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The Old Ways Mixed With Tech.

18:27 Jan 20 2024
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This is my observation and my experience. I find people to be lazier when they say the word "Technology". I love technology and
a lot of people may disagree. I am not here for a crowd of people to agree with about everything I write. It's good to have different opinions. That is what makes us individuals. We are the reason why this topic I bring up today.

I am around a bunch of people who can barely check their emails. Then they see what I'm doing online and then, the question comes out their lips. How do you do and How can I get into what you do? I love and hate this question now more Than ever. The reason why I say this is I give you the keys to the kingdom, but you see it online all the time.

The words of Tried, sad desperation in worlds you type into search engines when you had enough of the retrace. The magic words in the maze of chasing the online dragon. "How to make money online". This entry searcH has been typed more in the last 5 years, than the people we have lost in all the wars the country has had casualties in all wars combined in our country's history.

I too have spent my time and found out where the keys lay to chasing this holographic, money-making machine of illusions fear, and hope. For everyone, it's different. It only took me to 2 Years to unleash and understand the secret of this myth powered by machines. Other People chased this same dragon in search of their dreams in desperate attempts to escape, the pain suffering, and financial ruin their dead-end jobs served them on a daily and yearly basis.

The ones who wake up are the ones who find another way and they abandon all they know to break away from the rat race and find new ways to generate income., but the pace of society is speeding up daily. This is what people fear the most, change at a rapid rate. Now I understand why you see Billionaires in that huge study room with no electronics, Only Pen and paper and books, and an old classical record player, but now digital. this way he can keep his mind focused and not be distracted by anything in this world of Samsara, meaning helix with many distractions. (Billionaires secrete).

When you look around I watch how people move from mind, body, and spirit. If you watch a person consistently long enough. You can see exactly who they are without asking. I believe that our ancestors knew How to live long clean lives, and they shared knowledge. Now we share nothing or when we do people call it a scam. Back then it was easy to convince some, now it seems impossible because Of the tube and no one believes anymore without, a check tube or net.

The old ways are still in play, but the system won't tell you until the new change has already been implemented in the new systems

Food For the brain!

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The Power of the word "NO"

17:34 Jan 17 2024
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It took me a while to learn the power of no. when I was maturing I thought yes, was the only way. Until one day I found out that saying yes was not always the best and the more I said Yes. The more my life became a stressful Mess. The power of no is what one thing some words and people in authority often use, but now it's just no, it converted into I don't know. We are today now willing to accept this as a righteous answer.

When I experienced the power of the word "No. I was first few relationships introduced to me and It took some time to grasp the concept of not giving into other people's projections put me in ways other people's tasks, they couldn't accomplish on their own. I'm not saying that all people are out for the same intentions as others who operate in deception and manipulation. I believe that some people are born with this like a genetic tic Or trait that Has to be learned or un-produced within one's Life.

It's not up to us to decide only the individual themself who can save them not anything else, but we continue to move through only
dodging continuous impediments life throws our way and tests us daily. Practicing the power of the word No, Starts like another habit and builds over time like a muscle that has been worked, and broken down only to become stronger with time.

I found out that the more I used the power Of this word, I began to become that lighthouse in the middle of the fog in the ocean. I never wanted this attention in no way for myself, but it had the reverse effect as I went through my daily life. Within days I felt relieved and in weeks I became free, and in months that followed I was unstoppable. Not because I hope for power or authority over no one, But only because I now control my actions without the pressure of confusion others may be trying to pass on because they feel the burden.

Many people do this in relationships Of all kinds. We also find ourselves in confrontations that we sometimes start and in one with Others who induce them as we live our lives, The key is to observe my lifelong Journey as a practitionerof life as a student, and to this day I still practice the power of the word "NO".




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