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17:16 May 13 2007
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Now this is some funny shit. A bloke who – according to a girl – forced her to have sex with him, recently commented me (on first contact) with a –1- asking where she went.

I was actually nice in my reply, asking if he really believed I’d be fond of talking to someone who disrespectfully rates me a –1-? I didn’t even mention the incident.

Now he is messaging me:

that message you left me last time was not that nice

i would lyk you to say srry

I would like so many things, people who can spell amongst them, but it looks like neither of us will get what he wants ;)



19:32 Mar 21 2010

Crazy people! lol


16:56 May 13 2007
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And my final rambling for today ….. I guess lol

Paris Hilton is scared of her future inmates in jail as they have threatened her. She is trying to get her lawyers to talk Arnie into pardoning her. He turned them down by saying there are more important matters than Paris Hilton.

Well my dear Paris Hilton, if you are so scared of life in prison why don’t you try to abide by the law for once? Because no matter how rich and famous you are, you are not above the law. She has broken the law more often than she has changed her lovers.

And let’s face it I’m looking forward to what the prison lesbians are going to do to her. And I’m sure it will get on the internet somehow ;)




16:51 May 13 2007
Times Read: 842

I am observing on here that the judgemental people are getting worse and worse of late. They are quick with an opinion based on impressions only, but lack the facts. That is so wrong. And I tell you why. This is a fictional example:

A man plays with his little child in a park. Loving and caring.

What is your impression?

A week ago his wife kicked him out of the house and got a restraining order against him. So he broke into her house, beat her half dead and took their child away.

After knowing some facts now do you still have the same impression on this man when you see him playing with his little child in a park? Loving and caring?

If not, then leave your impressions and opinions to yourself until you know the facts. This way you might even come across as a respectable person ;)




16:22 May 13 2007
Times Read: 843

I am getting sick and tired of having to see the parents of missing 4-year-old Madeleine McCann all over the papers and TV channels.

Don’t get me wrong, it is terrible that a 4-year-old girl has been kidnapped, and the punishment for the kidnappers cannot be severe enough for the ordeal the little girl has to go through, but ….. why did the parents leave the child unsupervised at night to go out dining? That is highly irresponsible.

If the parents were charvers I’d say that you couldn’t expect any different. But both parents are highly educated as far as I remember.

So stop whinging in the media and start evaluating your parental skills and responsibilities. Because people like you are a danger to the children you have!!!!!




Pile of stinking Shite

22:55 May 11 2007
Times Read: 863

This website has an age limit of 13. There are several reasons behind this, legal as well, but I don’t want to get into this here. And yet the occasional kindergarten pupil manages to slip through the system.

We are talking here about the most pointless, useless and pathetic child, commonly and infamously known as, laughed at and referred to as MirrorMan.

Realizing that one pile of shite (read: he) is not stinking badly enough, he creates another pile of shite (read: profile), which has no information on it whatsoever, and is as deep as an ant’s swimming pool.

I was generous there and rated the lowly whelpling a –6-. I anticipated another girl like tantrum as we all remember his last one like a month ago when he was deeply hurt by my –9- on the other profile.

Judging by the amount of time he spent on my profile this morning, to return the favour of rating, I hurt his feelings badly again, damaged his godlike vanity and lowered his self-esteem further. This guy is such a weak cry baby.

I was surprised though that he rated me back before 9 am. I suppose it’s Fridays in London when you collect your benefits cheque at the dole.

The ratings were as follows:


Rating: 3


Rating: 6

I always keep telling people that actions speak louder than words. If a person says s/he is 20-something or 30-something don’t be naïve to believe it. Let actions back the words up. For all you know you could be dealing with a 6 year old or a 60 year old. Or could you tell for sure who’s behind the pc?

In the example as shown above you have one and the same person on two different accounts giving two different ratings within a time interval of 8 minutes. (Note the drive and determination to rate, log out, sign back in and rate again. This is dangerously obsessive, which in my personal opinion requires professional help. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he asked me out soon lol)

Different perceptions? I doubt it very much.

Short-term memory? Possible

Low brain capacity? Highly likely.

There are only a few types of people who change their mind several times within minutes:

· Little kids

· Teenagers

· Females in general

· Females particularly 4 days a month

· Females who are pregnant

· People suffering from Alzheimer’s

· Senile people

Make your pick but we sure as hell have no clever version here!

What makes matters worse for MirrorMan is the fact that many people can’t act as independent assholes anymore. They are affiliated assholes instead. That means, as a member of an affiliation you represent your house or coven in all your doings. More so if you are in a responsible position, regardless whether you deserve this position or got it for all the wrong reasons.

MirrorMan has purposely and intentionally downrated (and blocked) several members today, simply because they did not give him a –10-. Taking into consideration that he is an affiliated asshole he is leaving the impression that this is an approved standard method of his affiliation. He brings his affiliation into disrepute, as this behaviour comes across as one of its core values.

This is quite understandable because this is the only way to keep a great affiliation like mine at distance. And I can also understand why the fear of being surpassed by us is so immense. Jealousy is another factor because he knows he could never be a part of us.

I will not lower myself to his childish behaviour and downrate him now. That is too primitive for me. I have rated his web server waste once and my perception will not be influenced by personal indifferences.

I will not waste much time on this issue either. I know that I have been an important part of his life for the past year, and the centre of his pathetic existence in the past month. It’s satisfying as it is if someone feels threatened by me.

I also know that his limited mental capability will never enable him to achieve the slightest trace of decency. He is bound to be an online shit stirrer for the rest of his life. His life is so empty he has to create drama to have a little bit of action.

But I won’t be dragged into it. He’s been trying to make me look bad for as long as he’s a member but only succeeded in making himself look like a complete fool.

I will just continue to work hard for my coven. Well at least I have a coven I co-designed, co-built up and co-run.

I can already predict what is going to happen next:

· The Journal Nazis will grace my journal with their predominant offline appearances.

· They will call for a meeting and discuss the case and further steps.

· MirrorMan will write a journal entry as well and make himself a bit more pathetic once again

· MirrorMan will spend the night staring at my portfolio pictures whilst playing with his little wormling

Sociologically speaking, the British label these people as charvers. In their behaviour they are all the same and predictable:

· Their educational level is low to not applicable

· One person stirs shit then runs to his label companions for help to create an outnumbering situation as only possibility to fight a battle

· On their own they are cowards who wet their beds and pants.

On here you label them Dumbinar, a label they have well earned and carry with pride.

And this is exactly the part I like about this website. People like this make me feel so awesomely great about myself. It is a huge ego-boost.

Funny random fact: I actually got paid for writing this entry ;)



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