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18:30 Nov 29 2017
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AAAAARGh almost drank a roach today! ARRRRRRRRGH

Meanwhile, at the library, cuz I entered in a bunch of resumes. Got 2 Calls today, none of which will pay my landlord and friend, yet. Commission

Saw some more.... Some looking nice. The museum emailed apologizing about what happened.

Well, have to get back to work.

About ready to call some old employers.




19:57 Nov 28 2017
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I would just like to say, how wonderful my landlord and my friend have been about me being out of work. There are no hard feelings about the actions that both might have to take. Really, am lucky to have both.

There really, hasn't been much in the work ads, and I have tried even to apply at companies, direct. It isn't till today, that I see more ads. But, time is of the essence. And I know, you have to do, what you have to do.

Maybe I shouldn't have done a binding! have to think about destroying it. Which means, that there are no jobs that aren't going to hurt. Mon Dieu.

But, consider myself lucky, the same.




18:39 Nov 14 2017
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Did an online interview. Other, place did not call back, and I know a reference, got a call. Didn't think I had much of a chance with place in Kenner. But, Hey. there are 2 places I can go to. But, both are kiddy jobs. Really, those are sort of flimsy at best. But, hey, my picks mostly are.

It has been a while, so I guess I can mention a job, I passed on from.

Here is the Astral issue: Been battling with the guy in the hat, astrally. The Englishman, I heard, "your fired", when he started, astrally. So, I hit him back with the nail thing. Then heard when I went into Store across, that you stole the suit. When he left, I heard, look a double zero, astrally. Truthfully, there was an eight that was shaped as a double zero. Definitely, he stole the money. (Someone interjected that he went to Starbucks.) Truthfully, he said something about food in the frig. But, was there a helper(s), to his aced madness. The brother of a sort, loves to channel something evil, every Sunday! This theft happened on a Sunday. Hmmmm The plot always thinckens. Truthfully, I need to move on. Casted, in my own quiet way. Guess MK was right about the English. LOL Truthfully, there was a guy that looked like him, in an old fashion façade, not too long ago, that called me a hoe, when I was walking to on that side street to Magnolia. You know, he went to that place on Canal that has that old wax and stuff. Suppose to be like the old day!...

Wonder if that was him. If it is, he changed his looks, still like that old fashion look. But, now a beard, and dark die, on top of it. LOL He had yelled out from across the street, while he was walking opposite of me. MON DIEU. Maybe it was the pipe necklace. LOL. Most people laugh, and joke around. Truthfully, I wore it to beef up sales. It loosens people up. I noticed, no one was lose with him!

Meanwhile, My fat cat has become friendly. When I brought him in, he was so wild. Now, cute. He likes me to pick him up, even though he weighs a lot. So Cute. Brushing him out every morn. So, I can get his fur back.

The guy that told me about the phone call, actually, sued a former business that I worked at, or so he says. (Hardly anybody tells the truth here.) (Nobody, tells the truth, the last job said 30 - 35 hours, lol, the other food jobs send home when not busy.... nobody tells of the bottom line.) But, I did recommend him for a job, even though, he calls out if it gets to be too much. But, he is awaiting surgery now, on a new development! So, I don't think I should use him anymore for a reference. Will keep in touch, though.

Well, back to work on finding a job! Hopefully, PERM!




19:56 Nov 13 2017
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Man, went all the way near Audubon, for a job yesterday. Because, to day I had already scheduled a meeting, in Kenner. Maybe, I goofed, I asked if they had an electric car? Mon Dieu. He said no.... It is where the industry is going. LOL I think I should have asked about the position, or something. LOL

Did it. Went on an off time for the other job, and just sent in the ten year app and numbers. This morn, left early, so I could save money on going to that interview. Both were in a much nicer area. Meanwhile, if I was too late to put in or not qualified, I put in 10new apps. I am so proud of myself. Have two addresses to go to. Think I'm too late for today, it is 2. But, first thing tomorrow.

If all else fails, I was hoping to hear back from a restaurant, that is full service. Might be able to use my server license for something.

Meanwhile: For the new movie.

Someone was into the Red Harlots mind, on a chair.... I made it more comfortable.
and Doll Corrector.... lol... I put a doll that had a lot of pins in my bag, I don't think it was hers.

Astrally, that is//// So, I just corrected it! LOL




19:46 Nov 11 2017
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My fat cat ran out of the door yesterday, and I didn't see him. All of a sudden he cried so loud outside in the hall, that the whole building could hear him. How Cute. Smart Cat. I ran out and got my little Chubbster! A lot of people ran out with me. LOL. The size of three cats, and the lungs of a lion! The only thing with my Chubbster, is that he likes to lay on the dog's papers. Yuck. I am trying to get him to stop that by yelling at him when I catch him. And by leaving a clean paper on the pet's coach. LOL Won't let me clean him so I try to cut crappy fur off. But, he hates that. And try to brush him.... Maybe I can change my LIL PiG PEN. He likes to cuddle. Just need a little co-operation.

Really need to delete this Journal. LOL I keep looking for the button. But, I can't find it. Was it under Journal?

I have a interview Monday, but seems very far.

There is another I can walk into. Might go there tomorrow.

Put, a few more in....

No body is fighting on my new MOVIE.... so boring....

Somebody mentioned a osculating fan, for the Stonehenge Way.... LOL



10:52 Nov 12 2017

I hope things go will for your interviewing. Btw I love fat cats

18:28 Nov 14 2017

Started Brushing him! For a use to be wild cat, he is pretty good. Even with all that weight, he likes me picking him up! So Cute. Thanks.


17:35 Nov 09 2017
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Man I am in the City. God I hate this %^&* place! Mon Dieu. I put a solid spell a few days ago, so far everything looks ok. Only time will tell. Can't say for what. Maybe if I put music on while I look through the ads, I will feel better!

Just saw a marketing appt. Someone says it starts at minimum wage, when you start. LOL glad I checked Google. Thanks!

OK listening to music....

Gary Clark Jr - Come Together (Official Music Video) [From The Justice League Movie Soundtrack]

The Red Harlot, is a curse caster, with her demon tail. OK, can work with that, saw her throw two curses down and someone came to help to point them. Magnificent! One went through to the vampires, and they moved aside. The other went to the, Hmmmm No Name yet, Platoon. It circled them.

The Doll Caster, is interested in twisting and taring, awesome.

The New Recruit, is trying different cowboy suits on, and now a thread threw his earlobe, for easy listening with the Slinger. It started with an egg!

My ball turned into a rose, white. But, sorry, only rose right now is black!


Hmmm Murder on the Orient Express, has been remade. Hopefully they have great music! Must have read every Hercule Poirot Book! when I was a kid!


OK.... did some apps! not bad, now too look around, hope that spell holds!

Also, had to bring books back, pay fee. The other place is giving me a notice. Will have to update soon. Luckily, I only have a five dollar fee for that one. I thought I was goin to have to pay for the book. It was that science Bird Book.... LOL Very poetic.




18:35 Nov 08 2017
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Well nobody I emailed, emailed back, from yesterday. Although, the one I missed, J was angry about, said the city is out of the question, too dangerous. Which, I agree, But, it looks like I might have to go there tomorrow. There are people all over the streets, that should not be there, just waiting to ruff everyone up. And, literally, the police do nothing about it. They really need to take back the streets, crime is so out of hand.

Well, there is one interview set up for Monday. And, that other one that asked me to fill an app. on there line, has not emailed back, yet. The one that I missed was also, in the paper. Let's see Maybe I can find and alternate. Added a new computer employment line. Soooo, lets see!

J, got his hospital bill in. Not as bad as he thought 7000. Could have been 15000. Tried to stir him to Whole Food, has to give up protein. Really, I need to pay him back. Have to get a job quickly. Poor Dear!



As far as the New Movie....

I think S would prefer to be all dressed up as a voodoo queen, and has a doll with a large pin, in hand..... Love it, a great new character.

One of the Fairies, would like to me to introduce him to the gun slinger and be one, also....

I think the other army is a vampire one, still they keep quiet, but, inquisitive.



The thing I use to time travel for the 3 second window:

Sometimes sucks my energy in
Sometimes goes dead
Sometimes is pushing outward

The rock quarry could be to bring in a negative energy. Not, what I mean in Good or Bad. But, in a science Way.
Bluestone, Copper Sulfate, Electronegative, actually would be good for time travel. Of course, I am thinking physical, not just astral. Sort of like, what is that movie....
With that big circle..... Oh yeah, Stargate! Now that would be an awesome one to become alive. But, I wonder, If I map it, and figure out how to use it,.....
lol.... would the owners let me do it.... Mon Dieu..... If by chance I figured out how to get the money to visit. But, haven't got there yet with the process, so why think in that direction, yet.




20:02 Nov 07 2017
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Today, my resume is back. I spent all that time yesterday for nothing. And I had two email backs. One, I was too late to see, it was 11 today. But, I left my number incase they didn't hire. And the other was a long app to send into the office. But, I don't think that will be this week. After I get my landlord paid up, and ahead. I have to invest in a lap top.


For the astral world, the guy who spins, had a sheet mixed in.... lol that is a stopperoonie. Thanks to the slinger, I think. JA was checking out the electronic bugs, and there was a platoon. Another, made sound, league that is, But, all was quite. The girls think the slinger should take over.

I tried something different, last night. Forgot what for, saw a light blue cone spinning above me. Wonder if it was for a black hole again. Used another calling in my circle. But, I can't use Stonehenge right now, maybe it is because of the moon phase.

Was thinking about Stonehenge and time travel. Saw SH try to climb to the window. Silly. I usually link with that worm hole type thing. It just shows briefly, at the other end. Maybe the going around the Stonehenge circle, and turns, was because of a second, what do you call it line, String, that is it. When two strings pass it causes a circle. hmmmmmm




20:14 Nov 06 2017
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Bad day. One of my Job apps. deleted everything. And I always use for my resume. Working fast to bring back.... ARRRRGH

One more person added to the League. Don't understand how he spins.

Playing with MK. Never let him completely go into the black hole that is hand held, astrally.




18:36 Nov 04 2017
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Gary Clark Jr - Come Together (Official Music Video) [From The Justice League Movie Soundtrack]

Lets put the Leagues together.....

Well, of course MK wants his cowboy slinger look: Somewhat like the singer in this video (the cowboy western in Louisiana, WHAT WAS IT AMAZING SEVEN), not the first time either. But, I have to warn you, that little bullet of yours cannot be it. So disappointing.....

Mine, lets see, ......

Maybe in a robe, black of course,...... I figure, why not come as myself, for once! Lets see.... MY POWERS are with nature, so beware, have spells, and a nice little gadget that looks like a mini antennae cone: that houses a black hole, fits in the palm of my hand. A TRAVELER, SO WATCH OUT!!!!!!!! Didn't like getting hit with a bullet on my cheek so you are so in for it!!!!!! GOES IN BUT DOESN'T COME OUT. DON'T TRY ANYTHING WITH PHOTONS..... YOU'LL BE IN FOR IT....

Meanwhile, a new spiderboy has arrived. He appeared as a spider and then changed into his black outfit. Not sure yet of his powers..... we will see. JUST A THOUGHT, THE NEW PHYSICS OF INSECTS HAVE CREATED THEM AS ROBOTS, ABLE TO DO THAT WHICH AN INSECT DOES, RELY ON INSTINCT AND MORE!

I think the redhead likes the red outfit, waiting for her powers to surface.....

It was suggested that S take Wonder Woman, is ok with me, but what will your powers be??????

Someone brought me in as the white queen, in Alice in Wonderland. Thanks, But, NO, prefer to be my self. Very honored.








When everything hit the fan, the other Sunday, my poor buddy, on that Sunday, was astrally showing himself slide down a slide into something! Fraid to say, his problems were worse than mine. Was in the hospital. Had to take a ambulance, to EJ. So Nasty! Poor Babe! Kind of put my problems to nothing!

Meanwhile, trying to shift to a different job type! Something more physical! LATER!




19:21 Nov 03 2017
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Well, at the library, again..... don't even want to look at the ads..... But, will, of course.

Did a spell ontop of a spell the other night. One was with my demon friend, the other was with Stonehenge. The turn out. ...... was a dream of the Jeff Parish runner, in a car with a young guy, who I take it..... didn't really like him......

But, before: I saw that, I, went on a merry go round like a figure on a music box, at certain intervals I turned, just like a image on a music box, till I went completely, around....... ??????
Could be the Key to Stonehenge!

Past: saw a few primitives from the Coldplay Video..... C'Mon it was Cute. Called ya diamonds. They were at a party, one tried to give me those round candies, like a eucharist..... lol.... hung off his fur. LOL I'M SURE S HEARD YA. WILL HAVE TO GIVE HER A BETTER PART.

Hey, I need a music box song.... And, will have to try that black hole/Stonehenge thing again.

Thought that maybe that guy I saw as Satan, was the first original. Maybe: HE IS The one that really cried when he saw the Rock that looked like the sun; be broken on the ground.... WHAT WAS THAT SPELL, "THE FIRST RITUAL AT STONEHENGE"

Meanwhile, I thought I was goin to log off..... VP, that is.....

But, NAH

Thought about finding a new movie, something with a lot more special effects..... one that I can include everyone! Which will be hard, everyone will have TO HAVE a part.....

Gary Clark Jr - Come Together (Official Music Video) [From The Justice League Movie Soundtrack]




17:10 Nov 02 2017
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Should be shutting this VP Diary off. Almost, out of pages in the real diary. Nothing on any job search places, which means. MON DIEU, Back to that crap city! MON DIEU. Luckily, JA, gave some money towards pet food. God, I really hate the city. Well, looks like no choice...... tomorrow! He asked that I don't get another cashier job. LOL. Lets see! If I can survive the bus rides.




17:44 Nov 01 2017
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Cleaned up the Stage (Church), this morning. SH, ooooops another I missed...... was very alert. Someone is still trying to bring down his cross, so I left an energy field up to protect the priest and his. Everything, all sunny!

Brought the fellow actors out. Can't give them a white dole like they gave me. So, I gave them a...... What Do You Call It......a Missal. That sheet given in the hallway to explain the mass. Almost all of them dropped it, but the Arabs. LOL

Then there was a talk with the priest. And that is it. And no...... nobody I know is divinity, no God. Oh Please...... the Acid just creates Aliens, to the true form. And the actors I use, can't shed their skin, so I really don't want to work with them. Sorry, SH. If you can't bare it, then don't bother to share it.

Well, back to looking for a job. Walked a new terrain, yesterday. Nothin, I saw. No good ole country place.

Hope whoever hires me.... fires me first, so that it will be out of the way! Then, I can work. Just saw an admin position. But, as nice as it looked, it was from a out of state temp service.

Decided to use Stonehenge to go into a black hole; the other day...... no holds back. Somebody's alarm went off....... and saw it in a large vial. Oh bother!

God, I did my hair for nothing. I did it so I could get a secondary job, and I had to lose my phone for a few days, because. And, then I lost my primarily. Now it will be harder. Mon Dieu...... Woe is Me!



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