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18:29 May 20 2024
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Faire is finally over. It's such a bittersweet thing, the end of the season. On the one hand, I'm relieved that it's over, and on the other, I'm sad because I'm going to miss the crew. These last two weeks it felt like last year, as it was just the guys, Bailey, and I working. Our other counter girl had family things come up so she couldn't work. So, it was a bit rough, but we managed. I came out with over a grand for the two weekends, so I'm not upset about it. Andrew said he wanted to get everyone together in the next few weeks to go do something fun now that we got through another year. He was saying maybe bowling or mini golf. Either would be fun, it would be nice to hang out with everyone outside of work. And Baliey, bless her, as we were saying goodbye, she gave me a hug and thanked for me being her Faire Mom. I mean, I am the oldest one in the group, I think everyone else is in their 20's, but that really hit me. Don't get me wrong, I love that she felt that way, and I'm happy to have helped her learn about Faire, but I've never been called a mom on any level, so it was a bit of a shock to me. But yeah, another season done. Andrew will be running two booths at Faire next year, so if I'm still here in California and not in the midst of moving, I'll try to work again. If not, Logan and I will definitely be visiting to see them. And, he's going to try to get into TRF, which would be amazing. If he could get into TRF, when Logan and I move, we could absolutely work his booth. But, we'll see. He's trying to branch out and get into Seattle's Faire too. So, hopefully he can make these happen. It would be a lot better for him to have multiple Faires and Events and not just the two California ones run by the one company.

But yeah, Faire is now behind me and I can have my weekends with Logan back. I really missed just spending time with him. Don't get me wrong, I appricate that he spent our weekends together at Faire with me, but it's not the same. We honestly didn't get a lot of time together over the 7 weeks. My days at work were me working and him hanging out by himself, and then we'd do a few hours of unwinding before I'd crash and go to sleep. So, really, our time has been very limited together. It'll be so nice to get back to full, uninterrupted weekends again.




04:18 May 13 2024
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It's been a weekend and I'm utterly exhausted. I'm so sad that next weekend is the last weekend of Faire. These seven weeks always go by so quickly.




01:54 May 09 2024
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I got to spend the whole morning at the ER for my mom. She called me at 8,saying her vision was blurry and there was pain in her eye, that she needed me to pick her up from work and take her to the ER. So, I did. Thankfully she's okay, for now. They didn't have an oncologist on call, so I can't say they were super thorough. But, she managed to call her doctor after she was discharged and got an appointment for Monday. It's still later than I am comfortae with, but it's the earliest they could see her. I'm always super paranoid that when she says there's something wrong with her eyes, that it's her retina. She already has one detached retina, and she's been told by her doctors that the other one could detach at any time. So, constant state of paranoia. But, it doesn't seem to be that, so that's a positive.

Needless to say, it's been a fun day. I tried to stay as far away from other people while waiting in the ER, because I still have two more weeks of Faire and I cannot afford to miss any of those days. Hopefully I don't get sick.



03:36 May 09 2024

If the other retina detaches; does that result in blindness?

03:40 May 09 2024

More or less, yes. She still has partial vision in the eye with the detached retina, but if the other one detached, she'll be effectively blind. Which is why it's always such a worry when something's wrong with her eyes.


10:51 May 07 2024
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I got my car back earlier today, all fixed by my Aunt Stacy's neighbor. And all it cost me was $316 for the new manifold, he charged nothing for the labor. I brought it over there last Tuesday, and he had it finished by Saturday. I had to wait to pick it up because of Faire, and I was with Logan this last weekend. But, it seems to be running as well as it was before, only now it doesn't sound like a go-kart. It's kinda nice having it back to being relatively quiet again. It's still an older car and it still needs a few things repaired, but it's nothing that needs to be handled immediately. However... When I went to pick it up he told me that there wasn't a crack in the manifold. The shop stripped the fucking screws and the gasket was damaged, but there was no crack. And here was my fucking auto shop telling me that they could weld the crack for $700 back in January, and then when I took it in the last time, "Oh no, the crack got worse and the whole manifold needs to be replaced." that was a $1400 fix. And then to find out that it was one little fucking part that needed to be fixed, that the manifold isn't damaged at all... I mean, he had to put the new one in purely because the screws on the other one were so stripped, but yeah. I can easily swing a $300 fix over a $1400 one. I'm so tempted to take the old manifold down to the shop and be like, where is this crack that supposedly got so bad that you wanted to charge me what my car is worth to fucking fix?! I'm never going back to that place again. If Logan can't fix whatever issue pops up, I'll see my my aunt's neighbor can do it. It may mean being without a car for a week, but at least I know he isn't going to fuck me over on the price. I'll pay the price of the part and get him a case of beer and be done with it. The service engine light is still on, but I bought an OBD II scanner so I can see if there's anything popping up or if the sensor just needs to be reset. It's probably good I have one anyway, with an older car. That way I'm not dependent on having Logan check it for me.

So yeah... this whole situation has really soured me on mechanics. I'm so thankful to the actual honest one who fixed my problem without spouting all this bullshit at me because I'm a woman and I am not super knowledgeable about cars. That shit is going to change, though. I should at the very least learn about my Versa so I'm not so easily taken advantage of. That fucking shop is getting the worst review I can write up, I swear. That fucking audacity to say I have a cracked manifold when I didn't, the proof of that is sitting in my trunk. The fucking audacity to try and pull the whole needing a new serpentine belt when I brought it in back in March for my brakes. Just the fucking audacity in general. Fuck that place and fuck those people. A bad review won't really do anything, but at least it'll let people know the shady shit they've been trying to pull with me. I can't be the only one.



13:18 May 07 2024

A quick hack for resetting the check engine light is to unhook the battery terminals for a few minutes then hook it back up again. If you can get to the terminals easily that is.
That may not fix the problem completely if there is still other problems to fix.
The other lights for emissions and such should reset after about 100 or so miles of driving after any emissions problems are corrected.
That’s until you buy your scanner. I have one and it will throw codes so you can get a better idea of the specific problems.
Definitely start reading the manual for your Versa that will tell you about what the certain lights mean so you can better pinpoint your problem. Good luck! Glad you were able to get your car back in working order.

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