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18:22 Jul 27 2006
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The most retarded quote I found on a profile:

Quote: "Shit Happens when your drunk"

So, that basically means you say Shit happens, I was drunk when you kill someone?

That quote or let's better say attitude is a feeble excuse for personal failure and I am sick and tired of hearing it!

When you are "big" enough to drink alcohol then you should be big enough to deal with all the consequences that go along with it.

And to keep it real I am talking about drunk related pregnancy, drunk related cheating and drunk related violence.

They should actually double the punishment for drunk related crime!!!!!




21:28 Jul 10 2006
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This is cracking me up lol


Rating: 5


Date: 09:22:43 - Jul 10 2006

I guess this is what a -10- looks like lol




12:38 Jul 07 2006
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Ok, I had a few messages in the past few days telling me that the pervy cyber slut has left VR. To be completely honest I do not even know if that’s the case. I never checked up on here when she was trying to make me believe she loved me and I am not going to start with it now. For all I know it might just be a publicity stunt. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back and I am sure that she will still pull the strings on VR because she is too power hungry!

If it’s true though then VR has certainly not suffered a loss and no one should shed a tear unless you are a brain amputated dumbass. In fact VR has gained some quality back because another fake and pathological liar who has not served a single second for the designated purpose of VR has gone. Let’s face it, the drama level was extremely high these past few months and they all revolved around her. Coincidence? No, I’d call it the cause.

I’m sure that some people would actually find reasons to blame me for her departure. If so then I would only laugh at these people because soon the carers will bring them back to the mental institution where they escaped from.

What is next? Blaming me for the ozone layer? Or for the extinction of dinosaurs? Well, go ahead if it makes you happy. I can take it. I don’t care.

Some people would surely have to be ashamed of themselves now when they look in the mirror thinking that they shouldn’t have misjudged me. They have lost their dignity and credibility. Like 4 decades ago they behaved like mindless and obedient marines and again have become the embarrassment and laughing stock as they have experienced another Vietnam.

I would not expect any apologies because that would mean people have to admit their mistakes, when all they are capable of is blaming others for their own mistakes. But I am fine with that. We can’t all be great personalities, now can we? Like I once said what separates the academic from the non-academic is that the academic does not believe the first best thing he hears. Instead he researches further RELIABLE sources! But that is certainly too much asked from shallow and judgemental people :p and probably too late as well as it’s been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

It is not wise to shoot against everything and everyone that isn’t like them and has a personality of their own. It’s like everything un-American has to be americanised however, the majority does not want to be like them. The majority wants to be decent and genuine. People do not look up to them they look down on them and spit on their heads or even pee if they’re tall enough.

I am not the one that is stirring shit. I have not screwed a single person over on VR nor have I harassed anyone but I will forever go against fakes, liars, manipulators and people who play with other people’s emotions. The internet is full of those but we don’t need these little shit fucks especially not in a small community like VR where virtually everyone knows everyone. Those people will always be detected rather sooner than later.

So if certain people badly need someone to look up to then I shall grant them to admire and to worship me secretly. Publicly however, I wouldn’t want to be associated with them.

And if another fake or pathological liar crosses my path or somebody who is playing with someone else’s feelings then I will voice my opinion again like I have always done.

I bet some people are already wondering what they will do with their pitiful existences now. Will they either keep patrolling my journal or will they have to move on to other things they know shit about? Sad, very sad if that is the centre of their lives lol




12:55 Jul 03 2006
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What an intersting message I had in my inbox a few days ago:

On 18:48:40 Jul 01 2006 xxxxx


I was dating the little blue jewel from end of april until june 6th. She got back with me on the 12th and then we broke up last week after I found out about her and Vulash.

First night I met her she had phonesex with me. The things in your journal are the things that she's said to me. Lines about "I make my middle finger numb" and "we can make it fit".

Also I have a picture of her called "aeriel.jpg" which I'm sure others are familiar with.

Wow, this would actually make it dating at least 5 blokes at the same time. A sad but unfortunately very common example for females. I am not surprised that people refer to her now as cyber slut.

With this record I doubt she could even tell the name of the father of her kid for sure lol and people like that couldn’t keep their kids in the UK because social services considers them an unfit parent.

Well, she has always been vain about her appearance. For good reasons but working out wont make the babyface, cellulite and stretch marks go away.

Let’s face it, she is way past the sell-by-date and can’t keep up with the young chicks anymore. Or why else would she always throw a possessively jealous tantrum when I was chatting with someone younger than her and called all of them sluts? It takes one to know one, eh? hehehe

That is why it is good to be a male, they get better with age ;) Worn out females like her have nothing left but the internet or the phone to get any admiration – for all the wrong reasons – or sex at all :p

And she has actually followers? Well, birds of a feather stick together! And there are always enough flies buzzing around shite. Enough said :D

And another jewel ;)

From: xxxxx

Date: 20:03:40 - Jul 01 2006

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:39:40): had sex with you in the shower this morning

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:39:43): twice

I swear she told me this exact same thing, but it was when she was driving from her job to her mom's house.

It’s the same bullshit every time. She could at least be a bit more innovative. But then again, I had to listen to her feeble excuses for 2 months and know that she can’t do better.

Someone recently called her a lonely bitter old woman apart from the usual slut remarks I am hearing. She might want to consider a bit of professional help, which I am strongly suggesting.

Let’s face is it, she is trying to screw everyone over and always uses the same lines and patterns. That is how sick she is.



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