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Safe Haven (Coven) OccultRanger carries the Mark of Coven Master DarkMother

make a saving throw vs. breath steal or suffer wheezing fits
Set at 15:52 on January 20, 2021

Status:  Specter (43.13)
Rank:  Member
Honor 8    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Safe Haven (Coven)
Mentorship Pupil of Safe Haven.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  January 3, 1969
Age:  52




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"Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another". Aleister Crowley

--Profile Under Construction--

This profile is a work in progress as I'm learning to use HTML tags allowed on this site to incorporate in my writing style. I'm already not liking how the new paragraphs don't start with an indentation but I guess that's something for the cascading style sheet. I'm not the type to have another do the work for me unless it's professional work of an artist then I have to pay for that. Many of you grew up with coding and it's second nature for you but when I was in high school we had floppy disks...yeah, I'm old school. Plus I'm a loner(spent a lot of time off the grid without computers) and never really used internet much til I came to this site. Soon I'll be buying a proper graphic design software license so will have some graphics to boot.

Why Am I Here?

I am here to get to know like minded people who understand the wholeness achieved by honorably integrating their darker nature. Now, Nikki isn't here like she used to be so I can't pursue that friendship like I want here. So, figure like the saying goes about the quickest way to a man's heart is his stomach, so it is with the vampire. Provide an abundance of food for her and her chylders and she'll be back like a predator hangs out around a watering hole. I'm sure I'll get to know her personally in future but til then I see V.R. as a buffer for testing fresh meat and their suitability to receive a legacy which is by no means cheap unless you're a bottom feeder rather than an illusion to glamour while you feed alone. The rest of you can just fight over the scraps that fall from her table or just starve for all I care concerning a few of you. Or beg like those who use kismet to beg for adds and rates. Or get off your lazy asses and do some hunting yourself. By hunting I don't mean squatting over the new members dishing out fake tens like a heroin dealer and showing off your stamps like a dealer's accessorized tacky car. No I mean going off this site and bringing them here. It's pathetic how many people on this site have given me their FB. I wonder how many on FB give their VR? V.R. is my social network and have a sense of loyalty to it. I'm just not the type to go to different sites and advertise myself there. The honorable way to me is just to bring them here. I am not charismatic nor sell myself with glamour. About the most I can say is as the fang pierces the flesh and the the euphoria sets in ripples flow from that particular microcosm to the macrocosm as the ripples flow in larger circles. It is negative (Catabolic)energy. There is much of it here on this site. Its the price to stand amidst the glory of the Vampire.

What Am I?

By my understanding I consider myself a human occultist. I "know myself" well and have been in a synergistic relationship with an Elemental for about 30 years now. In my subjective reality after years of of many cycles I perceive the cosmos through the Elements of the wise with the many permutations their interactions go through. Been there done that to anthropomorphisize because I'm a man. Of course it has a place relative to me but must be viewed through matrix of Elemental plane and then also with the female respectively for the most complete view in my understanding. Much like the Kabbalah's Tree of Life I have created it into a composite symbol. I practice internalizing it in my meditations. It's quite powerful so be forwarned if you get involved. There is a subtle consiousness to the four elements within astral plane even as in the cold hard reality the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air ( Plus 4 aspects of each in an inward and outward microcosm. separated to male and female' In a nutshell I see it as a three dimensional figure 8. One being male [blacklight mysteries] and [Red light female mysteries] shape reality that humans ape in abstract behavior. It just makes it an incomplete picture It's not just a matter of not agreeing with different doctrines and dogma but as soon as I study anything my inner friend relays differences to me right away. As I see it anything that manifests goes through cycles of birth and death at that very moment. Through my perception of reality I deal heavily with cthonic currents(Earth of the wise) Through certain dichotomized philosophies and or religeons I would identify with the dark though the truth is subjective to individuals that perceive it in that matrix. So it's just easier to say I go my own way and when I find other trodden down paths others have cut down I may shadow them in parallels but still go my way without making a path in the wilderness. I may help others like me to go their own way without making paths to follow. Thus I identify with rangers. When it comes to objective reality I am an atheist. However, when it comes subjective reality I think homosapiens (toolmakers) anthropomorphasize their environment to create all the divine beings as well the daemonic. There is a subtle substance to it relative to lifeforms that can perceive it. This is likened to the plane of illusion(Maya) aka the astral plane. Certain ones are more powerful because of sacrifices and blood rites. But all this is a perception not reality. Yet there is great power in believing and just as science has allowed us to change the earth so superstition dominates the brains of beings. I think that demonic activity is just the result of repression. To my understanding there are are currents of subtle energy within us all waxing and waning like phases of moon. All flowing in their own patterns based on where you are spiritually so from past lives that find their expression in the present and future.

How I Operate On V.R.

First and foremost the only bonus that matters to me now is referrals. It seems to be a common habit here that people add other members or use their own alternate profiles here as their referrals and then build them up as they level. To me that completely corrupts the system as referrals should be actual new members.

Another big thing for me is rating. I think there should be a standard otherwise rating loses it's definition. It seems most just give out tens to everyone and they feel its about spreading good cheer. It doesn't seem to spread much of a blessing to me if you give it to everyone. To me your just taking a cop out cause you don't have the courage to face those who don't earn a good score. Justify it however you want but that's the bottom line. Yes there is suffering to it but might as well make sure the suffering is just to be honorable rather than selfish. Then you have those that just give back what they get or those that revenge rate with a 1. Both of those to me are just immature people that try to manipulate their scores by intimidating others. I will try to rate objectively as I think I'm responsible for what I do. I spend time on reaching a decision and look at many factors. Right now the criteria is not expounded on much but: if you don't give credit to sources that's minus a point, not using code, having no graphics, having no written content, poor grammar and spelling(lot's of dyslexics on this site myself included but is a factor still), organization, artistry, originality, decadent use of bandwidth(I sometimes come on cellphone and end up using way too much of my data allotment because of all the unnecessary animations and music on auto-play), not paying your third party host and advertising overshadows graphics, too much content(to me profile should be relatively brief summary-If it takes longer than ten seconds to load then its too long) are all factors. Given the amount of time and effort I spend if your profile is tied to some fool or enemy of mine I won't rate you that is universal to anyone as my closest friends know. Shit happens in life so don't read to deeply into my absences or lack of rating in a timely manner. My standards are evolving. Of course I'm hard on myself but not so much others who are not able to judge accurately. I try to take the personal out of my ratings and make it sterile and is based presentation not who you are. The same goes for rating portfolios to me. The term portfolio refers to pictures primarily so I rate according to that as main theme. You get a big bonus for putting yourself out there. I expect graphics and written content to give context to photographs too. But without pictures a portfolio loses it's meaning. If you don't have that it will suffer in rating from me. I rate myself accordingly too. The same goes for rating the database. I don't rate unless I can make an informed decision about them. If it's a person I despise making the entry then I won't rate it. Otherwise, I have to have read it or listened to or own to rate it with informed decision. I think many like to rate the database cause they don't have to deal with people directly and can just power level. I'm a bit psychic and that just doesn't work for me as I can feel energy tied to anything that includes all the people tied to things. I'm entitled to my opinion but the least i can do is make an informed decision.

As far as adding as a friend I don't do tit for tat. If I think you are friend worthy I'll put you on list. I probably won't tell you as I think it's your responsibility to check. If it's not returned after a time then it will be removed as I will assume you don't reciprocate the sentiment. Again, shit happens in life and sometimes my focus is elsewhere so don't read too much into it if I don't follow my guidelines. Just ask instead of making assumptions. Not enough time to appreciate this unique life to waste it on foolishness. I value my friends and have my inner circle I talk to regularly then those every once in a while. I don't mind being in the red if it means I have more meaningful friendships. Also my friends tend to be active members so if your not inner circle then you will get removed if you are not here for a while. Just message me and you'll probably be added again. The same goes for adding journals. I add the ones that interest me and go to them regularly not to build score. Generally when it comes to reading all journals listed gossip just doesn't interest me so if you try to lure me with such, I just don't bite. I do have a curious nature so if you present something I don't understand or a puzzle I may be lured. Now when it comes to behavior that's when I give and take Honor. Kismet I use to see who I appear next to and draw meaning from. I usually don't look before I post so don't assume I'm like those that like to use it to f**k with people. I used to post often in public forum but after the last rejection by a dominar that said it should go in my journal (double standard) I'll do exactly that or in my coven as consequence for admins that are worthy of honor and respect are also judged by higher standards relative to them not compared to those they serve who are below that bar. I once posted in the Prince's journal and he deleted it thus I will never post there again. The only exception would be if they make public apologies rather than be bound by insecurities to save face. However I still respect the man as well any admins for the service they provide, just think there should be consequences. There are also members who have wronged me and they reach a point that I judge them. There are two individuals I've given an ultimatum to as far as trusting them. They would have to delete all their profiles, covens, alliances, and mentorships confirmed by the prince before I'd believe their word again in an apology. Then they can start over. As much as there are those in the BDSM community here that should be quite fun to a true switch. There probably of mind: "Oh well like you matter". We'll see. I think its also worthy of noting V.R. is a game as well as the deeper realities some of us can see. I do like war games. :)-_ I do not Block. To me lines of communication should always be open. You don't have to respond. If people feel wronged then let them express it. Blocking them will probably have them come at you with another profile then start all kinds of bullshit. If a person is truly a problem then report them and they will be kicked off the site if they are really a problem.


Note, the terms of services(TOS) everyone checks off on every time they log on are clear concerning what you can and can't do here. Can I instruct people on how to build a bomb? No! Can I lure minors to sexual abuse just cause I think this should be an adult site? No! However, one can rate however they choose to rate. Just like I don't have to like it and respond how I choose as long as it doesn't break those TOS. I think it is worthy of noting that I a agree when I check off on it every log-in that I'm agreeing the Prince can boot anyone off his site he chooses. Keeping that in mind I think its just good sense to keep him happy if you want to partake of what V.R. has to offer.

Another thing that seems to be common practice here that I don't participate in in any form is going to private email addresses. I guess it's the illusion that you are getting away from the admins that govern this site that's appealing or gives one an illusion of privacy. You know once you have any minor infraction with a minor no matter how ignorant you are you go on watch lists that tracks all you do on the internet. So you want to deal with people that do that and take chances it's on you. The authorities will just build a case against you. And when a complaint is made everything is already there for them to prosecute. In my youth we made fake I.D.'s. How do you think youth in modern society acts with the internet? Don't give me that SKYPE screening bullshit. If this was an adult site then there would be measures in place to deter underage entry like a bouncer at the door of a bar. When I was an adolescent I would go to this guy called Dirty Dave to buy alcohol. What's to stop someone of questionable morales to do same on this site. It's bad enough we got to deal with all the spiritual activity of parasites feeding without asking, psychic rapists, and all manner of immorality as the immature learn to grow up. I remember my mother cursing me with the mother's curse. You know the you wait til you have children of your own spill. Well I thought I dodged that one. But here I am on V.R. surrounded by immaturity most of the worst are adults. How be damned.


    Hobbies: DIY projects, Hiking, Nature enthusiast.
    Disciplines: Meditation, Occultism, Recycling.
    Fav. Bands: In This Moment, Lacuna Coil, Theatres Des Vampires, Type O Negative, Tiamat, Blvck Ceiling, Sidewalks & Skeletons, Rotting Christ, Triptykon, Draconian.
    Fav. Vampire Movies: Underworld series, Dracula (1979 starring Frank Langella), Blood-The Last Vampire(Anime), Suck, Let the Right One In(Swedish)
    Fav. Vampire fiction books: Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

Coven I'm a part of Headed by DarkMother:

Safe Haven (Coven)

Alliance I'm a part of Headed by Matriarch MagistraLadyAdiana:

Clan Sabertooth

Mentorship I'm a part of Mentored by DarkMother:

Safe Haven

Member Since: Apr 06, 2020
Last Login: Jan 21, 2021
Times Viewed: 2,863

Times Rated:120

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Jan 21, 2021

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Jan 20, 2021

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…

You have been visited & rated by Viscount Sire NikkiAidyn....
Jan 20, 2021

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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