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02:27 Oct 22 2020
Times Read: 21

One. Thinking of doing the Stonehenge circle in a foreign diction, that it might like. Hmmmmm

Also, the ritual I do for May, should be done with a rose. But, the lake I use to go to for the ritual , is filled in. .


How is this, without accents. . . .

Cead mile failte Grian
Cead mile failte Been Rein Nyhole.

Just a tableau.




02:21 Oct 22 2020
Times Read: 23

Was thinking of these lyrics, all day. A employment thing. . . .

Return to sender!
Return to sender!

[Verse 1]
I gave a letter to the postman
He put it his sack
Bright in early next morning
He brought my letter back

(She wrote upon it)
Return to sender
Address unknown
No such number
No such zone
We had a quarrel
A lover's spat
I write I'm sorry, but my letter keeps coming back

[Verse 2]
So then I dropped it in the mailbox
And sent it special D
Bright in early next morning
It came right back to me

God it's Elvis. . . .

Seeing that it's Elvis night, . . . .

Better find a higher paying job, or I'll be in Jailhouse Rock.

Seeing that it's Elvis night. . . Nemo. . . Heartbreak Hotel. . . .

And, of course for the finally, Halloween. . . . I'm all shook up!




01:24 Oct 20 2020
Times Read: 40

Know how I love Banana Coke. We'll, my buddy left the peach liquor bottles. But, peach and coke, tastes like crap.

But, I tried the Peach in my Hot Chocolate. Hmmmmmm
Not bad.

Man, I feel like the guy in "12 Gates." That is the wrong title. "The Ninth Gate." Lol. Been a long time. With those tiny bottles in the hotel fridge.

Moon phase is good tonight. ; )

Bought, flea powder for my dog. Was God for 2 1/2 days. Not suppose to use it again till Saturday. Crap!




03:53 Oct 18 2020
Times Read: 56

Awwwww watching an old Star Trek, w Pike. He brings me back, to a time w someone I nicknamed Sonic. Sweet. A lil weird of a story. But, honestly nobel Sonic was. In a good way.



08:44 Oct 18 2020

Wow that time period takes me wayyy back. I love me some Star Trek and the spinoffs too:)


15:20 Oct 17 2020
Times Read: 74

Couple of nights ago, I ran home and couldn't find my nip.

Awwwewwwwww. So sad. No "Fighter" feeling.

But, last night. Yesss. Got my banana liquor and a Coke.

Today, just feeling like "Midnight Sky's". Vevo, Miley Cirus. (I think she is bringing back the shag.

So real.

Can't drink a whole nip, without jouwel pain. LOL. But, Soooooo Good though.

Maybe, I should call myself Banana Coke. Soooooo awesome.

Doin Stonehenge stuff. You all, want it here, really. I think. Really.
How many days to Harvest. Hmmmmmm. Like a box of chocolates.

Brit Spears, Break the Ice.

A lil early, not May 1st. But Time has no limits.




23:26 Oct 12 2020
Times Read: 85

Well, cooking some cheap turkey for pets. But, someone gave me a turkey plate. And, my oldest cat loved that turkey. And, bought myself one of those 50 cent banana liquor bottle, to put in my Coke. Yum

Tonight, going to do a big ritual to work with Stonehenge. Although, it is the dark of the moon.

Who knows.




02:40 Oct 12 2020
Times Read: 100

Halloween wars finally. Love it. I so want to be a confectionare. Yum.

So. Awesome.




18:58 Oct 11 2020
Times Read: 107

I always wanted to see Bride of Chucky since I saw a woman buy a wedding dress for Halloween.

My friend called me, and yup. Was funny. Cute in a sadistic way.

Lol. I need that Voodoo Book for Dummies. Lol

He was so sweet yesterday, cleaned the air conditioner. Even, after he thought that brown spot in the pic, was honey. Daring. Well, show over. And thanks for the pizza, yesterday. Haven't had one in years. Yum this is a great Harvest. Too bad Im losing my part time job this week. But, thanks, Awesome. Just hope it wasn't me who got him drinking, again. With that banana baby bottle.




16:45 Oct 10 2020
Times Read: 119

Their going to talk about France during the Nazi War. Yup, my dad was there. Because, he was a French American. And, 1st born here. (And, cuz he was a great tank driver.) Nice to see it. Miss him. LOL. TV

Here is one, that they won't talk about. The seargant saw a quite French town. He decided to take him and the tank only, for a drive threw. All of a sudden people started shooting. And boy, did the Sargent's Jeep turn around swiftly. And leave. All in a day of work.

And, yeah, there was a French girl.

Oh, there promoting a book. Sweet.

Took the crap, on the wall, off. Weird. Took out three dog bags. Put one on the hand. Doubled bag the other. Sprayed it again. And. Took a global ok paper towel and scooped, and bagged. Yuck! Still think it looked like poop, mostly.

Another day!




14:29 Oct 09 2020
Times Read: 133

Jafar. . . .Your hair in that pic, shows past, (the back), present (further forward) and brows (temporal head) being the future. The brows sort of balance the flow., Huh. All joking aside, I believe that it is all in the stance. And, you made a cute kid.

Now, Nemo. . . . He is a rogaine balancer. Lol

Mornings, before coffee. Phone only dropped once.

Went to clean up bathroom, and found a cacoon in the hall. Really, I have to cover the holes in the wall in the closet. Looks like poop. Sprayed with raid. But . .
Putting picture.




08:38 Oct 07 2020
Times Read: 148

What is this, William Shatner night. Turned on TV, and there is Shatner/Star Trek. Turned on again, now on Columbo. He makes a cute Vamp, even at his age.




08:35 Oct 07 2020
Times Read: 149

What is this, William Shatner night. Turned on TV, and there is Shatner/Star Trek. Turned on again, now on Columbo. He makes a cute Vamp, even at his age.




01:56 Oct 06 2020
Times Read: 163

They are doing a Vampire Buffet, on one of those Halloween cake cook offs, on TV. Yum. Drooling

Now. . . . A 3D Demon Doll cake. Yum!

I like the white lace, and the pink one. Voodoo dolls don't really look like dolls. The grim reaper one was awesome.. . . Yum!




01:56 Oct 05 2020
Times Read: 169

I've been watching the Addams Family. Values. Now, who does that little girl Wednesday remind me of. Lol. Me with Trelane. Ha




18:56 Oct 04 2020
Times Read: 177

Watching, the old Willy Wonka. Sweet. Sad, when his real wife died. And, him not to long ago. Tried something bad myself. LOL. At Dollar Tree, Monster's Chinese Dragon. Should be called. . . . Liquid cigarettes. Yuck.

Did buy a 50 cent Banana Liquor, pored in Coke. Oh yum. Needed that after the cigarette fluid. Gag.

Made my friend, a wonderful one burner po-boy meal. For helping me, when he was very sick. The Crawfish was weird, though. Smelt like, looked like. . . . But no. . . Shrimp. Yup. I was fooled, again.

Started linking w Stonehenge. . . . Smiles! No Chinese Dragon, there. . . . Lol




16:27 Oct 03 2020
Times Read: 194

Harvest month! They should put on Harvest movies! Lol.

Two Moons.... This Month

Last night, A Nightmare. . . . And. Beetlejuice

What you say, Stonehenge month!

From my heart and from my hand. . . . Why don't people understand. . . Weird Science. . . . Woo! Da da da teddda da Weird Science. . . .

Oh. . . . And, my oldest cat is doin better with Purina kitten chow.

And, dog is better with Ivory soap. Just looking for better flea stuff.



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