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I have to write this!

15:45 Jul 27 2023
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I woke up this morning! Man! Why dose this sound like something a preacher would say starting Off. lol I know its early in the morning now, writing this. I want to start again. lol I want to share this with you this is an observation I have seen since I have been here in the Bay Area. When I first came I was amazed to see all the people who walk around, and shopping, riding scooters all over this city. Now see they did not do things like this where I can from in the next state over.

Then when I was thinking of something to write for everyone this morning. I went to my mentor Blood Moon posts in her forum topics. There I was able to comment on one of her posts. The topic was simple Like the word "Fun". When I saw this word as the topic my brain just hit the roof with ideas. Now lately I have been under a lot of stress at my job and I have been working like 12 hours a day somedays, not much fun going on for me now.

SO too see a topic like fun. I was trying to think of what type of fun have I been trying to have lately and the sad part is, besides going out to eat, that's the only fun I been having lately. I'm no square by no means. I know how to have a good time. I am a very spiritual person and if you have read my other writings in my journal. Then you'll know that my stories are not just for entertainment they can be, but I lIke to write with a purpose to help educate my follow Vamps & Witchlngs or Priest, Priestess and Masters. Experience is evidence! I quote Bobby Hemmitt! (Black witch)

Now my first mentor passed a few years ago! R.I.P Sherrie WinnIngs! She taught me the ways of the Grey in witchcraft! When she took me on as her student for 13 years. I was the hardest road I have ever taken in my life ,but it was the most rewarding as well. The path I chose to walk made me do all the things that I feared the most. No here I am again doing this that I feared even after her passing, but I also have the biggest reward for all the sUffering coming at the same time! Now i understand the Slipknot's song "Duality" more know lol.

I guess the message from the universe is to not fear anything. So I continue to move forward and fear none!




Somtimes I feel (Nothing)!

18:30 Jul 23 2023
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The universe has a way of making you do things that you may not want to do. I believe in my experience in the last 22 years. I had this uncanny way of thinking and I feel like I projected myself into the future by 5 to 10 years at each time I did it. The information I was receiving information as a kid was like a movie and I did it all the time. I even did this in class and I could not help it all the time. I would even do this when I had my down time after school watching cartoons.

I did this for years and then I was in class and I got this note for my mother handed to me by my teacher.

Teacher Rice~ okay Van. I wan you to get this to your mom for me and have her sign it. She pinned the letter to my shirt with a safety pin so I would not lose it. You can kind of tell how little I was at this time. I got on the bus and made back to my house and my mom found the note attached to me.

Van what's this my mother said? I said it's a note for you my teacher who wants you to sign it. I will get sticker for bringing it back on time. My mother was like only really. Wow! a sticker huh. That sound like fun. My mother was very supportive of me in school and out of school activities. The the clearly stated that due to my most recent assignment. My teacher was asking my mother if she can come for parent teacher conference. I was like am I in trouble. My mom said no my dear, every thing is going to be okay.

A few day goes by and the weekend hits! we Have Great time making food we were always Bar-B-Queing at our house on the weekends all through out my whole childhood up too high school. The parent teacher Conferences always had Me nervous all the time. Everyone was serious and they made you stay in a separate room while they talked about you. This drove my crazy as I was a nervous kid by nature. I was afraid of everything, including my step dad. No he was not a bad person just super macho, macho man. I think that was his favourite song. lol if my memory serves me correct.

My step dad was never really seen at me school by my teachers who help and taught me things everyday. When you in school moms at my time of generation. The stay at home moms was still a thing while the dad went to work. This was the system that I grew up in.

Teach Rice~ Walks my mother into her office( I had some concerns about Van that was a little disturbing us here at the school).

Mom- OOh really! Van seems okay to me he has a great home life and we give him a
lot of support in homework. what seems to be my son's issue Mrs. Rice?

Teacher Rice- Well we had an assignment and Van's response to project raised some concerns, on we think how he might see himself or maybe feeling lately. She looks through her briefcase with the other classmates work that was looking to be graded. She pulls out my work.

Handing my mother a picture if a little boy made black crayon. With a line down the middle of his face smiling and one side of his face and body was divided down the middle , one side black and the other side was white.

My Mother trying to figure what the problems is... My mom ask a question.

Mom- Mrs. Rice so what it that you were wanting to have my son do on this project?

Mrs.Rice- The project was to draw yourself as you see your parents... well after I what I have seen Van draw . I feel liKe he dose not know if he is black our white. My mom laughs.

Mom- Well Mrs. Rice. polity but snarky my mom says. Well I think were done here, Now let me explain see you have never seen my husband because he is hard at work for our family. Now you told my son to draw himself the way he sees his parents. I feel like he did what your requested of my son, because I'm black of course and his step father is white. She laughs again. My son did exactly what you wanted him to do. So I feel lIke we are done here. My mom packs up her things in her purse.

Mom~ I just sorry your to dumb to realise that my husband and I are in a mixed relationship. and she walked out and says .Come on Van.

Van ~ I am I on trouble mom?

Mom~ No Baby! Matter of fact you did good! Do you wanna go and get ice cream? She asks me.

My face lights up and and i started skipping along with my mom, we headed to ice cream place for a couple big scoops was my favourite.

The reason why I decided to share this with you, is because I remember how everyone at times try's to steal your joy with thIngs at are small and trivial. So don't allow people who are miserable or only programmed to see the negative in every you do or say! Don't allow them to manipulate your thoughts or dreams.

NO now I practice feeling....NothIng!


Other words don't give the prick the satisfaction! lol

Mom- She laughs and say okay.



20:46 Jul 23 2023

I see so much irony in this. Admittedly, I come from a rather... twisted history, myself. I won't bother to get into it, now, but so many ironies, it is almost ridiculous.

By the way, welcome to the Rave.

22:05 Jul 23 2023



No Time To Race!

20:22 Jul 20 2023
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I find it to be rather funny, after quarantine. I mean not the "quarantine" That was not funny, but I'm talking about how people react to change now, man! Everyone is not in s state of late shock or still morning the lost of many multitudes on any physical level. A lost of any kind is hard, but livIng without The smaller things in life like conversation, love ,and even more. what about our ability to learn most of all. We are more than advanced & more precise than others. I believe all that others that speak our language is about the, now and not worrying about the future. Why? our future is being made with our every decision, you make.

I believe that we all have been brought together to re-spark the purpose of our own designs and ideas, and again we can produce all the wonderful inventions ideas & fun, Ideas life coaches, teachings and more.

Their trying to make people feel like it's the 90's again.Well let me ask you this? Is our society out of "New ideas " for a new generations that are about come up into our new challenge! (A.I) or is it all about lining the inside of your pockets they only motive over creation. I have to say that is great you find a way to put in a few million in your pocket. What I miss, is the core of my point of my article. I miss The pure raw explosion and power of creating, back in the day. We were up too our elbows in creativity and we not doing the same things. Music lets face it! Too many people in that field. What about "Master Of Horror" all those guys are gone! So who will continue their work? Of its too late due to because the new horror stand has already been set!.

The point is to keeping writing. I mean the things you have been working on "projects" .I could be your workings no mater what they may be, a journal, a spell book, novel. etc. Our opinions are thoughts that matter, this is something we should never lose, and express our opinion's! Wicked!

Thanks for reading this
Vancora AkA Van




This is for all who are New Here(Vampire Rave)

18:32 Jul 18 2023
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I'm Vancora Michaels! Im have been on the web as beta tester for a long time... I'm writing this because I feel comfortable here. My job on the internet is to make sure that you get what you need on daily basis tested. I'm here to make sure that you are treated fairly as beta guy. We care about all who claim to be in the Craft or house and I want you to know your supported. I'm not IT here. I am a supporter and fan also a user of this same website! Van! Villain out! Thank You IT!




What do I think when I say to myself.....Hmmmm!

17:49 Jul 16 2023
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The last week really seems to test my patients. I had the strange encounters with people here in San Francisco. Now I'm not talking about the tourist or the hobos. No their coo the tourist and the hobos here. Well at least The "hobos" will say hi to you here more so than people who claim to be normal, every keeps to themselves. What I was told by people how lived here a long time ago. That is was never this way until after quarantine.

What I mean is this is the city I choose to retire inn. I'm a big "Charmed" fan. I love The gales on that show. I have been living here for the last year. I love the Victorian days and the style of architecture is wonderful here, it makes you feel like your not in California, but another place country like France.

Well being a Leo like all signs each one has it's own curse. My curse seems to be jealous and courage. People try to compete with me no matter if I'm not participating realising it or not. I kid you not! "Example" My younger sister when we were in school together starting we realised what suing are and popular kids. She was only two years younger than me.

I found out later that in a drunk confession my sister was having one day having a chat. She expressed to me that she was always jealous of me while I was in school. Its started in Jr. high and and when all the way into High school and beyond.
I asked my sister she felt this way and why she says that is was because she felt like she had no identity while the whole time we were in school.I asked my sister during what time period in school and she says both times in Jr. & High school!

Then this was the first time I really said Hmmmm.... I mean. I'm not just saying that ,I really used this..... I was trying to to think hard after my sister made this statement. It took me a while to figure out this riddle of all riddles, and for days. I replayed every moment I had when my sister first started going to school with me. I was so excited that first day when sister had her first day in Jr. high with me. I did introduce her by her name to everyone I knew. I'm was one of my best moments with her she was so nervous. Its was hard for me to leave to go to class its felt like I was sending daughter off to school for the first time. I loved my sister.

Then it hit me with my crazy analytical mind. it hit me. See what happened is that I talked to everyone I did not see ethnic background of a person or their race. I grew up in a Polish family in the 70's when my mom of course being black and my stepdad is white making my sister mixed. my family was open family didn't see color at all, but at the time everyone else around in those times did at the time I was growing up. Now everyone is mixed even in the commercials. lol

My sister was mad for one reason no matter how many people she talked to and said my name is Patty. So many people knew me they would say that this is Van's sister and not Patty. Mad her grudge even til this day as I'm writing this in my journal.

So no matter what you say or do! People are always gonna do and say what they want to do.
I still have my "Hmmmmm moments " just not as many now I'm much older now. lol




When I was a kid! Tide pools

20:50 Jul 10 2023
Times Read: 294

When I was a kid in elementary school. I took my first field trip. I was soo excited the night before. So then my mom was awesome ! she packed me a lunch that would make most kids jealous. Because of my mom and her love for food, I made a lot of friends and I shared my lunch with many of my classmates. So we all climb on board the yellow school buss and we headed to the ocean.

Now I never been to the tide pools before. So when we got there you could smell the ocean salt in the air and seagulls singing as the glide in the air. So they take us on a tour 26 kids all running on the beach. The tide pools were special we seen sea shells of all kinds, sea creators of all kinds. I realised that sea could be really dangerous. So we walked around the beach for almost 2 hours.

Then we made it back to the marina. Where the sat us all down and gave us presentation on marine life and and how it works. 26 kids all in the lobby of this place were they have all these fish in aquariums. It was like a petting zoo for fish. 45 minutes kids listening to marine life.lol Right...

Now comes the exercise! So the teacher asked us all to look around and feel free to pet the fish If that is what you want to do. So we walked around for 45 minutes and we were asked to go and find fIsh that you connect too. So then I found a tadpole that allow me to pet it. Here is the energy! What happened what I chose the tadpole looking fish and I find out. That I picked the Vampire Fish! Van lol



22:56 Jul 10 2023



Has this ever happened 2 U?

22:43 Jul 05 2023
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Nowadays people are starting to become more and more predictable. When I was growing up I was taught to share, care and look out for your neighbours on both side of you and that included friends and famiLy.

I was a strict code that was instilled in me for years, I lived and breath those very words that came from parents and their parents and friends of my parents who came by the house from time to time for the food we prepared , on the weekends when I was a kid to preteen.

Then life happens and the time passes 2,10,20 years goes by and then before you know it the elders of the family start dropping off like flies. Then one day you look around and everyone has moved or died and you find yourself talking to the last of the elders in family and 3 years later their gone.

Now you the elder of the family now, but no one told you you had to count the people in the family now according to age, generation on which side of the family their on. Now you have to total count your are the elder now of the last person position you spoke to before they died.

So now your thinking that these new generation is gonna respect you like you did to your elders, Wrong! You find out their have no clue on how to even speak or approach you as the new elder and relative. What i saying is The old ways have been cast aside and non of the relatives are following how they were raised due to some bad blood among the family.

This is where the creative parenting came into play on how not to chastise your kids. This Killed the ways of the old by wiping out the moralistic, nature of our elders allowing and making this acceptable in society to raise your kids any way you want. This was the way Society broke that tradition.

I said it!





All bets are off!

21:03 Jul 05 2023
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So I'm writing this because I cant believe how evil people have become and the pandemic has turned people cruel and heartless. I was told by my dad that when peoples security is is jeopardy, all bets are off.

I thought it was just something clever my dad would say, but he is right! I'm not here to brag or put anyone down, but you can't argue with the truth. I was told but my mentor Sherrie that the truth is stranger than fiction. I always go with gut feeling. It will never never to you down.

The older I get the more intense my physic abilities become. Experience is evidence and I was told by a black witch the your soul knows everything.

I'll never forget the night that before I entered into the fold of studies, of the path to enlightenment and and physic vampirism. Its was on Halloween night. (I kid you not you can't make this up) True story!

I was working security in Southern California... and I was put their for all the kids who might be coming into the neighbourhood to Trick or Treat. The manger of the property came up to me with this big tall stalky bald guy with a goat t. and full of tattoos on his arms a bikers vest and blue jeans.

The manager greets me and says, Hey Van! This is I'll call him David and he shook me hand hands were huge but soft like he never worked a day in his life. Obviously this guy is not a mechanic. We its not getting dark now and no kids yet.

So then David start asking me about my self and then after while its got more, and more personal. then he ask me about Halloween. this holiday was originally pronounced Hollows Mays Eve! Then me dilemma came up about my christian beliefs.

I grew up Catholic- Christian, but the Bible seem not to make sense to me no matter how many times I read it. So I explain a couple things i knew about the bible, then as couple hours go by now its dark and not one Child or family was Here to trick or treat. So David this crazy looking biker guy say okay I get it and he says that I know whats going on.

Now I didn't just do 8 hour shifts I was doing a 12 hour shift! Now David went on this rave on the Bible started at Genesis and and all the way to Revelations in the bible and in detail explained all the parts of the bible that were missing, and where i should look to answer my own questions, I was missing.

This was amazing and it lasted 10hrs and I had not said one word I just listened. When its was all over I asked him his last name. He smiled and showed me his Pentagram Tattoo. and said as he jumped on this bike maybe , I'll see ya another time and road off in the night!

after that night on Halloween or Hallows Mays Eve. Changed me for the rest of my life and that was 22 years ago. Now I stand more power than that person who discipleship, and followed others.

Now I follow no one but self!




21:06 Jul 05 2023

Fully agreed evil has over runed countries and many places and dark media networks,

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