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17:25 Nov 29 2005
Times Read: 858

I'm quite surprised with how this one has turned out so far because being lovable is a much stronger term than being lovely:

Is LordVampirio Lovable ?

Started by: NeverUsedAgain

Oct 24 2005

Yes 36.49%

No 6.49%

Who 57.02%

Total Votes: 570

at this point i would like to thank everyone who has voted and for all the others, keep it coming ;)




Nice for a change

20:33 Nov 28 2005
Times Read: 869

After some really funny messages i have to endure during a log in on VR it is nice to hear something like this for a change:

--- On 15:05:00 - Nov 28 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

lol this entry is going to get better and better lol

--- On 15:02:23 - Nov 28 2005 - swawnmx wrote ---

lol...i understand now...but as you stated...minors...they do not understand or refuse to understand that someone who has great knowledge and is wise beyond their years can help them, and if they do not take it as guidance, it is their great loss...as far as i'm concerned, you are great, and mere words alone cannot suffice how much of a great and honorable man you are, and if you do not wish to have me tell you of my concept of you, i will understand...you have an energy that only an open mind and heart can appreciate and understand...it is a blessing indeed, in my opinion, to have you even speaking with me...

--- On 14:55:11 - Nov 28 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

it is actually for a selfish reason coz i get enough abuse hurled at me from minors so its quite nice to hear something like this for a change lol

--- On 14:52:03 - Nov 28 2005 - swawnmx wrote ---

omg...why would you put this convo in your journal...i am no one special...now you have made me blush severely...*gets on knees and bows head...

--- On 14:47:06 - Nov 28 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

you know that i will put this convo in my journal, dont you? ;)

--- On 14:39:49 - Nov 28 2005 - swawnmx wrote ---

lol...i'm sorry, i don't intend to make you blush...i am just being honest with you...you know, a woman who opts to be with you would be most fortunate indeed to have a man such as yourself...you are quite well thought of here on vr, and i can only fathom what it would be like to have you as a dear friend...you are quite the special person...thank you for honoring me with your acquaintence...

--- On 09:39:47 - Nov 28 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

why thank you, now you got me blushing lol

--- On 03:20:54 - Nov 28 2005 - swawnmx wrote ---

yes, i agree with you wholeheartedly on that...you know, i really enjoy talking with you...you seem like such a nice person with a strong essence of honesty and intelligence...




The Meaning of Love

15:44 Nov 25 2005
Times Read: 889

A Full Moon Night of the 15 november became the happiest day in my life for ages. My now finacee and me have finally met to start our lives together. She has become homeless just a few days earlier so I paid for her ticket to get her up to her new home. Unfortunately she received a phone call the same day that a family member had died. I paid for another ticket and put her on the first coach the next day for her to be with her family. We agreed that she would come back after the funeral. If necessary I would pay for another ticket.

When back with her family things seemed to have changed. Even though her time back with her family seemed really bad and stressful the texting got less. We used to text all day long now I was happy if I could get one at all. The conversations online got very short, mainly in words, no sentences, no reassurances. Wouldn’t you think that when separated you grow fonder of each other? Wouldnt you think that your partner would turn to you for comfort?

She told me that she wouldn’t come back unless she can get the money for the trip. Wasn’t this against the agreement? Didn’t we agree that no matter what we would be reunited after the funeral?

How much longer would I have to wait? I love her so much and I miss her. I miss her kisses, her touch.

We got things sorted and agreed that she would come next week. I was so happy and excited. My time of waiting would come to an end. Based on this promise we agreed to move our relationship to another level and got engaged.

I just received another bombshell. She wants to stay with her family until after Christmas because she cant afford to come and go back again 4 weeks later. Money is not the problem because it is available still.

Is money more important than love?

Is money more important than promises?

Can you have a relationship online for the time being if you have the opportunity to have it for real?

Why stay with the family when you dont like it there if you could spend time with your partner instead?

Isnt an engagement about joint decisions? Equality?

Please someone tell me the answers because I haven’t got them. Or do I not understand the meaning of love anymore?




Follow Up

22:26 Nov 12 2005
Times Read: 920

Blackfire gave me her consent to publish the following conversation regarding my previous journal entry. i would like to mention that i have nothing against Blackfire and we've been chatting on here since the day i joined:

good good ^_^

--- On 13:10:47 - Nov 12 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

you are a lil cutie, arent you? she can insult me and from your point of view its ok? lol you have just amused me very much.

apart from that im good lol

--- On 13:03:17 - Nov 12 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

ok forget it its over ur living in the past get over it

sooooooo how r u ^_^

--- On 12:59:01 - Nov 12 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

you can read the entire conversation and my opinion in my journal. that is the first and only conversation i ever had with her

--- On 12:56:25 - Nov 12 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

no she sed u were annoying not me and if you r going to block ppl she knows well i'm sumone she knows

--- On 12:54:56 - Nov 12 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

im not having this discusssion.

and you dont have to talk to me if you find me annoying. im sure there are enough other blokes on here on whose nerves you can get

--- On 12:48:58 - Nov 12 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

but she no's me and wot i have told her u sound annoying

--- On 13:05:15 - Nov 11 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

i will block everyone she is using to talk to me. i want to chill on VR and have a good time, i dont need imature people hurling abuse at me for no reason. i havent spoken to her ever before so how can she approach me that way?

her profile says not to judge before you get to know. she contradicted that!

--- On 12:45:11 - Nov 11 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

oh and don't block xavier

--- On 16:42:22 - Nov 10 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

then she deserves to be on my block list.

too bad you dont read my journal ;)

--- On 16:38:13 - Nov 10 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

she hurls abuse at everyone wen shes hyper ^_^

--- On 16:33:17 - Nov 10 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

no, she hurled abuse at me

--- On 16:31:04 - Nov 10 2005 - Blackfire wrote ---

cud u unblock Starlight my best friend

i find it quite amusing. why does Starlight want me to unblock her when im apparently annoying? She has never offered an appology, only demands to get unblocked.

in all fairness i have to give her that, she rated me a 10 :)




Chat-Up Lines

18:30 Nov 10 2005
Times Read: 941

It is quite interesting how people try to chat you up on here:

no i spell how i want to spell u retarted monkey and perverted lema

--- On 11:49:24 - Nov 10 2005 - lordvampirio wrote ---

thank you for the compliment :)

please check your spelling next time ;)

--- On 11:44:59 - Nov 10 2005 - Starlight wrote ---

u r annioning

i recommended to take a course in English language and get back to me when she passed.

She was surprised when she found herself blocked and begged me to unblock her with the promise to spell correctly from now on. hahaha LMFAO

She even contacted me through a third party lol

Some people just dont get the hint, do they? ;)



11:20 Jul 11 2011

retarded monkey? LMAO!

I love reading people's message gems...priceless.


Another Day

01:11 Nov 08 2005
Times Read: 961

Today i made the acquaintance of Charles' right hand, lets call her Sharon. I was surprised how poor her english language skill as well as spelling skills were. She tried to insult me in the most primitive way and called me all imaginable names. I found it quite entertaining coz never before have i spoken to someone i was so superiour to. Everything makes so much sense now, if you dont have brains just yell at people and abuse them. in england we call them "charvers". they have no jobs, drink and take drugs and shag everything and i mean everything. they are violent coz they dont understand anything due to a lack of mental ability.

i feel sorry for her but her way in life is predetestined, no job, no man, no money, 12 kids.



11:21 Jul 11 2011

you forgot gold jewelry and ponytails with the mandatory tracksuits. LOL


A big thanks Dude

01:28 Nov 07 2005
Times Read: 984

I once had a friend, lets give him the name Charles who introduced me to his girlfriend at the time, lets call her Heidi. Heidi and me didn’t talk much in the beginning other than chitty chatty. They soon broke up for the 3rd time in as many months but this time it turned out to be for good.

By this time Heidi and me had become friends and she confided in me. Charles wanted her back but Heidi had enough of it. 3 chances were enough. She told me that he has been controlling and abusive, ordering her around. But this time she wouldn’t give in. it was over as far as it concerned her. Like a lil boy he came crawling and begging her to take her back but she wouldn’t have any of it. He was still ordering her to be available when it suited him but more and more she told him where to go. Even blunt and plump attempts to have fone sex with her happened on a daily basis. But all the rejections made him only lose his short temper.

When Charles realized that his love is lost he changed his strategy. He started to spread rumours about Heidi and told everyone what a bitch she was and he is just the innocent victim. He had people contacting Heidi and abusing her but she kept the cool and didn’t care about it at all. It did however change her in another way.

All this time Heidi has been talking to me and we became closer and closer. I was her shoulder to cry on and her rock. We enjoyed each other’s company a lot and it was only a matter of time and soon there were butterflies everywhere.

Heidi and me admitted our feelings for each other and have become a couple.

A big thanks goes out to Charles because had he not treated her so bad me and Heidi probably would have never become an item. The more abuse we had to endure the stronger our relationship became.

Now we don’t have time for the childish games anymore coz all we do is look forward to a long and happy relationship.



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