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18:19 Feb 28 2007
Times Read: 718

And here we have the third rating and comment within 4 days!!!!!

Rating: 5

Comment: You like My chemical romance, thus you get a 5, i cannot respect that band at all.

Date: 19:05:16 - Feb 27 2007

I'm still impressed with the creativity. But what else would you expect from someone who calls a girl on here his girlfriend after chatting with her for the amazing amount of 2 days lol Is this desperation? Is this insecurity? lol

And does he know that he is one of appr. 20 boyfriends of his girlfriend? lol

LMAO there are moments when the dramas on this website are priceless lol




15:44 Feb 25 2007
Times Read: 728

And I got the same comment and rating again:

Rating: 5

Comment: You like My chemical romance, thus you get a 5, i cannot respect that band at all.

Date: 09:30:43 - Feb 25 2007

Look at the time interval.

How very creative and original. Seems like my initial assessment was right.

Retards are so easy to identify. You don't even have to talk to them to be sure ;)




21:43 Feb 24 2007
Times Read: 735

This is the most unintelligent comment I've received today, maybe even since I've joined:

Rating: 5

Comment: You like My chemical romance, thus you get a 5, i cannot respect that band at all.

Date: 14:04:08 - Feb 24 2007"

At least it (no gender entered on profile) doesn't mind making a fool of itself. But sorry to say, I cannot respect retards at all ;)





18:42 Feb 16 2007
Times Read: 747

I just learnt that in Sweden they penalise the man who pays for sex instead of the prostitutes, to fight prostitution.

This is actually good news for every Swedish male. I do not want to go into marriage here since this is legalized prostitution.

But it should mean the end for Valentine’s Day in Sweden as this is the biggest day for prostitution every year. Or what else do you call buying (= paying for) flowers, chocolate and cards to get sex in return?




16:15 Feb 06 2007
Times Read: 755

Mature words on the profile of a 14 yr old:

.....i am not a virgin and i have lots of experiance with 4 guys and 2 3somes!.....i love bondage! hot sex is the only good kind of sex, if ur not tied up its not worth it! i wanna be a dominatrix wen i get old enough!

The parents can be very proud of whatever they raised here. They should give global presentations on parenting skills and shoot to worldwide fame!!!!!




03:37 Feb 05 2007
Times Read: 760

If NFL stands for National Football League why do the reporter call this year’s winner of the NFL World Champion and not National Champion?

Correct me if I’m wrong but did they not only play nationally? (And no, the game in Mexico was held between two US American teams which still makes it a national affair)

Do you not have to play opponents from all over the globe to be called World Champion?

Would the NFL not have to be called GFL (= Global Football League) or WFL (= World Football League) or IFL (= International Football LEague) instead to address the winner as World Champion?

What do you call the winner of the NFL Europe? European World Champion?

Do Americans actually know that there is a world outside their borders?




22:32 Feb 01 2007
Times Read: 769

Last week one of the most pointless shows came to an end. Celebrity Big Bother, sorry Brother. And since the contestants are just as much of a waste of space you need to stir things up. So you invite someone who shines as bright as a broken light bulb and an Indian actress no one has ever heard of to make up for colonial exploitation, or to put it more bluntly, slavery.

Not long and the light bulb hurls racial abuse at the Indian and boy has the show gotten headlines! It even got such a state affair that the Chancellor had to give his opinion all over every single TV station you can think of. Racism in the UK? How unthinkable!

What everyone knew before the show even started became more and more obvious. The Indian actress will become this year’s winner. After all that would mean that the UK is an accepting country of everyone, regardless of race or religion.

The show is over now and the Indian actress is running from tabloid to tabloid to sell, sorry tell her story and from TV station to TV station to speak about the distress she had to go through when she had to endure the racial abuse. Apparently she is not such a bad actress after all.

For the money she is making now you can hurl as much racial abuse at me as you like. I wouldn’t complain a minute. So don’t play the victim now. You have been compensated quite well for something your fellow countrymen and women experience every day in the UK. And they get no monetary support for that.

And I wonder to how many countries the Indian actress has been so far as she seemed to be surprised about racism. Ask her what she thinks about Pakistani because last time I checked both nations don’t like each other much.

Well, I have been to many countries and racism pretty much exists everywhere. It seems that the only way not to experience racism against yourself is to stay in your mother country and even that’s no guarantee to say the least. And correct me if I am wrong but does India not have a class system for people, which does not allow people to interact between classes? Sorry, but in my opinion discrimination is some sort of racism as well!

But what bugs me is that once again the media made a person rich and famous NOT based on her skills but on a screenplay that has been written all along and hit the country’s compassion and sympathy. Congratulations! But it’s not hard in a country where barely anyone has a higher IQ than a teabag. For those viewers who don't get it, both were acting out what the bosses asked them to do. The racial abuse was NOT real and the hurt was NOT real. Both were actions of a script they had to follow. It may be called a Reality Show but it is as real as a Disney Cartoon! But I don't see people making a fuss about them!

The message that is supposed to come across is that our country does not tolerate racism. A foreigner wins the show and a country disapproves of the behaviour of one of their own and suddenly everyone jumps on the bandwagon to support this. How progressive a country we are, aren’t we? Supporting and helping those who have experienced injustice. We can pride ourselves! We are accepting of "outsiders", minorities if you like and go hard against bullies whose numbers actually grow instead of vanquish lol

But this is a load of bullshit that wouldn’t even go through as a fairy tale. And if those people were Pinocchio their noses would go 5 times around the globe.

Let me tell you how it really works. If you are a foreigner in the UK, preferably with darker skin, you stand a good chance to be randomly beaten to death by people who have been drinking all day because they have nothing else to do.

I have been assaulted on several occasions because I have long hair instead of none at all or an entire bottle of hair-gel in my hair like the typical British person.

This is how tolerant our country really is.

And unlike the Indian actress I had to endure much more abuse and discrimination in this country. But I am still waiting for all the tabloids and TV stations to call me!

And something else, I always thought that White-Caucasian clearly defines a race or ethnicity. Fill in any British form and you find the options White Caucasian-British, White Caucasian-Irish and White Caucasian Other. Please do explain the ethnical differences to me if you can.

I actually wrote this to point out how hypocritical the UK is but the more I wrote the more I realized that the Indian actress is just as hypocritical. If you come to think of it, our hypocritical country has been played by a hypocrite lol Is irony not a beautiful thing? Somehow I feel that an Indian has paid the UK back for the colonial exploitation and exploits the UK in return now lol

It is in human’s nature that a superior life form dominates a lower life form. And here the celebrities clearly dominate the country. And how embarrassing is that if you consider that a celebrity from Essex doesn’t even know that Essex has a coastline? I would be ashamed if I let myself dominate by such a “superior” life form!




19:30 Feb 01 2007
Times Read: 772

I just found that on the profile of a 15 yr old girl:

.....I do have a boyfriend...although I still do hit on other guys.....

Is this not exactly the kind of girlfriend we all want? ;)



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