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03:34 Jan 20 2007
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This is what you get when you help a whelpling:

Rating: 4

Comment: Thanks for all the help

Date: 22:01:59 - Jan 19 2007

Being an Acolyte can be so rewarding sometimes. Luckily some people can still appreciate this :)




13:08 Jan 13 2007
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I just found that on the profile of a girl:

.....i am single and looking for the right guy to date maybe i will find him on here...age doesn't matter to me as long as there under 20 because i am going to be 18 soon ....."

well, the guy has to be younger than 20 and older than 15, 16 or 17 depending on the definition of minor in your country. unless of course we ignore that females usually get away with it even though the law applies for both sexes.

with this age restriction given for a prospect, does age really not matter to you?




23:33 Jan 07 2007
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I got a stamp today that went like yadda yadda yadda, add me, yadda yadda yadda – and now the important part – we all are family on VR.

Excuse me but this is an insult to the real family I have.

And I have been long enough on here to know that we all are everything BUT family on VR ;)




17:18 Jan 06 2007
Times Read: 875

Heather Mills, ex-wife, or about to become (I don’t keep track) of Paul McCartney advised parents of obese children to stop providing milk.

Now this is exactly why she’s a celebrity (which I admit pays very well in days where people who admire celebrities have even less to offer) instead of a highly qualified and educated scientist (which I admit does not pay well in days where people don’t have the mental capabilities to understand them ;)

Would she be able to read and do research she would have even found a RECENT study that proved her statement to be complete nonsense.

Why don’t celebrities just shut up and only have their pictures taken and leave the scientific stuff to people who actually know what they are talking about ;)

Am I the only one who feels that by today’s standards Kelly Bundy (Married with Children) would be in the top 100 of most intelligent people?




03:44 Jan 06 2007
Times Read: 877

The most dilettantish commercial spot would be the following:

A married couple is sitting at the pool at a holiday resort. They are wearing swimwear. Between them is a man in suit. So the wife says something, the man in suit passes it on to the husband. The husband replies, the man in suit passes it on to the wife and so it goes on and on.

Then the narrator says something like “when you’re on a holiday you don’t need a middleman so why not book your holiday direct without a middleman?”

Turns out – of course – it is a commercial for a travel agency.

Now, I only have A-Levels in Economics, studied Nutrition and HomeECONOMIES at university and worked in sales and financial account development management for appr. 5 years. But when you book a holiday via a travel agent – which is a 3rd party or let’s speak in economic terms, a trader through whose hands goods pass between producer (= holiday) and consumer (= holidaymaker) – is that not a middleman, too?

I wish they wouldn’t allow people to work in a field they are obviously unqualified for. The advertising agency is just as incompetent for coming up with a spot like that as the travel agency for agreeing to it and televising it.




05:04 Jan 01 2007
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Sports reporters can ask the stupidest questions!

The game of the Green Bay Packers just finished which could have been the last for the Quarterback legend Brett Favre.

2 minutes from time he was replaced by the back-up Quarterback (slight indication that he retires, as this is commonly being used to make sure a player gets a standing ovation).

After the game Brett Favre took pictures of himself and every member of the Offensive Line. Again, a slight indicator that we are talking about either retirement here or being prepared in case he decides to retire within the next couple of weeks.

Then a TV reporter gets a hold of him and TV cameras show that Brett Favre clearly has tears in his eyes.

And what do you think might the first question be?

Here it is:

“What are the emotions that are running through your mind right now?”

Can it get any more stupid? I mean, he is crying and can’t speak. Does a happy person look like that?

I am sorry but even a tea bag would have been able to ask a better question.

Would be nice if they chose reporters who can interview and know something about sports. But then again the preference for recruiting skilled professionals is so 20th century ;)

And let’s be honest who would really like someone who is good at what he’s doing?

I mean why choose an experienced surgeon for a life-and-death surgery if you could choose a pretty face for that who doesn’t know a thing about anatomy and physiology?

Sorry but if you got paid by skills payday would mean that most employees have to pay instead of getting paid!



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