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15:11 Apr 28 2021
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You know with everything that is happening in this world today is a double edged sword...we are learning the hard way what is more important to us, materialistic things, our appearance, spending time with loved ones, getting out and being apart of the world and being forced to wear a mask to prevent covid, stores closing, people loosing their jobs and businesses. The economy is being destroyed month by month year by year..The earth is fighting back and also suffering. Our children are being affected by having to be home schooled or do remote learning and not being able to celebrate birthday's and holidays with family and friends surrounding them. We are being made to really look at the more meaningful things in our lives now when we should have been before all this crap hit. We where so caught up in stupid shit and still are caught up in it...So many places that rely on others for food and things we have forgotten how to help ourselves and be self sufficient in our own homes and lives. We rely on others on things to survive and we have taken advantage of the earth herself thinking oh she is okay she will bounce back we can still strip her of the resources and not replant or clean up the air etc. All the things we love and we think we need uses the earth resources. We are not giving back to her we are stealing from her.

We did not look at ourselves in the mirror and actually watch our kids growing up and how we with our busy lives and the ignorance of what was really going on. People have forgotten that we can grow our foods, we can make our own clothing, we can use old factories to make our grains and such. We have millions of million dollar homes that are sitting empty that can house the homeless, and families that have nothing. We are forgetting that our children are being bombarded every day with how you should look and that make-up and all that crap is not necessary. Yes I would love to get my hair cut and or colored but you know something that is not necessary. Money money money that is all that matters to everyone. we need to house ourselves, provide heat and electricity, gas for our cars and such those are the things we need. We need food and clothing, we need water clean water. We need those basic things to survive. We used to use our hands and pen and paper to communicate with people, we used to have direct conversations with people face to face and pay attention to our kids. There are so many things we need in this life and we are so used to the easier ways and that is fine but now that things are going to crap and the money and economy is being destroyed we are going to have to pull together as smart humans and figure out that real things that shelter us and feed us and cloth us are more important than woman's magazines, make-up, fashion, expensive cars, expensive homes, expensive jewerly, gold and silver, being top dog, having so much money and not share it with those whom do not have it. We have forgotten the hard work we had to do in order for us to have just the basic things we need that are more important than gold and silver and all the riches in the world.

We do have enough food to feed the world we have enough empty homes to house the homeless, we have plenty of land to start growing our own foods to put in our bellies, we have the sun for energy, we have water for power but we are letting the government make us pay for it...as far as I know water and air and stuff are provided by the earth and the sun for us to use for free...why are we having to pay for it? Money Money Money you have to have money just to live on this planet and we are all taking it for granted it is going to be here for many more thousands of years....we can have all the money in the world but if we do not have a world?



21:13 Apr 28 2021

I get up each day early. I meditate and ask the Creator to make me aware to be the best person I can be all day long. I smudge and bless the day. I go to Starbucks get my coffee and pay for the person behind me in the drive-through every morning. It makes me smile to know I hopefully made someone smile at the start of my day. I go to work and give all I can to be the best at my job. Normally I would smile at people but since I care about humanity and wear a mask, I have taken to giving a nod in passing to people. I take time out as I drive to work and from work to look at flowers, trees and thank Mother Earth for hanging in there. When I get home I walk my little dog in the neighborhood and always wave to my neighbors. I carry a bag with us and pick up any trash I see laying around. Then I start dinner. As dinner is cooking I go out and fill the bird feeder and put down the nuts for the squirrels. I water the flowers I have planted. Each payday I drive by the Food Bank and I donate cash. I enjoy my life and all I do and when I lay my head down at night I know I lived my best that day and each day. I think a lot of people have just forgotten to live and live the best life you can. Relax and enjoy each day given to us. Enjoy what is around us.

21:32 Apr 28 2021

We need this kind of thing coming from all humanity and I pray like you do and so many others that we all wake up from this nightmare and be a more kind and gentle place and help mother earth heal...for the next generations will need a home.


Entry for purely business

19:17 Apr 26 2021
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I am developing my mentorship as a memorial place for those whom have lost loved ones either here on this site or at home in reality..for now I would like to have members here remembered..if you have someone you would like to have remembered please private message me. I have two so far that I need information and dedications to add...Satanschild and satansbitch. If you have any special memories you would like to share to the page about them please let me know and I will post it and it is in the public pages.

These pages will be carried on too my new coven to match the mentorship.





18:35 Apr 21 2021
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I know I have said before I am not going to comment on anything....well I made that mistake this morning and you know something perhaps I better say one more thing before I go totally into lurking and silence...

I apologize to those on this site for making the journal entry I made this morning....I am not perfect and no one is....I guess I am to passionate a person and I would not make a good Admin who seem to be able to keep their mouths shut and do their jobs. I applaud each and everyone one of you.

I never meant to point fingers at anyone it was just a opinion I should have just left unsaid and kept it to myself.. So in closing I do publicly say I am sorry and I will admit when I was wrong to say anything in public.

This lil Witchy is out and staying out and staying hidden for the rest of the time I am here.





17:30 Apr 21 2021
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