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I've got Computer Mania!

22:48 Jul 31 2011
Times Read: 642

Technology can be frustrating at times. Usually, however, the stuff works surprisingly quickly.

I continue to work to keep my "hub" website up-to-date with my most recent projects.

I enjoy the conversations and suggestions at Vampire Rave. It is easy to make friends and I'm sure I'll get to know everyone here as time goes by.

Thanks again to everyone who has rated my page and added me as a friend. I will put my nose to the grindstone and see how far into the echelons of VR I can go.

I'll keep in touch.





Finished with Summer School

17:09 Jul 29 2011
Times Read: 649

I have successfully completed Italian 1. It was tougher than I expected. It was just too early in the day. I was leaving at 6:00 a.m. to take the two bus commute to class by 8:00 a.m. Otherwise it was a great subject.

Many of the words and verbs reminded my of Anne Rice's character Marius.

I enjoyed being there and wouldn't mind continuing with Italian 2 at a later time slot.

For the Fall semester I'll be taking Conversational Japanese since I didn't do so well with Japanese 2. This will leave my schedule open with greater flexibility in my job search.

My objective of gaining a Bachelor's in English Literature remains.

The cost of books and tuition is my only barrier.

I'll put my best foot forward and keep the ball rolling.





Vampires on Video

03:57 Jul 24 2011
Times Read: 664

The goth/vamp scene is a vast, digital city.

As a cohesive group the pendulum swings to the art world and the dynamic elements that are otherwise pushed to the margins of contemporary culture and society.

I think sometimes about Ellis Island and the huddled masses that came to the New World in centuries past. The beacon of democracy and freedom of speech shines light on multiple continents and developing civilizations.

I imagine the United Nations of the future as a salient entity with more universal currency and political elections.

The post-Industrial wave of digital and intellectual transactions is still catching up with the speed and efficiency of the World Wide Web.

The amount of dialogue that has been generated in recent years pales in comparison to the distribution of communications technology in the near future.

Solar power, wind power and emission-free vehicles may soon make the information cloud tangible to groups of people beyond the reach of traditional media using paper and ink alone.





Trouble in the Headlines...

22:49 Jul 23 2011
Times Read: 671

There is still danger and terrorism abroad. Terrorism continues to be an act of violence and desperation.

It is a challenge to the world to construct a 21st century safety net. It is clear that security checks will be increased.

Personally I think firearms should be constructed to fire a limited number of rounds or be banned altogether.

This may help along with a social structure that checks on the mental welfare and socialization of violent individuals and potential gun owners.

It is always a sad thing to see bloodshed in the media.

Let's hope that it doesn't happen again.





Taking it Easy Today...

02:08 Jul 20 2011
Times Read: 683

I got some rest today.

The college bus commute can be tough. I'm sticking to it, though, and hope to get a passing grade.

My job search is moving to the front burner.

I may not return to the same campus for 2012.

It's a better strategy to target a four-year university and seek a baccalaureate degree. Once that's done and out of the way I'll probably have more opportunities and some time to write seriously again.

I'm still a fan of collaborations and anthologies.

I think one of the best was "Thieves' World." The series ran through at least a dozen volumes.

Other great titles include the "Dune" novels by Frank Herbert.

Perhaps a vampire-based reality can be molded to a contemporary-style story. There can always be weird, pulpy stuff like...vampires in space, vampire planets and the revival of unknown, carnivorous entities from hibernation after deep space travel. Maybe if the going gets tough the ship's computer is programmed to defrost the ancient ones to help face the impending conflict.

I have introduced some legions of the undead in "Order & Chaos," particularly liches and vampires. I also included were-wolves and anthropomorphic characters.

I guess the future remains to be seen and constructed, hopefully without standing on Anne Rice's toes.





A Transition for Literature

04:22 Jul 19 2011
Times Read: 688

With the eventual dissolution of contemporary book stores the Internet is increasingly turned to for up-to-date access to the literary world.

It is easier than ever to publish and edit ebooks online.

The inconvenience of printing, binding, marketing and stocking book shelves is fading.

Some ebook companies offer no additional charge for shipping and can provide customers with both the titles they are looking for and new material from aspiring authors.

The vampire/goth scene has a surprisingly vast following in popular culture. It is only a matter of time until writers employ the motifs of the creatures of the night to explore the shadowy side of the human psyche.





Keeping some Momentum...

05:05 Jul 18 2011
Times Read: 697

I'm still goin'.

With fluctuating access it's tougher than I expected to roll through the echelons of Vampire Rave. I am grateful to everyone who has assisted me.

Sometimes it's hard to fathom that the words and ideas etched by electronic means are available for the entire Internet to share.

I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before HTML and ebook publications take the place of traditional, printed media.

This is a digital renaissance and the more feedback and constructive criticism that is dispersed the greater the wealth of knowledge stored for the ages.

Even a concept so seemingly simple as a network of covens and groupings possessed by vampires and were-beasts brings a torrent of creative and aesthetic options for the aspiring web surfer and journalist.

It's a cool thing that some members exhibit talent with photography while others contribute with music or video streams.

It is an adventure to participate and generate discussion whenever possible.





The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

20:43 Jul 15 2011
Times Read: 714

We students are nearing the end of our summer course in Italian 1 at the local community college.

I've been to the Eastern Seaboard before but not Europe.

I would love to visit Europe and Japan when my finances and schedule permit me.

The bus runs in a widely staggered route and I take a two bus commute to the campus both ways. Because of this I need to get moving at 5:30 a.m.

I am likely to avoid such an early class in the future.

In the meantime I'll be taking a break from school until the Fall Semester commences.

I intend to intensify my job search and will be studying conversational Japanese rather than the full language course.

As always I look forward to making new friends in school, Vampire Rave, and Facebook.

This is a great social community and I am glad to be a part of it.

I wish I had more time to address each person individually. I am hoping to stay involved here indefinitely and deepen friendships as I progress the echelons of vampirism.

My offer still stands to anyone interested in contributing written material to my Vampire Rave web page, titled Dreams, Visions and Reality.

It is getting easier to publish ebooks on the Internet and I'm sure this will be a turning point in world literary culture.

Best wishes to everyone!





Surfing the Net...

01:02 Jul 14 2011
Times Read: 733

The Internet is a great place to meet new people and make friends.

I enjoy Facebook as well.

I guess I just felt like turning over a new leaf.

Everyone has a dark side.

This common level of consciousness has been explored at least as long ago as the Renaissance.

A notable example is "Macbeth" by Shakespeare.

The challenge is to avoid behavior that affects other people in a detrimental manner.

The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians explored the meaning of worlds beyond death, naming their own deities and demigods. These gave identities to unpredictable elements affecting the mutual, human experience.

Different manifestations of "social processing" or "personalities" exist in colorful varieties as much today as they did in pre-historic times.





Tired but Ready to Rock!

02:48 Jul 13 2011
Times Read: 737

Suffice it to say I'm on the heavy side of life. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy lots of exercise. My favorite machine is the elliptical trainer. I can usually do 3 or 4 miles but would love to try a triathlon race sometime. It would probably require a year or more of training but I'm sure it would be an adventure to remember.

Another goal of mine, beside finishing college, is to raise my Karate belt. I understand that some dojos use only three or four colors or markings.

Along with this goal is a broader cultural objective of improving my Japanese vocabulary. This I will be doing amid my job searches during the upcoming Fall semester.

Among this full schedule is the drive to write more material and wrap up my short stories that have loose ends.

I still aspire to publish an ebook on the Internet that will hold my portfolio of short fiction and poetry.

My inspirations in writing range from H.P. Lovecraft to Dean Koontz and Agatha Christie.

I'm also a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Dashiell Hamett.





Hangin' Loose

00:49 Jul 12 2011
Times Read: 742

I'm taking it easy today.

It's been fun filling in my new page and portfolio.

There is much writing to be done. It's something I enjoy.

Experiences beckon to be formulated into written works. This includes day-to-day living.

The summer sun is shining brightly. In response I endeavor to make good use of my faculties.

What brings a poem to one may bring a song to someone else.

Life would be drab if everyone followed the same muse.





Dreams, Visions and Reality!...

17:33 Jul 10 2011
Times Read: 750

I have created a page of my own. It is called Dreams, Visions and Reality.

All feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

If you are interested in contributing to a Goth, Vampire, Science Fiction anthology please let me know.

(An anthology is a work of fiction set in a single universe or setting with different chapters or stories written by different people.)

It's just for fun but may someday be published as an ebook on the Internet.





Accepted into Infectus Somnium!

16:24 Jul 09 2011
Times Read: 760

My energy is in flux.

I've been busy with summer school but enjoy contributing to Vampire Rave. This is the most complex and populous web cloud that I've encountered.

I've been welcomed into Infectus Somnium and am glad to make friends within and without this coven.

The trick is to stay involved and touch base with as many individuals as possible.

I hope that everyone has a good time and enjoys the paths and avenues of dialogue to their fullest capacities.





In The Spiral Army!

02:04 Jul 06 2011
Times Read: 770

I have been accepted into The Spiral Army!

It's great to meet new friends in the Vampire Rave cloud.

Everyone has a dark side. Most people don't realize this.

I believe it is imperative that people, as they age, raise the suppressed and unrecognized elements of their personality into conscious knowledge.

Humans are social animals. We thrive and flourish with feedback and interaction.

The Internet is a powerful tool to span the rifts between cities and nations. Individuals of like minds are brought together by the world wide web.

I still enjoy the more conventional means of socialization. These include entering educational institutions and general venues such as work, libraries, malls and music concerts.

I thank everyone that has welcomed me into their tutelage.

The future is rich and vast. It only takes optimism and perseverance to make dreams come true.





Happy Fourth of July!

17:53 Jul 04 2011
Times Read: 781

It is Independence Day for the United States!

This day shows me that liberty and equality are commodities which are not yet universal.

I'm especially glad to exercise the freedom of speech and assembly.

I think Bram Stoker would approve.





Studying again...

16:33 Jul 03 2011
Times Read: 787

I'm preparing for my El Camino Community College summer class once again.

Right now I'm taking Italian 1 but have previously taken Japanese and Spanish.

It is good to keep busy within the struggling job market. I still aspire to get a bachelor's degree in English literature at the California State University at Dominguez Hills.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me a favorable rating.

I'm sure I'll reach the level with which to construct a web page soon.

Sincerely, Senegoth





I feel much better!

05:52 Jul 02 2011
Times Read: 803

A few hours of darkness have done me some good.

My brain is recharged.

I often wonder at the sources of inspiration for the cathedrals of the Middle Ages. They manifest a different focus from the pillars and pyramids of ancient Egypt, namely Cheops, and Chichen Itza in Mexico.

What legacy will this generation leave?

Hopefully creativity and dialogue.

Democracy and discussion are valuable tools opposing tyranny and oppression around the globe.




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