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02:55 Sep 28 2020
Times Read: 820

I started up linking last night. Of course Stonehenge was included. It has such a wonderful track. Left a picture in my portfolio, of such a wonderful picture, of the sun.

So tired, but, looked at CC book, again. It is hard to do something when you're to tired to want to do it. So, that section that I stopped at, wasn't to great of a score. Then went to clerical, did A level, so far. No wrong. But only went up to 35 or something like that. Tired. Had to get an energy drink just to do that. Let's see, in the morn.

Just washed my black cloths again. Ran out of hangers. Lol.

Truthfully, I don't know why I'm even thinking of taking the test. How could I go bi- monthly. So, stupid of me to consider. Would need a month saved.

Must be in the 80 percent of 🌒.

Speaking of percentage: let's drill. If an increase. . . . I need to subtract, then divide, then multi. If just a percentage. . . I divide, than multi. Lol. Reading part is much easier. Filing easy. Yawn. Luckily, had a lil energy drink.

At least it got me away from Candy Crunch.




02:11 Sep 27 2020
Times Read: 828

Soooooo Tired last night, couldn't stay up. Not to save my soul!

Saw a Goth Cloths Line. Can't afford anything, yet. But, prices are cheap. Called Rose Girl, or something like that. The red and green plain, I could wear to work.

Walmart was out of tuna, as usual. So bought eleven cans at the other cheapy store, yesterday. And, of course forgot the litter. So. bought 20 pounds. That should keep for a while. But, really didn't want to go out this weekend.

And, yup put Signs on again. 2 more times. LOL.

Moon is in, 74 percent. And: Should do something to go back to New York, and to get a second job.. Although, NY had mass Graves, for their Covid dead..

Bought, ivory soap for my dog. Bath tomorrow. That's what my parents used on our dog , when I was a kid. Let's see.

Tomorrow, have to get up early and read. Lol. Had too Short of a day today.




02:20 Sep 24 2020
Times Read: 851

The protesting has started again. Let's see who gets robbed. The woman in Kentucky, got shot 6 times. But, the relative said she only shot once. What is wrong with that, you can't shoot anyone. Especially a cop. Wether your white, black, purple. Can't shoot at cops. Man. What the hell is wrong with them. I am sure they would kill me, if I shot at them. Common now.

Guns, are bad. What if neither side had one
. . .

Lol, what is that movie Judge Dredge.
Lol, what if we were in that world he comes back in
Lol. . . . .
Let's see what the crowds do. A lot are bad off people, due to
to virus.

People have to give the cops an understanding. I know a young man who used to wear lashes and a little makeup to work at Walmart. They gave him a hard time. He left there, and told me he was studying to be in security. Didn't see him for a while, till one night at McDonalds. He became a Sheriff. This is the type of guy who wouldn't even raise his voice. If I was his mom, I would have told him to bring back the car , and uniform. Not him. Too nice. LOL. Not my son. Lol. My grandfather was a cop. Him. Yes. Mean.




18:51 Sep 23 2020
Times Read: 858

Was so weak when I got out of work. Went to bus stop, then didn't want to wait. Ate some crackers. Nothing happened, still was weak. So, had to dislarge my bus money. Bought a soda. Boom, felt great again.

So, when walked to work. Felt tired. Had same soda. Boom, felt good again. Just stiff in leg muscles, for drinking soda. So, what cures you, can also, kill you. LOL. . . .

No more Rip It. This soda was a regular Louisiana Brand.

One more day.

Next month I'm being kicked off. So, looking, looking, looking. . . Plus, girl might be coming back, next Monday. Either Way!



19:17 Sep 23 2020

That sucks see this is why I blame systems.

All they do is learn how to kick others.

I wish they were nicer.


09:53 Sep 23 2020
Times Read: 866

Oh my God. Saw a knife hidden under the sheet. Lol. Guess it was left in case. . . . Truthfully, I was looking for a ten that I lost. Came across a knife. Looked for two weeks, have a feeling O hid it somewhere. But, definitely not here.

Where o where could I have put it. . . .




03:26 Sep 23 2020
Times Read: 872

The Magnificent Seven, on TV. Now who does that make me remember. . . . Nemo. Use to have five . . . .

Have to give dog another bath. The soap for sensitive skin, his aggrevating his skin. So, turned air conditioner down. Waiting for it to warm up. Poor Poe.

Walked home again. So out of shape.

There was something that I read that happens every eleven years: to the Sun. Have to check on that.

Boo, didn't have the virus. Took long enough to find out. Plus he had to go far to get the test. He got tired of waiting and went back. When he pulled into the parking lot, they called. . . .
What's with that.




03:31 Sep 22 2020
Times Read: 880

They have Linkin Park, on MTV World Tour. How sad. . . . Such a waste. Wish, the Front Man didn't commit suicide. So sad. So talented. . . . .




20:07 Sep 20 2020
Times Read: 897

Watching Halloween bake offs. I think this one is w the Hugh scenes. Love the pumpkins. The other, was a small bake off. The last one being the best. A zombie with blood out of the eyes. And, the cake being made with peach Brandy. Yum!

My boos, flu or something broke the other day.

And this week is a walk week. And, next paycheck will be not much...... Oh uhm....

Back to the cakes. . . . #1 Pumpkin is cute . . . Snake is to cute

The other # 2 looks interesting. 10 mins left. . . . Can't wait to see the spider. . . . Spider leg broke. Awwwww

Wish I could taste all of them.




04:55 Sep 19 2020
Times Read: 908

Can't believe I walked from the Dome, down the Convention Center road, to Walmart. They dropped the Jet that use to go there. Then got a bus to Loyala, only to finally find out that the bus I need, ends there at 6:30. I should have checked the busses before I left. Not that I haven't walked the Convention Center a lot of times. Ha.

Had to grab my old bus, to my home bus.wow

Luckily, I drank two cups of a black tea. Lol. Ended up buying it. Works better than Rip It..

Had a fun darker connection, of the astral kind. Was pretty good. Better than the other dark link I did a while ago.

So worried about my Boo. . . Couldn't wait to get back to home base, to talk to him. Aawww. He has the Virus, he thinks. He must have gone to bed, bless his heart. He took the test. But, by the time he finds out, it will be well over a week, since I saw him.




22:00 Sep 15 2020
Times Read: 925

Did to tests, didn't score A, 90's for both. Learning, how to do the next type of test. This one is much harder.

Nobody put my pay in, this may be the deciding vote. Lol. Taking a break. Before, finishing that section. Apple is to fruit. As ? Is to?

Lol stopping again. Was doing good till dirt is to glass. Glass is a product from dirt, and other stuff. So, steam is a product from water, and other stuff?. Not the one I thought. Evan if I use a sentence. Going to read this chapter again. Lol let me look how to make glass.




17:57 Sep 15 2020
Times Read: 932

Uh oh. ET. Ha. Reminds me of Disney. That was a fun ride. One of the great alien movies.

Ok. Think I got caught up on TV land. Haha. Still don't understand Matrix. . . . . Now, to study.

Maybe, tape my voice reciting, so I can spell. At desk. Didn't do too well on arm chair, or bed. Zzzzzzzzz. But, feel good. Almost, rested.

Feel strong enough, to do an astral tonight. :)

Feel, bad that didn't do much before. But, been out of action for a while.




21:22 Sep 14 2020
Times Read: 950

What.... The hell is Matrix, about. Computer programs? So, where is the real world. Can't figure this out.

Such a head ache, need an energy drink. lol.

Another day off tomorrow. Boo hoo! Watch.... No rain or storm. Lol. Maybe it's a program.

My friend, who I've known for 17 years: Bought me and my pet snacks. One thing he picked up, is weird. Asparagus. LOL

Let me tell the story. . . When I was 13 , 14. . . Went home for lunch and my mom gave me an asparagus sandwich. I said, for some reason I can't eat it. Makes me feel sick. She said, but, you love it, and forced me to eat it. . . . I threw up, and never ate it again till this day. Lol. Actually, is good. Just need some toast and butter. Lol. Can't believe he included it in the snacks.

My mom had weird tastes. When I saw her eating it one day on toast w butter: I thought I'd give it a try. And, ate it till the day I threw up. Never, got into her blood sausages. Lol




11:48 Sep 14 2020
Times Read: 955

They shut us down for nothing, again. The storm won't be hitting till tonight. They now say, it is doing further East. Although, Jefferson is close.

We need the weather instruments that France uses. Ours, are , obviously not better than from when I was a kid. Really bad weather news.

I didn't do my link again, last night. Have to do it like, I use to. Which in fact I haven't been doing. The spell first, Then to link lying down.




00:05 Sep 14 2020
Times Read: 964

Hey, Jurassic Park, started an hour early, just as I was practicing my spelling. Almost missed it. . . .

Maybe a lil night travel, tonight.




21:18 Sep 13 2020
Times Read: 974

My oldest cat ate some meat, again. Grrreeaaat. Plus he ate dry. Now . . . . only, f I can get weight on him. After I get him back it's me. I look terrible. LOL It was real funny how he laid down close to his plate of dry, and ran his mouth over the food: spitting out the Chicken Soup brand from the plate. Today, he ate some. Lol. Like getting a child to eat vegies.

Found a bus for the test center. About 20, plus local fees. Aaaah I don't know. Have to check transit from there. Still hoping that something will open up around. Plus, do they pay monthly or bi monthly. Both will be a hardship. Will keep reading the book till I decide. Could always apply for another district. The book from the library starts off explaining hoew to read questions and answers to the test.

Will be having an intermission at 7. For the dino movie. Lol

Lots of storm warnings, from State and my sis. Watch them cancel work , again. Jefferson buses wasn't running, again. And, I had to get litter. Had a nice city driver who helped a lil.

Can't believe the servant pic came in on it's own. Awesome




02:16 Sep 13 2020
Times Read: 984

Had a late start, cleaning..... Was pouring outside, so I went the other way to get to the library. Made it. Picked up the Exam guide. Surprised that they had the 2020. Readings threw commercials. Figure it will give me something to do, during my insomnia. Then, I'll know what to take from the GED book.

Truthfully, took time off to help friend with default, on his phone. Had the phone admin, reset his phone. Then went back to my place to reset, his info. Was so nice of him to get pets and I something.

And, Boo, my oldest, ate some meat again. But, it took a while for him to go to it. So, glad. Because, I saw him spitting the Chicken Soup food out. Lol. Looked like me with a chocolate box. I only like hard chocolates. Lol.

All, and all, had a good day. Even, was a nice man who helped me get the bus, in the rain. Whew.

Only, one problem. All those storms coming our way. . . .




10:34 Sep 11 2020
Times Read: 997

Was so desperate. Went to feed store and bought something new for old pet. It is a kitten chow called, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Cats didn't respond well to it. So I mixed it with the junk food. They're eating it, now. Feed store says it is mid level. Hopefully, I will see a pick up. The price was an ouch. But, let's see....

Lol, Ramen for me. LOL

Got home on last bus. Had Four energy drinks, all day and still slept. Can't believe the prices of cat food, in the feed store. Hopefully, my oldest will gain weight.

Next, . . . . Need a weekend job. Have to hit the library.

We are ok by Governor, to go to phase 3. But, the city Mayor, says to stay in phase two. . . . Soooooo sick of this.




08:31 Sep 10 2020
Times Read: 1,008

The Outer Limits. And, my favorite......aliens. Hey Jack Klugman and the guy from, Wild Wild West. So young.

Tried to upload my Beetlejuice Gif. Awww. No luck. Truthfully, where I'm working, it has the same layout. Except for the chairs in the waiting room. LOL At east it's a job. But, got to get my bag back, that has the number for the other district. Although, it did say walk in, and first come, first surve. Lol

Boo ate some dry food. But, so not like him. I took that new flea collars off. Maybe, it's causing a problem.

Saw bad news. Mayor now blaming Labor Day. I think, maybe she is not understanding. Dying from poverty, is just as bad, if not worse, from the virus. Anyway, I think Decadence, would be showing now. And, being tipped by Labor Day.

Hope they find a vaccine, soon. Supposedly, the one from Russia is good. But, can't give it to too many, at a time. There is 2 treatments, or something like that.

Hey, if Louisiana, survived the Black Plague... They can survive Covid. We got to keep the faith..




02:56 Sep 10 2020
Times Read: 1,021

The Shining is on. Awesome.

Reminds me of a hotel, that my teen buddy still had pictures from. Bet ya she remembers the name.

The job, I'm at. . . . Well I appreciate it. But, there is supposed to be someone retaking the exam for it. And, breaks... are hard to take. Forget about the 15 min. And, hardly any of the hour. On top of it, law... I had one law job when I was temping, in NY. Was easy, there was a few of us, typing and phones. Nothing like I'm doing now. But, it is a job. When I look at how much the library, was closed thru the year... Makes me nervous. Not really dependable. It's fine if you have a husband. Worried a lot. Lol.

Left my bag, at the store that has some of the paperwork for the test, for the law job. Luckily, left the book at home. Sigmund Freud, would dig. And, say... There are no accidents. I did it maybe, because the job just like in NY, didn't fit me. There was a few that did. But, that kind...

Plus. . . . I just don't see myself coming out of poverty.

Boo didn't eat, since I got home. But he was playing on the window. Scooby, didn't eat that much, either. Hmmmm and what a clean up in the bathroom. Hoe hum. . . .

Got to work on stuff. . . . Later




07:58 Sep 09 2020
Times Read: 1,030

Up at night again. There is a commercial I see. A program: So tired, tneed to get help, to sleep? . LOL. Nah, eventually, will get use to this place. And maybe sleep, all night. Truthfully, after next month, need to find a cheaper place, more of an apartment. Around Harvest time, that should be.

Willl set phone alarm for 3:30 to get up. And, to review

. . . .




16:19 Sep 07 2020
Times Read: 1,042

Found out that cat eats much better, with plate on bed. Go figure.

Need to do chores and reading.

Thinking about Voting. Again

Too bad this guy isn't on the ballot. . . Best Little Whore House in Texas (1982) Sidestep scene. . . . You Tube.

Meanwhile. . . .
Still trying to get the link, with Stonehenge strong again. . . .




21:03 Sep 06 2020
Times Read: 1,050

Started w Stonehenge, last night. Again. . . .

Reviewing English.

Got cat to snack. He is too tense.

Dog doubled back, when I was trying to walk him. Heat, or people, outside? There has to be a reason why he doubled back. Hmmmmm.

Star Wars day! Can't believe the princess, has already passed.




07:22 Sep 06 2020
Times Read: 1,061

Ed and Loraine Warren say vampire are real. You tube.




00:38 Sep 06 2020
Times Read: 1,067

Boss wants me to read Read Read, for test, that nobody passes on the fist time. Gulp! Have two days tomorrow.

Starting to be able to sleep, at night. . . . Maybe Hugh lizard living in wall troubling me.

Boo didn't eat much. God. Pets food bill is so wicked. Due to Boos weight problem. Dollar store didn't have kitten food. But, did have treats. So today, splurged, and got fried chicken, that I can't afford. Lol. Only 2 peices left. Between, cats and dog. Only baby, doesn't eat that. So his food is tuna. Loves that. They all full.

Will be starting to do night gliding, soon!

Even though virus, still a problem. The vaccine from Russia. . . . I don't know. They didn't tell their people, the bad news about the plant, radiation. I don't think they would tell bad news about vaccine.

Friend and I keep sending cute gifs, back and forth. Too funny!

. . . .




03:29 Sep 04 2020
Times Read: 1,085

First break, of the day. Damn.

Got pets food. New shampoo for dog. And, treats that fatten, for cats. Truthfully, I read that stress can, make their weight go downstairs. Was looking for kitten food. But, store only had meow mix and special, for kittens. Neither can use. How does that song go La tee da da da . . . .

Boss gave me a book, to study, for the job. So far, everyone I talked to failed. Ouch. She order it from Barnes. Awwww.
Bag didn't hold to Long. Luckily, found a 3 dollar back pack.. . . . I will get up early to study study study study. Even though, don't think I can pass either. LOL. . . .

Soooooo broke. Only 2 days, last week, and next week only 4, so need a weekend job. . . . To pull up from the hurricane, and holiday. Ouch. . . . On top of other payments I need to make. Hmmmmm




04:12 Sep 03 2020
Times Read: 1,091

Bring Back Kirk Trailer II, You Tube

. . . .




03:09 Sep 02 2020
Times Read: 1,100

How could I have missed this. . . .





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