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10:58 Nov 30 2015
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All joking aside, I have been looking for this tool in the dark books. It is some sort of baptismal tool. Also, blessing tool. An aspergillum[1] (less commonly, aspergilium or aspergil) is a liturgical implement used to sprinkle holy water. It comes in two common forms: a brush that is dipped in the water and shaken, and a perforated ball at the end of a short handle. Some have sponges or internal reservoirs that dispense holy water when shaken, while others must periodically be dipped in an aspersorium (holy water bucket, known to art historians as a situla).

An aspergillum is used in Roman Catholic and Anglican ceremonies, including the Rite of Baptism and during the Easter Season. In addition, a priest will use the aspergillum to bless the candles during candlemas services and the palms during Palm Sunday Mass. At a requiem, if a coffin is present, the priest will sprinkle holy water on the coffin. The aspergillum can be used in other manners where sprinkling of holy water is appropriate, as in a house blessing, in which the priest might bless the entry to the home. The name derives from the Latin verb aspergere 'to sprinkle'.

The form of the aspergillum differs in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In the Greek Orthodox Church the aspergillum (randistirion) is in the form of a standing vessel with a tapering lid. The top of the lid has holes in it from which the agiasmos (holy water) is sprinkled. In the Russian Orthodox Church the aspergillum is in the form of a whisk made of cloth or hair. Sometimes, sprigs of basil are used to sprinkle holy water. In some of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, no aspergillum is used, but the priest will pour holy water into the palm of his right hand and throw it on the faithful




14:58 Nov 29 2015
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Did an astral stone circle ritual, using Thoth. Sweet. Called quarters w candle, Egyptian cross, pentacle. Dressed in his beak. Little worried because the candle was beneath, the beak. But, nothing happened. Whew. Thought it was goin to catch fire. So we ran the circle, inside, leaving bird tracks . The stones looked fully loaded. The horseshoe, seemed to stand out. What I mean, was the focus. And the outer circle stones lit up in sequence, on top around. Like a airplane track. Sweet 🍬

Pretty sure I finished my ritual, although, I didn't send off. So hard, when your in that sleep/wake state! Lol. Now what did I do. Lol.

Well, off to the library later




23:39 Nov 28 2015
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Something is going on, that I may be to blame for. When the shift happened in the stone circle, it seemed like the former spell I did, began. But, now it is too mean, so will try to reduce, in a natural way. Actually, I was goin to do an astral ritual, anyway, in the stone circle. Because, yes, I am too bored.

Also, I am goin to have to ask Thoth for special help. No more trying to handle things the mundane way.

Meanwhile, Jerome painting, back to the rescue. With, also, a little bourbon. Sweet And thanks for diner at Tic Toc.






09:45 Nov 27 2015
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Just woke up choking. Lol. To much spice today.

Lol just catching my breath, air conditioner on.

Had such a fun day. My friend was w his brother. So I went w chum, to Copelands. I wasn't nervous at all, weird. Got right into restaurant, at a little after 11. Sweet. Only, they had limited menu, turkey, turkey, turkey. Lol. Chum had two wines. I had coffee. Don't order coffee at Copelands. Takes forever to get it. Lol. Meanwhile, chum kept getting texts, Happy Valentines Day. Lol. Wonder if he was nervous. Lol. Meanwhile, I had fun. Lol. Wore very high heels, so kept joking, that I had to learn how to walk in them. Copelands floor is slippery. Food was so filling. Went for ride in the park after. And then, went for coffee. Had fun chats w people around us. Actually, was fun! Sweet guy. Hope he had fun, also. The only fight we had, was bill payment. Lol. Wouldn't let me pay.

At home, lol music in hall was so loud, it sounded like the French quarter. Couldn't do anything, till it quieted.

Had fun day! Hope everyone else did, too.




12:21 Nov 26 2015
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Happy Thanksgivin, Y'all!

Yesterday I finished off the turkey, w the dog. Lol but today, it is a favorite restaurant.

Lol, somebody jarred another traditional recipe. Lol. Ham. First boil the salt out. Than let cool. Cut like Pinhead's head. But instead of nails, use cloves. Around each clove, if possible put a pineapple slice. Bast with juice. Cover ham. Bake.

Truthfully, I prefer a spiral. Lol. The cloves I had to pick off. Lol

Turkey 🍗 !




14:11 Nov 22 2015
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Thursday, happened to go the long way to work, and saw a very long Army train passing. Took a lot of pictures. Had a lot of Army vehicles. Look like desert storm type. Probably heading to the Naval Base. It has been quite since.

I know the National Guard, advertised a lot of stuff.

Made stuffing for turkey. 5 pounds of hamburger. 1 lb of pork. Mushrooms, onions, Tony catchers, and to be different, instead of mashed potatoes, to bind it. Lol. I used a packet of Idaho, fully loaded instant. Yum tastes good. Left a little thick. Waiting for it to cool.

So today I spend w friend. And Thursday might hang w chum at work, at a restaurant. So friend can spend w brother.

Lol. What a world, what a world!

I love a pudding pie, w whip cream. But didn't look at packages. One was different. Not perfect. Crust came out good. Tooooo bad. So it is cheese cake and brownies. Lol. I give up!

Happy Early Thanksgiving all💚❤




12:47 Nov 19 2015
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Had a witch breakfast of brownies and milk. Yum. Needed that.

Liked that masked group disrupting Islam on the news. And who do I see in the news .... Lol them!

Love my Facebook Friends.

Said to them I was going to wear that mask for Halloween. They said it means anonymous.

Lol. Think they know I'm blonde. Lol.

Truthfully, I think I have 2 islama on google. One tried to rearrange my name. Lol. Maybe innocent. But, he has there way w the virgin stuff. Maybe, having to get a new phone was good.

Started waxing and filling cracks on my ritual table. Will do again tonight.

Someone, got angry and charged me 35 cents for a night dress. Lol. African people. Lol. Can't figure them out. But, thanks!

Love this old music I bought, Enigma, Moody Blues and.... Cherry Poppin Daddies. Lol in the Daddies mood... Zoot Suit Riot.... Hmmmmmmm




22:56 Nov 15 2015
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French attacked Isis!!!

Long live France, USA and UK!




22:08 Nov 14 2015
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Soooooo sick yesterday. And today. Lol damn

This week looks like cut off week at COX.

Curses either tonight or tomorrow. Lets see if I feel better.

Found bunch of nice stuff on facebook, regarding Paris. Thanks to you who sent




01:57 Nov 14 2015
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Love ❤ You France. You have to stop being so humane. Kill them. My prayers are with you. My heart is breaking for your dead




07:17 Nov 13 2015
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Ritual table is on the top of my list.

Need to refinish it.

Maybe put element and dimension symbols on it.

Or no. Could make a cloth with symbols. W thread, or no. How about that pretty cloth painting. Hmmmmm Awesome. Yup. Need those two wooden fabric holders and lots of colors.

Meanwhile. Astrally, saw what someone was using in that ritual room, w the splattered sun symbol. What do they call them maracas? Lol. Looks like, anyway . Round ball on long handle. Thought it had something to do w royalty. Because, of someone shacking it at someone on google. But, than it was shook at someone else, in another category. Lol. I give up. Well, Stonehenge is still alive and well.



07:40 Nov 13 2015

Interesting, good read, to say the least. What is thy table made of?


03:03 Nov 11 2015
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Lol. A old friend reminded me of a haunted house, lol. An ambulance coming near and a creature running out. Lol. How does she remember all that. Jolted Jolly Cholly memories. And of course the screaming fits to stop at the Crescent Park Carousel. At toddler age, lol, Barbie Horses. Lol. Poor parents remember screaming so much to ride. Lol. Always stopped. Lol.

Wonder if the Painting of my favorite horse, is at the Soap Opera Laundry Mat, New York. Lol

Meanwhile, yes, I have a new ritual table. Just need to sharpen, and to do ritual, to anoint it



03:07 Nov 11 2015

This is sporadic, I like that. Congratulations on the new table.



04:53 Nov 06 2015
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After researching Slender Man. Wow. This stuff is a little old. Does say there are 3 violent crimes, due to it. And a missing boy.

Truthfully, I was watching one of the music videos on you tube, when something violent occurred in my hallway. The fight died down, after the song ended. Lol. Weird.

Actually, to me, he looks like jack skelington.




02:42 Nov 06 2015
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OMG. I was reading, about a officer who committed suicide. And saw a post about two preteens who stabbed their friend 19 times.

The first post tells how the girls lured their friend to a sleep over. Was going to first kill her in bed. Then, thought to take her to the park and kill her over the drain. Article states, one of them went crazy in bathroom. But, devised to kill her in a hide and seek fashion.

Luckily, girl survived. So glad to read that.

The new article states that they were killing her for Slenderman. Creepypasta.

Unbelievable. The article keeps calling the three friends. But, obviously, that statement is false.

Poor girl 12 year old they stabbed. Hope she gets all the help necessary. For the rest of her life.

My God. What would you do if they were your kids. Wow. Wouldn't want them home. And didn't they even think that Slenderman was false! Damn.

Got to look up Slenderman.

Hope the kids get tried as adult. Otherwise, they will be out at 25




Thank you EJ Library

21:57 Nov 04 2015
Times Read: 1,344

This is the first time, I walk into the library, and see politically correct books, regarding Witchery.

Thank you. One of them is, "Seasons of Witchery," by Ellen Dugan. Love the cover, Love the Context.

Great to finally, see...

Guess this is a new age



22:22 Nov 04 2015

I try to find any books here .. guess what they had none..not a freaking single book about wicca


02:59 Nov 04 2015
Times Read: 1,347

Ever have those days, when you feel as if the world is going to represent a Star Trek show. Like the one where they find everyone dead, frozen in time, killing each other. Lol. I must have had a real bad day.

Meanwhile, might do a little ritual, tonight.




19:07 Nov 01 2015
Times Read: 1,359

Had a Wonderful Halloween, Morgus' friend Chopsley, had such awesome Halloween 👻 Party.

Certainly, not like them. Shrimp boil, grub , liquor...

Polite chat, and lots of trick o treaters. Lol The fire pit was Awesome!

The next day Halloween 👻, we had such a lovely twister and tornado warnings. Lovely!

My Demons, Starset.!!!



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