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Safe Haven (Coven) OccultRanger carries the Mark of Coven Master DarkMother

He who laughs last...
Set at 09:31 on June 12, 2021

Vampire Rave member for 1 years.

Status:  Malefactor (67.24)
Rank:  Member
Honor -75    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Safe Haven (Coven)
Mentorship Pupil of Safe Haven.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  January 3, 1969
Age:  52




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"Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another". Aleister Crowley

I think it's wise to pay the piper in advance.

At this time, in the turning, Theatres Des Vampires is my favorite vampire band. Their name was inspired by Ann Rice's characters of Parisian theatre that was a group of vampires pretending to be mortals in the novel Interview With The Vampire. I will feature their music first on this profile. In the Favorite Albums section of my journal for April 23rd I have posted lyrics to songs and the credits to this album open to public viewing while featured on this profile. I also post my other favorite albums there.

Based upon our DNA heritage we all have unique archetypes in our unconscious. Coupled with our experiences in life they combine to shape our perception of reality. I draw on my British and French heritage and have had awesome visions and OBE's. In one a black beacon from the moon crossed over me in its rotation and I descended to the deep dark underworld. It was an awesome experience where a powerful being revealed some arcane secrets to me. I express more about this in forum of mentorship I'm a pupil in if you want to know more:

Safe Haven

Mentored by DarkMother


Primarily I am here to have fun and treat the Rave as a LARP game like a medieval tournament and trial by combat with this site as the cyber battlefield in spiritual warfare. I do try to follow TOS and am mindful this site is open to ages 13+ so endeavor to behave accordingly. There are many layers to this game like Neo in: "The Matrix" movie when given the choice of taking the blue or red pill. So it is with reality as there is a hidden "occult" realm to be experienced who dare to open their perception to know it. It is much like building a radio in which one can receive and transmit signals that otherwise they would have no knowledge about in their normal spectrum of perception. I have been off and on this site for many years and just could not fathom the reason people treat me so as creatures of darkness tend to see quite well in it. Now I am beginning to understand that they built their radios tuned to only a few frequencies and tune out the rest. I have been taught through occult sources to build my radio and I want every frequency and when I transmit I do so in the universal mother tongue to all throughout eternity. Now there are some who have suffered abuse and use the occult as a tool to abuse others. I take these matters seriously and especially blood rites gravely so if you abuse it e.g. in glamour having many dancing to your tune then I will not relent until you have been dealt with by giving up all your profiles and work on this site and starting over from scratch. This is a business and I'm not here to drive away customers as is the habit of some that make threats. Now if you're that kind of person then I'm all for meeting IRL. You let me know when you are in the Bay Area and we'll have ourselves some alone time to work things out or if I'm travelling in your neck of the woods which I will announce. Also I use V.R. as a testing grounds to know who is worthy of getting to know more personally.

I think for myself so do have an opinion and am not afraid of expressing it if I think it's appropriate. Sometimes I make assumptions but you have to start somewhere in a dialog before any changes can be made. You can: [voice yours in return, pending your character I may value it as I sometimes make mistakes and am not bound by insecurities to admit them and try to save face; Like most you can avoid me and remain silent some may perceive you as wise being a mystery, be careful of atrophy as one learns more through experience than observation; Or even just block me if you're too weak to deal with it].

Whatever I rate I try to do so objectively taking your personality out of the equation and simply judge what I consider to constitute a great profile presentation or lack thereof. Refer to my journal section: More About Me for a list of this evolving criteria. I put time and effort into what I do as I alone am responsible for it in this short unique life in the matrix of eternity. Thus, I prioritize my time so I may not return a rating and especially not if you are a chronic name changer or deem as a person that just wastes my time. If it is something in the database then I must have it in order to rate it with an informed decision. Not like those hypocrites who rate to build a score. I treat the add as a friend option as a Like button and is someone who I find at the least merely above tolerable so don't read too much into it. I am mostly lead by psychic senses and occult sources not the facade people present but I may try to understand reason I am warned away from some. It is these hidden beings and the ones they lead me to that inspire and motivate me so you may find I do things quite different then most. Most exist as a grey area for me out of respect for their privacy as there is such a thing as TMI that I try to avoid. I don't charm to attract but am just myself if you can't accept me for who I am then why bother it will only end badly? I don't do tit for tat nor do I tell anyone I add or favor their journal to pressure a response. I think it is something that should be based on my judgement and initiative alone. Sometimes it is something that I expect returned and if it isn't then I'll remove it so it can be pending. Usually though it doesn't matter what you think. I give and take honor based on merit and "is" based on your behavior and personality. I do not block as I think lines of communication should remain open to close them is to censor which is only applicable during times of martial law. If you are in a position of authority or entitled then I will judge you by higher standards in all things rather than habit of most to take advantage of the weak and butt kiss the entitled. If you are truly a leader and great in character then it will show through especially when enduring a trial. I got no problems testing the veracity of anything.

If you are someone I referred here weather by personal invitation or a link through another site then let me just apologize right now as it stands now I can only just barely tolerate most. Those members I actually like I can count on only one hand and most of them aren't very active anymore. It's my endeavor to change that so please bear with all the assholes and delusional fools until better character manifests itself. Many will surely test your patience but what doesn't drive you to self deletion can only make you stronger(Nietzsche paraphrase). The first 20 levels are a cakewalk so if you get inducted where you don't want then that's the best time to e-suicide and start over trying for a place you can have fun in as some covens are lead by sadists that feed off your turmoil and are full of repeating drama while others just blind you to their forum and collect the favor you earn until you reach level 100(sire). I don't think they are worthy of that time and energy. Most feel the same but just end up leaving this site. Yes force induction is a cornerstone of V.R. as it empowers element of chance without which things get quite boring but so is your will to treat those who don't respect you accordingly. It says a lot that you would rather start over than feed them. If you're a masochist-to each their own-then have fun feeding the sadists. I know I plan to have fun putting many on their fucking knees knowing only from such a position can I help them to truly grow up and mature.

This site is like a masquerade party. Among the many mundanes just interested in goth and the vampire as a fascination or cathartic fantasy you also have those that are real as real can get by their beliefs as V.R. does advertise it is the home of real vampires. It is only a state of consciousness that differentiates people as we are all human no matter what natural dark experiences forged people to think as they do or gnostic lore they believe. Most so called creatures of darkness in legend and lore aren't very nice and those that are have a dark-side to match it as the vampire' are forged in the catabolic currents of nature. To me a vampire's bite is a covenant likened to a man taking a virgin. Ideally this event should be special creating a bond. Sadly this is not so for many and so treat it as common not giving value to oaths or abusive akin to rape and do unto others. However it is used it ripples from their microcosm to the macrocosm in ever concentric circles. There is much resonating energy where vampires gather and so you have all the dark energy as well as other creatures of darkness that feed in their wake. It is the price to pay to stand amidst the glory of the vampire. I am one that thinks after the fang pierces the flesh there should be much tickling tongue action. If you were a sang or a psi that has the legacy of a sang you would know this and the psi is forged correctly. Rather than learning techniques from others that are untrained dabblers or aren't vampires at all but something else only imitating the majestic vampire to profit from their glory.

Because of the influence of certain antiquated religions made popular by blood rites and mass sacrifice tied to a family heritage many in the world think that everything of the dark is evil but this is far from the truth. If you differentiate into just two sides(dichotomy-light/dark, male/female etc.) then why stop there? You must continue that and you will find there is virtues and vices in both the light and dark then continue in that differentiation to the most refined level in each. Thus, there are some here that seek that refinement of character and honor as their course. It is wise to seek these out.

To navigate this site one needs to hone psychic skills and intuition to determine who is behind the mask at any given time as their is much deception and manipulation. Learn to trust these abilities to determine who you can trust to associate with and definitely before giving out any personal information. It is these senses that will tell you who to truly fear and respect much like animals do instinctually.

Coven I'm a member of Headed by: DarkMother

Safe Haven (Coven)

When I first came to this site about ten years ago it was Nikki who has many profiles but is most known by LadyBloodMoon my intuition told me was the right one to approach. Though people are not as active as they were back then it still holds true now. She is not perfect but overall she has both the teeth and honor that trumps everyone else on this site. If anyone is to fit the role of a high priestess or a real American vampire queen on this site then she is it. She doesn't take shit from anyone so has many haters that invent all manor of bullshit and or make her minor flaws big and her overwhelming virtues small all to soothe their bruised egos.

Alliance I'm a part of Headed by: Matriarch MagistraLadyAdiana

Mystical Mountains

I think a profile should be relatively brief. Now since I only have one profile for myself when I need to add more written material and added facets to my complex nature, I just put it in the More About Me section of my journal.

If you want, feel free to message me. I assure you they are private and are not shared with others unless I get your permission to do so. I am a man that endeavors to keep his word. Ultimately I'm here to get to know people and build relationships that spans the abyss between us. You who want to get closer than just typed words on an internet site where one can get quite creative with who they really are will take priority to me. Now because of limitations of time and resources this may just be personally through astral medium by synchronizing with one another and building trust to forge such bonds or to know one another to the point we know what the other smells like or even tastes like.

Member Since: Apr 06, 2020
Last Login: Jun 13, 2021
Times Viewed: 9,283

Times Rated:189

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Jun 06, 2021

10 :)

Jun 05, 2021


Jun 03, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 28 2016

Please take a moment and read this forum post.

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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