup plan is. Wonder who he may have in his pocket. (Maybe China.) (Has anyone seen demonstrations from China, in media?) He claims his weapons are enough to suffice. He knew about the sanctions, that's why he pulled his 360 million yacht. But,. . . . Another sleepless night. . . .

Boris Johnson interview, on the Sun. . . . He says, he doesn't expect Russia to back down. And, the next step is to expose those of Russias war regime.

This meeting Russia, is going to be hard, for Ukraine. They didn't start this, and too many injured, and murdered. Plus, there is 3 miles of tanks, at their door.

UN meeting, also.

Saw the drop offs to Estonia, by the British. Cool.

Had to look up Tear. Not a word u hear anyone. But, has been implied now. . . . 1.
an emperor of Russia before 1917.
"Tsar Nicholas II"
a person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in

Germany is about to meet. 8:00 am 2/28. . Live German FM Baerback hold press briefing on Ukraine invasion with Slovia FM Loger.

LOL. . . Have to look up some of those words.

What happened to The UN Assembly. I keep seeing a bimbo getting makeup, where the Ukraine-Russia talks were supposed to be. ????????????? WTF. Guess they didn't want the Canadian to talk.




05:21 Feb 27 2022
Times Read: 430

Writing like it's a new day. . . . After seeing the Sun rise in the Kyiv pictures. At first I saw high beam vehicles. I thought they were tanks. But, no as sunrise came, it was cars. Pretty scary stuff. . . . I admire the Ukraine. I'm glad Germany, and NATO, are helping.

Oooops. I hear the cats outside.

I just caught this. It's a quick great history lesson. Sweet
On YouTube. . . . Gravitus Plus/ Explained the Russian-Ukraine Crisis. . . . Really informative.

Morning rain, brought a lot of screaming from the fancy tin can, to the back of me. Had to go to the bathroom anyway, so stood outside in street. Started quieting down. Sounded like someone was being killed. But, could be a minor mishap. I heard what happened from a male. Awwwwwww. Thought I should grab some lil Debbie pastery, and ask if I could help. And, leave them. But, all is quiet when I got back. Thought it was the one w lots of kids. But, no, the corner. 🙄. . . .

Had to look up Nuclear Deterrent. Cant believe that Russia is switching to that. That opens the door to other countries now. I am sure even the US, would like to know if there technology measures up against Putin's. Although, they will be crying about the gas.

Now, the US believe nuclear intervention would work. England believes that they could knock out Russia, and US, at the same time. France believes that this is going to cost too much money. Especially, after they took in almost all the Syrian refugees. Iran supplies the stuff, so they are probably holding the bag. . . . What is this. . . . The beginning of WatGames, or a reality check.

I am playing a lil. Old habits. LOL.

The Simpsons: USSR Returns

The Simpsons; Ukraine

The Simpsons- US Army

The Simpsons 2022 Predictions (World War III)

All joking aside. . . . On the BBC a person said that the UK, had a heard Russia say. . . . submarines that they could fire.500 Nuclear warheads. . . Enough to destroy America, and NATO. . . . I would love to see a simulation of that, it must be really something. . . . And, they said this is only the 10th time since 1950, that the UN have to council to address the subject.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson was Talking about Putin, and closing speech was wonderful, in the church. I must admit, the English have flare. . . .

They don't have an in on this meeting 😒....


Hey University of Cambridge has a live chat on Ukraine Russia. . . . Hmmmmm

917 Cambridge wrapping up, UN is live




09:13 Feb 25 2022
Times Read: 449

So far, none of the rain days, had too much rain. It's been great. Saw some light rain marks, and it is really raining. Bummer. Well, nothing is perfect. Glad I didn't refill the dry food plate for the night 🐈 s.

Only one leak. Mostly dry. Celebration time. LOL. Pets fed. Waiting for eggs to cook.

Ended up watching WKRP videos. Finally, saw the second half of the bomb segment.


After looking at the NATO decision. . . . I'm w them.
Can't like anymore Putin's videos. Truthfully, to bring those people in, and around to war is ghastly. His own people didn't even want to invade. (Truthfully, I felt bad for him, with all the pot shots the Democrats did for the election, and after.) But, making those poor people around Chernobyl have to fight, is beyond cruel. The Ukraine is making every man, 18 - 60, fight.

The Commentator for NATO was great. But, time is running out.

Where is that Chernobyl video, that I saw years ago. Have to mention in journal.

I actually couldn't find the video. It was gut wrenching. The National Geographic has some of it. The nurse talking about the young men brought in. Joking with each other, till the burn symptoms showed. So Sad, they all died. I didn't hear about the men who were fishing, and stayed knowing they were dying. On top of the people looking out the windows, seeing the trees in a red glow. The families, many hours later, finally taken out. Dying families, deformed births. Too awful. The children of Chernobyl video, you now have to pay for. Can't find the documentary that I saw. I think there is only one person who was there,, at the sight still alive. How could Putin wage war on the descendents. Horrible.




13:03 Feb 24 2022
Times Read: 465

Well, considering that we are smack in the busiest time of Mardi Gras: Covid Deaths aren't too bad. It was worst before, for the New Year, I should say. Those days had seventies. Monday was 66, Tuesday 54, Today is 39. Better than the seventies we were hitting. Lots of people will be jammed together this weekend.

Speaking of:. I wonder if Covid is the reason Putin is attacking the Ukraine. There has been a lot of crazy killings, and stuff done. . . . Especially on camera. Could be a side effect. Or, maybe they need the farmlands back? Who knows. But, 40 deaths is not just a number. Those are women, children, men, old people. Covid took many, why take more. Putin's economy must be going bust, like the US. The US has millions of homeless. Many living in freezing temperatures. All they do is kick them out of one place to another, and jail them. Rents are extreme, bills always going up, many claiming there car is their home. What's next.

Speaking of Putin . . . . Chernobyl just got takin back. Who would want it. Now, I feel sorry for the Ukraine. I didn't know that the people who suffered through Chernobyl Radiation, is suffering from Russia now. Sad. And, just when Americans were taking some of those babies for adoption. (At least it looked like on YouTube.). NATO meets tomorrow.

Well, anyway. . . . Had great weather. I was set up for storms. Just a little damp today.

Saw the two cats, last night. Gave them a lil frisky. Almost dark, will see if they are still here.




06:20 Feb 23 2022
Times Read: 479

Something jumped so hard at the side wall. Then heard cute sounds of a cat. Left a lil dry outside. Saw a big grey cat, well fed, it looks like. And a crazy eyed calico. Cute. Think the grey is female, cuz of the cute sounds. The other must be male. Funny. Has to be someone's . The grey is fatter than my cat. Maybe she is pregnant. She had vocals like a female in heat. But, she was asking for food. Haven't heard that since I was young child. Sweet. (Blackie use to meow for food.)

Was too asleep to text, last night. Before cat incident, I was looking at Stephen Hawking Videos. Mostly, on time travel. Came across Elon Musk's parallel universe excerpt. (Funny, I was thinking of that mayself, the other week.) But, Stephen's time travel dealt w space, and black holes. That Time travel, is only a forward movement, not backwards. Let's face it, backwards would be better, you could change things. In his time travel, earth people would be aging double, of who is circling the black holes. If a ship could circle, without getting sucked in. . . . Interesting 🌹.




19:18 Feb 21 2022
Times Read: 489

Actually, turned to a beautiful day today! A gentle breeze, warm air. Pets tired out too early. Maybe, cuz yesterday: we were outside, for a long time. Someone is starting to clean the pool. No bathing suit. So fudge. Wonder how much it will be. They have a ride. But, may be problems, due to Ida.




14:32 Feb 20 2022
Times Read: 522

Now the Queen of England, has Covid. The disease, given to her: by her son, and daughter in-law. I'm sure they had every vaccine, and boosters. What a shame. I hope she gets well, quickly, and keeps her health.🌹

My diet yesterday, was so bad. LOL. First hot chocolate, a bare biscuit, a giant ice cream sandwiche, a sandwich, and a half of chicken salad, lastly. . . . Crunch n Munch🤣

The place just got in ice cream. Truthfully, I haven't had in a long time since before yesterday. One more today! 😁. The ice cream, in this Park reminds me of Palagi, without the slush. Looked up in Google, and found a picture of the old truck. Wish I could find the song. But, saw pic in mind, and heard bell.
Too bad they didn't keep the truck the same. There was one brother, you had to watch the change on. But, come to think of it, LOL, never left a tip. You never think of that, when you're a kid. LOL.

Dell's lemonade had a song. . . . Who knows

Back to watch, Flood. . . .




11:24 Feb 19 2022
Times Read: 540

I put a movie for my pets, last night. LoL. Aladdin.

Covid Deaths, this week we're lower. Totaled about 223. Considering, Mardi Gras is going on; not bad. Next two weeks, will tell the Tale. Although, Florida has High amount of tourist, and there is an extreme Covid low. Go figure.

If I'm going to move my cave, today has to be it. Speaking of... I smelled a strong gasoline smell, near the rest rooms. At first, I thought it was propane,. But, when I looked up, Google states it has a rotten egg smell. So, . . . . I don't know? Was going to call ranger But, it was 11:30, at night. Maybe someone tried to light wood w it. ????

The ELVIS trailer is finally on YouTube! Whoo hoo. I didn't know it was a Tom Hanks production.

OMG, I saw Ozzy Osborne reaction to Unchained Melody, if that's true. . . He's the Man.




21:01 Feb 18 2022
Times Read: 554

With two inches of water above grass, it finally came in on one side. 🙄. Misery doesn't need company. Lol. Had to sleep on the other side. Almost all dried. But, need to do laundry. Hmmmm these aren't as strong, as the other place. But. . . .

I have that other cave. But.... For a Best Special, it started falling apart on the first bad storm. Thought about it.

Meanwhile, checked some others, cuz I didn't see a dry spot that was up ground. There is an Indian place, that is about the same. And, another w drinking, and parties. But, no, it's because of rain. And, alcohol, is very bad for my swallowing. Then, checked others, nothing, weekly. Yet. All this because of rain next week. Bummer. The other place has platforms, but, booked for Mardi gras. Unless I want to move a lot.

Hope, someone is feeding Poor Blackie. Still need a bigger Carrier. Must keep an eye in case someone throws one out.

There was no park. But, only one. I'm sure someone has it by now. . . .

On the up side, I found my Vaccine card, thought I threw it out. And, I couldn't find it on LAWallet. But, when I again downloaded the app, it popped up again. Weird. But, in case that a restaurant checks. . . . .

Can't believe I saw The Oblong Box, on YouTube. Was much better then that poltergeist movie, lat night.

Reminded me of Nemo. "No Elizabeth" the room is mine."




19:27 Feb 17 2022
Times Read: 576

So far, not bad, for weather. I expected another two day storm. Had to go over spots that my cat made playing: when we were surrounded by a moat. Only had one small leak. Not bad. Used pine for full moon ceremony, this time. 🌹.

Well, it's not a moat. But, a hugh puddle. At 11pm worst of all. . . Watching The Stand.




01:59 Feb 17 2022
Times Read: 589

Turned out to be a beautiful day🌹 And, was outside for a long while w pets. Put Xtra protection on my woman cave. Supposedly, we are supposed to have a bad storm. Although, it looked as if it was bearing off. Surprised I didn't see rain, yet.

Meanwhile, been watching old WKRP segments, at night. Ever since Dr. Fever passed. And, caught up on Resident Alien. Wish I could buy a stuffy, of the Octopus. 🐙.




01:58 Feb 17 2022
Times Read: 591

Turned out to be a beautiful day🌹 And, was outside for a long while w pets. Put Xtra protection on my woman cave. Supposedly, we are supposed to have a bad storm. Although, it looked as if it was bearing off. Surprised I didn't see rain, yet.

Meanwhile, been watching old WKRP segments, at night. Ever since Dr. Fever passed. And, caught up on Resident Alien. Wish I could buy a stuffy, of the Octopus. 🐙.




01:58 Feb 17 2022
Times Read: 592

Turned out to be a beautiful day🌹 And, was outside for a long while w pets. Put Xtra protection on my woman cave. Supposedly, we are supposed to have a bad storm. Although, it looked as if it was bearing off. Surprised I didn't see rain, yet.

Meanwhile, been watching old WKRP segments, at night. Ever since Dr. Fever passed. And, caught up on Resident Alien. Wish I could buy a stuffy, of the Octopus. 🐙.




Full Moon Tonight 🌕

12:28 Feb 15 2022
Times Read: 617

My cat would have liked to go out this morning. Another, kitty was running around. Awwwwwww. But, too cold outside. Plus, my bottom Coleman feels cool. Maybe needs to stay open to air.

I have coffee, and two eggs cooking: I turn up corners of foil. Plus, I have fresh poboy bread. Yummy. Actually, I walked to the local store for bread. Ended up spending, seventeen. LOL. 2 loafs, peanut butter, Xtra dog food, sandwich meats....

Today, is pet day! 🌻😯

Uh oh. Bathed Poe w me. And, the wind kicked up. So, had to go back in cave, and put heat high. Tomorrow, will see if I can use other cave cover for added protection, for storm coming.

Next week is a rain week. Bummer 🙄.




13:17 Feb 13 2022
Times Read: 637

First dilemma of day. . . . I don't like hickory ham. Glad I bought the creole beans. Will cook it till lunch, to maneuver taste.

Lot, has cleared out. But, they did well this weekend. Had tent area packed. There was some kind of birthday party, or something. Cute.

Still cold outside, waiting for it to warm up more, before a shower. Truthfully, Poe needs a bath. But, Too Cold Today for Poe to be wet.

Have to check for leaks. And work on it.

I have fish food. I thought it was duck food. But, no, large fish food. Awwwwwww wanted to bring birds near pets.

I didn't see fish coming for fish food. But, the ducks loved it. LOL.

Bought some crap food. Yummy. But, full.. good, will have 3 bars left.

Should save the rest in case I run out of food. Pets should be fine.

Poe just finished a can of chef boyardee. He loves meatballs. And, a Ceasars dog food. W dry. Baby had usual. Need to give him one more thing.




13:17 Feb 13 2022
Times Read: 637

First dilemma of day. . . . I don't like hickory ham. Glad I bought the creole beans. Will cook it till lunch, to maneuver taste😜.




13:17 Feb 13 2022
Times Read: 637

First dilemma of day. . . . I don't like hickory ham. Glad I bought the creole beans. Will cook it till lunch, to maneuver taste😜.




13:17 Feb 13 2022
Times Read: 637

First dilemma of day. . . . I don't like hickory ham. Glad I bought the creole beans. Will cook it till lunch, to maneuver taste😜.




13:16 Feb 13 2022
Times Read: 637

First dilemma of day. . . . I don't like hickory ham. Glad I bought the creole beans. Will cook it till lunch, to maneuver taste😜.




19:27 Feb 12 2022
Times Read: 652

It's so beautiful in the Park, today. Lots of kids running around. Many out door games. Real sweet.

Finally got to shop in the store. No ice cream tomorrow. And, no food. LOL. The creole beans look interesting. Will heat up w the ham . . . . Tomorrow. LOL

Sun is strong, will wait till later to stay out.

Chicago's. . . . Saturday in the Park!

LOL. Little Nickie - Chicago played backwards.




02:23 Feb 12 2022
Times Read: 661

OMG. There is a big party of kids, in kid caves! Cute. Makes me laugh. huh. Their doing pretty good, here. Kids don't feel the cold. They don't stand still long enough. LoL.

Meanwhile, tried to get new wood peckers' picture. But, they blend w the wood. I would have to get extremely close, for a shot. They look like finches. But, can here them knocking, all day. Sweet. Lovely Night.




00:59 Feb 11 2022
Times Read: 674

At new place, and there is a store. Heard astral, about ice cream. Maybe, Sunday! Ham day!

Saw the cutest Elvis cartoon, on Vevo!

Elvis Presley - (Your the) Devil in Disguise
Official Animated Video

😈 😂❤️




19:56 Feb 09 2022
Times Read: 688

Well, I had the cat almost all in the carrier. I slowly closed the door. But, when I went to push the tail in . . . . Boom, ran out. Oh well. . . . He hid after. So I won't get another chance. Bless, and I hope him well in the future.

I'm going to start packing, in a little bit.

Well. . . . My conscious, is in the clear. Can't do more than I did.

After Mardi Gras, there is not much. So prices should go down.




17:33 Feb 09 2022
Times Read: 695

My try... Blackie went in a lil, to the carrier. But, I didn't have the can far enough back. So when I got very very close. I would have to have pushed him in further. Which, I am sure that he would buckel back.

It has to be a clean shot. I only get one chance if I try to close him in, and don't succeed, that's it. Cuz, he isn't going to let me do it again. Today, I bet it is all occupied.

Truthfully, when I called the office, the first week here, and saw him starving: I thought they would call the SPCA. But, later, someone told me the Spca couldnt get rid of them. I wish they had that one in Florida. They don't put down.

I wish somebody at that spot was there for two weeks. All they'd have to do is just throw a lil out. Awwwwwww

There is a rich guy, that would. But, he won't be there long.

There is that women, across the way, but, she's sickly.




13:10 Feb 08 2022
Times Read: 713

I have a striking hate, between me and the. Plus I'm dealing with people who work here w mental disabilities. On top of the trailer trash, and starving animals that shouldn't be here.

Didn't do anything about the stollen money from the government. I had a cold, from the horrific storm. And, I spent two hours, trying to get a cat, that I don't nee, in the cold, and dampness. Tried that for two hours, only because someone threatened it. When I saw him, and saw his back legs not functioning well, I would have called the police for animal abuse, immediately. But, honestly, I noticed it the freezing storm before, the last. As, if I need this aggrevation.

I rented a trailer once in Florida, from a retired police officer, briefly. . . .
It was aboutt the size of a small one. It actually was built for one. Although, I noticed, a lot of people living in them, in Parks. In some cases. It has a small kitchen. Which you use propane tanks. A cute slide in sitting table. Very small sitting room that is only good for confined sitting, and laying. A shower that you shouldn't use. A toilet, that you shouldn't use, either. Cuz, it carries a smell. You have to constantly pour chemicals in, for the smell, if used. Lastly a full size bedroom, where there is storage undearneath. Plus, you have to block the ceiling windows w foam, and flower displays, to keep the heat out. Not to mention, keeping it cool. Cuz that requires propane, also. And, if you have animals, you have to have a back up, if your at work and propane runs out.

It use to be cheap, to live in a trailer. But, the RV centers, want too much now. Although, the elderly, and mentally disabled get half off in a Park, so that is why you see a lot of them. To me, it's too expensive. The price of a motel room. That has no cable, and cheap WiFi.

Like I said. . . . In a bad mood. Will try to get poor blackie agin later, using better food.

OMG. Nice couple, where Blackie is. Actually, the pretty Blonde, warned me about the bathroom, when I crossed over. I thought she was living ony side. Turns out, she lives where Blackie is. Was talking to the young man, he is leaving at a certain time, I can go there then. Only cuz there is a beautiful strong gaurd dog. So her, and she asked. Said no. The children aren't quick at all, talking an hour in shower. And, they were saying, cold showers. Nice group, but, never saw any take that long ever. Crazy. Like they never took a shower before.




15:47 Feb 07 2022
Times Read: 722

It is 9:44, and they aren't stupid. But, blackie is hurt. Looks like arthritis, in the hind legs. He came close. But, sniffing me out.
I need some good meat. A mouse or something. I almost think he knows what a cat carrier is. LOL. I have two more days to try to get him in the Carrier.




15:48 Feb 06 2022
Times Read: 740

I think I am defrosted. What a series of storms we had. Whew.
Now just to dry out.

My Boo Boo had a great picture, w guitars. I posted it w the song Rockstar.😁

Nickelback - Rockstar (Official Video)

There is a ton of people in a tin can who hates the wild life. Why oh why . . . they went to a wild life perserve, I don't know. I hate people.

Next week, I have to tackle, a billl, the federal government said they gave imy stimulus to. (LoL, that's poor English.) I am going to call nicely. Send them my Federal copy. And, I have to talk to a attorney. Because, it says they got those stimulus. The IRS, took there's out, also. Which is good, better paid then not. Period.

Next, Covid Deaths are high. So I guess, I have to live every day, like it may be my last. 😘.

I been thinking about blackie,. He's with people that hate Cats, and other animals. They chased him into the woods. Poor thing. People are so cold. The storms were horrible. And, these poor cats are out all night in the freezing cold.

I don't need another cat but. . . . .maybe if I take the cat carrier w me. Fill it with food. Leave the door open. Sit on the side, cuz I couldn't sneak up on him. Maybe, I have a slim chance of closing him in. That, would be a miracle.




04:17 Feb 04 2022
Times Read: 759

OMG. There is a moat around us. LOL This is awful. I hope blackie found a dry spot. Was too hard to go to the bathroom. And going in the moat doesn't make sense.🤪.

Our day room is holding. I think it's two corners and side windos leaking. Not bad. But, caught hair in door, and sort of broke door. . . . One of those things, few days ago.

Rain rain go away, come back another day!

Uh oh. We might be booted this week. Poor Blackie. Next week, for sure. Mardi Gras! Yuck

Haven't feed blackie yet, cuz rain hasn't stopped, and no where to keep food dry.

Hopefully, it will stop before 6pm. Awwwwww




Imbolc / Camdlemas

17:50 Feb 02 2022
Times Read: 788

Finished my ritual. Incorporated the triple goddesses. Made a new Cross , w the correct moon phase. Tore apart the old one, that was a practice, and voided it.

I guess Goddess Brigid is happy w this rain.

Blessed Be🌻

My Boo Boo came with a surprise. An Igloo.
Will turn the woman cave to a day place, and eat room.

Igloo is just for rest. 🌲

Hopefully, Igloo will pass the rain test.

And, there was an unexpected fried chicken meal. Yum

Oh. And, I finally got a picture of a Cardinal. Sweet. She is on the ground, in the picture I left.



03:59 Feb 03 2022

Merry Imbolc Greetings!


Welcome Imbolc, and Happy Lunar New Year - The Year of the 🐅!

06:29 Feb 01 2022
Times Read: 715

The illumines clouds, have taken over in the morning sky,
No longer am I able to see, the vast stars, and satellite.

My wood pile is soaked. 😪. Will have to do an inside ritual. Have till tomorrow night. But, I doubt that the wood dries.

Last night, I fell asleep listening to Salem's Lot. Will continue, tonight. LOL




01:22 Feb 01 2022
Times Read: 642

Made my Brigid Cross, for the first time. Used 4 arms . Just tried making it, using a form of grass. Might do a 3 arm , tomorrow. Maybe a pocket one. Some believe she represents the Trinity.

Today would have been a great day for, Imbolc. Let's see how the weather is tomorrow. It will be the mid marker of Spring, and Winter.😁. Also, a new moon.

I saw a new Covid from Wuhan. Forgot the name. They say it has a stronger mortality rate. Was something about Africa. I have a headache, so will review tomorrow.



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