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Letchworth (Coven)

It is far better to ask for pardon than permission.
Set at 12:13 on January 17, 2022

Vampire Rave member for 1 years.

Status:  Savant (82.04)
Rank:  Member
Honor 448    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Letchworth (Coven)
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  January 3, 1969
Age:  53




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Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another. Aleister Crowley


I think it is wise to pay the Piper in advance. At this time, in the turning, Theatres Des Vampires (Data Base) is my favorite vampire band. Their name was inspired by Ann Rice's characters of Parisian theatre that was a group of vampires pretending to be mortals acting like vampires in the novel Interview With The Vampire (Data Base). This is their latest album: In Nomine Sanguinis that was released on NOV 19 (Night of Blood Moon) by Scarlet Records. I like to help support artists so pay a premium.

""Christina" is the character taken from the Francis Marion Crawford novel 'For the Blood is The Life' (1880) – a tormented vampire that appears everynight under the moonlight. I imagined her dancing on her grave with sensual and horrorific movements and the dark colors of the video really want to recreate this vampiric atmosphere."
Sonya Scarlet

Video directed, filmed and edited by Riccardo Sabetti (This Eternal Decay/Spiral69)

Sonya Scarlet - vocals
Zimon Lijoi - bass
Gabriel Valerio - drums

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Greetings. Please, call me Tree. I'm a rather tall guy at 6'8", 240lbs., spend a lot of quality time in nature and I like that nickname much better than Lurch or Jolly Green. So you have access to my favorite music and some art. Besides what one can glean through psychic senses that's about all one can express via the internet. But if you were to meet me in person then you would smell cedarwood and sage cologne with a hint of coffee, cannabis, patchouli, WD-40 and old blood to stimulate you more.

I have found having dyslexia (Wikipedia) that shapes a constant focus to overcome the disability a defining quality to my character and coincidentally very common denominator for members of this site. Yes look around with trepidation we have you surrounded. I wouldn't discredit us for poor grammar and spelling as we tend to be quite insightful. If you don't understand something we express just ask.

It's our experiences in life as well as our DNA that shape us uniquely especially during our formative years of youth. I grew up as an only child and Army brat in many places around bases stateside and in Europe. Originally I'm from a back woods area in the Appalachian mountains. My father also dyslexic but grew up quite different than me and carried the wounds of war transferred quite a bit to me as those with similar focus can express. Let's just say I had an extremely strict highly scrutinized childhood and leave it at that.

Besides competing in martial arts I wasn't into sports unless you think hunting, fishing and trapping are. I don't. They were a means to survive for my ancestors. Perhaps in modern society one may think we don't need such things because that society breeds and raises animals in captivity to be slaughtered for food. I disagree and think that it's evil. Rather, I think meat should be hunted in the wild if you want to eat it or purchased from such through commerce otherwise one can survive on what is grown in an organic garden. To change who we are innately and hide it away is the crime. So now humanity is paying for that hubris with overpopulation. Nature will bring balance with natural predators to it.

I'm kind of a DIY jack of all trades master of none. To name a few: Served a bit in the military as a paratrooper; Did some security work for a crew as a career criminal; Spent the 90's incarcerated worked there as: Teacher's aide, Librarian, and in Landscaping/Horticulture; Then after released with the work ethic that was instilled in me in my youth built myself up to a foreman in the steel industry. I'm semi-retired now and just work when I choose. As far as education goes I have a H.S. diploma and vocational degrees in Electronics, Horticulture, and Business. Besides that I'm self taught in many things. Chiefly in knowing myself which I think is very important.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I have studied many traditions with empirical results but they never seemed to fit me very well. It's something about the scrutiny that was instilled in me via my strict youth and dyslexic attention to detail. So I created my own unique way. I have an Elemental of the wise as a guide and now constant companion. That mere presence takes me to new thresholds of experiencing ethereal pleasures every moment. After about 30 years now in this symbiotic relationship I no longer feel even remotely like I once did nor understand things like others. So I really don't need validation people strive for in others' eyes. But loss of such a motivation can work against one in a community. Most of my time is spent refining my understanding of the cosmos in meditation. Basically I'm just a guy that found his own unique way and have passed through the trials of life and my own critical standards to give credence to it to myself where others have failed. Am I happy in life? If you looked at me from the outside you would probably judge me a failure by society's standards but if you came in and experienced my state of mind with the spiritual development I have then you would probably think I'm one of the wealthiest in all of eternity.

Truth has been my goal in life and now towards the end of it I'm perceiving it close to its actual form. It takes certain things to get to this point so it's not like I can share it. I will express if you want to perceive absolute truth then I would seek to understand the four elements and their interplay in the cosmos for yourself.

Like children believing in Santa Clause there are many beliefs out there that are simply not true but are pretty and glamourized thus popular. Patriarchal religions are a prime example so if you believe in such dichotomies then know I'm a child of the devil or chthonic underworld and thus have an antichrist anointing within your concept of reality. In mine it is just a part of nature and when it comes to the sexes the male is usually just naturally dominant so this principle is just reflected in spirituality with a creator god. People tend to build spirituality around the human ego much like those in the times of yore thought the heavenly bodies revolved around the earth. I don't look at such things but the interplay of all of nature and see it as holy. Humans will die out like all things and some other higher lifeform will take it's place in the turning of eternity. But the four cardinal points and elements will remain in eternity and permeate it all. It is just a beginning to compare something in a dualism (good/evil, positive/negative, light/dark etc.) to give it definition but then you should continue it. Thus there is an honorable and dishonorable aspect to the light and dark and a refinement that continues. Not to mention the elements of air and water which have their own definition and polarity between earth and fire. So much goes unnoticed.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I consider myself heterosexual as only females turn me on unless you think being attracted to some T-Girls and Trans Women (Wikipedia) to be queer then I'll accept that. I have been taught to respect a persons gender choice and sexuality. Yes, some are of a degenerative nature but that doesn't make them any less important-especially in the modern overpopulated world.

Besides flirting I don't cyber and especially on this site that's open to youth. It's just inappropriate even if your identity is confirmed. There are more appropriate adult sites for this if you want to indulge in it. I am not looking for any relationship as I am quite content in the spiritual one I'm in. About the only thing I'd consent to is physical sex with a priestess to ground energies and or feed my catabolic appetites. What's my type? I like women that can hunt.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


I am a DIY (Do It Yourselfer) and try to do anything I can myself. Right here and now it extends to expressing myself on the internet by my standards. Chiefly, I try to do this with good SEO that to me is the true measure of any work's worth on the internet.

I like to hike in the woods and park districts-especially at night with few people around. I fly quadcopter drones-my gargoyles (Wikipedia). I've incorporated photography and filming into my spirituality so has become a past-time as well.

In a blue moon I play video games. My all time favorite is Skyrim (Data Base). I have found online games like WOW and ESO too redundant, however, I'm counting on Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (Official Website) video game to draw in a crowd to the vampire subculture as media hypes tend to do; plus having a guild online there my intuition tells me will be important. Sadly, It keeps getting pushed back in launch date.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I used to play tabletop RPG's too and was usually the Dungeon Master as I fit that role well and play through my NPC's letting the dice rolls make things fun. I used to read a lot but any media doesn't really appeal to me and I find myself rewriting how I would have things turn out. But if I had to choose a vampire favorite then it would be the Sookie Stackhouse series (Database) by Charlaine Harris.

It can be hard choosing an actual favorite as I find I like and dislike different things for many reasons but overall If I were to choose a favorite vampire movie it would be the comedy Suck (Database).

My favorite scene is when their crossing back from Canada and get pulled over stoned and paranoid till the time when the vampire hunter gets asked if he's carrying any guns and he's like "oh yes, plenty" and get's waved on through with a welcome back to the USA. Lol. However, If I really need a catharsis then my own imagination tends to work best. I have spent literal months creating and refining such stories in daydreams before moving on to something else.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


For better or worse I think for myself. When in any kind of society I think there should be a standard that should be observed or face judgement even here on an online one. If you can't do that then you shouldn't be a part of that society. That said, I try to observe the Terms of Service as well as those other things I check off on during every log-in and I am a man that strives to honor his word. As fate or Murphy's Law would have it Vampire Rave was my first social network. I do what I can to help support it. It is a network for the vampire subculture and gothic fiction(Wikipedia) so should reflect this otherwise I think it would be best to express yourself in another site.

When it comes to scoring any bonus that seems most important to my concept of the vampire it would be in actual referrals. Most seem to build on the score with alternate profiles that just waters down or corrupts the principle. This doesn't work for me. Now there are different ways of doing this with personal work and magick, setting up links and banners or just building on SEO to bring traffic to the site. V.R. is a man's business as many seem to lose site of that with their own bullshit. I have found many layers to it and try to balance them all. Yes there is the grave elements but also the superficial and comedic. It's a tough thing to judge and keep in it's proper perspective. Then you have those that use the comic aspects to hide behind when it suits them or those who find fault just to justify themselves or the sadistic that feed off the emotional turmoil it causes others as misery desires company. One of the principle things I find important in judging such things is a persons authenticity. So I try to establish this aspect of their character but most don't want to go there for whatever their reasons. If they don't then I judge they really can't get too mad or frustrated about something when it happens on this site because they haven't proven they are real. Anything of value is going to have risk and won't be easy to obtain otherwise all would have it. I grew up pre-internet so appreciate some things you younger generations seem to take advantage of considering the power of it. It is the World Wide Web and your expression here can reach far.

As it stands now I won't downrate anyone until I can rate myself a 10. Then you can see what I'd expect as an example. I'm only at a 9- now by my standards. Whatever I rate I try to do so objectively taking your personality out of the equation and simply judge what I consider to constitute a great profile presentation or lack thereof. I don't rate tit for tat as I think such individuals are quite immature that use it like bullying or those that manipulate score with threats of rating you a one. I don't give a fuck about how many profiles you have or status you think you have with the power to affect public image and score, you'll find I have my own ways of dealing with you in time and you won't like them at all. This may not make me popular but I really don't want such a thing anyhow. If it is something in the database then I must have it in order to rate it with an informed decision. I rate portfolios based on quality and quantity of photography and art especially of and or by yourself.

My evolving criteria for rating: originality, artistry, organization, and content. I think a profile should be relatively brief. If it times out in loading then it's too long. I'm conservative with resources so if you have a bunch of animation or music on auto-play it will suffer as all that glitters isn't gold. That said I do like having the choice to play music or video or some animation when I choose. Un-profile like conduct: some have all kinds of themes that to me belong in articles and member pages rather than some alternate profile. If you want to use principle of attrition then you should set up profiles on other networks and link them together thus bringing in referrals properly. I'm dyslexic but grammar and spelling are important to communicate well. Coding is an essential part of expression online so should be used. Some are professionals in that field or grew up educated in such things and it shows but I don't expect that level but doing the basics with what you have should be used. Not giving credit to sources. This is very important to me and if you don't have will suffer greatly in score. Pictures, images and video should be given context with wording.

I treat the add as a friend option as a like button and merely means you are above tolerable so don't read too much into it. It is just an icebreaker and a foundation to start a friendship on. I don't let you know when added as I think that's your responsibility to check. If you don't notice then I'll remove it as it's probably pending. Once added I expect to message back and forth to get to know each other. Then after a time I will want to know you on vamp camera as there are many fake ass people on this site that feed you all manner of bullshit. So I'll want to verify if you are real. If you can't trust to that effect then you are not a friend to me. Most of my journal is encrypted as I think it should be given to those who earn my trust. If you can't take the time to get to know me then fuck you. I give and take honor based on your behavior. So it "is" based on your personality. I may give honor anonymously but I don't take it so. You are just a coward and a piece of shit in my eyes for it-you know who you are. As a practitioner of the occult I really don't need a face to address you anyhow-I work with the all pervasive elements. I usually don't look before posting a kismet to see who I land next to. I add journals that interest me and I'll read not for scoring. I have biting turned off as I think such things are holy and should only be done to willing donors even in cyber. Ask and I may turn it off briefly for you. Also have Blast turned off as getting flooded with messages and not seeing the last one can get confusing to me. Some of you think just keeping to yourself is a good policy but to me you can be just as wrong for not doing something I find is expected.

If you are in a position of authority then I will judge you by higher standards. Rather than the habit of most to take advantage of the weak and butt kiss the entitled. I've walked in different circles among the the elite and lowest of the low. I actually prefer the latter as I hate dealing with egos that only tends to blind them.

Might does not make it right. Just because many do it doesn't make it right. I tend do give preference to an individual than a group. People think differently with mob mentalities as the more they're involved with a group the more they lose their own identity. I am a unique mortal being. It is these principles alone that makes my life priceless. Everyone is this way but not everyone is aware of it.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Member Since: Apr 06, 2020
Last Login: Jan 21, 2022
Times Viewed: 23,347

Times Rated:252

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Jan 10, 2022

"You are perfectly fine in your own unique imperfect way"

A 10
Jan 08, 2022


Jan 06, 2022

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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