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OccultRanger carries the Mark of The Prince. hair colors?
Set at 16:48 on June 23, 2024

Vampire Rave member for 4 years.

Status:  Premiere Sire (120.78)
Rank:  Member
Honor 1,237    [ Give / Take ]
Mentorship Mentor of Occult Orientation.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  January 3, 1969
Age:  55




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Those who can make you believe absurdities, Can make you commit atrocities. Voltaire


I think it is wise to pay the piper in advance. So here is my gothic playlist (audio only) from my You Tube channel (not monetized). Note you can navigate through different songs using the playlist icon in upper right corner of the video plug to choose what you want. This is the third one I've created. Choose your own accompaniment.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Greetings. Please, call me Tree. It's the nickname I'm most comfortable with. I'm a rather tall guy at 6'8", 240lbs., hazel eyes, brown/silver hair and spend a lot of quality time communing with nature where I'm most comfortable. I'm also an American of British and French heritage. Time is an essential part of life so let's get this party going as my latest imported Iframe from an internet service I support demonstrates.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I tend to be a private person and keep to myself for the most part. But I have found a social network a great place to write out my thoughts clearly where in real life I'd be more taciturn in the heat of a moment relying on force of habit. Then there is that least part that actually does socialize as a pack animal and this accounts for my presence. Found all things I consider it helps me orient myself in the cosmos well.

Hmm...okay yeah this is the part I usually play with now to update my profile. I am changing and not always in a bad way. I'm probably one of the worst nightmares you are going to experience on this site-a man with an opinion. ;)

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I grew up as an only child and Army brat in many places around bases stateside and in Europe. Originally, I'm from a rural area in the Appalachian Mountains in coal mining country. An essential element to who I am in my unique character is attributed to being Hypersensitive. My father also suffering the same sensitivity but grew up quite different than me as the oldest in a large family and thus forged with different experiences that developed his character has been the biggest influence in my life; A government agent that carried the wounds of the Vietnam war and transferred quite a bit to me his only child as those with similar focus and sensitivity can express well to the same.

You see after WW2 and Korea the U.S. was experimenting with new training techniques in the Vietnam era. Movies like Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" expressed this sentiment well to me. But breaking someone down (Brainwashing) and building them up as a fighting force trained to kill on command without question at the young age of 17 is something quite different to deal with with a heightened focus your entire childhood with a vet that suffers PTSD. It's taken me a while to reach a balance and have had quite a colorful life.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Besides competing in martial arts I wasn't into sports unless you think hunting, fishing and trapping are. I don't. I think it's a big part of who we are as a species, and it was a means for our ancestors to survive. Now we need some catharsis in the society we live in in modern times to become whole in this department. Thus, to my understanding we have all the spiritual dynamics that develop to those that look deeper in themselves and the cosmos for wholeness. So, the subcultures of a kindred community form in nocturnal mysteries apart from the majority in society that find a catharsis in the popular religions, arts and sports.

I'm kind of a DIY jack of all trades master of none. To name a few: served a bit in the military as a paratrooper, did some security work for a crew as a career criminal; Spent the 90's incarcerated worked there as: Teacher's aide, Librarian, and in Landscaping/Horticulture; Then after released with the work ethic that was instilled in me in my youth built myself up to a foreman in the steel industry. I'm retired now. I think it's great to take pride in your work as many do when comparing themselves to others but think you should take equal pride in any endeavor you apply yourself in or you'll be broken in retirement.

As far as education goes, I have a H.S. diploma and vocational degrees in Electronics, Horticulture, and Business. Besides that, I'm self-taught in many things. Chiefly in knowing myself which I think is very important.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I have studied many traditions with empirical results, but they never seemed to fit me very well. It's something about the scrutiny that was instilled in me via my strict youth and attention to detail. So relative to my unique life's experiences I found my own spirituality. I think I'm best understood as a human occultist. The word spirit comes from the Greek word breath which I think conveys the meaning of something invisible that can be felt, heard or seen as a subtle mist in the cold. Likewise, the ethereal spiritual things are subtle and usually invisible to most unless they have their minds trained to perceive it. So, it is there is the capacity for the human mind to create tools and the imagination can really run wild with the different spiritualties that develop and can be experienced with those attuned to it. I believe in the power of belief. Though most of it seems to be false like a child believing in Santa Clause or the tooth fairy it still can be experienced if that's how your mind is trained. Kind of like how if one were to wear glasses that flip their vision upside-down their brains would correct it eventually flipping it right-side up until you take them off in which case you'd see upside down again.

Now to my understanding most that you would identify with being real vampires are those that follow teachings by the occult movement that gained popularity in the 90's and created a subculture like from occult authors Father Sebastiaan or Michelle Belanger. I have only recently studied their works to better understand what I'm dealing with in this subculture-the vampire community. For me it is just techniques that one learns in the course of their life naturally or through others they believe and then the state of mind and power develops.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

In a nutshell: I don't think a vampire has a deficiency in energy that they seek in others but rather I just see it as a natural polarity that develops in how one's psyche forms and is just like a pole in a magnet that creates a reception area for things caught in the field and can develop in many different ways pending the many unique personalities; The drinking of blood to me is just a rite not much different than communion in Catholicism with the actual bite or blood covenant as the important aspect of it much like a man taking a virgin in marriage-it's actually a lot like grounding a circuit. I don't need it to survive like a vampire bat but think such concepts sprang from how the ancients thought about the humors and alchemy when it comes to blood. I make it very evident that it's a spirituality rather than deceiving people with theatrics of physical things. Thus, fangs and talons that I have are just ritual tools and displayed as such being silver. Some may think it's obviously a costume and comfortably wear fake fangs, FX contact lenses or photoshopping their photos as part of the identity but there are those that do think such things are real.Real vampires love Vampire Rave. As I'm big on truth and clarity to deceive people in this way sets a bad precedent so I try to make things very clear leaving little room for misunderstandings. When it comes to being undead i.e. coming back from the dead it's just superstition to me created by mass hysteria for the most part as often seen in defining vampires in legend. Such physical miracles require a lot of power and thus lots of blood sacrifice like in certain religions that still practice blood rites that empowers them. But there is a state of mind one can acquire that is likened to coming back from the dead. Not just an abstract concept held in the mind but actually through spiritual dynamics things can gain quite an empirical dimension to experience. A dismal journey through the valley of death as sung by Theatres Des Vampires in Suicide Vampire. Certainly like in anything it has it's perks and you try to find what happiness you can but equally there is a suffering to it that one longs for the sweet embrace and mercy of true death to set you free.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I had a significant experience back in 1993 with a terrifying holy occult being (strigoi divinity) that changed my life. I don't anthropomorphize and believe in objective divine beings but still they do obviously impact our lives. I think they are just subjective creations of the mind that form in the dynamic of the brain's inner workings to give form to the cosmos in the astral plane aka Maya(illusion). They may take form outside of ourselves especially in shared belief structures as much as one can astrally project outside their body and travel beyond space and time. This is where ghosts come from to my understanding. Not disembodied beings after death but just power of their physical brains when they are alive. If one is a medium and they are conscious ghosts as opposed to unconscious like in normal dream state it may be wise to ask them what date they think it is like a doctor asks when determining mental health.

As an occultist one may use divine beings to empower more of their will as they correspond to human experience especially as a social creature. Like in text from Emerald Tablet: "As above so below" some see how there are magistrates like judges that govern us with the power to determine our fate in society so it is given form in spiritual beings. There are servants to command and or just fellow spirits to find aid from pending your outlook. Much like a toddler goes through a stage where they think everything is theirs so it seems there was a stage in humanity as a species to think likewise. So many things revolved around the human ego much like at one time the ancients thought the astral bodies revolved around the earth. Hence the divine beings and creators were conceived and given spiritual forms. The patriarchal ones as much as the male is dominant in the paradigm of sexuality in nature so it seems to be the "norm" by the law of averages in the archetypal spirit forms that develop in the minds of people. But beyond that veil I do believe there is an absolute truth best understood through the proper understanding of the Elements of the wise and the polarities that form between their dynamic. At this time my outlook is attuned to such forces rather than other consciousnesses' in spirit though I've had experience with them in the past as spirits are primarily amorphous aspects that project a person's and or a society's naivety and or ignorance.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I believe in fate. Everything is fated to be a certain way. It's only the naive or ignorant that think they are in control of their destiny and it's usually those who have ego problems that believe such that blinds them. There is only an appearance the cosmos is random in its complex nature perceived by a limited mind to conceive it. Once this is realized and exponentially so with spiritual influences that makes abstract thought a very incomplete thing, you really don't need to feel guilty or take pride in anything. If you commune with nature on my level, you'd understand. Same goes for karma which is just bullshit to me. Good and bad shit happens to everyone indiscriminately. It's more about ones focus and most have it on the decisions they appear to make and if it's favorable relative to environment they develop egos' thinking they are doing it when it's more about sacrifices made in other lives in the turning of eternity. People see what they have their focus on. Like when you buy a new car and then you start seeing it often. Same goes for Karma people have their minds on it and will see it alone. The concept sprang from just seeing the cause-and-effect polarity in experiences in life without looking at bigger picture. In my understanding of cosmic laws all power comes through sacrifice now that can carry on to other incarnations and accounts for why different people are in such different states. I believe from my perception of nature and its cycles that our eternal spirits just go through different seasons or waxing and waning cycles like moon phases. Like if you fast something only then would you truly appreciate it.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

For me it is just a beginning to compare something in a dualism (good/evil, positive/negative, male/female etc.) to give it definition in contrast but then you should continue the comparison. Thus, there is an honorable and dishonorable aspect to both the light and dark and a refinement that continues in each new permutation from each. In my understanding neither has dominance over the other that is another permutation and the night and day both have dominating aspects to the subjugated aspects of their opposites. Like there are strong dominant females as much as there are weak males or how the sunlight hitting the atmosphere in the day obscures the distant astral bodies seen at night much like people's pride blinds them to greater truths. Besides that, I think the source of "so called" demonic activity has its root in repression. I don't consider myself Satanic though after suffering oppression under Patriarchy I find invocation rites cathartic and I prefer working with Chthonic energy, but I do know exclusive religions will put me in that category.

I think it's best to also think in three dimensions for a more complete understanding of reality so outside of linear thinking like a dualism you get a vortex which incorporates both linear and cyclical and then it's not just a line perceived from a viewer like the passage of time but also a dynamic of moving around and in a curve up/down and in/out. I created my own composite symbol (Like: Pentagram-Freemasons/Tree of life-Kabbalah/Chaos Sphere-Chaos magick/Yang-Yin in Taoism etc. that illustrate the dynamics of different symbols working in polarities.) that works best from my understanding of the cosmos to orient myself correctly.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I associate the vampire as a nocturnal hunter usually like the vampire bat. There is honor in the night for those creatures that perceive well in it. I have been taught from my occult sources to orient myself through understanding the true nature of the elements in the cosmos. However, nature can be quite cold and harsh when viewed from an absolute vantage and requires a tested state of mind able to conceive it likewise. So much goes unnoticed by creatures with habits forged by a stereoscopic focus.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I consider myself heterosexual as only females turn me on unless you think being attracted to some T-Girls and Trans Women to be queer then I'll accept that. I have been taught to respect a person's gender choice and sexuality. Yes, some are of a degenerative nature but that doesn't make them any less important-especially in the modern overpopulated world. Also, as an occultist I have really attuned myself to tantric energies that I constantly am overwhelmed with. Having this really distinguishes my state of mind and center and has both pros and cons to it. Like I've crossed some thresholds where I was terrified by feeling too much pleasure.

Besides flirting I don't engage in sexting It's just inappropriate even if your identity is confirmed as it sets a bad example to youth or sexual predators that use this site. There are more appropriate adult sites for this if you want to indulge in it.

Beyond friendship I am not looking for any relationship but of the vampiric kind. I've been in love in my past and know it is quite different than what a vampiric state of mind has like in song Vampyrica by Theatres Des Vampire. To me that's not a love relationship though it has its own intimacy and may involve sexual dynamics. Now in this regard I don't distinguish between male and female preference but only willing donors.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I am a DIY (Do It Yourselfer) and try to do anything I can myself. Right here and now it extends to expressing myself on the internet by my standards. Chiefly, I try to do this with good SEO that to me is the true measure of any work's worth on the internet.

I like to hike in the woods and park districts-especially at night with few people around. I associate quadcopter drones as my gargoyles to serve as aerial scouts. Not too big on loud guns but sure do like my quiet crossbows, fishing tackle and survival gear as a prepper when the need arises.

I like to wear black and use red light for its tactical advantages rather than the Celtic female mysteries but when it comes to ceremonial robes, I wear white that glows well in black light in Celtic male mysteries. I believe I was a Druid in another life though it's hard to put a frame of reference with our experiences of other lives with what we have now, so it usually sounds hokey when people describe other lives because they use experiences and imagination in this life to draw on intuition. I break things down to their elemental components and then build them up so can get an aspect of clarity that others don't, but it has a price.

I like music especially from the Metal, Rock, Witch House and Dark Ambient genres and collect albums on Bandcamp platform where you can show your appreciation for an artist by paying what you choose for their work.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

In a blue moon I play video games. My all-time favorite is Skyrim. Here's my game avatar "Grog the Greedy" from my last playthrough. I prefer playing on legendary difficulty. He is a vampire lord and a necro-mage thief likes dual wielding a dagger and a war axe for melee after summoning a couple dremora lords for tanks and Ariel's bow for ranged which he uses to eclipse the sun.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I used to play tabletop RPG's too and was usually the Dungeon Master as I fit that role well and play through my NPC's letting the dice rolls make things fun. I later learned it was a way to feed off of others too after raising energy levels not unlike how all the drama on this site happens that so many complain about. Been my experience with the vampire that they create obsession which brings in all kinds of emotional turmoil. I'm not given to play head games like many when it comes to real life and things that impact it. Though I do know I may trigger others just for being me and is a good aspect of being subtle and only subjecting others to me if it's their choice.

I used to read a lot, but any media doesn't really appeal to me, and I find myself rewriting how I would have things turn out in my own imagination that fits me better. Real vampires love Vampire Rave.But if I had to choose a vampire favorite then it would be the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris which was what the HBO True Blood series was based on displayed on my small bookshelf. However, I would have ended it with her getting with Eric instead of Sam ultimately reaching reign as a vampire queen herself giving her life in service to her state. With what was instilled in me there is no greater honor than laying down your life in service to others weather on the battlefield or a life of service.

It can be hard choosing an actual favorite as I find I like and dislike different things for many reasons but overall If I were to choose a favorite vampire movie it would be the comedy SUCK. Though I'm actually not into sucking but rather some tongue action after a bite or from sources I favor.

I like the campy style of the movie set with many musicians starring in it. It covers the adventures of a band as it tours the U.S. and Canada and their relationship with the vampire. In fashion of Lestat a vampire musician just seems to go well with the curse of the undead to me as they motivate and raise energy then just feed. It's a movie I can watch again and again over the years and still enjoy.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

V.R. Navigation

I have quite a personal way of navigating through this site. I have to be true to myself. I am in a state of change both with adding new things as well in decay. Real vampires love Vampire Rave.I do tend to take my time so once I do add something new it tends to remain for a while being appreciated. Only working with one main profile with only Neowise2020 as a back-up for file storage, experimentation with another browser and another layout I'm forced to only share my favorites of something, and I think a profile should be relatively brief. But I'm often updating it so there will be subtle changes. It took me years to get the content set up so don't think it's something I did on the fly and be intimidated by it.

So one of the chief problems I've found on the internet is lack of responsibility with those that abuse the anonymity. Too many just hide behind fake profiles like a bandit wearing a mask they create; Arguably some think it's like a masquerade party but where adult things come into play this ceases to be true as site is open to youth 13 and above. But apart from that I do identify as a vampire and this site is like a place to express your identity and compare or compete with others as such.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

As an occultist one of my greatest tools in using this site is the journal. I call it my hoard. Want to know more about me read my journal...if you earn the keys by taking the time to get to know me. I think many just delude themselves in their interactions here, so I put obstacles up to separate the real from the fake ones. I encrypt my journal and reserve keys for those that take the time to build relations properly. Apart from that I may post an entry openly to public but if it has a video embedded then I'll encrypt when I post another video if no one comments. Having too many videos posted on the same page especially toward the end of the month is a waste of energy to me as your computer has to load it all in the cache during every page view. But if it's encrypted then it will only load it at that time it's decrypted. Sometimes I come on mobile and wasting my soft data cap for the month is not economical to me. Since you have taken the time to read through my profile, I'll give you an encryption key to many of my journal entries: Video Key = Videodrome. Inspired by the movie.

So many favor journals or add as friend which is an easy click of a button but then don't spend the time it takes to build a friendship. I don't give a fuck about the score I want real relationships and would rather have none than fakes. So, my adds and journal favoring are in a state of flux for those that I interact with constantly. Works not unlike how society and stream bonus works for those who are active. So, if you are actively on V.R. my only social network interacting with me you'll maintain that status with me as being a friend and favoring your journal if you have one and use often. I don't do tit for tat on anything. Some come and rate you a 10, add you as a friend then favor your journal all to get the like in return to increase their score. I do things only because I choose to not out of obligation to return the favor. I treat the add as a friend as a like button and only means you are merely above tolerable so don't read too much into it. I tend to see a lot in a person with my scrutiny and when interacting will see all the dirty secrets you wish not to be seen as well as many other things you can't even face in yourself. As long as you maintain a measure of humility and a relative constant presence it won't be a problem. But if you need to save face and hide things then we won't get along. I hate dealing with egos that are so proud it blinds them then they need to hide their faults and is reason they are unbalanced; Or those that are hardly on the site might be someone I find I like but if you are not here then you aren't a friend to me just a mere acquaintance. I understand real life takes precedence so if you find yourself removed after taking a break from the site just let me know and you'll just be readded. Everyone has their issues. It's just a matter of are they worthy of being tolerated for the sake of their better characteristics or are they compatible with your personality as some just don't mix well.

I personally don't block. I understand some use it as a tool to deal with harassment but in the grand scheme I think it makes you weak. Its abused more than something to help someone. One of the most important aspects to society is being able to work things out in a dialog which can't happen then. I suppose it's easy to use to the simple sadistic fucktards on this site to fuck with people or downrate a profile to a one just out of spite but really there are far better occult tools to develop as well to deliver the power if one wants to really torture souls. If someone wants to express themselves, I let them. I don't need to censor and control the narrative of what people see myself included. Part of being goth to me is embracing death and elements of decay to be whole. Those who are fooled by such nonsense aren't people I want to know anyhow. They are more useful tools to the vain attention whores that need to fool themselves that they are something they are not by surrounding themselves by such opinions like "yes-men". Besides some are more like pesky little gnats in what they express which are only mildly irritating even when in swarms that such need for courage. I don't need to block a person to snub them.

I have a high and brutal standard when it comes to rating. After my latest awakening (there are many) I decided to start rating more freely again. I have an opinion and reserve the right to express it. Though I'm just given to mainly rate those who are my referrals or are in my mentorship. Beyond that if you want a rating from me, you'll have to ask. So, if you are not under my authority, you probably won't like it unless we reach an accord, and my opinion becomes valuable to you for your improvement by my standards or you are mature to recognize public opinion varies. For the most part rating profiles has become obsolete. Most just seem to rate for one purpose-to advertise their stamp with a ten given to everyone unless they get something then give the same in return or revenge rate. That's just immature to me but is a part of nature.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

My messages are kept private. I don't share them with anyone which is a despicable tactic many use on this site. Taking a screenshot or a snippet usually out of context then revealing something private just really shows you are not trustworthy and whatever dirt one wants to expose pales in comparison to me. Those that do it are really just people that have some influence and are abusing it in this case to justify themselves or hurt another. Trust is one of the most valuable things to earn in life in tandem with the virtue of discretion. If there is truly something problematic with a message, then just report it to the appropriate authorities that do govern the web in their jurisdiction. Now having a debate in a journal about an issue is the proper way to expose something to the public where you can work things out in a dialog if it's possible and others can post too.

Many seem to level their base score and ratings bonus by rating the Dark Network Databases. I have to have experience with something in the database in order to rate it with an informed decision rather than as a power levelling tool. If I make an entry, then it has to be something I likewise have experience with, and the entry would come from my input rather than copy and pasting some promoter on Amazon or the product to sell it as many seem to plagiarize others work and are rewarded for it on this site.

I Just started another portfolio where I'll take sefie's in different times and places as well as post my own art on clothing I and others wear. All this misdirection others use is not how I do things.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

In my spirituality and identity as a vampire the chief aspect is hunting and tapping what millions of years have hardwired into my body's DNA. As far as this site goes well that's how many one lures in referrals to it. So, getting content set up on sites I use to draw others and not just to create good search engine optimization that's crucial for a website's traffic rather than just sponging off of what Cancer created but also going out and recruiting them personally. It also is what defines being a good sponsor in business which this site seems to be. Fresh meat and those who can perform activity seems the most important resource. Occult OrientationBut I do tend to take my time like a patient hunter so you might be in for a wait.

I've only just begun working on my mentorship which I'm mainly making open to my referrals. I figure if I'm responsible for bringing them to this site then I need to at least provide a place for them to understand my take on the site and the vampyre.

If you come here and are between the levels 20 to 100 you are going to be pulled into a society because they earn favor from active members. That said if you are coming in new it's best to find one that suits you till you reach sire status. Just aspect of site as freedom is earned. The heart of any society is its forum, so you have to look at which ones are active in choosing wisely what fits you best. Just go to the society and click on its members and see who posts and their frequency. Lots of members with many alternate profiles so keep that in mind too. Any community will try to control their environment, so you have those that have established themselves on this site and try to control it the way that suits them, but this has really caused a lot of problems for it and the site now suffers because of it. I'm more of a loner but do join societies at times as it stands now, I don't think I'll create one unless I become an admin. I seem to be more comfortable among those you'd associate as real vampires and occultists than some others that deal with more mundane things in their lifestyle.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Till Death Do Us Part

Vampire Rave was my first social network and has remained my only one if I do branch out it will be to bring referrals here. I'll remain loyal until I die or am removed in accord with TOS. I do what I can to help support V.R. as I like what Cancer created and has a lot of potential to me. It is a service for many to use with interests in the vampire subculture and gothic fiction. There are many different kinds of people that use it their own way. I mainly just want to express what being a vampire means to me as an occultist in my unique mortal life. It is quite evident after spending years off and on this site that what being a vampire means is quite different than others here, so I just want to express this in a way suitable to dynamics of the site. In my understanding it is mortality that makes something priceless with a limited life and being one of a kind. If it lasted forever and was shared by others it would lose value relatively. I just have an awakened state of consciousness for now in the waxing and waning cycles of nature. I think everyone is bound by the same eternal spirit but not all are aware of it. That is all one gains when awakened is a certainty in that regard. So, I've done the calling in the ether now like a hunter that mimicked an animal mating call I need only wait till they arrive so I can embrace them as fate intended.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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