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04:47 Nov 30 2018
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Had to deal w the love birds today.
What a pain in the. . . .
Meamwhile. One more day. Need to do so many chores. Will need a hugh red bull tomorrow night. Other associate doin same thing.
What I'm working on.
I love it when Carl Jung talks about his patient who saw a wind tunnel coming from the sun. And that it moves left and right when moving. 4 years later, it was published from a papyrus. So interesting. Something like Stonehenge.
If that guy was truly alive today, I would attach myself. Maybe like the Wolf in the movie Twilight. Lol.
When I see the commintators quiz him, they always seem so harsh and unattached. Carl is so much the reverse. I like it when he said that his diagnosis changed through life, for himself.




18:15 Nov 29 2018
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Watched Carl Jung videos, while doing laundry. Yup, laundry.

Sweaters, jeans, tshirt, dress shirt, suit, 2 dresses, uniform, night shirt, just need, toiletries. Hmm

Wont be able to sleep to much, will nap on plane.




00:37 Nov 29 2018
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Well, sad today. Friend I gave the key to, thinks I shouldnt leave for 12.
Me, I just dont want to travel.
Lol, still have 2 days.

Had to go to thrift even though almost broke. I sleep in ou natural so had to get something to wear. Found a Holiday night shirt. Cute. Undies.

Use to live in Florida, its ok. Met a cute state trooper there. And a nice x cop wio left me a nice staff. But, was weird how he left it.

But, still sad, Fort Lauderdale is ok. Just home sick, and I havent even left.

Well back to studying.


Review is over. If I pass Friday. . . . I fly out in morn. Then, there, if I fail, its good riddens. I must be nuts doin this.

New guy says 1 in 3 make it. My concern is later.




15:01 Nov 27 2018
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The sun was beating thru the wall window. And saw Die For You, Starset acoustic. Perfect.

Speaking of. . . I didnt see any sun particles, last night. Just a hugh moon. Oh well.




14:13 Nov 26 2018
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Lookin for sun specks. Just storm clouds. Just storm clouds. Temp went down early this morn.




05:20 Nov 26 2018
Times Read: 1,156

Solar warnings. Fact or fiction. Claims it may start tomorrow. Lets look for blackouts.




15:12 Nov 25 2018
Times Read: 1,163

MC, I think did The Grinch the other day! LOL. Dont worry MC . . . My song is Christmas Hippo Song! So New Orleans. Peevey
No. How about Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Stirling
No. Need a myth. Hmmm

The cool air should be outside. For 2 days.

I am trying to make things stretch. But, pay day is on the week I leave. Was thinking I could order on line. Could have it delivered to Js house. Or can order on line at Walmart for pickup.
Hmm oh god, forgot. I Have A Summons. Shoot didnt check date. Put old candy chocolate wrapper in envelope. So I wouldnt mess purse. And threw out. Later read it was a self addressed. Ooops. God, I cant afford to be out of work. Too behind as is. Is scheduled for Jan.




04:01 Nov 25 2018
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Uh oh 10 of swords. Lol. Maybe I should pack it up and ship out.

My god. Big storm coming in for ORD, CMH, DTW, PIT. UH OH

Sad, they found 100 sea turtles dead, at east coast. Sad.

We had great weather today.





Kiss,the Cataclymic Event

09:32 Nov 23 2018
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Cant believe Kiss is bailing on us. What, did Satan retire. It is certainly, a cold day in Hell. My heart stopped beating a beat.

My worse fear, is that I and J will have to seat in Heaven, instead of roasting in Hell, w the lower seats. WOE IS ME





04:27 Nov 23 2018
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They had trays of food. Turkey, ham, stuffing, rice, potato, gravy. Some greens but I am afaid of E coli. Lol

Got let go early. So biked the scenic route home. All went well.

Test was just codes. Was easy. Got 100. New to go over. Cuz. When I go in review, I make mistakes because I wasnt paying attention. Did fast though. Maybe because someone mentioned desert. Lol
Have one more week to decide. About trip.




22:22 Nov 21 2018
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Well, test was canceled for today, can be anytime, and yup working tomorrow....
Just like Halloween....
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina .... LOL

FIRST DRAFT.... for Dr. Ian Malcolm

Well, I was thinking, that I should start to write instructions for Pet Care.... LOL

A poster is required To Show Steps


Care and Feeding of Catasaurs and Dogasaurus Rex

Let's see.....

When opening door, please keep Catasauruses away! Will test weakness of You!

On entry, Please remember to keep in front, do not turn back, all will be waiting at feeding area.

Do count out of contained Dinosaurs. Babyasaur, Pyeasaur, Scoobyasaur, Booasaur, Ravenasaur, and of Course Poeasaurus Rex. All have DNA refinement. Will be looking at you for Feeding and Grooming.

First, check Pyeasaurus, and Booasaurus, their DNA has allergies, pick noses. yup. Seriously. Clean Dog eyes with soft cloth left.

Next Use the Feeders. But, clean First. All containers must have soft and dry food for each breed. Please over fill. No need for hungry dinosaurs.

After..... Comes...... Dino Droppings!........

Yup, you heard me, Dr. Ian Malcolm


When you VIR left into the other room, Beware!

Left gloves DUE to Scoobyasaurus. Beware!!! Something went wrong with DNA.

First.... pick-up paper left for the Poeasaurus. All that mess is not his fault, It is the Scoobysaurus. He is cute but his two main containment areas are as follows, Feeding area, and Drop Area.

As you will notice, you will need full clean up, bucket and bleach in back room, might as well pull out. Beware, they are waiting patiently.

Now, need to find scooper, and go at work. If you only visit once, you will have to scoop furiously....

Next, Sweep all containment areas.

Mop Dropping area's

And Job is Completed

Ion, you can now play with the Dinosaurs and have a great time.

Please face them when leaving, and all will be well.

First Draft.

IAN this is for you.... Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling




07:52 Nov 21 2018
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Was so sick Monday. Got A ride from friend and fed me. Sweet

And Stonehenge, is the most interesting, play area.

2 things 2b thankful for


Vampires. Love you like a vampire.




23:25 Nov 20 2018
Times Read: 1,211

Still on a lil intermission.

Boyfriend fixed my bike grrreat. Kisses. Kisses. Went to W. For dollar fries. Went over cards. Went to lib. Went over cards. Mission. Military time. Alpha. Time zones. Hazmat. 3 1 1. Air marshall. Wheelchairs. Other. 2 to 14. 3.4 oz. Up to 5.5. 24 to 70 percent. Inhalers small. Tsa. Sida ...

Just new Hawaii Alaska Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic

Time to review rest of folder stuff.

Constantly worried about pets. Ahhh the Mundane life.

Did 2 on line w hazmet.






03:21 Nov 20 2018
Times Read: 1,214

Well, another Holiday. Makes me think of Carly Rae. Party for one.




04:44 Nov 19 2018
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Stonehenge ritual. . .
Sea salt and distilled water. Sprinkle salt water in a circle around.
Salt and sea keep harm from me, Fire and air draw all that is fair, around around this circle is bound. . .

Call quarters. . . .
Guardians of the watchtower of the North, element of earth, I call you into my presence, into my power
Make pentacle going downward as stating.
Same for East. . . . Air
South. . . Fire
West .. . .Water

Call down Sun by using same way
Have incense burning. . . Frankincense.
Make sure you use Sun symbol.

Use sun symbol when doing quarters again.
Call Stonehenge
Write on paper asking Stonehenge, earth air water and fire to . . .
Write on paper that you want to timetravel to see who, and the time about.
Make sure you say out loud as you write

Circle words written, by the power of 3 times 3 I cast this on me and thee.

Burn paper, keep ashes
Release Stonehenge
Release Earth, Air, Fire,Water
Release Sun
Make sure to use reverse symbols

To do as I say, as I command.
Use a candle to draw symbols in air in reverse.

Release circle saying this circle is open but never broken merry meet merry part merry meet again
This circle is open but never broken.

Now lay down on side. Best when drowsy. Imagine yourself in center Stonehenge layout. W you on tube. Should see life tube. Enter in. But not w astral body. With just soul. Tube extends around circle with the tube path being directed by the wooden stakes. Must think of desired purpose and time. Should move in that direction in time around circle astral.
Glimpse only. Try to keep alert.

Blessed Be!




03:54 Nov 19 2018
Times Read: 1,222

Well. I had all my cards memorized. But, lol. Need to do spelling. Shine on oe 1 and a half. Then review, review, review. After spelling. Than if I pass. . . . Need to review other 2 test.
Right now it is 2151. Alpha motel.
Thanksgiving coming. Might work if I pass.

Temp. so perfect.




04:18 Nov 18 2018
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Woe is me.... Another test next week. More than 5 wrong. Im out, and J wont have to pet sit everyday for 2 weeks, lol.

Maybe would be a good thing, cuz hours are below 35. Although, pay went up a dollar. Just to b safe, I should look 4 a 2nd. LoL. In Case of divine intervention.

Great temp, right now. Goin to hit sack.

Last night, did spell 4 time travel, to a person. Saw glimpse but was to awake. Oh well.

21 Pilots, stressed out.
My old friend would agree. She always show Rocky Point photos.

Wonder if she saw Rocky Point Park, on midway. Like we were back in time. That was the one I could pick for birthday present. But, Crecent Park they couldnt drive bye. Barbie Horses i would scream. Had to stop.
Altough, lots of chowdar and clam cakes at Rocky. Then miniature golf at Jolly Charlies. Hmmm Paragon park. Band P
avillion. Was lots in the east coast.
Although, one time at, I think the Big E, saw people not moving on the plat form of a ferris wheel. Mother rushed bye. I saw older teens just lying still. Thought maybe we should help. Never went on fair rides after. She would always give the lecture, that she started that day. . . . That they put those rides up in a day, and that nobody really checks them. . . . That fair rides were never rode again.
Fair was to big to hit that section, anyway. Just went there for dough boys. NEW ENGLANDS BEINGNET. A LOT BIGGER. lol Someone thought that she was like the mother, in Jaws. When she saw the picture of the shark eating a boat. LoL. Guess that is right.

Stress Over




00:38 Nov 16 2018
Times Read: 1,247

Well.... Going to have to starve this week. Knew not to go to thrift store. No money. But, went in. Even though bus riders were saying goodwill up Jeff. Went to one near Walmart. Need a nice bag so bad. And a coat. Walmart only has warm weather coats.

Well, anyway. Go in look thru bags. Had some beautiful Coachs. But, 25 bucks. So looked thru black bags. Found a very nice style pattern leather. Like I wore in NY. Lord an behold, 4.99. Not worn at all. Lol. Somebody forgot the 2 in front. Ouch for them. Me, well lucked out.

So off to coat section.
Really, didnt think that there would be anything. But, wow. A coat like the one Jerome gave me. Only black. With the take out lining and all. Fits great. 12.99. What luck. F
ale. Stylish.

Hows that Thrift Shop feat song
go again.

Starving this week. Lol.




16:09 Nov 15 2018
Times Read: 1,255

Used a stonehenge spell for a lil sun power. Usually takes 3 days to set in. But, will see. Was goin to heat up, anyway.

Tried taking it. °
lets see.
Cuz it belongs to.... Lol
Monty Python knights of the round table
Sorry bout the quib.




04:29 Nov 13 2018
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Got up early, to go to a meeting. Even though I am new. But, when arrived at 1100, I noticed.... no badge. Went all the way back.

As I was waiting, to go back,
to work, clouds were rolling in. Streets went dark. Then started to rain while on bus. When I arrived back at walk way, it was pouring. Put coat over head to walk about 5 blocks. Train blocked way, due to bathroom break at bowling ally that driver took. Lol.... Then train stopped. Mon Dieu. At that point , rain was running thru coat.... Walked down track to cross over faster. When train finally moves. But, didnt help pouring buckets.

Finally got there soaked. 1310.

LoL.... 'What a world, what a world'

Friend picked me up, after work. Gave me 20 for strong umbrella, and an raincoat.

Lil tight.... Much better. Dropped me at Walmart. Only flimsy umbrellas left. But, got ok one. Helped waiting for bus, again.

Still cant cash check. Was closed.

What a rough week. But, made it.

Have to do a weather spell tomorrow.




08:25 Nov 11 2018
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What a rough day. 1st. Bus broke down. Friend saved my ass. Then, had to study and take 2 tests. Was hard. Sored 96 and 90. Was rushing. But, would have scored two wrong otherwise. Than was late to leave.

Wanted to walk to see friend play, for old times in band. Luckily friend picked up. Had 2 strong cups of coffee that bar on Vets was nice enough to find some, then figure out how to make.... Lol. And had some Doritos. Which owner gave to me. Sooo hungry.

We left went to warmer restaurant. Dots too cold.

Then finally home

Goin to Florida soon to do 2 weeks of testing for job. Bummer. Not Vegas. So nervous to leave pets. Awww

Was so hurt from biking to casino for personal day. Between cold, wind, and tire that wasnt fixed right. Was terribly sore....

What a day. But, didnt recognize anyone at Club. Thought C was the singer till I saw....
him behind drums. Did recognize wife. Lol




00:55 Nov 10 2018
Times Read: 1,288

Didnt eat since Wedn at 1230. Was famished . Was sooo nasty outside. Had too much trouble w bike. Friend helped. Finally home.

Did Stonehenge. Last night. Bright light evaded. But, saw travel tunnel. Just forgot how to lose my astral skin.




01:08 Nov 09 2018
Times Read: 1,296

Had to do sumthin for work. Couldnt understand for a while what they wanted me to do. I was in my email is why. Once out I started email using them and me. Pretty cool. But, I have to log out otherwise it will show everything I do, on the internet. I do some non work stuff. Meamwhile I looked up payment app. So wonderful. Tells everything. Say I didnt log out correctly. The hours would show. Sooo awesome.

The email sent me insurance pckg. Full coverage was 10 less than other place. Need to get in before 30th. Some agents are already going to fll. For December. Hope I go and pass before the Kiss Concert. Hoping Santa will get tickets.

Need a way to make more money on side. A friend doing uber. Not possible for me.

Waxing moon. Good time to work.




02:54 Nov 08 2018
Times Read: 1,301

Now if MK was my 2nd baby it would be a toss up of Pink, Beautiful Trauma. And the comedy Alien scit when the comedian introduces the Alien to his friends at a dinner party.
Heard astral, that I think she had a very good time, like in The Mummy. ??
That was yesterday.

Studied domestic and international cofs w friend. Whew. Think we got it.

My coven wants MK to use the leg show. But, Im afraid it was already dome in the church astral, the other second baby, JA.




15:09 Nov 06 2018
Times Read: 1,308

Up early. Yeah.

What a loud night. As usual.
Typical fight. Missing cigaretts. Track marks. Blasting music and so on. Almost gave my old e cigs.

Would like to do a substancial astral amy day. Will tell after.

Sorry about astral jokes MK. But hey! Cant sub for me anyway.

No K. I dont think it was him. Not his way. Sorry something happened last niit. He likes your astral. He was just being an astral decoy.
Between us. Dont think it would work.




18:24 Nov 05 2018
Times Read: 1,315

MK, you got to stop impersonating me. Lol. You too tiny. IN BAD TASTE W THAT BLONDE WIG. And my hair isnt long. Lol. It is shoulder length and one side goes to my face. Other tucked behind my ear. LOL. IF U GOIN TO DO IT. DO IT .
DO IT RIGHT. (Dont think anyone is goin to fall for that get up astral)

AND saw a ghost last night like my deceased cat. Couldnt make it out was too fast goin to the play yard from the cemetary.




18:19 Nov 04 2018
Times Read: 1,321

Clean Bandit, Baby feat Official Video
I wrote this song earlier. Because of a situation Astral/mythical w a male. The song shows a strong connetion with her 1st true love. Witch for me is my original. Word is commited. It really cant be forgotten or given up. And although it look like she married him. She actually is dancing w her love at the end and she goes back w her/it astral. Where she is happy.

Others say she lets go. But it looks like the reverse to me. And the final seen is where she is happy the most.




18:18 Nov 04 2018
Times Read: 1,322

Clean Bandit, Baby feat Official Video




00:19 Nov 03 2018
Times Read: 1,329

Bike fixed.

Did domestic and international study cards. Some . . . Man o man. Will b hard to remember.

Need plane study cards.

Read vampire rave using alphabet. LOl. Still a lil slow. Just stopped on alpha and oscar. Dont know why.

Tonight a lil astral traveling. Have to keep my shadow in check.

Victor, alpha, mike, papa, india, romeo, echo.
Romeo, alpha, victor, echo .




13:00 Nov 02 2018
Times Read: 1,337

Why is it, that when I have that heavy suitcase, a male tries to help. Always I object. But, some force.

Keep in mind. 40 lb litter. 16 pound bag of cat food. 12 cans of dog food. He eats regular w me. 20 cans of cat. Then whatever else can fit. Plus bags.

Bag weighs close to 100, or more

Poor guy almost had a heart attack.
While he went for help. I brought up. LOOL. I appreciate. But, I can easily do. I run up to landing drop bags. Run down and per step lift. Very easy. Maybe cuz if a man bends over w head to wall and tries to lift chair, under chest, he cant.

Just let me do it guys. Lol. Thanks anyway.

Than, I get all these insurance notices from casino for health benefits, which I wanted, but Im gone. One. . . But, official doc said only had to 18. I saw on 16, hours were already dropped. Complete coverage 147.

New job states if I dont put in. They put me in for basic package. Sweet. Just worried about leaving pets. For testing.




06:02 Nov 02 2018
Times Read: 1,340

Today was horrible chore day. Done.
Tried study guide. Took a lot of time. Had to go back to my own way. Couldnt find prototype.

So bought work pad. Pens. Highlighter. Index cards. Note pad. Discount candy,cookies. Popcorn for work. Lol

Bike fixeruppers.

Pet supplies. Lots

Rest goes to landlord. 250.

Have to check PTO.

Forgot to hem pants.

Working w my shadow.

Imagine Dragons just posted Machine.
But I thought I was the one at the table. LOL. GUESS he can have my spot.




01:41 Nov 01 2018
Times Read: 1,317

Think I had a trick.
Walked threw lots.
Went to elevator.
Hit button, heard something.
Hit button again, same
Hit button saw elevator door open way down
Ran, it closed.
Hit that button.
Opened on opposite side
Ran and held nearby button
That was it , laughed looked for Alan Funt
Went threw tunnel
But, did have treat. We got a dollar raise.
Lil pc of bar
Small cupcake
And frozen yogurt

Fun day at friendly skies.



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