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06:35 Mar 04 2022
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The Russians, may have made a big mistake, bombing the nuclear plant. I think Boris Johnson was first to call Putin in regards. News claiming, it would have been 10x worse than Chernobyl. And, Putin now, wants to do public executions.

10am in Russia, 1am here.

Too bad there isn't a French Foreign Legionn starting up here.
A US foreign legion. LOL 😁. Whyy can't Trump, or some other rich guy, volunteer some jets, to Poland. So that people could volunteer to fight in Ukraine.. I think with a knee brace, I could help.

This is kind of stupid thing to do, writing in a public journal. Especially, while we might enter into war. So, I am cutting off. And, will cut Journal tomorrow. I was thinking, what would I do if I got Grand Poo Baa level, in Vampire Rave. I wouldn't do it. I would definitely have to cut off anyway.

Good luck everyone.

Boris Johnson just posted. . .

Four years ago our country was rocked when Russian military intelligence deployed a chemical weapon on Salisbury’s streets.

My thoughts remain with all those affected and I pay tribute to the tireless efforts of all those involved in the response to this despicable attack. 1/2

Nations across the world, including Ukraine, stood with us then.

Today we stand with Ukraine in doing everything we can to ensure Putin's barbaric venture ends in failure. 2/2

OMG. They just posted yours truly, with this message. . . .

The menacing military chief in Putin's inner circle who ‘controls’ Russia behind scenes

https://t.co/NSYGkraO9a https://t.co/nZqUYXXNQE

LOL. . . .

There are US citizens goin to volunteer to help Ukraine. Not US Soldiers. How about someone picking up in Louisiana.




14:19 Mar 03 2022
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I don't understand how this UN thing works. . . . They demand that Russia cease fire. . . . And, Russia hits worse. . . .

Mon Dieu. . . UN was no help. . . . Plus stopping sport activities, is close to nothing. Why bother.
Those people can get up in the morning!

Someone said there were two leaders in Russia. Have to check that out. And, ground, is not enough.
. . . Ship. . . . Plane. . . .

Had to look up BlitzCraig lol. Interesting 🌹. Oooops blitz·krieg

Well, let me look up the other in charge of Russia.

What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.”

Buford T. Justice.


And, Sky News had shots of Russians, bombing civilians, again. 😳.....

I saw that, you sumbitch! You did that on purpose! You're going away till you're gray!

Buford T Justice

Some names of interest. . . .
main national security adviser, Nikolai Patrushev
ntelligence chief, Sergei Naryshkin
defense minister, Sergei K. Shoigu
A good connection: . . .
Russia: no country will have Superior strength to Russia-

Stetra Missiles. . . . I honestly would thank Germany greatly. What a turn around. To bad Russia didn't do that.

Putin just face another speech. . .

She insuled my party. . . . That's nothing but pure and simple old fashioned communism.

Buford T Justice

The sad part of WWII, was that the US didn't go n, until Pearl Harbor. (The President had two bank accounts, one on each side.) France, looked like a loser, cuz the US, didn't come to aid, when they got hit. And, the US was supposed to be allies. England, went in as was targeted: t was when Poland, Britain and France got hit, . . . . So I guess there waiting for Missiles. . . .




13:11 Mar 02 2022
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Putin thinks we are too corrupt to do the right thing. . . . 🤣. Speaker of PMQs.

I didn't watch the State of the Union. But, there was a message, regarding Biden, he said. . . . That, he likes the way Iranians fight, not Ukrainians. . . . The newsman thought that it was a mistake. That may not be a mistake.

Meanwhile, back at my place. . . . The geese we're making so much noise. I keep giving them bread. But, honestly I am almost out. LOL. They were yelling, so loud outside my window. Awwwwwww Not enough for all of them. I think someone ran them off. 😘..... I don't know about walking to the store. Hmmmmm




09:06 Mar 01 2022
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Day six.

thermobaric weapon, aerosol bomb, or vacuum bomb is a type of explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion. In practice, the blast wave typically produced by these weapons lasts significantly longer than that of a conventional condensed explosive. (On Google)

Plus, I saw the cluster bomb go off. It is a bomb that spreads lil bombs.

Checked salute. But, could have different meaning. Is no Hitler.

Crime and Punishment, is an old book. It is on Google. Am reading now.

. . . . The works has another story, that is of the writer; of the book. He started w a modest family. Wrote a book that was genuinely good. Got thrown in prison for that book, and starting a group w a printing press. Govt said it was against the.gov't. . . . . Imprisoned them for eight months. Was tortured along w others, with a fake execution, for their crimes. (Supposedly for Slander?) One went mad😁. And, the author of Crime and PPunishment was sent to four years in work labor camp. After punishment, wrote thats when he wrote more works.

Wisdom of the 💓.

What I am understanding astrally. . . . . Is a tear drop, into a puddle of tears.

A teeth brace. . . .

Like the speakers, In Cambridge University said. . . . . Putin is testing, and uses brace's.

I started reading the book. But, it was hard on the old eyes. Especially, reading on my cell. So, I went to audio.

This reminds me, of the other day, when I tried to do my laundry. . . .

I saw a very young child. His family finally came to clear the only working dryer. I watched him, w no shoes, walk threw the puddle. He was feeling the coldness, and looking at the dark merky shapes. The child was so captured, that when the parents called, he didn't respond. So they faked leaving. The farther hid on the other side of the wall. Waiting waiting... Until he gave up and grabbed his the child's hand and walked him to the cart. LOL. Poor kid, that must have hurt a bit, the pavement is stones. For a while though, his feet felt a wonderful stimulus. Soothing, in a way.

Guess I feel a lil like that kid, reading the book.

And. . . .

I guess, the English has Canterbury Tales. Something like that book. (Go figure.) LOL

Uh oh. Somebody said something in an Ukraine, post. Good Luck to that.

And, Boris Johnson had the worst emotional question pointed to him. He answered it, so we'll.
What he didn't say, is what she needed to understand. He is in a NATO agreement, that is being used wrongly, by Russia.

When Russia joined NATO, I think everyone was overjoyed. Not thinking that they would use the written word to clamp everyone: when Putin went Rogue. There are no concentration camps No world bombing as of yet, from Ukraine. Ukraine is doing nothing even close to the Nazis, during Hitler.

There probably was some rogue problems from Ukraine, we have them here eternally; often.... Not with Ukraine. . . But, others. . . . Govt handles. . . . Putin allowing the captured to do as they were doing , is another statement at the UN meeting. . .. Well, I'm sure that's not true. Russia said they have 3 years to leave. Somewhat like when they took over before. There were mostly Russias there, after. . . . . More Crimes committed during wartime. . . . .That would happen here, there are those who want to steal and make money: and those who try to stay alive. Like there would be, with any country. Nobody gave up yet, so it's really not Russian property, yet. There just isn't any justification.

It's ashame that the breakup is coming. I wish Russia would retract. WW III, shouldn't be.

Imagine a world without Vodka, (use to be my favorite drink when I was young.) What about Russian restaurants that give 10 percent off, to the local workers (I use to give them lots of Beignets.) . . . What about the manual rides. . . . That took a lot from Taxis. LOL. Lots of problems. . . . .Actually, their cute. (The only problem here in Louisiana. . . . is that we depend on tourist.) Now there is going to be other problems. . . .What a waste 😪.

Bidens State of the Union was supposed to start at eight. Back in time, with other Presidents, it would actually start at eight. . . . . His talk anyway. . . . But, not anymore. Will catch it later. Was never laughing, clapping. Guess he is trying to boost ratings. Nothing funny goin on. Maybe, I'll be let in to the joke. Or, maybe I'll figure out what their happy about.
Maybe, I should just watch England.

LoL Everyone wrote airspace, when it started. Well, that's another inch. I bet Putin new ahead, that's why he hit so hard, last night. Now, if he said the airspace over Ukraine, that would have blown my mind. Would have been surprised.

OMG. I didn't say what the Ukraine posted today. But, it's true. It's all over media that their going for Putin. So, ummmm no secret. And, like I said. . . Good luck with that!

If they were on my team. . . Mum's the word.



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