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14:54 May 29 2024
Times Read: 76

The Theory of Everything Movie was a nice angle, of his life.

I prefer the genius angle. . . . far more sexier. His other voices made him more than man. One, was the synthesizer. The other astral

I don't know if I'd put up with is wife's extracurricular activity. I guess that was her angle.

They didn't look like the actors got older, in the movie. Just physically sicker.

Well, it was better, than the Tesla movie. The only girl they gave him, liked to lay in a coffin.

Psycho, I forgot, was in black and white. Isn't as scary, in this day, and age... I think Alfred was hung up on blondes. Funny how I notice different things now... Like the earrings... Tippi had gold clips.




01:21 May 29 2024
Times Read: 87

Saw the movie, Tesla. I think they made him out too depressed. Yet, such an inventor. I've read a lot, there wasn't much on women. He put a wall between him, and them. But, it was nice to see him constantly w a female, in the movie. If he had married, I think he would have cared more for making money. He may have died in poverty. But, lived till 87, those days that didn't happen to too many. Must have lived off the fat off the land.

The beginning was sweet. But, I don't know about the Tears for Fears Song. I think, given a chance he may have sung it much better.

Hmmm. What next, Hawkins, Psycho or Divinci.




13:28 May 26 2024
Times Read: 123

My friend told me to put sticky buns in freezer, cuz I got sick, and she didn't want to pick up food.

So defrosted last night. I was going to buy two boxes of sausage biscuits,. But I was Leary of them. I'd rather use Bisquick, and sausage... Another time, so I bought two bags of those powdered donuts to go with it. I don't usually eat there, cuz of possible stuck food, which I would have to throw up, like the fly, lol. And, intagestiion... No burping allowed.

Truthfully, I shouldn't go to this church. Cuz, I would need a car to get there, on my own. There is a church near by, so if ride falls threw, (she has a temper), I can go there, down street. 8, 930, 11.

Well, well, well... I saw a baptismal... Hmmmmm... Sometimes I think I'm spying, without intentionally doing it.

At first, I was like hmmm, what's the trap door open for... What, did they do, flood the underneath, they have hoses.. then, it dawned on me,
A baptismal... I've seen them on TV, where the where white robes, then they get dunked in the lake. Never saw one inside... Fascinating...

I don't know about the ministers comment that the homeless have nothing to lose, so the one he saw pulled out a knife... It's because of drugs... Not because of nothing to lose... He needs to know the street...

Well, anyway, interesting day.



20:17 May 26 2024

Many people seem to think homeless are a lower class of human, it seems like. It's terrible


16:05 May 22 2024
Times Read: 150

Lol, been getting flys from garbage outside, been flying in fridge. Looks like died, so been carefully picking them out, and throwing out. Just for the hell of it, I put one on the table, had found him upside down with legs crossed , and up, as usual. Turns out, he wasn't dead, eventually he got up. Lol. I didn't know they hibernate. Next time, I throw outside. Otherwise, I'm going to have a fly farm.



17:17 May 29 2024

Yeah you don't want that...when their eggs hatch, they are nasty worm things


18:00 May 17 2024
Times Read: 297

Well, looked around outside, just few things blown down.
Someone came with a small coach. Was not expected w the storm . Place filled, left pictures, temporarily.




06:01 May 17 2024
Times Read: 316

Woe, sounded like there was a tornado out there. Lost our electricity. Warned my friends. . . .

All I need, today. . . soon to be Friday. Woe!

Luckily, nothing too good in fridge. Wanted to make cake in morning. Bummer.




19:00 May 15 2024
Times Read: 335

Well, person cancelled again. LOL. As I knew she would.
Actually I told everyone that asked about the place, the truth. They seemed happier about their tents. Although, when I looked, they moved. Hmmm wonder where they went.

Pulled all my dirty laundry out of storage. Cleaned a lot, . . . . But, haven't cleaned a lot, don't have a place to put. Very small closet.

Well, might as well read my book, then fix the first tent.

Oh, and person who was mad at me, left me some shirts. Appreciate that. Guess she doesn't think I'm the devil, after all.
My other friend is stressed though. She hasn't been seeing her older friend. She's so nice, can understand why she is depressed.




13:42 May 14 2024
Times Read: 347

Well, still waiting for the eviction. Hmmm. Truthfully, when there was no key, at first, no inspection at first, then after inspection, no call to sign lease, no appointment. .. . Maybe, you know....

I finally bought some antacids, generic. Feel much better.

Have to look for movie splice.




19:56 May 12 2024
Times Read: 366

LOL I got a lot of hate from one, at the ministry. One, I move a lot so that's my only reason. I know some wonderful people from that ministry. But, I have to admit I grew up in Roman Catholic Order. Although, been through many others. But, here's the deal, I feel very wrong, with the dance thing. But, I'm trying to keep an open mind. Although, you shouldn't be self sufficient, is questionable.

Well, any way, I have so much heartburn, that it's hurting the top of my ear. So, here's the problem, This group never has the body and blood. So, when they past it around, I didn't know what to do. I grabbed a cup that looked like a kiddie cup. . . . LOL. So, when he gave high mass I didn't have the bread. Lol. Plus, I don't think I can drink wine right now. So, person on side took great offense. She probably, thought I was a Satanist. Never joined it. Lol. Trust, me Satan wouldn't like me. LOL. Hurting to much. I have to give up Coffee. Or go back on pills. But, they bind. So, I have the cup on my alter, w their holy oil. I'm trying to be open. Definately not like the normal mass.

And, come on, I don't need a drug to fly, or praise God. I can do that cold sober. It's like voodoo, they dance too. Makes me a lil nervous. Lol. I said my peace. Period.




11:21 May 11 2024
Times Read: 382

Well, trying to get my mind off problems. Now watching an all star cast. Too bad I couldn't get the Towering Inferno. God, they were so young then, in Poseidon.



18:47 May 11 2024

Great classic


23:04 May 10 2024
Times Read: 390

Well, watching all three conjuring DVDs, the old Poseidon Adventure, and two New Orleans documentary.

LOL, all I have to say to the Warrens, is that keeping trophies of your victit, is so much like.serial killing. Just saying.




11:30 May 10 2024
Times Read: 402

Well, wasn't that scared by The Nun. Fell asleep, then woke up and finished it. The priest being buried by ghosts was a bit much to believe.
The only jump part, was the one on the review. Plus, how Frenchie came back alive was a odd thing. Then the hero nun was possessed , and Frenchie exercised her. Then, poor guy was possessed. 😂.
The exorcist didn't have much of part,, he wasn't too good. Well, a lil disappointed. My buddy Bill Wilkins was better.

Yesterday, someone gave out the stuff I needed. . . . Milk, eggs. Plus, I had bought chamomile tea, and they had Egyptian chamomile. So, that was an up note. Should have taken more cans, for stress. . . . Just didn't want to be a gluten. The guy who stole my umbrella, actually parted with one of the two milks he had. Hmmm...

Finding hard to walk, maybe blood pressure is still high. Didn't want sour milk, so didn't check.




22:02 May 09 2024
Times Read: 421

I had less stress on the street.

Man, one of my friend sent she was like this 😡. The other one is doing prayers.

I saw someone I know with an old trailer. Hmmmmm. That's something to work on. He must of just bought it.

Meanwhile, our sabbatical is over. I always wanted a week in bed. That was impossible. Then I got that mucus problem. Luckily, almost cleared.

Tried to switch my case manager. So far no luck.

At least I finally, got the good meds, I was too upset and had been using the old.

I should go next door and get checked for ailments. Although, I can't do operation for knee yet. Not w pending apartment.

Didn't do my May first link yet. Need to be in good mood for that. Maybe, should meditate..

Ok.... I wasn't going to watch this movie, till my heart felt betty. Cuz, the spot caught me off guard. Lol. Cuz, I was watching the back, ghost, and she got hit from the side. .

I'm ready to watch that movie, the Num




17:40 May 06 2024
Times Read: 438

Was still feeling under the weather. Heat stroke. From two long walks Saturday. Had to run to bathroom, and rat something before I drop. Time to start in a few minutes.




14:04 May 04 2024
Times Read: 459

Well, had to cough up mucus last night. Cuz, steak got stuck in esophagus, so had to cough up both. Yeah, a friend had given me steak. Not something I would buy, too expensive. Lol. Use to shopping in pharmacy. Lol. Can ham, chicken dumplings soup, wafer cookies...

Meanwhile, I hinted to case manager about having to talk to a legal rep. There is a lease involved, so I have to be very careful.

So, that means I have to go to two government buildings. Hopefully, there won't be much of wait. I wanted to go to one office near here. But, maybe I should do both in the city. Might be easier for me. Both on Poydras.

So it's best I don't say anything till I get advice.

Meanwhile, new moon isn't till the eighth. Hmmmmm

Plus, I googled this mucus thing, says it could be from the flu to heart, gastric.... Who knows...

Someone gave me a ton of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Funny, I haven't touched them yet. Also, someone gave me plant based beef. Interesting, I googled it. It's more expensive then beef. Woe. Doesn't taste bad, when cooked to hardness. Cost a lot to be a vegt. . . .

Maybe, I should get the food I ate in new York. Syrian bread, lunch meat cheese, I already have tomatoes, my fried gave me that with onions.

Ah oh. . . . Got a quantum physics book, and movies: independence day, and alien. Might as well enjoy my last weekend. Lol.




23:15 May 03 2024
Times Read: 490

I'm about ready to throw the apartment. I wonder if my friend will pick up everything given.

My friend suggested a lawyer. But, if there is lying , hmmm

Too upset. Won't even go to baby shower tomorrow. Let's see if I can be social. Sunday.

Have to do something really important Monday. After that, we will see....

Plus, this person who sets up an appoint, always cancels. So what's w that. I told her I don't need anything, and she has the warehouse call me. . Really.

Well the incense plug wasn't to blame for mucus in lungs Tuesday night. Had to cough up to clear lungs again.

Someone said a bold face lie. Real problem.

Oh, that wasn't Tuesday, it was Thursday I had to clear lungs to breathe. Oh, it can't be the air conditioner, cuz that was off.

I already coughed up my diner, so I should be mucus free for tonight.

Ok, resolved, I don't have to talk to that person again. And, I'll have t o
go to that lawyer place that I go to, and the govt office. Monday, just to review rights. Whew. I'm glad this all happened before the interview, at the center. No interview now.

Maybe, my mucus will leave now lol

Oh, and they had my favorite X Files last night. The one w the bugs. Woe.

Before I leave, and go back to my prior life
I really should see a doctor about a few things. Hmmmmm my only chance. Glad I didn't changey address, on license.




18:57 May 01 2024
Times Read: 517

Happy May 1st. But, it's waning, so....

The oven works great, even, and preheats on its own, and beeps when done. Pic in... Set off alarm so had to put air conditioner high.

Next one is a brownie chocolate decadent cake. Hmmm.m




13:21 May 01 2024
Times Read: 526

Still sick. I look like that mucus commercial.

I brought the big bucket out of storage. Just have the laundry to do. Which is going to cost money. The blankets will be 4.25 for two. Plus laundry. Need at least twenty. What a world what a world.

Getting bugs in here. Don't know where from yet. Yesterday it was white wing flying ones. ? ?

Monday I'm going to have to start doing work.

My friend says, it's a month before, and a month after only.

Just turned a stove pan into a baking pan. Luckily it was old and pliable. Had to remove handles. I have another set that's new. Awwww

It's bad enough that I set off the alarm four times w toaster. It's very sensitive. Luckily, I keep chair there .



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